My Masked Ball


My Masked BallHi, I am Linda and I write to add my perspective on our lives and the stories my husband relates to you.Firstly I must let you know I love Max, my husband, and really enjoy all of the adventures and fun we have together. I love the way he tells of our adventures and lets you read about our sex lives and lovemaking. Yes there have been some moments where I have had to take a leap of faith and trust him when it has been a completely new experience for me. Before I met him I had never done any of the things we now do and he has taken me, with my complete consent, on my journey from having sex in the missionary position, and in the dark, to the fun we now have, alone and with our friends.It is true, I like being owned, I like being controlled and I like it when he takes charge. He, and our friends give me great pleasure, and if I am very lucky, great pain, all at the same time. My sex life has never been better. I remember the first time we kissed, his hand came up and gently, but firmly, gripped my throat, my knees buckled. He still kisses me like that and even today it still has that effect on me.I have two other erogenous areas that create a similar response, he knows them both and uses them to his advantage. The first is at the base of my neck, at the top of my back. He kisses me there and I melt. The other is at the base of my spine where my bum crack begins. If he licks or strokes me from there to my bum-hole I get very wet and have been known to cum from just that.There are many other places I like to be touched and I like every inventive way he plays with me.I would say I don’t like pain, but when he creates pain, when he creates pleasure, I shudder. In our first year together I came more times than I had ever done so before, truly. The year after, even more, it has not stopped. So the last 10 years or so have not been bad.Sometimes I wonder what he first saw in me, but whenever I ask, or whenever I feel less than good, he always says ‘it’s not what you’ve got, but how you use it.’ He has, over the years added ‘and how you let it be used’.From the very beginning he said he wanted to own me, and I have to say, I wanted him to own me too. When he first offered ownership I asked if I could have my own slave certificate. I have one and it is proudly displayed, along with many pictures of me, in our bedroom.Once, just after we had started living together, we were walking passed a tattoo shop, I asked what he thought of them as I had always wanted one. He told me the only tattoo a woman should ever wear was on her pussy and it should read ‘Owned By ….. He also said it should be written backwards so the woman concerned can read it whenever she looks in a mirror. Mine says ‘Owned By Max’ and I can read it in the mirror.I have persuaded him to let me have some other tattoos, I have an angel on one shoulder, his design, and a butterfly on the other. Just by my pussy is a graphic depiction of a cats head, again designed by him.He likes me to be hair free and my inner lips on bursa escort display. They were prominent when I met him, but since the 4 rings in each and the weight training (he likes me to do the housework carrying weights and a small bell), they have stretched. He likes that and I love him for it. They get used a lot and it is usually painfully pleasurable.When he wants me I am his, when he and our friends want me, I am theirs. But best of all, when I want him, I get him, and he knows whether when I want soft or hard. It might have something to do with the way I ask, he says I can be a very demanding submissive.He knows I like private and public, he knows when, where and how to parade me in public. I remember the first time we went to Studland beach, the nudist bit. I was lying on my front, he was meant to be applying sun crème to my back, instead he put my butt plug in. That nearly made me cum. Playing with it as he did apply the crème did.I also remember him using string, as I lay there, to stretch my lips, one end of each string was tied to my big toe, the string then loop through a ring and then tied back to the toe. All four on the right were tied to my right and similarly on the left. He made sure I couldn’t lift my legs and every so often he increased the tension. All this on a public nude beach behind a wind break! I wanted to make a sound because of the pain right at the beginning, by the time he released me it was agony, but it made me cum. The release made me cum again.I have a meaty mound, I like him gripping it almost as much as I like him holding my neck. I have a big clit but, unless he pulls it out it stays inside. The way he grips my mound squeezes and stimulates my clit, it can be painful and over coming. Some of my best orgasms have come that way.He first displayed me at Studland, he made me walk into the sea and back, we went, naked, to the ice cream seller and stood in line. We struck up conversations and some friendships with the people we met. Some of which have been to our house or us theirs and we’ve always ended up naked having fun.He knew, via a friend, of several clubs, he took me to them and on the first occasion just paraded me. On the second visit he let the women play with me, on the third the women and the men. With very few exceptions the men all used condoms. The exceptions were our friends that were couples, because it was pretty certain they were clean, and in those circles, everyone enjoyed licking cum out of my pussy.I also enjoyed licking his cum out of various pussies and assholes, male and female, I can always tell, even when blindfold, which is his. Mind you, the first time I saw him suck a cock I was a bit surprised, but I watched it to the end, including his swallow. That’s a private school boy’s education for you!Shortly after we met he took me to a sex shop and bought me, or rather us, I think, several toys and clothes. My first collar, my first cuffs and my first whip. The whip was for him to use on me, if I disobeyed him. His view was punish bursa escort bayan early and hard, not only did it set a standard but it made my mistakes stop early and my obedience complete. Sometimes I ask him to punish me as a reminder. The backs of my legs and my ass will bleed and be bruised for weeks.The first time he had someone fuck me, he tied me to the bed we had just made love in, just my wrists. He put my blindfold on, gagged me and went to get our friends. She, along with my husband held my legs while her husband fucked me. She licked me out afterwards, and in front of them, he gave them all the privileges he enjoyed, so the following morning she took me into their bedroom and made me suck him off while she ate my pussy. Since that night they have me, and play with me, as and when they want.When he took ownership of me I became his property and he gave me 3 rules to live by and a dress code. The dress code was simple, no underwear unless the underwear was the clothing. Only stockings and perfume were to be wore under my clothes, since then I have gone commando almost every day, the only exceptions have been for trips to the doctors and the like. I like walking about dressed without underwear, especially in public, he makes me flash and he takes pictures. Around the house I wear little at all.The 3 rules are that he can do whatever he wants to with me (and my body), he can do it anywhere and at any time. I must never refuse him. The second is that I must obey him at all times and do everything he asks, or tells, or orders me to do. The last is that when he, or others, are at play with me I must remain silent, only speaking if asked a direct question, and each response must end with Sir, Master or Mistress (if it is one of our female friends).I do love how he has structured our life, he works hard to give us a good living and everything outside of play time is as normal as everyone else’s. All our old (non sexual) friends have no idea how we play, nor do his work colleagues or my friends from the gym and the other clubs we are members of. Although one or two may have seen a little too much of me as I like my dress code and it can be quite obvious when I am not wearing a bra!From the very beginning he has wanted me to pee in front of him. Until I did it for the first time I had only ever peed in private. First it was on the toilet with my legs open, then standing in the bath or shower. My favourite is when naked, and on all fours, I pee. Can be in the garden or in the woods or fields. He photographs and videos me, I can see why it turns him on, it turns me on.One day, while on all fours, when I had finished my pee, he got his cock out and peed on me, started on the back of my head and progressed down my back to my bum and pussy. I was soaked and we had nothing to clean up with, so he made me stay there until I dried.Our friends also use me in a similar way, but even better is when he puts a catheter in our best friend with its other end in my mouth, she can’t stop peeing escort bursa and I can do little other than drink. I get to do the same to her as well.I know he has just published the story Twenty One, that was great fun, but one of my favourites is the masked ball he organised for me. In was in October and in Spain at our home. The days were still hot and the evenings warm. The guests were 19 couples we know from the club in Alicante, 19 men and 19 women, my husband and I making the last pair. The men were in their bow ties and dinner jackets, the ladies in evening dress, (some being more revealing than others) everyone was wearing a mask. He had hired caterers so everything was taken of and waiters and waitresses served drinks at the beginning of the evening.When everyone had arrived the waiters knew to leave, there was a well-stocked bar area and wine was already on the tables, people could just help themselves as they needed to. Music was on the hi-fi, a mix of rock. When all was ready Max sent Sophie to collect me. I was waiting in our bedroom, I had on high-heels, stockings and tight black leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles with chrome metal D-rings on each. I had a matching collar around my neck and my mask. Sophie put my lead on me and led me out to our guests. She paraded me around them all before standing me in the centre of the dance floor and removing my lead. Since none of my holes were plugged everyone knew I was totally available. Some of our toys had been taken out of our playroom and were displayed on a side table, for use if so desired.The evening progressed, drinks while milling around with conversation, a sit down meal and then dancing into the small hours.I was half way through my first glass of wine when Roger approached me, asked me to get to my knees, he undid his trousers and put his cock in my mouth. After I swallowed he was allowed, along with his wife, to undress. That was the way Max had organised the evening to unfold. As each male guest took me, in any way he wanted, he and his wife could get undressed. The naked guests were allowed to play amongst themselves, but the dressed had to wait their turn with me first.By the time we sat down for dinner about half the guests were undressed, the dressed women, along with some of the men served the meal, collecting plates of food from the kitchen, we didn’t want to embarrass the people cooking. I did not get to eat much as, each time someone finished with me another was ready and waiting.By the end of the meal everyone was naked, which made the dancing a lot of fun with couples and groups getting together and then moving on to others. There were people enjoying themselves everywhere, the dance floor, the playroom, the pool and the hot-tub. I had been the centre of attention at the beginning, and the idea no couple could get undressed until the man had taken me meant that every man there, including Max had fucked me in some way or another, and I’m betting, before the evening was out, all the women had taken pleasure from me in some manner too.Even though I had my collar and cuffs on there was little BDSM that evening and there was little pain associated with the pleasure, but that didn’t matter, the pleasure was almost endless.

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