New neighbour


New neighbourA few days ago a new neighbour moved in my building.He lives alone and is an electrician. He is tall and handsome and is about 35 years old. Has dark hair,brown eyes and a body to die for. Since he moved in every time i see him or pass by him i get really horny and cant stop thinking about him.One day i came home and saw him sitting in the leaving room talking with my grandparents.I introduced myself and got horny as hell when he touched my hand. I instantly went to my room and waited for him to leave.When he left my grandparents told me he was here to fix some electrical problems in the kitchen.Few days passed and i still wanted to be with him,so when my place pendik escort was empty i decided to call him to fix some electrical problems in the kitchen again. He came wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans.He asked me where was the problem and i said that the light in the kitchen wouldn’t turn on.He said he would try to fix it it and got on it.While he was fixing the light i went to my room and got dressed like a nice slut and put some make up on. I put on stocking,thong,corset,black dress, and high heels. I went to the kitchen.He was standing in front of me with his back turned to me.I called him and he turned and saw me.He çekmeköy escort watched me and then,after a few seconds said i looked very nice.I walked up to him and said i want him.He just stood and smiled.I started rubbing his dick over jeans. It started to get bigger and bigger and finally my man gave in and started kissing me and touching my hot ass.I got on my knees and he took his dick out and started hitting my face with it. I opened my mouth and he placed his whole dick in,all the 18cm of it,and started fucking me in the mouth.”I am going to fuck the hell out of you,you fucking slut”he said.”you are going to beeg me maltepe escort to stop”.He continued fucking me in the mouth faster and harder until i couldn’t breath no more.Then he bent me over a chair,raised my dress and put his dick in my ass all the way to the balls. I screamed but he didnt care,he started fucking me like a whore and hitting my ass with his hands.I felt his dick inside me grow even more and it was really nice.He fucked me good and called me slut,whore,his little sluty girl etc…Then he sat on the chair and i started hoping on his dick.It really heart but was pleasent at the same time.He made me suck his fingers while he was fucking me and toold me to beeg him for more.I started screamin”more,more,faster,faster,deaper,deaper,”and he did all that.He told me to get on my knees and whe i did he cumed all over my face,screaming.I got cum in my mouth,eyes,nose but i liked it.After that i said i would like him to cum on me again and he did……….i really enjoy him

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