Social Isolation – At the Beach


After a month of social isolation, I have a pattern. Once a week, I hit the grocery store, the liquor store, and the pharmacy. Very occasionally, I go through a drive-through at McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts to break the monotony of cooking for myself. In between, I content myself with a drive around town or a drive down to the waterfront to sit on the rocks and watch the gulls and the waves for a while. I also get out every day to walk the dog, but that’s not a lot of excitement!

Like a good citizen, I always have my mask ready for when I get out of the car. Everything I’ve read says it’s just a good practice, so when I’m sitting on the rocks or walking around the beach, I keep myself covered up.

Yesterday was no exception to the routine until I got to the beach. It wasn’t a shopping day or anything, and I had finished my tasks for the day by mid-afternoon. Although it was windy, I decided the beach was a good place to kill some time. The dog had already been for a long walk and just glanced up when I offered him a ride.

The empty streets were as strange as ever. The overcast skies were threatening, and the blustery south wind was enough to keep people inside for the most part. When I got there, the parking lot was empty. Unfortunately, far out on the rocks I usually walk to there was someone already sitting with their back to the wind, looking out over the water.

For the moment, I was content just to be out of the house. I cracked the windows and settled back to watch the wind-blown waves rolling in. My mind drifted, and I didn’t see the woman approaching my car. When she rapped on the window, I jumped and looked around wildly, my heart racing and my hands clutching the steering wheel.

When I finally focused, I saw a tall, slim brunette laughing at me. I could hear her through the open windows, and although she wore a brightly patterened mask, her eyes conveyed her enjoyment. After a moment to collect myself, I punched the accessory button and rolled down the window.

“I’m so sorry I scared you!” she said as she got her laughing under control.

“No problem,” I replied as suavely as I could given the circumstances. “My mind was a million miles away.”

“You usually sit out there on the rocks where I was, right?” she asked.

“Usually. I didn’t want to disturb you, though.”

“Damn,” she observed with a smile in her eyes, “that’s some good social distancing!”

“Just being polite,” I observed.

“I like it,” she said bluntly. “Can I tell you something?”

“Sure” I said in a puzzled voice.

“I’ve been here every day, and I’ve watched you on the rocks, and I was wishing I could walk out there and sit with you.”

“I’m sure we could have worked something out even if we’re six feet apart!” I told her gallantly.

“I have a better idea!” she said with a lift of her eyebrow. “How freaked out about this virus are you?”

“I’m being careful, but I’m not all that freaked out.”

“Good. Do you have a mask?”

“I do. I keep a stash right here,” I told her, indicating the box of disposables beside me. “They’re not as nice as yours, but they get the job done!”

“Put one on,” she said simply.

For some reason-probably curiosity-I did as she requested. When I was done, I looked back up at her. Her forearms lay across the bottom of the window and she was leaning down to see into the car. All I could see of her body was a dark blue windbreaker, the mask, and shoulder-length brown hair with highlights gathered into a ponytail.

“Do you have hand sanitizer?” was her next question.

In response, I pulled the little bottle out of the door pocket and dropped it into a cupholder.

She looked at me for a moment as if making up her mind about something, and then stepped back. Without a wasted motion, she tugged the door open-admitting a swirl of wind-and then she folded herself onto the front seat and closed the door firmly.

WIthout hesitation, pendik escort she turned to face me, tucking her legs up so that her knees pointed my way.

“No names, okay?”

“Fine by me,” I told her. “What did you have in mind?”

“I’ve been watching you, and I was thinking the other day that I’d normally walk out there and introduce myself and we’d talk for a while and then we could walk to my house and have a drink and see what happened.”

“That still sounds like a good plan!” I told her with a grin behind my mask.

“Yeah, but it would be really hard to keep six feet apart for very long!” she laughed.

“So how is you sitting in my car any better?” I asked playfully.

“I’ll show you!” she answered, the smile back in her eyes.

With that, she unzipped her windbreaker and arched her back to slip it down her arms. Her small, firm breasts jutted forward when she did this, and she watched me knowingly as I admired their unveiling. A quick glance revealed a pale blue tank top and a sports bra underneath. Dark grey yoga pants with some kind of pattern completed her outfit, and her legs looked as slim and toned as the rest of her.

When the jacket hit the floor, she leaned forward toward me and rested both hands on my thigh.

“I’m not going to kiss you,” she said seriously, “but I do know something better!”

Her hands spread forward, one curling around my thigh and the other traveling firmly across the crotch of my jeans. After just a quick stroke, I felt myself hardening and her fingertips slid up and down the growing length.

“Do you think you could get these out of the way?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. I was too busy ripping off my jacket, unbuckling my belt, and shoving my jeans and boxers down to my knees. My cock sprang up eagerly, but the wind whistling in the cracked windows made my scrotum tighten up immediately.

As soon as I was done, her cool hands went to work. One cupped my balls gently and the other wrapped around my shaft, tugging up and down.

“Very nice!” she cooed as she caressed me. “I was always too far away to see what you were packing, but I’m glad I found out!”

I let my head fall back on the headrest and my hand caressed her back as she teased me. My mask began to puff in and out a little with each breath as I grew more excited.

“You can play with my boobs,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “I’ll make some room!”

“Sounds good,” I muttered, putting that idea into action. I shifted my posture to face toward her and reached around from each side to get to her breasts. She arched her back up to accommodate me and I tugged her tank top and sports bra up and out of the way. Her breasts filled my hands nicely as I caught them up and began tweaking her nipples. She moaned happily and kept stroking me.

I would have been happy with this kind of action for a while, but whoever she was had different ideas. Making sure not to obstruct my reaching hands, she lowered her face to my groin. Her hand rearranged itself to grip to the base of my cock and she planted a kiss on the swollen crown. My eyes closed in sheer bliss when I felt her tongue swirl around the lip of my cock, and I know I let out a low, satisfied groan of my own when she finally took me into her mouth.

For a moment I remembered where I was, and I cracked my eyes open enough for a quick look around. Still desolate. Good. Inside the car, things were getting more intense. My mystery woman began to bob her head, taking half my length into the voracious suction of my mouth while the tight ring of her thumb and forefinger slid up and down the lower half. If I wasn’t having so much fun with her breasts, I would have simply gripped her ponytail and enjoyed the blowjob I was getting! I also noticed that her other hand had slipped down between her legs, and I can only assume she was taking care of herself where I couldn’t reach.

After several minutes, she stopped maltepe escort bobbing and released my cock.

“I want your cock inside me!” she said urgently.

I nodded wordlessly and hit the seat recliner. My backrest thumped down almost horizontal. She grinned and stood up as much as she could, shucking her yoga pants down her legs with her free hand while maintaining a firm grip on my cock with the other. I saw her brow furrow with frustration as she struggled to kick her sneakers off belatedly. Finally, she was free of encumbrance, though, and she slid over to straddle my thighs. Before she did anything with my cock, though, she tugged her mask back into position. All I could see was the hungry look in her dark eyes as she aimed my shaft upward and nestled it into the opening of her pussy.

I saw her take a deep breath and my hands returned to play with her nipples. She exhaled as I did that and sank down a few inches, then rose up and lowered herself fully onto me. The trimmed hair of her pussy met my own carefully groomed pubes as she ground herself down on me. Her left hand found the passenger headrest for support and her right hand went back to her mound, letting her fingertips fall right onto her clit where she began making small, quick circles.

Once everything was in place, she started to ride me, her eyes closed in pleasure and concentration. There was something urgent and primal about the needs she was using me for, and I was delighted to be along for the ride! Her pussy grew slicker and slicker as she rocked her hips on me. Every stroke felt like the first, though, as her gripping pussy reluctantly admitted the full width of my cock.

The windows fogged up a little bit despite the wind whistling in through the openings, and my mask was heavy with my heated breath. I let my hands fall from her breasts to her hips and simply held on as she rode me, controlling my mounting excitement as I watched hers grow. Her fingertips were a blur on her clit, and her breathing grew ragged as she thrust herself onto me faster and faster. I saw a flush creep from beneath her mask down her neck and slowly spread across the pale skin of her chest. Her thighs trembled and twitched, throwing little hitches into her motion that were echoed by a sudden squeeze of her internal muscles.

From under her mask, I heard a low hissing “yesss…yesss…yess!” emerge as her orgasm approached. Gentleman that I am, I did whatever I could to help her along. First, I reached up again and pinched both nipples firmly between thumb and forefinger. I also began to meet her thrusts down with an upward motion of my hips, slamming my cock as far into her as it could go with every stroke. Finally, I let my internal monologue emerge.

“God, you look so fucking sexy!” I told her with some heat in my voice. “You feel so good on my cock…I could fuck you forever!”

“God…yess!” she moaned in response. “Keep fucking me like that…I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it…” I urged. “Cum all over my cock!” I demanded as I sped up my thrust a little.

Her body matched my fervor, and after another few pumps, she slammed herself down on me and froze. I watched in awe as ripples sped through her frame, across her belly, along her thighs, and (of course) along the length of my cock as it stood rigidly inside her. Her supporting arm shook with tension and her mask puffed in and out with each gasping breath. I held still and let her pleasure run its course.

After a long minute, her body relaxed slightly. Her hands came up to rest on my shoulders and she held herself above me. The smile returned to her eyes as she remembered my cock was still inside her and she swirled her hips lasciviously. I grinned in response.

“Ordinarily,” she told me in a more normal voice, “I would kiss you right now for making me cum like that!” she said, her eyes happy.

“Well, these are unusual times, that’s for sure!” I assured her.

“Do kartal escort you want me to stay on top?” she asked.

“Actually, if we can work it out, I want to fuck you from behind!” I told her. “You know…for droplet safety and all that.”

She laughed. “I think we can figure that out,” she told me easily.

Reaching across and down beside the passenger seat, she fumbled for the recliner. Her ass rose up and my cock slipped from her pussy, though, much to my chagrin. As she dropped the seat back and crawled over it, I fisted myself to stay fully erect in the cold air and levered myself up. It was a little graceless, but I managed to scramble into the footwell behind her. My knees found the edge of the seat and I dragged the head of my cock up and down her slit, spreading our combined juices around the opening.

Looking back over her shoulder, I saw the hungry look in her eyes again.

“Just fuck me!” she said urgently. “Fuck me hard and cum inside me!”

I grinned inside my mask and released my cock. The head was already slick and lodged between her labia, so all it took was a slow, steady push and I was buried all the way inside her.

“Fuuuuuck…” she groaned as I filled her once more. “It’s so fucking deep inside me!”

She braced her forearms on the headrest and let her forehead sink down to rest on them. I took a firm hold of her hips, admiring all the while the sweet firmness of her ass as I began to thrust into her, pulling out all the way before reversing myself. Her knees were spread as wide as possible and her back was arched, so her body was wide open and seemed to welcome me in with every stroke. Every time I pulled back, I felt her squeeze down on me, dragging my sensitive cockhead through a slick, velvety channel of pleasure. When I pushed myself into her, that tightness created a barrier I had to push through to make my way. Those feelings, combined with my favorite view of a woman, was enough to bring me to the edge.

“Oh, my God…I’m gonna cum in you!” I gasped as the spasm started deep inside me.

Whoever she was, she clearly liked the idea. She pushed back hard as I rammed myself forward one final time and looked over her shoulder with lust-filled eyes. When the first stream of cum leapt from my cock deep inside her, she gasped beneath her mask.

“Oh, yes…I can feel it!” she purred happily.

I was in no shape to respond. I simply clung to her hips and rocked into her while my balls emptied themselves in seismic waves. When the spasms finally slowed, my head fell forward with exhaustion.

“All good?” she asked with a playful grin.

“So good!” I murmured with a smile that she couldn’t see.

Reluctantly, I pulled myself out of her. With a quick tug, I pulled my pants up and moved back to my seat, returning it to an upright position. She turned herself around, tugged her top back into position, and reached down to get her feet back into her yoga pants then arched up gracefully to pull them on. Within seconds, we were fully clothed and she was tying her sneakers. When she was done, she let the seat back up with a thump. Then she turned to me, everything back in place and gazed at me steadily.

“Well…” I began with what I hoped was a smile in my eyes.

“That was perfect,” she said brusquely, “safe and perfect. Let’s not make it more than what it was, okay?”

“Okay” I replied.

“Can I have some hand sanitizer?” she asked.

I passed her the bottle silently, then took it back and applied some for myself.

“Thanks. I’m sorry this is so weird…I get so horny, but I need to keep myself safe. But maybe I’ll be here again…” she admitted in a friendlier voice.

“I’ll keep my eyes open,” I promised. “And I’ll be back on the rocks when the wind dies down!”

With a quick pat on my thigh, she opened the door and got out. She pulled her jacket on, zipped it up all the way against the west wind, and raised her hand as she closed the door. I watched her walk back toward the rocks and walk past them, heading along the high tide line. She must live close by. With a grin, I threw my mask on the front seat and filed that information again for future reference.

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