Sexual Escapades Ch. 03


I won’t bore you with the gruesome details about my marriage. Needless to say it didn’t take long before our marriage was over. We just remained roommates for a while. By this time Kevin didn’t care who I saw or slept with. I knew he had a girlfriend and like I had mentioned before, I didn’t care. By now I even became a regular caller of a chat line. I talked to many different people almost every night. Some of them were idle chit chat, but other times those idle chit chats turned into more intimate conversations. Which I did not mind in the least. I enjoyed playing with my pussy and found myself masturbating often. Even at work. I would occasionally masturbate in the women’s bathroom. Now this is a good opener for my next story. The chat line, a stranger, and masturbation. Intrigued yet? Read on my friend and find out how my night went from dull to highly exciting.

Strangers in the Dark

Kevin had gone out of town on business one weekend so I was left alone in the house. Not that I minded of course. I loved having the house to myself to do whatever I want, and at times with whoever I wanted. No one I knew at the time was available for any fun so I decided to call up the chat line I frequented. Surprisingly enough it was a busy night for a Friday. For the first hour I talked to a few interesting people. No one really caught my attention though. There was ten minutes of silence while I waited for one of the other callers to send me a message back when I was notified that I had another caller interested in messaging me. I pressed the required number to listen to his message and I was instantly interested myself. He had a deep and sensual voice that made me wet immediately. We hadn’t even talked one on one yet but I could feel the fluttering in my lower abdomen and the contractions in my pussy. We exchanged a few messages just to get to know one another a little. While waiting for him to send a message back I got a request to chat one on one. I was so excited by this time. During our message exchange I had started to gently play with my pussy. Making it nice and wet but refraining from cumming at that time. I quickly pressed the one key and connected with him. We talked for a few minutes then he asked what I was doing. I didn’t tell him what I was actually doing, playing with my pussy a little, instead I just simply replied with a lame answer. He inquired if I was going to be busy at all later and if I had wanted to meet up with him. I was taken back by that one. He didn’t know what I looked like or anything. Based on my voice alone he wanted to meet.

“Listen, I’m about to run out of time on this thing so let me give you my number. If you’re interested in meeting up, give me a call.”

“Alright, just give me a second to grab a pen and some paper” I said to him. He gave me his number then we disconnected. I had a few other messages waiting that I quickly scanned through but never replied back. I got off the phone and looked at the piece of paper with his number on it. I didn’t even bother to ask him his name I realized. I debated about seeing him. One night stand with escort kartal a stranger is something I’ve never done so I still wasn’t really sure about it. I didn’t call him back right away. I had a smoke first before I decided what to do. Slowly I picked up the receiver to the phone and dialed his number. There was his sexy voice moments later.


“Hi there, it’s Callie; we just spoke a little while ago on the chat line.”

“Hey how are ya? I didn’t think you’d call.”

“I wasn’t going to but you only live once. Why not right?”

“So you still interested?”

“Yeah sure. Where did you want to meet?” He gave me the name and location of a hotel not far from where I lived. I made a note of the information quickly but before letting him go I had to ask him his name at least. “I never did ask you your name.”

“No you didn’t. Does it really matter though?”

“Not really but it would be a good idea to have just incase don’t you think. Besides if you’re getting there before me then I’m going to have to find out what room you’re in.”

“True enough. It’s Xander.”

“Thank you and nice to meet you Xander. Do I get a brief description as well so I know who to look for?”

“Well I was thinking about that too. You’ll get the room number at the front desk when you get there. Why don’t we make this a little more adventurous? I’ll hang a blindfold on the door knob, before I let you in, put it on.”

“You’ll have the upper hand though. You’ll know what I look like. Will I get to see you before I leave at least?”

“Yes. We’ll take the blindfold off before you leave. Are you up for it Callie?”

I thought about it for a moment before I answered, “Well right now I’m not sure. Why don’t I decide when I get there? If you see me with it on then you know I’m ok with it. Is that alright with you?”

“Yes. That’s fine.”

“Ok then, I’ll see you in about half an hour to an hour.”

“See you then Callie.”

With that we both cradled the phone. I went to the closet to look for something to wear. I didn’t know if I should dress casually or something more sensual. I went through my dressers first then the closet trying to figure something out. Eventually I settled on a short low cut black dress with stalkings and heels. No bra or panties. I quickly finished getting dressed. Had another cigarette, grabbed the keys and off I went.

It wasn’t hard to find the hotel. I found parking in the guest parking lot. Before I went in though I gave myself a little time in the car to make sure I looked alright and to decide on weather I would put the blindfold on or not. I realized at that moment that he didn’t give me a last name. Would his first name be enough or should I give him a quick call to find out his last name too? Hopefully his first name will be enough and the front desk clerk will be able to point me in the right direction.

I got out of the car and made my way to the front doors. The doorman opened the doors for me and I sauntered in. The hotel was very nice, very elegant looking too. At least it was a quiet maltepe escort night and there wasn’t a lot of people around. I made my way to the front desk and asked the young woman behind the desk where his room was. She seemed to expect the question because it did not take her long to let me know where I had to go. She directed me towards the elevators that would take me up to the fourteenth floor. I’m not one for heights so I wasn’t too happy with it being that high up but what the hell, tonight was going to be an adventurous night through and through. I made my way up to the fourteenth floor and when the doors opened I turned left to head towards his room. Sure enough there was the blindfold hanging outside as promised. I again debated about the blindfold but then decided why not. I quickly put the blindfold on and undid the buttons to my jacket, revealing the sexy dress underneath. I knocked on the door and a few seconds later it opened. He said hello and took my hand to guide me into his room. I had to smile and giggle. Never had I done anything like this in my life. I was definitely nervous and I think he could tell. He gave my hand a reassuring squeeze and told me not to worry. I led me to something and helped me to sit down. By feeling around I assumed it was the bed. Xander offered me a drink but I had said no. I could feel the bed dip a little beside me as he sat down. Leaning over I could feel his hot breath against my neck and ear. He smelled amazing. I couldn’t place his cologne but it had a very pleasant scent. He started to push me back a little into a laying position and I wrapped my arms around his neck for stability. I did have to move back on the bed a little, which he helped me with. Moments later I felt his lips on mine. Kissing me softly at first then deepening his kiss. It’s amazing how heightened the rest of your senses get when one is taken away. I felt his hands all over me, caressing, stroking, and lightly scratching. He kissed me passionately before kissing down my neck and over to my ear, licking and nibbling on my earlobe. His one hand kneading one breast then the other, slipping them under the dress to play with the nipples. As he kissed he continued to caress my body, his hand moving downwards now towards my thighs and hips. He gently tugged my dress up to caress my inner thighs. He moaned lightly when he realized I wasn’t wearing panties. He cupped my pussy and squeezed gently. My legs instantly parted and my one hand moved down over his to encourage more squeezes and caresses.

Xander got up and helped me to move back further on the bed till I felt a pillow under my head. He stayed lower down and waited till I was comfortable. Quickly he moved between my legs and spread them wide and pushed up. The next instant I felt his tongue sliding over my wet pussy. With all the playing I had done earlier it didn’t take me very long to cum. Xander continued to lick and suck my pussy though, he didn’t stop until I was squirming all over the bed begging him to fuck me. I heard the zipper of his pants and some shuffling of clothes, then I heard pendik escort bayan something that sounded like a package ripping and a snap of something. I didn’t know it was a condom till he pushed the head of his cock against my pussy. He rubbed his cock over my clit a few times making me cum again before he slammed his dick into me. I cried out in pleasure when I felt him enter me. Xander wasn’t a small man. I could feel him slam up against my pelvis and he felt really thick. He fucked me hard and fast, leaning down to help me pull my arms out of the sleeves of my dress so my tits were now fully exposed. He squeezed and tugged at my tits and nipples while he fucked me.

Xander pulled out long enough to flip me over into the doggy position before slamming his dick back into me. He fucked me that way for a while, occasionally leaning forward to either grab my hair or squeeze my tits. He was rough, with me but I didn’t mind it at all. The way he fucked me just made me hotter and wetter. He pulled out again, but before I could say anything I felt his tongue moving quickly over my pussy again and again. The next instant he was licking my ass while he fingered my pussy. That I have never felt before and I couldn’t believe how amazing the sensations were. He started to alternate between licking my pussy and licking my ass for a while before he moved back up to slam his cock back into me. Roughly Xander fucked me for a long time, ever so often he would finger my ass, or reach down to rub my clit.

I don’t know how much time had passed, I was only aware of my sensitive body and his cock. He started to move faster and faster, harder and harder till I heard him start to groan. His movements made me cum again and at that time so did he. He didn’t move right away however, he stayed there for a few minutes before pulling out and flopping down beside me. I could hear his heavy breathing and I could have sworn that I heard the pounding of his heart. I had to smile through my own heavy breathing. Eventually my body calmed down and I turned towards were he lay. “So do you think I can take this thing off now?” I asked him. He chuckled before answering yes. Quickly I took the blindfold off, however I kept my eyes closed for a bit. I slowly opened them so I could adjust to the light in the room. Xander was handsome. I got lucky in that regard too. Cute and a good fuck, how could a girl go wrong. He had Ebony black hair and the greenest eyes I had ever seen. Well built and when I looked down his body, I noticed how well endowed he was too. I lay my head back against the pillow and smiled. He asked if I was happy with how he looked and I answered in the affirmative.

I didn’t stay too long after. I cleaned up, redressed and started gathering my things together. I thanked Xander for a wonderful and memorable night, gave him a hug and headed off.

I never did see him again. Every now and then I would hear him on the chat lines, but I had decided to keep that a one night stand like it was meant to be. Made it more of an adventure for me. So what did Xander teach me, he taught me to be adventurous, to not be shy, and that it wasn’t always bad to take chances, so long as you play safe. I never did do this with anyone else. I used blindfolds again, but never like this.

The one other thing I did learn, blindfolds can definitely be a lot of fun.

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