Saturday Night Wrestling


Note: I received a lot of positive feedback from the other wrestling story and decided to give it another try. I hope you enjoy it. All rights reserved.


Billy and Joe sat back on the old sofa located in Joe’s basement as they watched their favorite TV show. It was not a comedy or drama or even a real sports show.

“Shit….I hope they have the girls on first tonight,” Billy grinned.

“Yeah, they are not that good at wrestling but shit when they rub their titties together it’s really hot.”

“Have you ever….you know…seen two women really wrestle I mean….like fight?” Billy asked his childhood buddy.

“A couple of girls in high school went at each other in gym class,” Joe laughed. “Before the teachers could break it up the one girl’s tiny tits were exposed and we all got a good look at the other girl’s white panties.”

“Shit…….I do anything to see two women go at it,” Billy said gulping down his fifth beer. Both men had a good buzz on. “You know…..maybe we can get our wives to wrestle.”

Joe sat up because Billy’s wife Annie had the nicest tits he had seen on another woman. “They like each other too much to really wrestle.”

“Maybe if we raised the stakes some like bet some money?”

“No way,” Joe laughed.

“Do you want to give it a try?”

“Sure, why not?”


Annie had just finished her third tall glass of wine and was laughing about a new girl who had started in her office when the basement door opened and the two guys walked in.

“Did the TV die?” She laughed. Normally they didn’t see their husbands for at least another hour.

“Or you must be hungry,” May smiled. She too was feeling pretty good after a few glasses of wine.

“Na…….we uh…….wondered if you two matched up in wrestling who would win.” Billy said glancing down at May’s small but firm titties under the white tee shirt.

“I would of course,” Annie giggled. She figured she outweighed May by at least fifteen pounds.

“Just because your boobs are bigger doesn’t mean you can whip me,” May stuck out her thin tongue.

“You wouldn’t last a minute,” Annie dared with a quick drink of her wine.

Joe and Billy smiled before Joe piped in. “I bet Billy fifty bucks you can pin Annie.”

“FIFTY BUCKS!” May shouted. “We don’t have fifty bucks to lose.” Both couples had just moved into small but new houses and were having trouble making ends meet.

“See…….she knows I can beat her,” Annie smiled. “Especially for fifty bucks.”

May glared at her husband. “Tell me you are joking.”

“I’m not joking,” Joe said. “If you don’t wrestle her I have to give Billy the money.”

“Well forget it because we are not wrestling.” May smiled as she looked at Annie. “Right Annie?”

Annie had a few too many and figured she would tease May a little. “Hey……I’ll wrestle for fifty bucks.”

“Well forget about it,” May said leaning back. “They just want to watch us touch each other and stuff like that.”

“Looks like you owe me some money,” Billy grinned. “I told you May would chicken out.” They had figured it would be May who would stop their game and were just about to tell them it was all a scam when May sat down her drink hard on the table.

“OK….I might be smaller but I’ve never lost a fight,” May grinned over at Annie.

“This is crazy,” Annie said realizing May was willing to do it.

“Look who is chicken now,” May laughed. “So now Joe gets the fifty bucks because you’re backing out.”

Annie leaned forward and stared May eye to eye. “I’m going to have so much fun whipping your ass.”

Joe glanced at Billy who grinned back. “Let’s go down to the basement on the thick rug.” They grabbed two more beers each and led the two women down the stairs.

“At least we are wearing jeans and a shirt,” May grinned knowing the men’s real intention was to see some flesh. She moved to the middle of the floor as the guys moved the furniture out of the way. Annie moved up to May and stared at her.

“You’re going down.”

“Is that right?” May said knowing she had to use her quickness to beat the bigger woman. Suddenly she grabbed Annie’s wrist and jerked it around behind her back.

“HEY……no one said when to start!” Annie cried out. She tried to pull her arm away but May pushed it upward causing some sharp pain. “OUCH…..STOP!”

“Give up?” May asked hoping it was over.

“NO!” Annie cried out but May again pushed the arm upward causing more pain. She looked at Billy. “This was not fair.”

“There are no rules,” Billy grinned. He figured if they got really mad they would be really going at each other. Joe and he had agreed not to interfere until one of them gave up or was pinned.

“Give up?” May asked again. There was no way she was going to lose fifty valuable dollars. She pushed up again but not hard enough to really hurt her.

” I…….” Annie started to say when she lifted up on her toes which reduced the pressure. düzce escort When she felt May let go she twisted on her knees and grabbed May by the waist. Suddenly both women fell downward with Annie under May who was still holding her around the waist.

“Let go!” May yelled while curling her arm around Annie’s head into an arm lock. Their thighs were now twisted together which caused the guys some serious excitement.

Annie could only touch May’s back and really was only able to grab the top of her jeans. As May squeezed her head hard she pulled down the jeans to show the smaller woman’s pink lace panties. “Stop…’re pulling down my jeans.” May gasped feeling the cooler air on her buttocks.

“Let go of my head and……I’ll stop,” Annie growled. Since her fingers had curled under the jeans she felt the silk of May’s panties and knew the guys could see down to the top of her ass crack.

“NO!” May cried out while squeezing her arm as tight as possible. It twisted Annie head to the side which hurt but not enough for Annie to let go of the jeans. She gave another jerk and the jeans moved down until half of May’s cute panty-covered ass cheeks were visible.

“OH GOD BILLY. DON’T LOOK!” May yelled, while turning to see both men smiling and looking at half of her butt.

Annie’s neck was in pain and the only other thing she could do to get free was to bite. May didn’t know what Annie was doing as her mouth opened and she took a huge and hard bite on May’s forearm.

“AHHH!” May screamed feeling the sharp teeth digging into her. She immediately jerked her arm back which enabled Annie to push her off until she was laying face downward. Annie jumped onto her back in which her jeans were still half way down her cheeks.

May was almost in tears from the pain on her forearm when she tried to turn over but Annie sat onto her waist and pushed her shoulders and face downward. “Sorry I had to bite but they said there were no rules. Why don’t you just give up and we will just forget about all of this?” Annie peeked up at the men and the huge bulges in their jeans. If May didn’t give up she was going to give them a show.

May twisted and bucked her hips upward trying to throw Annie off but she was too heavy. “I’m not giving up.”

“Good…..then maybe I should just do this,” Annie giggled as she moved her butt back onto May’s legs and grabbed both the jeans and the pink panties. With one swift jerk they both moved down until May’s whole pink ass was exposed.

“Fuck,” Billy whispered when he saw the ass he had admired for so long. And to have his wife exposing it was even hotter.

May was in shock feeling her ass exposed. She couldn’t turn over because then Billy would see her blonde bush and pussy. She lifted her head and looked at Joe. “This has gone far enough…get her off of me.”

“Sorry honey…….no interference remember?” Joe said knowing he was going to be in trouble later but he was hoping his wife would do some similar things to Annie.

“Giving up?” Annie laughed while looking down at the bare butt.

“NEVER!” May screamed as she reached down to jerk up her panties but Annie pushed her hands away.

“Then I guess I’ll have to do this,” Annie said before lifting her right hand upward and then swiftly down until her hand moderately hit against May’s right buttock. “Smack.”

The sound echoed off the basement walls as the men and May froze in shock. “Annie please don’t.” May begged. It was more embarrassing to be spanked than it hurt.

“Give up and I’ll stop.”


“Smack!” Harder went Annie’s open hand on May’s other cheek. Both were soon glowing red.

May was now so humiliated and embarrassed to be spanked this way. She realized Billy might see her pussy but at that moment it didn’t matter.

“OK……” she said as she reached under her to pull up her panties.

“I’ll……” She pulled the silky undies up just over her bush and when Annie lifted her body she quickly turned and lunged upward to grab a large handful of dark brown hair. Before Annie knew it May jerked her head downward as the smaller woman’s body slid from underneath.

“YOU GAVE UP!” Annie cried out when May’s legs locked around her head. She was about to bite May’s thigh when she felt May’s teeth dig into her own leg just above her knee. “OUCH! OH GOD STOP!”

“I didn’t give up but OK but no more biting,” May grinned. She saw Annie try to lock her head but moved it back before she did. May glanced forward and saw the front of Annie’s jeans. “Its payback time,” she laughed before pulling on the snap and then watching the zipper fly downward exposing Annie’s purple laced panties.

“May not the front.” Annie gasped. But it didn’t stop May from jerking the panties downward until the top of Annie’s trimmed triangular dark brown bush appeared. Annie reached down to pull up her panties but May held them down almost to her pink slit. “Stop or I’ll show everything.”

“May don’t edirne escort do it,” Annie begged her face red from embarrassment and rage. She was also having trouble breathing with May’s thighs around her neck. “I…….can’t breath.”

“Pull them down,” Joe smiled hoping to see Annie’s sweet pussy but as May relaxed her legs to let Annie breath she jerked her head back and twisted it and her body around.

May tried to hold on with her legs but couldn’t so when Annie turned over her hand which was curled under Annie’s panties turned as well. When Annie moved on top May’s hand was now palm up against her bush with her fingers pressing down into her pussy. Not just her pussy but a very wet one. She had never touched another female’s vagina before so it was a first when her middle finger parted the damp lips and found her raised and pulsating clitoris. Luckily Annie was lying on her hand and the guys couldn’t see.

“OH GOD STOP!” Annie cried out feeling the pleasure from down below.

May giggled and diddled the little man in the boat some more. “Get off and I’ll stop.”

“What’s she doing?” Billy asked as he leaned downward to try and see just where May’s hand was.

“None of your business,” Annie moaned while grabbing May’s wrist to pull it from her sex but it only caused May’s finger to dive deeper where only Billy had gone before. “OHHH!”

With Annie body on top of hers she really couldn’t do anything more than touch her friends pussy. Annie had to let go of May’s wrist and pretty much gave up her effort to stop her. It was apparent that Annie wanted to cum. “May don’t.”

“Don’t what?” Joe repeated. “Don’t what?” He too leaned forward to find out but Annie’s stomach was too tight against May’s hand against the floor.

“Shit……..I think May is touching her,” Billy gasped. His cock was about to rip out the front of his jeans. “Turn over and let us see.”

“No,” May said as her finger worked its magic. It was a few seconds later when Annie’s body tensed. “Give up?” She asked as she pulled her fingers away.

“No……don’t,” Annie begged this time to continue. It was no secret now what May was doing to her.

“Give up?” May rubbed and retreated.

“NO!” Annie screamed. Since she was facing downward she had the leverage to push upward until May’s hand disengaged from under her jeans and panties. She quickly turned into May until she was face down on the smaller woman’s front. She knew the men could see the purple waistband of her panties but didn’t care.

“GET OFF!” May grunted. She tried to push up on Annie shoulders but wasn’t strong enough to lift her. The only move she had was to kick her feet outward which caused her jeans to move downward until her whole panties were uncovered but luckily she was under Annie. After a few minutes of pushing she was exhausted and too weak to stop Annie from grabbing her wrists and pushing them back next to her head.

“You’re finished so just give up,” Annie giggled. Her body was so alive just from messing around with May this way.

“I’m……not…….giving up,” May gasped as she tried to get her wind again and figure out how to get out from under her.

“OK then I’ll have to do this,” Annie smiled. As she continued to hold down May’s wrist she slid her body and knees upward until she was sitting on top of May’s navel. She knew the men could see the whole front of May’s panties which were so low the top of her golden bush could be seen.

“Jesus,” Billy gasped when her pink panties came into view. From his angle he could see the blonde pubic hairs and even the edge of May’s pussy lip.

“Annie they can see me,” May whispered feeling the cooler air on her private area. She didn’t know just how low her panties were. Her thighs quickly pressed together to hide any views at her moist slit.

“Give up?” Annie whispered. She knew that Billy would be hotter than hell in bed later.

May’s embarrassment soon turned to anger. If Annie wanted to play rough then so would she. She relaxed her arms and wrist completely until she felt Annie’s weight lift up just enough for her to jerk her hands free. Before Annie could react May reached up and grabbed onto the front of Annie’s blouse. She pulled and saw the pearly white buttons fly off and then the purple matching semi-cup bra. Seconds later she grabbed the bra cups and jerked it apart.

“MY BRA!” Annie screamed feeling the cups slide away from her firm mounds. Her reflexes immediately caused her hands to cover her bare titties. The men couldn’t see them since they were sitting behind her.

May knew she had the advantage now so she pushed Annie off and as soon as she could she grabbed the top of Annie’s jeans and pulled.

“STOP!” Annie cried out. She tried to kick May back but her jeans were already moving down over her panties and thighs. As May pulled them off Annie’s feet were sticking straight upward.

“GO BABY! GO BABY!” Joe chanted. He could see the darkness of Annie’s elazığ escort bush through the thin purple panties and hoped to see even more.

“That’s enough!” Annie said with basically now only wearing her panties. She tried to sit upward but May pushed her back. “Billy stop this please.”

“If you give up I owe Joe $50,” Billy grinned. He too wanted to see more.

“Do you realize what you are saying?” Annie asked.

“Yeah baby….no rules remember?” Billy answered.

“OK….” she grinned as she sat back up and slowly lowered her hands off her bare breasts and very hard and aroused nipples.

“Don’t complain later.” She glanced at May who was standing next to her in shock. Before May could react Annie grabbed her jeans and jerked them down over her hips. Since they were still snapped the panties came down as well showing the men her ass once again. Only Annie could see the bare pussy.

“HEY!” May shouted. She tried to grab the jeans but Annie had too good a grip. Finally she managed to grab the panty waistband and pull them back up as her jeans scrambled down over her knees. She tried to turn and run back but the jeans caused her to fall face down on the soft rug.

Annie didn’t care anymore that Joe could see her tits as she jumped onto May’s back again and took hold of the woman’s panties.

“Not the panties,” May begged. She managed to grab onto the waistband but knew Annie had the better leverage.

“OK but the top and bra comes off,” Annie giggled.

May didn’t want to loose her shirt and bra but knew she didn’t have a choice. “Deal.” She pulled the shirt over her head and while face down on the floor release the bra clasp on the back. Seconds later she too was only wearing panties but the men could not see her smaller but perkier titties.

Both men were speechless seeing their wives in only panties. This was much more than they had hoped for. Both had huge boners as they leaned forward to see more.

“Turn over,” Annie commanded.

May took a deep breath and while turning cupped her petite cones. “We better stop.” She was breathing deeply because she was tired but also because she was totally turned on.

Annie was proudly sitting on May’s thighs and peeking at the men who definitely had huge hard-ons. She slowly grabbed onto May’s wrist and pulled expecting some resistance but realized the woman wanted to expose her tiny tits and very hard gumdrop tips. No one said a word for almost a minute while the men and Annie checked out the nearly perfectly shaped peaks.

“Have you guys had enough?” Annie asked. She knew that if the panties came off then something even more serious might happen.

The men had talked a good game but were not really sure about exposing their wife’s pussy to another man. Joe looked at Billy. “Do you want to stop this?”

“If we do I’ll never forgive myself,” Billy smiled. “I say who ever loses the panties first is the loser.”

Annie looked up. “Why don’t we up the stakes?”

May knew she was at a disadvantage being on the bottom. “We are not upping the stakes unless we start even again.”

“Fine,” Annie grinned. She moved off of May and allowed her to stand up next to her.

“What are the new stakes?” Joe asked hoping they would get involved.

“Who ever loses their panties has to do what the winner says to do,” Annie grinned.

“WHOA!” May said quickly. “There has to be some limitations.”

“Chicken?” Annie dared.

May glanced at her husband. “So if I lose you won’t care if I do whatever Annie says?”

“You might win,” Joe grinned.

May glared at him. “Fine.”

“How about you honey?” Annie asked Billy. “If I lose that means I have to do whatever May says.”

Joe thought for a second. “Go for it.”

“No rules except for no biting, scratching or punching,” May said as she moved back and pulled her panties high over her hips knowing more blonde pubes were escaping below.

“Let’s do it,” Annie said as she moved to the other side of the room. “Ready?”

“Yes,” May replied as she crouched down with her two hands out to push or grab. She circled to the right as Annie did the same. Twice they moved around the room without touching until Annie lunged forward and tried to grab May’s waistband. But May was quicker and jumped to the side while curling her fingers in Annie’s panties. She managed to get one side down to mid-thigh before Annie twisted back enough to pull away.

The men could see most of Annie’s thick dark bush before she covered it back again. Annie again lunged and again May slipped away.

May decided to wait for Annie’s move because it enabled her to counterattack. As Annie circled her right and left May found herself trapped in the corner. May thought she was a goner until Annie dropped to her knees and jumped forward to grab May’s hips. Their weight together caused Annie to fall backward onto her back with May now on top of her. Annie grabbed the back waistband and jerked the violet panties down until May’s cute little ass was again exposed.

“SHIT!” May gasped feeling her panties down to mid-thigh. She knew she had to turn in order to stop Annie.

Annie’s arms couldn’t push anymore so when May tumbled off to the side she felt her own panties being lowered.

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