Sex Sells Ch. 06


“See you Monday! Drive safe!” Denise exclaimed from the top of the steps at Jerod’s house.

She and Jerod waved goodbye to their guests and headed inside. The graduation party turned recruiting event had been a big success. They had put their new sales team — Kim, Sonia, Kyle, and Brandon — through their paces and all four had passed with flying colors.

Training was scheduled for the following week. Jasmine, whose family owned the top lingerie shop in Dallas, was set to provide Kim and Sonia with high end undergarments and lingerie. By next weekend, they’d have a total of three sales teams out in the field demoing product and pulling in tips.

They were on the cusp of a whole new ballgame. And, they hoped, a lot more revenue.

Denise and Jerod knew the next week would be a grueling one. Tonight, they just wanted to enjoy some down time together.

But there was one more guest who had yet to leave — Jasmine. They found her sitting on the deck, watching the last glimmer of sunset fading into the Texas night. She was nursing some cognac Jerod had poured for her.

“How’s it going?” Denise asked, pulling up a chair next to her.

“Just enjoying the fresh air,” Jasmine said.

“Yeah, I like it out here at night,” Denise said. “It’s peaceful.”

“I feel like I need a little peace. I was so rev’d up from today.”

“There’s a lot going on,” Denise nodded.

“They did such a good job with the demos,” Jasmine said, staring at her glass. “Such a good job.”

“We got ourselves an excellent sales team,” Denise agreed.

Jasmine turned and looked at Denise.

“I mean, the scene with Brandon and Sonia was so hot,” she said. “The way he was driving her across the floor!”

“They were really into it,” Denise said. “That’s for sure.”

There was an urgency in Jasmine’s eyes.

“Did you see how big he was?” Jasmine whispered. “Imagine how that must have felt!”

Denise could see Jasmine was strongly affected by what she’d seen.

“Hey,” Denise said softly, “do you want me get you an Uber? So you don’t have to drive?”

“I’m not drunk,” Jasmine said. “This is the only drink I’ve had all day. And I’m only having it to calm my nerves.”

Drunk or not, Denise didn’t want Jasmine driving the lake road at night.

“Why don’t you stay here tonight?” Denise asked. “We have a guest room.”

“Are you sure?” Jasmine asked. “I wouldn’t want to be any trouble.”

“It’s no trouble at all,” Denise said, smiling. “Come. I’ll show you the room.”

Denise led Jasmine to the bedroom that doubled as her office. She’d have to break the news to Jarod they wouldn’t have the house to themselves. That meant they wouldn’t be enjoying their usual nighttime ritual.

Just about every night, Jerod and Denise would go to bed well before it was time to go to sleep. They relished their play time in that big, king-sized bed.

Sometimes they’d read their books. Or just lay in bed talking. Occasionally, they’d listen to music or read poetry to each other.

Inevitably, it would lead to an intimate encounter. Lying face to face. Kissing and laughing. Holding and touching. And then the clothes would start to come off. And the passion would start.

Then it’d get loud.

There was something about the way she and Jerod made love that made Denise get really loud during sex. It wasn’t just Jerod’s size, though that was part of it. It was the trust they’d built over the months. Their bed was a safe space, where she felt she could totally let go. With Jerod, she found she achieved levels of sexual pleasure far beyond anything she’d experienced before.

So much pleasure it made her scream.

Fortunately, Jerod owned a lot of property around his house so there were no neighbors to bother. Denise had gotten used to grunting and groaning, shrieking and moaning, and finally, when her orgasm peaked, screaming while she came.

It actually made her pleasure even greater, more intense. And he liked it too.

That was the problem with having someone sleeping in the guestroom. Hell, that was the problem with having anyone within a hundred yards of the house.

Denise offered to lend Jasmine something to sleep in but she said she didn’t need it. After all, there was an entire clothes rack full of lingerie for her to choose from.

She chose a blue lace baby doll set with plunging lace cups. It had a skirt so sheer it was transparent and a matching thong. It was too sexy for walking around the house, but she wanted something that would be cool to sleep in. Her body was generating so much heat.

Later that night, as Jasmine lay in her bed staring at the ceiling, images of Brandon and Sonia flashed through her brain.

She remembered the way his cock stood straight up when he moved in behind her.

The way he teased her with the head of his cock before shoving it in her.

The way he thrust himself into her again and again — while looking at her!

Jasmine was certain Brandon was staring at her when he was pounding Sonia’s pussy. Why was he doing that? Was he imagining he was fucking her? Was he fantasizing kartal escort bayan about exploding his cum inside her pussy?

Jasmine threw back the covers and climbed out of bed. She paced the room a couple of times then went into the bathroom. She ran the water in the tap and splashed some of it on her face. She dried her face with a towel and looked at herself in the mirror.

Look at me, she thought to herself. I’m a sexy woman. My breasts are practically pouring out of this baby doll. You can see my nipples right through the fabric, the way they’re sticking out. My pussy is dripping I’m so wet.

And I’m all by myself.

Upstairs, there’s a sexy, debonair, sophisticated black man, with a beautiful body and a huge cock. And a blonde bombshell with a gorgeous face and a body to die for.

She’s probably stroking his dick right now. Making it long and hard. Or maybe she’s sucking him. Making him so big. Then he’ll penetrate her and fill her up the way I want to be filled. He’ll make her cum the way I want to cum.

She let out a sigh. I’m driving myself crazy, she thought.

One floor up, Jerod and Denise were lying in bed. Denise was on her side, in a nightie. He was in pajama bottoms, staring at the ceiling.

“What’s she doing now?” Jerod asked.

“I don’t know,” Denise said, “sounds like she can’t sleep.”

“She’s been in and out of the bathroom a half-a-dozen times. Maybe’s she’s sick.”

“I think she’s lovesick,” she said.

“Lovesick?” he asked, puzzled.

“When I was talking to her earlier, she kept going on and on about Brandon and Sonia. I think she’s all keyed up.”

“That was pretty intense,” Jerod said. “Maybe it was a mistake asking her to play the client.”

“She’ll be okay,” Denise said. “She just needs a good fuck.”

“Well,” Jerod said with a shrug. “I need a good fuck but that ain’t gonna happen.”

Denise looked at him.

“We could solve both problems,” she said, raising her eyebrows.

“You mean…”

“It would certainly cure what ails her,” she said.

“Do you want to do that?” he asked.

“Do you?” she answered.

“Well, if it means I get to make love to you, I’d do anything.”

“You are desperate,” she said, kissing him softly.

“Seriously,” he said, “are you okay with that?”

“We had a good time in the fitting room. Sure, I’m okay with it,” she smiled.

“Will she be okay with it?” he asked.

Denise threw back the sheet and climbed out of bed.

“Oh, she’ll be okay with it. That I’m sure of.”

Denise walked down the flight of stairs and gently knocked on Jasmine’s door.

“Hi, can I come in?”

Jasmine sat up, propped on one elbow.

“We heard you were up and about. Can’t sleep?”

“No,” Jasmine said, “I’m too antsy.”

“What is it?” Denise asked, leaning against the door frame.

Jasmine let out a deep sigh.

“I’ve got all these images from today bouncing around my brain.”

“Why don’t you lay down,” Denise said. “I’ll give you one of my patented massages.”

“Are you sure?” Jasmine asked.

“Of course,” Denise said, moving to the bedside. She left the door open to provide some light.

Jasmine lay on her tummy and Denise sat beside her. She gently lifted the skirt of her teddy, revealing her bare bottom.

“Wow, this is hot.”

“I thought it’d be cool to sleep in,” Jasmine said, softly. “But it just makes me feel sexy.”

“That’s a good thing, no?” Denise asked, starting to run her hands softly over her bare skin.

“Not when you can’t act on it. Then it just keeps you awake at night.”

“Who says you can’t act on it,” Denise asked quietly, running her hands down the curve of her lower back and over her butt cheeks.”

“Ooh, that feel feels good,” Jasmine sighed. “At home, I have my little friends. My vibes and things. They’ve helped me get through some long nights.”

“With a little help from your friends?” Denise chuckled.

Denise was softly brushing her fingers over her upper thighs.

“You have friends here, you know. Right upstairs.”

“I don’t want to presume,” Jasmine said, glancing at Denise. “You’ve been so generous already.”

“It’s not a presumption,” Denise said in a soft voice. “Friends help friends in need.”

She ran her fingers along her inner thighs, upward, towards her pussy. Jasmine spread her legs slightly.

“Besides,” Denise continued, “who’s to say we’re not feeling sexy too?”

Her fingers slowly traced the edges of her pussy lips. Jasmine held her breath.

Denise slid her fingers right over her sex, parting her lips gently.

“You’re so wet,” Denise whispered.

“I’ve been wet since three this afternoon,” Jasmine said.

“Poor thing,” Denise laughed, climbing on the bed and straddling her.

She leaned forward and pressed her breasts against Jasmine’s back, her lips by her ear. Her fingers slipped under her thong, and played with her pussy.

“Didn’t you enjoy that day we came to see you in the store? For my fitting? When Jerod came in and saw us all dressed up?”

Jasmine turned escort maltepe her head towards Denise’s lips.

“Are you kidding? I still dream about that day. That was the hottest sex I’ve had in my entire life.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Denise smiled, slipping her hand between Jasmine’s legs. “That makes me feel good. To be part of your favorite memory.”

She slipped her finger in Jasmine’s hole, eliciting a moan.

“Let’s go upstairs and make another memory,” Denise whispered.

Jasmine lifted her head up.

“You mean it?”

Denise smiled and nodded.

“I’m so down with that I can’t even tell you,” Jasmine said.

“Come on then,” Denise said, climbing off the bed.

When they got to the doorway, Jasmine stopped her.

“Do you think Jerod would like me in this?” Jasmine asked.

Denise took a step back and looked at her sheer teddy. The triangle cups emphasized her buxom breasts and the transparent skirt flared over her hips and butt.

“Of course, he’ll like it,” Denise said. “Can I adjust one thing?”


Denise got down on one knee. The skirt extended half way down her ass, revealing her lower cheeks and the matching thong.

“I know this is crotchless,” she said, reaching under her skirt and sliding the thong down her thighs. “But he’ll absolutely love it if you go bare underneath.”

She slid the thong down her legs, revealing her bare ass under the transparent skirt.

“Trust me,” Denise said, “when he sees you like this, he’ll get really big and really hard.”

Jasmine gasped. She remembered just how big and hard Jerod could get.

Denise opened the door to their bedroom with Jasmine in tow.

“Look who I found?” Denise said playfully. “All dressed up and ready to play.”

Jasmine could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

Jerod put down the book he was reading.

“Well, glory be,” he said, looking Jasmine up and down. “Aren’t you a sight to behold.”

“Told ya,” Denise said to Jasmine, smiling. “Turn around and give him a view of the back.”

Jasmine did a cute little turn. Her luscious ass was peeking out from beneath her skirt.

“You look simply ravishing,” Jerod said with a low, soft voice.

Jasmine’s chest heaved to hear him say those words.

“Come sit,” Denise said getting on the bed. “Make yourself comfy.”

Jasmine sat on the edge of the bed, swinging her bare legs so they were folded to her side. She sat up tall, which made her breasts, clearly visible through the sheer fabric, on full display.

Jerod took in her gorgeous, exotic face, her beautiful dark eyes, somewhere between dark brown and slate. She had bee-stung lips, kissable lips, and Jerod found himself wondering how those lips would feel on his lengthening cock.

“Jasmine has been thinking about our sales team,” Denise said, artfully raising the topic without embarrassing her.

“Yeah?” Jerod said. “Are you as bullish on them as we are?”

“I think there’s enormous potential,” she said. “Especially in the men. Brandon in particular.”

“He’s a big talent, that’s for sure,” Jerod said. “I think we can grow that talent too. With a little training, maybe a little extra rehearsal on the side. There’s a lot of raw talent to work with.”

Jasmine shuddered. Boy, would she love to work with his big, raw talent.

“I think a lot of women will be attracted to the whole ‘Italian Sex God’ thing he’s got going on,” Denise offered.

“Plus, he’s big,” Jasmine added. “A lot of women fantasize about men who are big.”

Jasmine’s body twitched, involuntarily. Jerod and Denise glanced at each other.

“That’s true,” Denise said in a low voice. “There’s nothing quite like being with a man who’s really big. Taking his thick, meaty cock in your hands. Or in your mouth.”

Jasmine’s eyes were closed. Her mouth opened slightly.

“And feeling it push inside your pussy. Penetrating you.”

Jasmine trembled, her breath catching.

Denise pushed aside the sheet revealing Jerod’s cock, fully erect and pointing towards his pecs.

She reached over and touched Jasmine gently on her thigh. She opened her eyes.

“Something like this?” Denise’s other hand was sliding up Jerod’s thigh, drawing Jasmine’s gaze to his huge hard on.

Jasmine gasped.

“Is this what you fantasize about?” Denise whispered.

“Yes,” Jasmine gasped, “that’s exactly what I fantasize about.”

“Then come live your fantasy,” Denise said, guiding her face to his cock.

Jasmine looked at it with wonder. Truly, it was the biggest cock she had ever seen in person. Even back at the shop, she hadn’t gotten a good look at Jerod’s massive member. She’d felt it, of course. Oh my God, had she felt it!

Now she wanted to taste it.

She crawled on her elbows, her bare ass in the air, until her face was right over his balls. They were big too, so full of cum, she thought.

She lowered her face until her full lips were an inch from the base of his cock, then looked up at Jerod’s face. He was watching her every move. Keeping her eyes fixed on his, she slowly traced pendik escort her tongue from the base of his cock all the way to the tip.

Jerod felt a surge of electricity through his body.

When Jasmine got to the tip, she reversed course and licked the entire length down to the base. Then she planted a juicy, wet kiss on the tender underside.

Jerod’s body shuddered involuntarily. He had been wondering what Jasmine’s fleshy lips would feel like on his cock. They didn’t disappoint.

So much of Jerod’s time at work was spent administering to the needs of others. His mission to keep the customer satisfied was great for business, but it meant he was rarely the center of attention.

That was about to change.

Denise wanted in on the action. She moved in on the other side of Jerod and started to rub his balls. She knew from experience how much he liked that and, with Jasmine pleasuring his cock with her mouth, it seemed the perfect accompaniment.

Besides, it gave her a great view of Jasmine’s luscious lips on his now throbbing cock. That, in itself, was a big turn on for Denise.

Jasmine started French kissing Jerod’s cock, pressing her full lips against the soft skin and using her tongue to tickle him. She enveloped him with warm, wet, fleshy lips and then swirled her tongue against his skin, tickling and stimulating him. His body squirmed in response.

Denise was getting increasingly hot watching her lover’s excitement grow. Her own pussy was dripping now and she wanted more. She started licking Jerod’s cock herself, running her tongue over his velvety hardness.

The women’s ministrations grew more feverish. Improbably, Jerod’s cock seemed to swell even bigger. He closed his eyes to fend off his approaching orgasm.

Denise got up on her knees, hovering over him, wanted to take him in her mouth. Jasmine did the same, her hunger growing by the second.

Jasmine used her hand to stand his cock up. It took her breath away to see how it towered, how long and thick it was. She had never seen anything quite like it. The only cock that even compared to it was Brandon’s.

Denise and Jasmine were both licking and kissing his towering pole, working their way up to the swollen head. Inevitably, their tongues collided. They made eye contact momentarily and then started kissing and tonguing each other — with the head of Jerod’s cock between them.

Feverishly, they were tonguing his cockhead and each other. They started taking turns sliding his cock into their mouths and throats. One after another. Jerod had never felt anything like it. Two women, with expert fellatio skills, were stimulating his completely aroused cock simultaneously.

They were going to make him explode at any second.

He reached down and lay his cock onto his chest.

“That feels so good,” he panted. “Too good. You’re going to make me cum.”

Jasmine had fire in her eyes.

“Good, that’s what we want!” Jasmine said, urgently.

“You can cum on our faces if you want!” Denise moaned.

“No, I want to make you both cum first,” Jerod said firmly.

They both looked at him like he was commanding them.

“Get the flip ramp from the closet,” he said to Denise.

Denise got up and headed to the closet. A minute later she was back, carrying two large foam pillows.

Jerod was helping Jasmine out of her baby doll. Her breasts were big and ripe, her nipples as big as they’d ever been. She was that excited.

“What do you want us to do?” Denise asked in a quiet voice.

Jerod thought a moment.

“Slipstream,” he said.

Denise knew immediately what to do. She placed the larger of the foam pillows onto the edge of the bed so it sloped toward the center of the bed. Then she attached the second pillow to the first one, creating a long, soft ramp.

“Who do you want where?” Denise asked.

“Jasmine on the ramp.”

Denise helped Jasmine so she was bent over the ramp, in a pike position, with her ass raised in the air at the edge of the bed.

“Come here,” he said to Denise.

She moved in front of him, looking at him. She slowly lifted her nightgown up over her head. She lifted her arms above her head. When her breasts were revealed, they looked magnificent.

He threw her nightie aside and kissed her, long and lovingly, cupping her breasts in each hand.

“Now,” he whispered. “On the bed. I want to look at your gorgeous face while I fuck her.”

Denise’s eyes lit up. She remembered this. He was recreating the very first time she and Jerod had been intimate. It was a memory seared into her brain.

Denise climbed on the bed and lay on her back, facing Jerod. She spread her legs and skootched her pelvis under Jasmine’s face. This was the position when she first made love to Jerod.

Except they didn’t actually make love. They never even touched each other.

It was her first day on the job, almost a year ago, and they were in the home of a Dallas socialite named Martha Tilley. She remembered it like it was yesterday.

She’d ended up participating in the hands-on demo of the sex furniture they were selling. While Jerod was fucking Mrs. Tilley from behind, while Mrs. Tilley was eating Denise’s pussy. Denise was laying on her back, legs spread, staring Jerod in the face. The harder he fucked Mrs. Tilley, the more Denise felt it in her own pussy.

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