Stacy and Jamee


Stacy had been very sexually aggressive with me all afternoon. Every time we were close to each other he would run a hand up over my ass, sometimes giving it a slow lingering squeeze; or he would run his hand up and over my breasts. He had my pussy constantly aroused for several hours.

As the afternoon progressed his advances became even more sexually charged. He would come up behind me and press his manhood against my ass while his hands ran lightly over my breasts. I was absolutely dripping with desire and he was so hard; I wanted him.

I thought to myself that the next time he pressed against me I would turn the tables on him and grab his cock. Within minutes it happened. He came up behind me and pressed against me. As he did I quickly turned and grabbed his throbbing member. It felt hot and hard and long. He jumped back with surprise.

The air was filled with the sexual energy and tension. I began to pursue him and grab his cock, or swat his tight ass at every chance. How much teasing could he take.

Finally he broke and said, “You better tie me up or I ataşehir escort am going take you right now.” I did what any girl would do, I grabbed his hand pulled him into the bedroom and stripped him. I loved unbuttoning his pants and seeing the bulging manhood in his shorts. I couldn’t wait to pull them down and watch his cock spring up hard, erect, and ready for loving.

I looked up at him and his eyes were focused on his own cock. I grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down slowly. First his beautiful shaft came into view, then the crimson head and finally as I pulled the shorts all the way down his cum filled balls dropped slowly into view.

I pulled the shorts off and threw him back on the bed, grabbed his hands and tied them to the headboard. His feet were next. Now I had him where I wanted him. Bound to the bed, his cock standing up straight and proud, the precum glistening from the head.

I looked into his eyes and slowly lowered my mouth to his cock. As my lips parted and made contact with his head a deep shudder ran through his body. kadıköy escort . .

I took just the head into my mouth and sucked on it like a delicious lollypop. My tongue went round and round that full cockhead. I paid special attention to the underside of the head and was rewarded with Stacy thrusting his cock up into my mouth, but being bound he could only thrust about 2 inches. I was teasing him and there was nothing he could do.

I decided to take it one step further and increase his arousal and see if I could get him even harder. On the next slurp on that beautiful cock I took my forefinger and thumb and gripped his balls around the base of his nut sac and slowly increased the tightness. In a minute of so his balls begin to turn crimson and swell even more. He was still trying to thrust into my mouth, but I wasn’t about to let him release quite yet. I had plans for this load of cum.

It was time for the next phase of my plan. I let his cock slip from between my lips and placed my fingers in my mouth and got them good and wet. Immediately I swallowed bostancı escort bayan his cock and traced my wet fingers from his balls down to his ass. I found the gentle nubbin of his hole and began to run my finger around the rim. This caused him to thrust up even harder into my mouth, but the ropes held him down. He moaned and writhed with pleasure so I knew I had the right spot. As I rimmed him, I decided to go for broke and let my finger enter his ass, his cock swelled even more and he begged me to fuck him and let him cum. You want me to ride that big cock and let you cum I asked him. He was about to cry with pleasure and continued to beg. Please let me fuck you, let me cum. I am so hard it hurts. Now I had him and he knew it. I had just one last surprise for him.

I had bought a cock ring and now was the time to place it on his cock. With his cock all wet from my mouth the ring slid on smoothly but snuggly to the base of his cock. Now it got even harder, the veins were sticking out and looked so hot. With that, I grabbed my last item, a seamstress tape and measured his pulsing cock. It came to 6 ¼ inches long and was 5 ¼ inches around. With that done, I climbed up on top of him and spread my pussy lips wide open and thrust myself down on him in one stroke.

In 5 strokes he began to cum and filled my pussy with his seed.

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