Short People


This 100% fictional story contains gay sex, transsexual sex, non-consensual sex and drugs. It fits a lot of categories, but I chose the gay category to post it. Some may disagree with the genre I chose, but it’s all about the cock.

Short People…

Last February, right before Covid hit, me and a college buddy, Gary, went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We planned to stay for the weekend and had secured a balcony hotel room overlooking Bourbon Street. We were both freshman and I had just turned 19. Even though we were under the legal drinking age, we had heard numerous stories that we would have absolutely no trouble whatsoever buying alcohol in the Big Easy.

I’m almost 5′ 8″s tall, 140ish lbs. I’m pretty toned as we are both on our college swimming team. My hair is a dirty blonde color and probably a little long for a swimmer, reaching my shoulders. I usually wear it combed straight back or in a pony tail, but when I swim, I wear a rubber swimming cap. I’m pretty smooth, actually not even able to grow a decent amount of stubble on my face yet. Still, I shave what little body hair I do have completely smooth as the coach encourages it, telling us it will improve our speed in the water. I think I’m considered attractive, I’m not bragging at all, but more than one coed has said I’m cute and I do pretty good with the girls. Girls always seem to comment on my facial bone structure, my cheeks, nose and chin, saying I look like a male model and also liking my bright blue eyes. Again, not bragging, but I do pretty good with the girls. Like most swimmers, my thighs and especially my butt are both toned, firm and pretty muscular for my size. My stomach and arms are also toned, having a nice six pack on my abs, but I am lean, no body fat to speak of.

We hit several bars where all the drinks seemed weak and pricey, but we didn’t care, we were still getting pretty buzzed and having a blast. Gary is usually pretty quiet and reserved, while I’m just the opposite, loud and sometimes obnoxious I’m told. I have been called a “smart ass” on more than one occasion. I can’t help it, I speak before I think usually. I don’t mean to be an asshole and I am trying to be more like Gary, but I will be the first to admit, I do get a little out of hand, especially when I drink.

After a couple of hours of cruising Bourbon Street and drinking anywhere we stopped, Gary seemed way more inebriated than me. Which is really kind of funny, as he is a pretty big guy compared to me. Each of us had consumed probably 8 weak ass drinks already and I was feeling good. About 4 blocks from our hotel, we stumbled into another dark, dirty bar on Bourbon Street and were surprised to find out that it’s venue was to cater to fans of female impersonators.

Going inside, I immediately noticed the “girl’s” were not very pretty, not very girly. Their outfits were beyond gaudy and flamboyant, trying desperately to be glamorous and feminine. They were basically overdressed with boas, feathers, lace and sequins, but not what I could call very passable. Extra heavy on the make up, especially on their eyes, was par for the course. It was dark in there and I doubted any of them could be mistaken for females in the daylight.

Stumbling up to the bar and grabbing stools, we were immediately approached by a tall, somewhat rubenesque female impersonator. She asked me if I wanted to buy her a drink. I laughed right in her face and made a loud comment for all to hear, saying I would never be so desperate in my life to buy her a drink. She was definitely offended and stormed off to a group of her “girl friends” in the corner. Gary and I just laughed it off and we ordered their 2 drink per person minimum. In my inebriated state, I openly and loudly made a few crude comments about the girls, to which the bartender and the other patrons seemed to frown on, but nobody said anything to us about it. Gary encouraged me by laughing at all my crude jokes and insensitive comments about this club.

While we sipped our first of two drinks each, I continued to openly berate the bar and the female impersonators loudly. I saw a guy enter the bar and sit two seats down from me. He was a midget, or a short person, or whatever the politically correct term is. He was maybe 4 or 4 1/2 feet tall and he actually had to step up on the bottom rung of his bar stool just to get up into his seat. He looked pretty normal facially, like anyone else, except for his height. He was actually just an average guy I guess, if he just wasn’t so short.

I kind of felt sorry for him at first, but for some reason, probably the booze in me, I loudly said for all to hear, “Hey look, it’s the Lollipop Guild.” Then standing up, I stuck my thumbs in my pockets and went into a chorus of “We Represent the Loillipop Guild”. Actually kicking up my feet up while singing and mimicking their weird little distorted voices from the movie the Wizard of Oz. I couldn’t help myself, I was pretty drunk and was encouraged to continue with bursa escort my antics by making Gary laugh too. My little skit did not go unnoticed.

Now, Gary is a pretty big guy for a competitive swimmer. Nobody messes with him. He’s about 6′ 2″s tall and around 190 lbs. of pure toned muscle. He looks pretty intimidating with his muscled arms and chest, so I felt his presence made me safe to be my regular “smart ass” self.

However, he was smashed and he wasn’t holding his liquor well, but I boldly laughed out loud encouraging him to laugh with me. As you can imagine, nobody was laughing with us, especially the midget, but I didn’t care.

I didn’t stop there either. Next I loudly mimicked the midget in those old reruns of Fantasy Island with my rendition of, “Look boss, de plane…de plane,” I said pointing up at the ceiling. We both cracked up over this skit but nobody else was laughing with us.

I quickly followed that up with some leprechaun pot of gold St. Patrick’s Day comments. Again, Gary laughed at all my jokes encouraging me on.

Our laughter and my tormenting this guy was not going unnoticed and was not being received well at all. The midget guy just boldly glared at me not saying a word while the bartender just shook his head in disdain, looking discouragingly at us. Neither of us had barely touched our first drink when the bartender asked me to please knock it off, telling me I was being rude. Apparently the midget guy was a regular customer as he talked privately with the bartender while still glaring at me.

I nodded my head in a feigned compliance, but once the bartender walked away a bit, I started loudly humming the tune to the “Lucky Charm’s Magically Delicious” cereal commercial with the Leprechauns in it.

Glancing at Gary waiting for a laugh from him, I noticed he looked a little uneasy, kind of nauseous.

He was obviously drunk now, probably past his limit and was starting to sway in his chair a bit, looking a little queasy. Telling me he was going to the bathroom, I watched him stagger to the back. I felt a little uncomfortable sitting there alone while he was gone for a good while, but everybody kind of went back to their own business occasionally glancing at me.

A few minutes later he came stumbling back and told me he just thrown up in the bathroom and was going to go back to the hotel to take a short nap. I got up to leave with him, when he pushed me back in my stool and told me to stay and finish the drinks. He asked me to just come get him in an hour or so and that we would go eat, then he staggered out the door leaving me alone.

The bartender was still whispering with the midget, both occasionally looking down at me, while there was a female impersonator on stage lip syncing, “I Will Survive”. I just minded my own business, realizing how drunk I was also getting and kind of regretting not going back to the room with Gary, when the bartender approached me.

“Let me refresh your drinks sir, they are probably a little watered down by now,” he sincerely offered.

He grabbed all the barely untouched drinks of mine and Gary’s, and placed them on the counter behind him, retrieving fresh ice and a tall glass. I couldn’t see what he was doing exactly, but when he turned around, he placed one tall drink in front of me. I thanked him and he went back to whispering to the midget and a very tall and very sexy blonde female about 25 years old that had joined them. I wanted to get out of there as I was now alone and felt a little uncomfortable, but it took me a few minutes to gulp down the tall drink, and that’s the last thing I remember.

When I woke, I could see daylight coming through a curtained window. I wondered where I was, what had happened and what time it was. It seemed like I was in someone’s kitchen as I saw a sink and counter with kitchen appliances in front of my face, but I could not turn my head to look around. I struggled to remember the last thing I was doing last night and all I could remember was having a drink at the female impersonator bar.

I immediately panicked as I could tell I was completely naked and tied face down to a table top, secured very tightly so I couldn’t move an inch. The table top I was secured to seemed incredibly short, like it was the height for school children. The square table top that my torso was on seemed about 3 foot by 3 foot. It was very sturdy, the legs made of really heavy wood. My feet were flat on the ground, but I felt my ankles were spread very wide apart and tied to the back two legs of the table near the floor. I felt my ass cheeks were spread open wide and vulnerable to anyone behind me. I couldn’t move, I struggled against the bindings, but I couldn’t move.

My cock and balls hung exposed off the edge of the table between my spread legs. I could tell I had an erection and felt like I was as hard as a diamond while my cock hung so vulnerably displayed. As the table seemed so much shorter than any bursa escort bayan regular table, my ass was up way higher than my restrained torso. There was also a pillow under my stomach to keep me propped up. It was causing my wide open butt cheeks to be perched up even still higher in the air. There was a tight strap secured across my lower waist, just above my butt. It was apparently tied tightly under the table, which forced my ass and hips immobile in this position.

As I rested my upper torso on the table, trying to clear my head, I felt that my arms were also immobile. Someone had pulled them tight to the sides of the table and firmly secured them with rope over my wrists to the front two legs of the table. My chin rested on the far end of the table, maybe an inch from hanging off the edge. I felt a tight strap like the one around my waist, behind my neck holding my head firmly in place. I was thinking at first, maybe this was a weird dream I was having, but it wasn’t, I was definitely awake.

My lips felt tacky as I tried to open my mouth and find my voice. When I parted my lips to speak, I felt my lips had a sticky coating to them and tasted sweet like strawberries. My mouth was so very dry that it was hard at first to even make an audible sound. I pulled against all the bindings, but nothing was budging, I was secured tightly. I eventually found my voice and managed a weak scream for help a few times as loudly as I could.

Trying to focus my somewhat blurry sight, every time I blinked my eyes, it seemed like there was something on my eyelids that obscured my vision a little bit. Something dark and feathery. I finally got my voice back and screamed for help several times. My head was foggy and I felt like I was still drunk. As I tried to understand what was going on, I heard foot steps and sensed two people had entered the room.

“Good morning my darling little baby girl, how are you feeling today?” came a husky feminine voice. Long fingernails tickled and sent chills down my back as they scraped from the bottom of my spread ass cheeks all the way up my back to my neck. I shivered from the touch as someone stepped in front of my secured head.

I tried to look up, but the strap behind my neck was secured so tightly it was impossible. I was tied down so tightly across the back of my neck and waist, that my torso, throat and chin rested almost flat on the table. Kneeling down and coming face level, just inches from my restrained face, it was that good looking blonde girl from last night, the one that was talking to the midget and bartender. The first thing I noticed, was that she was absolutely gorgeous up close, really sexy and hot as hell. She held a kiddie’s plastic juice box in front of my lips with a straw, offering me a drink which I gulped down greedily til it was empty. It was fruit flavored, but definitely had alcohol in it for sure, lots of alcohol in it. I was so parched I didn’t care, I drank it all.

Grabbing a second juice box, she smiled sweetly at me and said giggling, “Eat these two aspirin, they will help clear your head some and I will explain what is going on.”

As she stuck the two pills on my tongue, I took a long suck on the second juice box, which tasted mostly like liquor this time. I swallowed them down and then she said, “Drink it all, but be extra careful not to smear your lipstick, we want you looking pretty. I went to a lot of effort on your makeup and transformation, not to mention the enemas I gave you to clean you out.”

“We dolled you up and you look pretty fucking hot if I do say so myself,” she said. “It was an easy transformation because you have very sexy feminine cheek bones and were basically hairless. Still, I did take the time to shave what little hair was on your plump bottom and pink little rosebud baby smooth for you. And what a pretty plump, firm ass and pink little pussy hole you have, you’re gonna be fun to play with,” she gushed in an exaggerated sexy voice.

Bewildered and tipsy, I just laid there restrained as she continued.

“I see your little weenie is rock hard isn’t it?” she laughed. “We gave you a couple of Viagra when you woke briefly a few hours ago before passing out again.”

Horrified about her drugging me, I hollered back, “What the fuck, you drugged me? Let me go right now. Please just let me go.”

“We spiked your drink at the bar and when you passed out, we brought you here. Then we gave you two Viagra a couple of hours ago, like I just told you. I bet that’s probably why your little clitty is so hard. And now you just swallowed a couple of pills that are gonna really make you compliant and willing to us in about 15 minutes. So if you want to be technical about it, we actually drugged you three times already,” she giggled.

“You and your friend were pretty rude and insulting to my friend last night and I think you owe him a big apology,” she giggled. “I only wish your friend hadn’t snuck out, I would have loved escort bursa to have him here right now with you too.”

“But don’t fret sweetie, we’re gonna have so much fun. I made you up and you are an absolute living doll,” she almost boasted. “Here look,” as she held a hand mirror up to my face.

I blinked my eyes over and over trying to focus and get a clear look in the mirror. My eyelids now had what must have been 2 inch long eyelashes glued to them. Every time I blinked, I felt the lower and upper lashes touch obscuring my view briefly. My eyes had a lot of eyeliner on them accenting their shape. My lips were painted bright red and my cheeks had been blushed heavily with make-up. I had on a shoulder length, raven black, straight haired wig with bangs trimmed perfectly almost touching my now manicured eyebrows. I also had huge, heavy looped ear rings dangling from my ears. I didn’t even recognize that it was me. It looked like a very beautiful, hot, fuckable, sexy girl looking back at me in the mirror. It couldn’t be me that I was looking at, it was a gorgeous, sexy girl staring back at me, but it was me.

“Hope you don’t mind, but I pierced your ears for you, this way you can have a permanent reminder of our time together forever. Better than that, before you go, were gonna give you a hot tattoo on those plump butt cheeks, so you can always cherish this night,” she giggled.

I just laid there dumbfounded, trying to comprehend what and why I was here as I was starting to feel woozy again. I assumed the pills that she just gave me were kicking in already.

“Please let me go, I won’t tell anyone, please let me go,” I heard my voice slur.

“Hush, hush baby girl, be quiet and listen. Now, you should know, I have friends all over this town. Using your driver’s license, we easily found out what hotel you’re staying at and that you check out tomorrow at noon for your flight back to Illinois. We know what time your flight leaves tomorrow and we will drop you off at the airport one hour before your flight. We don’t want you to miss your flight back home. Now, that’s what we will do for you, but this morning, this afternoon and tonight, we are going to have a really good time baby girl. It’s all gonna be about what you will do for us,” she cooed softly to me.

Her voice was becoming distant, like in a dream as I started feeling the effects of the alcoholic juice drinks and whatever pills I ingested that she had told me were aspirins. I was completely conscious but my body was buzzing and it felt like all my senses were heightened. My skin tingled and it seemed like all my nerve endings were magnified. If possible, my cock seemed even harder than it was when I awoke. It was throbbing like it had a life of it’s own. I was feeling very flushed and warm as the drugs and alcohol took over my body.

She spoke to me softly, “Feeling good baby girl?” as she brought her lips close to mine. “Enjoy the ride, tonight is gonna change your life forever.”

Her lips touched mine and I melted. As she softly kissed me on my lips and then sucked my lower lip into her mouth, it felt like the most sensual kiss I had ever received. I was so high, my entire body felt flushed and electric as I strained my neck to accept more of her soft lips, but the restraints held me in place. Kissing deeper into my mouth with her soft tongue, I felt someone behind me gently touching my butt cheeks. I can’t even describe how good it felt.

Whoever was behind me was spreading my butt cheeks apart as wide as possible with their hands, stretching me open. I then felt a scratchy face move directly between my open butt cheeks and kiss me perfectly on sphincter ever so softly. The soft wet kiss turned into an oral assault on my ass hole. I was immediately in heaven as billions of sensitive nerve endings around my anus tingled from the oral manipulations. It felt like every neuron in my brain was firing as I felt slurping, licking, sucking and light nibbling on and around my ass hole. As this beautiful woman held my cheeks firmly in place and sucked and nibbled on my lips, someone behind me was doing the same thing to my ass hole.

I whimpered and moaned as I felt I was going to explode from the oral manipulations on my ass. Teeth gently nibbled on my cheeks right next to my ass hole that sent chills up and down my body. In my trance like inebriated state I felt I was going crazy and never wanted this to stop. As a stiff tongue probed into my ass hole, I felt the warmth and wetness of it creeping into me. I shuddered through this and even tried to push back onto that hot tongue. While I knew this was wrong and that I should resist, my willpower had crumbled and I couldn’t control myself. I was totally under their spell and never wanted the anal stimulation to end. I tried to push my ass back, yearning for more of this oral invasion.

The sexy goddess kissed me for what seemed like forever. Me never letting go of her hungry tongue as it probed my mouth. I was her slave if she wanted, I couldn’t help myself. As much as I enjoyed her passionate lips on mine, my ass was now starving for more and deeper attention from the person behind me. I wasn’t myself anymore, I was just a sexual creature for them.

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