Open Relationship Ch. 01


Angela and I had been together for over a year when we decided that we’d try making our relationship ‘open.’ That meant that we could each fuck other people, as long as we were always open about it, and no one got jealous.

The night we made that decision, I went out to a party without her at a buddy of mine’s.

It was a house-party, and there were people everywhere, some spilling out into the summer night air onto the patio out back, and some out front, on the lawn, on the steps. My buddy whose house it was, Raul, had a wicked music collection and that night, smooth beats were playing continuously over the expensive speaker system that he had. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and the vibes felt real good.

Throughout the course of the evening, I met a hot teenaged babe there named Miranda. She was eighteen, dressed up quite slutty, and I was pretty confident that I was gonna get my dick wet with her that night if I played my cards right. Her body was amazing. She had long brown hair, was wearing loads of black mascara and eyeliner, had glossy pink lips, a fake tan (bordering on the color orange) and I think she had fake tits. The thought of fresh pussy, as much as I totally loved and was hot for Angela, was so enthralling and exciting to me after over a year of monogamy, that I could hardly wait to get my cock inside this girl’s panties. I hoped she had a completely clean-shaved pussy like Angela’s, because I fucking love that.

I bumped into Miranda coming back from the bathroom in the hallway upstairs, and we stopped there and stood together. She smiled sexily at me, making my dick lengthen in my pants, and then there was a slight moment of silence. The throbbing bass of the smooth trip-hop was at a good volume and could be felt throughout the house, in the walls, the floor, inside us…

She leaned in and said softly in my ear, ‘Let’s dance, baby.’

I smiled as she slowly turned around with feline movement. She modeled her tight, teen ass for me, in her short pink miniskirt. My dick was hard in my pants now, and yearning to be pendik escort inside the bitch.

‘You’re one smoking-hot babe, do you know that?’ I said quietly, staring at her slowly undulating ass.

‘So I’m told,’ she answered shamelessly, smiling and giving me a wink over her shoulder. She stripper-danced sensuously for me to the beats, making my cock nearly bust in my pants right then and there, and then slowly backed her ass up and pressed its soft cheeks right onto my hard cock beneath my jeans. Oh yes, the feel of her ass was nearly too much, even through her miniskirt! I stepped back and rested my back against the wall, thrusting my dick forwards, as she danced her soft, sexy ass back and forth on my desperately hard cock. I thrust rhythmically back against her pussy through my jeans in time with her thrusts.

‘Take me right here and now,’ she whimpered, and I giddily felt almost like we were acting in our own porno. She pulled her miniskirt up, exposing her bare, soft, smooth young ass. Underneath, she just had on a skimpy neon-green colored thong which did next to nothing to conceal her sweet, smooth-waxed asshole and drooling, smooth-waxed teen pussy. I couldn’t wait to see her pussy from the front to see if it was totally waxed-smooth, which is how I like it. But it was fucking sexy from the back alright.

I freed my cock from my jeans and slid it onto her slippery slit next to her thong.

‘Ooooh yeah!’ she cooed in the sexiest girlish voice you ever heard, as I slid my cock-head up and down her slit and asshole from behind, preparing to fuck her.

She reached back and peeled her thong down past her ass, and whispered desperately, ‘Slide that big cock in my pussy, stud!’

I placed my cock-head onto the opening of her hot, wet young pussy, grabbed her soft, sexy ass in both my hands, and pushed forwards. My dick slid easily all the way up the slut’s wet, loose cunt to the hilt, until my balls rested on the back of her thighs.

‘Oh fuck yeah! Fuck me, baby!’ she urged. ‘Squeeze my titties!’

I reached around her, under tuzla escort her fishnet top and sports bra, and grabbed her big, firm tits as I began fucking her young cunt with my cock.

Her boobs felt so fucking good in my hands, and they were definitely fake. And obviously my cock felt fucking amazing sliding in and out of her teen-cunt; she was so fucking wet! Miranda was the first girl other than Angela that I’d been with in over a year and it was fucking thrilling.

The sound of my dick fucking her wet hole, my balls slapping against her pussy, my hips slapping against her ass, and her sweet, sexy moans, were all in time with the smooth, throbbing trip-hop that could be felt all around us.

We fucked in the hallway like that for a few songs until she said she wanted to suck my dick.

She slid her wet fuck-hole off of my cock, dripping cunt-juice on the floor, spun ’round, and knelt down in front of me, grabbing my dick and immediately staring to suck hard on it with those glossy, teen lips.

‘Mmmm… Mmmm… Mmmm…’ she moaned with my fuck-stick down her hot throat.

Oh, fuck! was all I could think. It was fucking amazing. I wanted to fuck her brown-hole, but wasn’t sure if she’d be game.

‘That’s my mouth and pussy, so far. You gonna make my other hole feel left out?’ she teased pouting like a slut, in an apparent act of reading my mid.

‘I wanna fuck you ass so bad, babe!’ I admitted.

We quickly shuffled into a tiny guest room where Miranda sat facing me on top of a big, sturdy chest of drawers.

‘Spread your legs, slut,’ I said lustfully, my dick pointing straight up towards her.

She complied, totally exposing, to my delight, her totally waxed-smooth teen cunt.

‘Go easy up my ass at first…’ she said.

Then she guided the tip of my rock-hard cock into the sexy brown opening of her hot, tight, teen shit-tunnel.

‘Fuck my ass!’ she urged breathily once it was in place.

I slowly slid my cock-head up her asshole and she let out a gentle moan, ‘Ooooooh! Yes, fuck my asshole!’

I kartal escort grabbed both her tits as I eased my hips forwards, my cock sliding all the way up her tight chute.

‘God-damn!’ I muttered as I savored the fresh feeling of the babe’s hot, tight teen asshole around my dick.

‘Oooh! Oooh! Fuck me now!’ she whimpered, her ass having quickly relaxed around my rod.

I did just that, slowly at first, gradually increasing the speed and intensity, until finally, I was pounding her asshole as hard and as fast as I could with my cock.

‘Oooooooooh! Oooooooooh!’ she was wailing in ecstasy, not quite over the loud volume of the throbbing beats.

She reached down with both her hands, and spread her cunt open wide-to-the-max for me to see as I fucked her asshole.

‘Ooooooh, shit! I’m gonna cum!’ she cried after a while of me pounding her up the shit-hole.

I fucking rammed my dick quickly in and out of the slut’s hot, tight little brown-hole like a madman, starring down at her spread-wide-open cunt, and holding her young thighs wide apart. Her fake boobs were flopping up and down with my every thrust up her tight bum.

Until she finally cried, ‘Oooooooooooooh!’ cumming hard, her asshole spasming around my cock, her spread-wide-open pussy gushing all over the place.

‘Can I cum in your pussy, baby?’ I made sure.

‘Fuck yes, baby, do it! Cum in my fucking pussy, baby!’

I switched holes, began fucking her cunt, and it wasn’t long before I was grunting and shooting a huge, hot load deep up into her sweet, hot, velvety teen womb.

We didn’t linger, we were both happily fucked and satisfied by then. We kissed and cleaned ourselves up a bit before rejoining the party downstairs.

People were all giving us knowing smiles, and we knew we’d been heard downstairs.

‘Buddy!’ Raul said to me, then more quietly so as not to be overheard by anyone, ‘How was she, man? You fuck that ass?’

‘Hey fuck you man!’ I answered my friend smiling, ‘I don’t kiss-and-tell. Thanks for the wicked party. I gotta get going, man.’

He smiled and said he’d see me later.

I said goodbye to Miranda and told her to call me anytime. She was glowing. Though I didn’t really think she’d call, you never know. We kissed one last time, and I left.

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