Neighborly fun part 2

Neighborly fun part 2As me and my boyfriend lie in bed i was horny as hell and trying to get him to fuck me or atleast let me go down on him he keeps saying ‘later, not now, or my favorite stop being a slut’ so i got up and went downstairs to get a water i see ernies lights still on so i slip out the padio door and walk over to his place. Im in just a pair of black lace panties and im standing on his doorstep its a little chilly i ring his doorbell he answers after bout 5 minutes i walk in and lead him to his bedroom which is right across from ours i turn on his light and open the curtains. I figured if my boyfriend didnt want to satisfy me ill be kind enough to give him a show it wasnt long until ernie was hard at his age i was surprised he didnt need güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pills.So i straddle him and pull my panties to the side and god he feels good i start riding him slowly at 1st sitting straight up on his now rock hard cock i start moaning hoping my boyfriend would wake up and do something. But after 10 minutes of this i realised he wasnt awake so i figured id spice it up i lead ernie to the window im halfway leaning out of it i tell ernie to fuck my ass hard i told him to basically **** me in a sense as he did just that and forcefully took me he was strong for an old man. I admit it was more painful than enjoyable atleast for me but i wanted my boyfriend to wake up and do something anything hell if he güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wouldn’t the least he could is watch and jerk off for me ernie just ramming my ass hard as he can then i feel him start to tense up i told him to cum inside me.MY god it was a huge load i felt it run down along my pussy and thighs after he pulled out then he does something i didnt expect he starts eating my pussy and ass from behind it felt amazing his tongue was a bit larger than malins and he used it masterfully. He brought me to 3 orgasms like this after he finished i kissed him and saw he was hard again i got on my knees and let him fuck my 36dd tits alot of guys want to fuck my tits but none really turn me on enough to get the chance güvenilir bahis şirketleri or they turn into the little engine that cant hold their load which i dont mind aslong as they give a heads up beforehand. Anyway enough of the 4th wall ernies fucking my tits in full view of my bedroom it i didn’t count time as he shot all over my tits i licked them up to give ernie a goodnight show as we were walking to his door i took my panties off and wrapped them around his cock and left. Back at my house i walked back upstairs and my boyfriend was sound asleep i was disappointed but i straddled his face and let our neighbors cum smear all over his mouth as i start sucking his tiny 5 inch cock my last boyfriend was atleast twice his size but i dated this guy because he wasnt like my other boyfriends at 1st it was amazing now it was dull and he spends more time with his videogames than me i feel him tense he shoots a tiny load in my mouth as i open his and let it flow in hes still asleep. I figured atleast when he wakes he’ll have something tasty for me to kiss in the morning.

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