PART 1: Went for Davis’s Class with Just Pant


PART 1: Went for Davis’s Class with Just PantThe Chronicles of Abby: Went for Davis’s Class with Just Panties Underneath – PART 1(Abby’s Perspective)Synopsis: This is the part where Abby’s teacher saw her panties for the first time and she went home and told her father about it.Davis asked the class to play a quiz game where everyone had to close their eyes and answer him without peeping. Abby did as she was told just like her classmates. She closed her eyes and tried to answer Davis as hard as she could. But she felt weird soon after. She felt his voice getting closer and closer to her and suddenly it stopped. Abby became curious and she opened her eyes.During that time, Abby was sitting on the chair with both her knees planted apart on the edge of the chair and she had spread her knees widely and unknowingly as she had forgotten that she was not wearing any safety pants under her school pinafore anymore since her dad took them off her that morning before going to school.As soon as she opened her eyes, she was shocked to see Mr. Davis kneeling under her desk and his face was in between her parted legs. His eyes were just a foot’s distance away from her panties and they were staring lustfully at her white panties with pink lacy scallop-edge side trims with a Minnie Mouse character holding a yellow flower at the front top part of her panties.At that time, Abby was mortified. She did not know what to do as her teacher was staring at her panties from such close range. She thought to herself, should she scream or say something? She could see Mr. Davis still admiring her widely spread panties. After about ten seconds, she quickly pressed the front helm of her school pinafore as hard as she can. That gave Mr. Davis a shock and he quickly told her that he was just looking for his missing memo paper and he found it.For the remaining time of the lesson, Abby tried to sit properly with her legs closed. However, after just a while, she had totally forgotten about it and exposed her panties again.After class was over, Abby climbed into her dad’s car. On their way back home. Matt noticed Abby was behaving strangely as she was unusually quiet and he noticed that she kept her legs tightly closed and she kept pulling the front helm of her pinafore to cover her knees. Matt asked her what was wrong but Abby just bursa escort shook her head.They reached home. Matt was watching TV in the living room. After a while, Abby came down from her room and joined her dad. She sat beside her dad on the sofa hugging her knees to her chest and feet apart still in her school uniform. Abby was still silent and Matt looked at her thighs and he was surprised to see her wearing the black safety shorts that he took them off her earlier in the morning.‘Abby, sweetie. What’s wrong? Why are you still wearing these?’ asked Matt, lifting up her pinafore while she stood in front of him. Abby remained silent. She looked down at the floor and she looked a little scared. That made Matt worry.‘Abby, you know you can trust me, my dear. I know something’s wrong and you have to tell me and I can help you,’ convinced Matt.‘It’s Mr. Davis…… He saw my panties,’ replied Abby nervously.‘Did he ask you to show him?’‘No,’ said Abby and she told the whole incident to Matt.After hearing that, Matt could feel his blood pumping but it did not go to his head because of anger but the blood rushed and filled his cock with lust instead. As soon as Abby saw the hard boner in her dad’s shorts, she felt relieved as she knew that her dad would not be angry at her or tell her mom about how she sat at school. Instead, she knew what’s coming next and she’s good at making daddy happy.‘He looked at your panties because they are beautiful and sexy on you. Now, now, let’s take these off,’ said her dad lustfully while putting his hands under Abby’s pinafore and slowly lifting it up again, causing it to ride up and then he held the waistband of her safety shorts, pulling it down slowly to her ankles and took them off her feet.‘Lift your skirt, my panty princess,’ said Matt and Abby did as she was told.‘Look how sexy and beautiful your panties are. I’m so lucky to have a daughter like you,’ said Matt while alternately kissing the Minnie Mouse character in front of her white panties and her little belly while rubbing and squeezing her panty-covered-butt at the same time.After a while, Matt carried Abby and put her on the sofa and he sat on the coffee table directly in front of her.‘Show me, how you sat in class just now. I will be Mr. Davis,’ said Matt as he took out his hard cock and started stroking it.Abby bursa escort bayan sat just like how she sat in Mr. Davis’s class, showing him her panties. Matt masturbated wildly and then he knelt on the ground imitating Mr. Davis’s perverted act. But, Matt did it a little differently, instead of just staring like what Mr. Davis did, Matt smelled and kissed the crotch of her panties while he masturbated.‘This is what happens if you show people your panties!’ said Matt as he masturbated wildly.Then Matt came all over her white Minnie Mouse panties. When he was done, he hugged Abby and told her how much he loved her. A week later, Abby went for Mr. Davis’s class again. Mr. Davis rearranged her seating to be at the second front row in front of him. During the lesson, Abby put her feet up to check on her newly painted toenails. While doing that, she unknowingly parted her knees widely apart. She was admiring how pretty the colors were on her toenails and after a while she noticed that Mr. Davis trembled a bit and was gasping a little. That made her looked at him and she saw Mr. Davis’s hand was in his pants and his eyes were staring directly between her thighs. She covered her panties immediately and then Mr. Davis called her to meet him outside the class.He told her to sit properly. Abby tried arguing with Mr. Davis that she was sitting like a lady but Mr. Davis told her that she was not so he told her that he also saw her panties just now and he even described the colors and the cartoon character on her panties as well. Abby wasn’t sure to believe him so she needed to check her panties.She lifted her pinafore up to her belly and realized that Mr. Davis’s description was right. She was indeed wearing her pink panties with red side bands and a hot-pressed picture of The Little Mermaid in front. Then Mr. Davis told her to put her skirt down and she did it. Right after that, she looked at his hands smeared with a white cloudy sticky substance and he told her that he spilled glue on his hands. Abby knew that it was actually baby juice because her dad would also spurt this same sticky stuff out right after he played with his thing.Abby went home and told the ordeal to her dad. It made her dad horny as hell. This time, he carried her to her bed. He undressed her and threw all her clothing to the floor, escort bursa leaving her in her pink Little Mermaid panties and white socks on.Abby lied on the bed and she could feel her dad spreading her legs apart and placed both her legs in a missionary position. Then she could feel him on top of him, hugging her and kissed her mouth over and over again. After that, she saw him taking off his light blue underwear and his hard cock can be seen sticking out straight. Then he climbed back onto the bed and knelt between her parted legs. He stroked his cock up and down continuously. After stroking for a while, it became rock hard. Abby felt her panty covered pussy was being rubbed by her dad holding his hard cock in his hand and slid his dickhead up and down her panties crotch.It did not take long before her dad spurted gobs and gobs of goopy semen all over her tummy and chest and the final load of semen was shot onto the face of the Little Mermaid picture on her pink panties.Since then, Matt told Abby to try to tease Mr. Davis in class. For the next two classes, her dad put on white panties under her school pinafore so that they could be seen easily. Abby tried many different types of poses in class. She even sat in the middle of two chairs and placed both her feet apart the chairs and had her knees spread widely apart but Mr. Davis did not do anything else except taking random peeps during the two classes.She told her dad that Mr. Davis did not go beyond just peeping. Matt realized that the school holidays were here. So, he came up with a really good idea that no one could ever resist.Author’s Remark:If you enjoy this story and would like to read more. I can continue writing more parts. Just leave a comment in this site. I love horny comments too!Abby’s Chronicles in Chronological Order:1: The Chronicles of Abby: Abby’s Early Curiosity of Her Panties2: The Chronicles of Abby: That’s How She Started Wearing Safety Shorts3: The Chronicles of Abby: Abby Lifted Her Skirt Up for Daddy4: The Chronicles of Abby: Abby, the 1st Grade Panty Tease and Her Perverted Teacher4.1: The Chronicles of Abby – Part 1 Went For Davis’s Class With Just Panties Underneath4.2: The Chronicles of Abby – Part 2 Went For Davis’s Class With Just Panties Underneath5: The Chronicles of Abby: Jeff, the Horny Teenager Had His Fun with Abby6: The Chronicles of Abby: Abby’s Alone Time with the Horny Teenager7: The Chronicles of Abby: He’s So Heavy. What is He Doing to Me?8: The Chronicles of Abby: He’s So Heavy. What is He Doing to Me? – Part 2

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