Sorority Party ( non fiction) part two of three


Sorority Party ( non fiction) part two of threeDrinking alcohol was not my strong point. In fact, before this party the only alcohol I have drank in my whole life was champagne on New Years eve. Every time my cup was empty, there. Was someone filling it up. I had three drinks in me and was buzzed pretty good. Standing and talking to other girls, one girl kept staring at me in a weird way. Finally she spoke up. ” Hey girls, I think Taylor needs a make over before the guys get here.” “Guys?” I said. “Theres going to be guys here””Well of course” one girl that i had not met yet “It not a party with some hot studs”The girls laughed then Chole, the girl I thought was the sexiest spoke up. “I think your right, she needs a make over before the party gets really going “Chole took me buy the hand and said “follow me girl” With Chole leading me, Kara, and two other girls followed us up the stairs to Choles room. A moderate size room with two beds, bathroom and a closet. She took me to the bathroom. ” Ok, let’s see” she stood there looking at me. “Lets get rid of these clothes” said Chole. On here command, the other girls took of my top then my pants. I stood there in my bra and panties, still in shock to what just happened. Chole looked me over then told one girl to get a specific shirt out of her closet. The girl done as she was told. I could clearly see that Chole was in charge. In no time a girl brought Chole a white T-shirt with “Kentucky ” across the chest. It was a thin long sleeve shirt with the bottom cut kadıköy escort short. “Ok, take off the bra and put the shirt on” Chole told the girls. Again, they followed her instructions. All I had to do was stand there. My bra was off and the shirt went on. The shirt, white with blue sleves only pulled down just over my breast, about mid way down my belly. “Ok, panties off” stated Chole. In a split second one girl pull my panties off. I was starting to get turned on. Having girls I’ve never met before undressing me was exciting. I stood there, naked from the waist down. My pussy wet as fuck and my juice starting to drop down my leg. I wanted to just start licking all that pussy in the room. Chloe and the other girls looked me over. They let me put on my sweat pants I had bought. “Good, very nice” Chloe said. “Now for some make up””Amanda, this is your area, Taylor, this is Amanda, she’s in cosmetology school and great at make up” Chole explained. They sat me down and Amanda started to work on me. I never wear make up. The most I wear is eye liner. Working with horses all the time, theres just no need in a lot of make up. First she wet my hair, towel dried it then used a flat iron to straighten my long curly black hair. A first for me. With a little styling she was done. Then the make up. My eyes, lips and cheeks. After about thirty minutes she was done. “Ok, time for the big revel” Amanda said. They turned me around üsküdar escort to face to mirror. I took one look and my mouth dropped open. I was speechless, I knew it was me but it didn’t look like me. The hair, eyeshadow, lip stick. I went from the farm girl look to a porn star look. “Well?” Amanda asked, “What ya think ” The room was silent, no sound but the muffled music from down stairs. I managed to snap back to reality and said “holly shit, I love it.”The girls celebrated in cheer. “Now your ready to mingle”So there I stood. Long flowing black hair. A shirt that hung about three inches above my belly button, my nipples poking through. My face glowing, the make has that “I’m ready to fuck” look., and my pussy wet and dripping down my legs. I don’t think I had ever been so fucking horny in my life. I reached for my half empty drink and swallowed it down. “Ok, so what’s next?” I asked, feeling buzzed like a mother fucker.That experience felt like I had no control as to what was being done to me and I liked it. It turned me on and I wanted more. Kara looked at me and winked. “Your looking good girl ” We all left the room and went downstairs.Once downstairs I saw that some guys were there. Most of them had coupled off with each other. The music still playing but the volume much lower. The game was on but only two people watching. “Lets go mingle ” Kara said as she walked towards a guy she knew. I stood there for a few seconds. I guess I’m on my own now, I said tuzla escort to myself. I walked to the kitchen, poured myself some soda and snacked on a veggie tray. I had never been to a party like this before. I really didn’t know what to do.After about ten baby carrots, two celery sticks I noticed the door opening up and two very attractive guys walked in. One guy walked over to a girl, gave her a hug and sit down with here. The other guy, a tall, well built black guy so fine he could have been a model. Wow, I thought. That’s sexy as fuck. He said something to the guy he came in with, laughed then walked towards me. Four foot away from me, we made eye contact. He smiled and ask, “I taken it this is the snack bar?” My heart was pounding.I stood there just looking at him. My mouth was moving but the words just wouldn’t come out. “Him I’m Brad” she said. There I stood, smiling like an idiot, trying to remember my name. It was really about three seconds that I couldn’t speak but it seemed like three minutes. “I’m Taylor, I’m Karas friend” smiling back, hoping there were no carrot pieces stuck in my teeth. “Nice meeting you””Nice meeting you too” he stated as he held his hand out to shake mine.I took his hand and shook it slighty. He had really short hair, big Brown eyes, light Brown skin but the one thing that turned me on was that he had a British accent. “Your a guest here too ?” he asked”Yeah, this is my first collage party.” I replied”So are you taking care of the bar or is it just help myself?””Oh, I can fix you something, what would you like?” I said. I had no idea how to make drinks but I was going to try,”Anything will be fine” he told meI said to myself, how about I just lay across this table and you fuck the he’ll out of me. But I kept my mouth shut. Some how, I’m going to have his cock. This is going to be wild.PART THREE COMING SOON

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