Spring Break Daddy


Last spring during my junior year in college, as a reward for keeping my grades up, my folks sprung for me go down to Mexico with some friends from school for Spring Break.

I go to a small Christian college in southern Indiana an hour from where I grew up. It’s not the most understanding place. And while is easy to find some fun it’s not a place I can be out. I had a group of friends at schools. I didn’t tell any of them that I loved to get fucked by guys.

When my friends Sarah, Anna and Erica decided to spend Spring Break in Cancun, they asked if I wanted to come. Their friend Aaron was going too.

I had met Aaron the first week of school this year when he started studying at the library with Erica and Sarah. While he was never rude, I didn’t find him that warm or easy to talk to. He was definitely a good looking guy and sometimes I found myself staring at his hairy legs and arms when we would lounge around on the quad. He had a hot scruffy beard and slightly shaggy dirty blond hair that casually fell in his face when he turned his head to say something to you. He was a lean skinny guy, an inch or two taller than me, with a climbers build. I had seen his hairy chest a few times on the quad. His whole torso was covered in thick ringlets of fur that were darker brown than the hair on his head.

Though I generally found myself attracted the middle aged professors that I fairly routinely ran into late at night in the field house sauna…the ones who invited me back to their apartments to lick their hairy, slick throbbing cocks and suck on their furry nipples while they fucked me…

I definitely had a crush on Aaron. Probably precisely because his hairy bod made him seem more a man than the smooth twinky guys my own age on campus.

The day after our last final exam of the Winter Trimester we flew down to Cancun. The warm humid air we took in as we made our way to the hotel from the airport was a welcome change from southern Indiana. Our spring break didn’t match other schools’ which meant we were likely to have the run of resort we were staying at-a place that Sarah’s parent had as a time share and where they had gone every winter since Sarah was in high school.

The “room” was actually a suite it what more or less looked like a resort hotel with three bed rooms- two with two beds each and one with one bed. The bedrooms opened up into a shared living and kitchen and the place had a balcony that overlooked one of the three large curving pools that followed the path of the connected complexes of the resort. From the balcony, looking past a wall of palm trees whose leaves swayed just below eye level, you could see the ocean.

The girls had drawn straws to see who would get the single room to themselves and Anna had won.

Aaron and I were going to share a room.

After we got unpacked and settled in we decided to go down to the pools. We all went back to our rooms to get ready.

I followed Aaron into our room and closed the door. Our beds were as far from each other as they could be.

I watched from across the room where I was standing next to my bed as Aaron pulled off his shirt exposing his hairy chest and torso. His hair slowly fell in his face as he looked down. I tried hard not to stare too obviously as he started to pull off his belt and unbutton his jeans. As I pulled my own shirt off I saw him strip down to his white briefs. The hair on his muscly legs looked even darker next to the white of his briefs. Aaron started to pull his briefs down, but then, as if suddenly again aware of my being in the room, he turned around as he continued undressing exposing his glorious furry round ass. As he half bent to take off his shorts, I could see his hairy balls come into view between his legs.

Feeling my cock harden in the shorts I was wearing, I quickly walked into the bathroom adjacent to our room so that I wouldn’t give my increasingly aroused state away.

I closed the door almost fully but through the slightly open slit, I watch as he stepped into a white with blue paisley design pair of board shorts. He finished tightening the strings on it. My eyes lingered as he turned around exposing his flat, hairy abdomen. He pulled a tank top out of his dresser and raised it over his arms to put it on. As he did I got a view of his hairy, muscular arm pits. Even as his arms came down, I say the dark thick hair sprout uncontrolled framing his biceps; it matched his chest hair. The tank top fit snug against his body with about a hands width of his chest hair curls hanging over the top.

I had no idea how I was going to make it through five days of being so close to him.

I came out of the bathroom after I put my knee length red and white checkered board swimsuit on and grabbed a plain gray t-shirt with a pocket.

After fussing with his stuff, Aaron looked at me and asked, “Are you ready?”

When we went into the living room we saw that they girls had squeezed themselves into their tiniest bikinis and pairs of short shorts. With sunglasses and towels coffeedonutfest.com and sunscreen in hand, we headed out the door and down the stairs to the pool area that our balcony overlooked.

We found some chairs together in the shade to spare our fair skin and got the waiter’s attention. The man who took our drink order was a handsome dark skinned man with a beautiful muscular ass. I noticed the coarse black hair on the sides of his arms as he handed me my drink. My eyes followed him as he made his way back to the bar. He never looked back.

As Anna, Sarah, Erica and I relaxed with our drinks, Aaron let us know that he was hot and he was going to head into the pool. I watched as he stripped of his shirt and followed him with my eyes till he jumped in the pool and slowly started swimming away from us to the far end of the pool. He disappeared out of site behind some of the lush, tropical plants and ferns that lined the water.

“He is such a brooder,” remarked Anna.

“He’ s sweet,” added Sarah. And I like having guy friends that I know I’m never going to sleep with.”

“He has a hot bod…but he is way too hairy,” giggled Erica.

“Totally,” said Sarah nonchalantly. And then the three of them burst out laughing in unison.

I knew all three of them only dated guys who were smooth.

What a loss for them.

They had no idea what they were missing.

But I couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious while they talked, about the dark brown thick hair on my own legs and even the patch of chest hair that I had started to sprout.

Most of the porn I found I line only had smooth guys too. And way too many of the online ads I saw spouted bullshit about “smooth only.” What was it about smooth guys that everybody liked so much?

My dad is a hairy guy and his brother Gabe is too. I was pretty sure that I would have a chest full of hair like them when my body thickened out with age. (My grandmother swore we had Greek blood in our family at some point although nobody could remember who.) I already had an almost permanent five o clock shadow like Uncle Gabe. For now, at 5’10” my body was lanky with some light muscle tone…and young and eager to be enjoyed.

I thought about the older Econ TA who I had met online the previous summer who had asked me to unbutton his shirt slowly so that he could feel my fingers brush through his generously dense chest hair. He was so hard and wet after that simple maneuver that I thought he was going to cream in my hands after I had then started licking his hairy nips. I still remember how the sweat dripped off his fur onto me as he fucked me on my back in his cramped studio apart where the air barely moved. I loved that he fucked me with his wedding ring still on.

I found it funny that Sarah, Anna and Erica did not feel self-conscious at all about me being there. It was like they didn’t notice me at all during this conversation.

They went on about the guys they thought were cute on campus and which of their revolving door of boyfriends gave them the best fucking.

Finally, I covered my ears and loudly shouted “La, La, La. I can hear you guys. TOO MUCH INFORMATION!”

They laughed together.

“You are such a prude Isaiah,” smiled Anna.

“And while we have your attention, how come you haven’t gone out with anybody since Eva? Wasn’t that like fall of freshmen year?” Asked Sarah.

“He’s always studying,” offered Erica.” I know your parents are always on you about your grades but it might do you a little good to get laid every once in a while Isaiah.”

Feeling the conversation heading into dangerous territory I got up and took off my shirt and said “How do you expect me to meet a girl I like with you guys always around. You’re an intimidating bunch.”

“Oh poor baby” I heard Sarah joke as I turned to the pool.

I cannon-balled in when I got to the edge.

I heard the girls hollering from the splash I created as I came up for air. I swam a few widths of the pool to cool off.

I looked around but didn’t see Aaron anywhere.

I stayed in the pool and allowed my body to relax in the warm water.

When I got back to the lounge chairs I found the girls resting quietly on their stomachs and soaking in the sun.

I dried off, wrapped a towel around my waist, sat down and put my sunglasses back on as I read from the magazine that Erica had lying on the drink table between us. I grabbed the Dodgers baseball hat she had left on the book next to her drink to keep the sun off my face. Adjusting it on my head, I reclined against the chair.

As I thumbed through the pages I happened to notice a man in a white robe walking along the side the pool. It seemed like he was looking for a lounge chair in the sun. Without being obvious about it I let my eyes behind my sunglasses follow him as he lumbered around the pool. Seeing that all the chairs near him in the sun were occupied, he grabbed one in the shade and dragged it out to the pool’s edge. His eyes were covered by sunglasses so it was hard to get a sense of his face. But as he was getting settled I couldn’t help but notice his square build as his body moved under his robe. It looked like he had a beefy, football player frame. Thick and definitely older. He walked like my uncle Gabe, like he owned the ground he walked on.

I kept looking in his direction hoping he might take off his robe. With Erica, Sarah, and Anna face down I wasn’t that worried about being discovered.

The man was now lying in his lounge chair with his hands behind his head, taking in the sun.

The guy had dark brown or black hair that had some flecks of gray. He had a light beard that looked like a few days’ worth of growth. I could see that his legs were thick and covered with hair. His beefy forearms which extended out of the sleeves of his robe were muscled and covered with a layer of curly hair as well. On his left wrist was a bulky silver watch.

He didn’t stir for a while.

When he finally sat up, his robe opened slightly and I got a quick glimpse of muscular thigh.

My eyes stayed on him.

After he read for a while he looked up and he slowly turned his head from one end of the pool to another as if he were taking in the full scene.

People were slowly starting to leave the pool area. I guessed that most were headed to dinner.

The man continued to look around. As he did so I saw his hand slip inside his robe.

He started to slowly rub his chest. The top of his robe loosened to reveal glimpses of the forest of hair that lay beneath.

I could only image what it would be like for my fingers to run through that fur.

I could feel the blood slowly filling my cock.

Since my dick was awkwardly pressing now against my shorts, I got up to discreetly “re-arrange” myself. As I stood up, the towel around my shoulders fell to the concrete.

I looked to see the man now staring right at me.

Slightly embarrassed I turned around, now standing with my back to him.

Once I moved things around I got seated again, the whole time wondering if the man was looking in my direction.

Once I got settled and picked up my magazine, I looked out again.

The man was still staring right at me.

I felt a charge move through me.

Embarrassed, I looked down at the magazine.

With my eyes still hidden behind my sunglasses, I peered over the top of my magazine and saw him smiling at me.

I was worried that he was being too obvious so I buried my head in my magazine again.

A few minutes later, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him get up.

He stood there for a minute, looked around, and then slowly, nonchalantly he started to undo the tie on his robe.

When the robe came apart I go a glimpse of the most amazing fur covered torso I had ever seen. He was wearing a pair of dark blue speedos that looked liked they barely covered his groin. A moment later he pulled off the robe one side at a time and let it fall to the ground.

He stood there almost naked like a magnificent god.

I got a full glimpse of his body and it was impressive.

His build was like one off the thick football players at school. His chest was covered in dark brown, maybe even black, curls of hair. In the middle of this forest of hair lay a silver cross. Hair covered his whole abdomen. His whole body had a deep, rich tan.

And his cock looked like it might burst out of the trunks he was wearing. Even covered and seen from across the pool, it was clear that it was an impressive piece of meat.

As he stood there once again running his hand through the curls on his chest, I found myself wondering what the bush at the base of that meaty dick looked like. I loved sticking my nose in a man’s musky crotch and inhaling. As he now looked to his left, his hand which I now noticed had a thick silver ring on it slowly and seemingly unconsciously started to move down his torso and settle on his abdomen where it again rubbed his body in a slow circular motion.

Since he wasn’t looking my way I allowed myself to peer over my magazine again.

I saw him raise his arms over his head to stretch as he let out a big, long yawn with his mouth to the sky.

While he was standing there in this position, I could see the thick bush of hair in both his arm pits.

I was in heaven. I could feel my dick continuing to harden in my shorts and begin to strain against the fabric.

When he ended his yawn, his face dropped so I once again found him staring straight at me.

He smiled again. This time a crooked smile that I had seen all too many times in the sauna in the field house at our college in the moments before it closed at 11pm.

With his middle finger he slowly pushed up his sunglasses that had started to slide down his nose as he stretched.

And with that he slowly turned and sauntered over to the pool restroom which was about 25 feet behind his lounge chair, around an embankment of lush palms.

As he turned his back to me, I saw the thick muscles of his bronzed back. On the back of the left shoulder he had a small tattoo that I could not make out.

I watched him disappear into the restroom and saw the door swing shut behind him.

I wanted to follow him in there so badly. I could see drops of precum on the fabric of my swim shorts where the material touched my piss hole. But I didn’t dare get up with my friends around-all three of whom were in various stages of waking up from their naps.

In no mood to talk to them, I got up and took off the ball cap I had on and my sunglasses and made my way the few steps to the edge of pool. As I stood by the water’s edge, I saw the door to the restroom swing open. The man came out and briefly paused to take the sight of me in.

Flustered I jumped in and felt the water envelope my body.

When I surfaced I saw the man by his lounge chair. He took off his watch and hid it under his clothes.

And then he took his sunglasses and dropped them on the lounge chair too.

He had the most intense brown eyes and he was looking at me, smiling once again.

When he saw me looking back at him, he nodded.

I nodded back to acknowledge him.

In a deep, resonant voice with a heavy Spanish accent he asked “How is the water, friend?”

Not sure know what to say, I just nodded.

He smiled to himself as he arranged his things and started to move towards the pool.

My eyes followed the outline of his thick massive cock as he came to the edge of pool. I could see the outline of his man meat.

He sat down on the edge of the pool and slowly slid his torso in. What a beautiful sight.

As he continued to smile at me, I heard the girls call out “Hey Isaiah, we’re heading back to the room to get ready for dinner. You coming?”

I looked back to see them gathering their things.

“No, I think I’ll swim some more. My body is all stiff from the plane ride down,” I said. “I may be here for a while.”

“You want us to wait before we head to dinner” asked Sarah as she came to the edge of the pool.

I swam over to her.

“I don’t know how long I will be. I might head down to the beach.” I answered. “You guys go on ahead. Maybe I’ll catch you before you head out, but don’t worry about it if I don’t.”

She went back to Anna and Erica. I watched as they slipped their shirts back on, packed their stuff and then left. Erica’s Dodgers cap lay under the lounge chair where it had fallen when I had taken it off.

I turned back to where I had left my new friend in the pool.

He had started to do laps the length of the pool.

Not sure what I was going to do next, I just stood there.

After about a lap and a half, he stopped when he came to the middle of the pool where I was standing.

He was only about 8 feet from me now. I could see beautiful curls of brown-black chest hair wet and plastered to his chest.

“Your friends?” he asked.

Still caught up in the moment, I just nodded.

He laughed and he rubbed his chest.

“What’s the matter? You no speak my friend?” He asked.

He extended his hand. I did the same.

As he grasped my hand with a firm grip he said “Paolo.”

“Isaiah,” I replied.

He let go of my hand slowly so it felt like his fingers caressed my hand.

“You come on vacation here?” He asked as he moved his arms through the water.

I nodded again.

“From US?” he asked.

I nodded again.

“I’m from Mexico City.”

I was so nervous that no words were coming out.

“It’s beautiful here, no?” He offered.

“Yes” I replied. “It’s my first time.”

“You no go with your friends Isaiah?” He asked.

“No.” I replied.

He moved closer to me, stopping about two feet away. I could feel heat coming off of his body.

“I tired. I go back to room,” said Paolo.

“Oh, okay” I replied, unsure of what to say.

Paolo swam back to the edge of the pool and hoisted his body slowly out of the pool. I got a glimpse again of the thick muscles that ran down his back. He had an amazing thick and muscly ass as well. An inverted triangle of hair lay just above the line of his briefs at the base of his back.

As I watched him towel himself off, he winked at me. He took a few extra minutes to rub dry his torso while he looked off at the entrance to the lobby. He put his sunglasses back on and put his watch back on his wrist.

Paolo picked up his robe and slipped his arms back into it as he let it hang open. It perfectly framed his hairy chest and torso.

Was it my imagination or did his cock look thicker than before?

“Enjoy,” he said. And with that he tied up his robe, turned away and started to walk towards the lobby.

I felt a sudden surge of un-explicable panic.

Watching him walk away, I quickly swam back over to the side of the pool where my stuff was and hoisted myself out. My cock was a stiff as a board but I wasn’t so worried when I realized that I was the last person in the pool area. I dried off my chest and then my legs quickly as I watched Paolo enter the lobby and put my shirt back on.

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