Steadily Shown His Place


The story that follows is, for the most part, true. It is part one of a real experience that took place over several years. I have filled in or slightly modified some details, and of course changed the names.

To be honest I don’t really remember how it started. It was a craigslist post, I don’t remember if I responded to his or he responded to mine. We got in to an email exchange, both of us interested in doing something but neither in an ‘I need to get some in the next two hours’ hurry.

Jim said he was very open, said he was looking to act on his curiosity for the first time. We were both looking for a mutual blowjob type of thing. He described himself as 30, tall and average looking with a bit of a belly. I described myself as 40ish, tall and good looking preppy type, fit and hung average. Clearly not used to the rules of exchanging stats with guys, Jim had no idea that cock size is part of the required exchange. So I asked. Jim wasn’t shy, but still clearly didn’t know the game. “I’m hung about average too, don’t know if I did it right but if I measure on the top it’s about 8 inches long. I’m told it’s pretty thick.”

My jaw almost hit my keyboard. I needed to move quickly, this guy had no idea he is seriously hung, has no idea how important cock size is in the guy world.

Ok, there is one more detail. I am Skip. I described myself as hung average, but like Jim, that isn’t entirely accurate. Do a web search and you find that the ‘average’ erection is between 5.5″ and 6″. I do perform real well, get hard as steel and it points well north of horizontal. But the honest truth, measured on top on my very best day, I am shy of 4″. 3 ¾” is more precise. On the thin side, but very well shaped. The same web data tells you that 98% of guys are hung better than me. About 10% of guys are like Jim, hung with literally more than twice as much cock. And those are the only guys I care about, the really well endowed. Hung average does nothing for me. I like them big, very big. Thick is good, but most of what I crave is length, plain and simple. Seven inch minimum, the truly blessed is what we are talking about. Guys with less than 4″ don’t get the time of day from those guys, so I knew I needed to close the deal with Jim.

I made my move, Jim had already said he wanted to host so I pushed to set a time.

Jim’s next email stunned me. “Sounds great, but one more thing. I have a girlfriend. She’s cool with this, but wants to stay and watch. She’s very nice, kind of a BBW type with huge tits, and promises she will sit quietly in the corner and not interfere.”

Super hung guy has a stacked girlfriend who wants to watch…what is this Christmas? “Sure Jim, no problem. How about 3:00?”

The deal was done, an address was forwarded. Jim asked me to bring condoms for both of us, he said he preferred Magnums, “I think they’re more comfortable, I’m sure most guys do.”

Uh yeah. Lifestyle condoms makes a condom they call ‘Snugger Fit’, a marketing term that makes it so guys like me don’t have to ask for small size condoms. Regular size doesn’t really work for me.

I drove by Jim’s house about 2:45, basic ranch in the next town to me. Jim rented the basement in law apartment, enter around the back he told me. I was a little nervous, and semi-hard. Freshly showered, I could feel pre-cum in my underwear. I pulled in to a parking lot of a close by convenience store, and waited an eternity for 3:00 to come. Finally I pulled up to the front of Jim’s house, a couple of minutes early, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I made some adjustments so my trouser tent wouldn’t be obvious. There was the very slight beginnings of a wet spot on my slacks but I doubted it would be obvious. I walked around the side of house, through the gate, and found Jim waiting for me on the patio at the back door. Just as he described, about my height (6’2″) , very average looking with a thin moustache and a few extra pounds around the middle. He greeted me warmly, and invited me in .

Jim’s place was very small, all one room and very untidy. A good size TV sat in the corner, on the screen a stacked blonde was giving a guy a blowjob. In the opposite corner was a big upholstered chair containing Laura, Jim introduced ümraniye escort me to his girlfriend with not a hint of awkwardness.

Laura eyed me with confidence and didn’t offer a hello. “How old are you?” she demanded.

A bit taken aback I blurted out, “40”.

Her eyes drifted down to my belt, her smirk made it clear that she noticed my erection, but then she actually leaned slightly forward and squinted a bit. The show of cleavage could make your knees weak. She clearly was staring at the wet spot…”Huh.” was all she said. Laura sat back and smiled. As advertised she was on the bigger side, but her bust line was enormous and at most she was 24. She glanced down at her t shirt straining to contain her bust, then slowly raised her eyes in a way that made it clear she knew the effect her bust has on men. She picked up her pack of Marlboro Lights off the side table, slowly lit one, and let out a long, sexy, purposeful exhale. “Welcome Skip.” she said with a superior smile.

Jim flopped comfortably down on his double bed and made small talk about our email exchange. He asked me if I had brought our condoms, and held out his hand for them.

I now panicked a bit, realizing I was going to hand over both of our condoms and he was going to find out that not only aren’t we both ‘magnum class’, but far from it. My size smalls would tip my hand. Having no other choice I handed over two of each size from my pocket, thankfully he barely glanced at them as he tossed them on the nightstand and I thought I was off the hook.

Jim reached for his belt. “Why don’t we get ready for some fun, you can put your clothes on the chair by the desk.” he directed.

As I started to shuffle toward the chair and fiddle with my shirt buttons Laura caught the corner of my eye. The condoms on the night stand caught her attention. She reached over and picked up one of my snugger fits. She took a long purposeful drag on her cigarette as she studied the package. She held up the package with a grin, again “Huh.” was all she said.

By now Jim had slipped off his sweat pants and was pulling off his socks. His speedo style briefs tightly clearly outlined a huge shaft. “What’s up?” he asked Laura.

“Well, Skip for starters.” as she gestured with the foil wrapper. I blushed, but couldn’t deny it. “But according to this package, Skippy here has a little one.” she said with a smirk.

I was mortified, and both Jim and Laura just stared silently. Finally Jim broke in to a broad grin. He flopped back on to the bed in his briefs and a t-shirt, his enormous flaccid cock threatened to slip out of the skimpy briefs at any moment. “Only one way to know for sure Skipper, keep on going,” he said as he gestured to the rest of my clothes. The both just sat and stared, I had no choice but to strip for them.

I was kind of deliberate as I finished taking off my shirt and fumbled with my belt. I knew I was fully hard, and to make matter worse I knew that the front of my briefs were now fairly soggy with precum.

I tried to turn my back, but Laura would have none of that. “Uh-uh.” was all she said. I figured the state of my underwear was an embarrassment I could avoid, so I hooked my waistband with the top of my slacks and slid both off at once. Unfortunately my waistband caught the head of my cock, pulling it down and causing it to snap back up cartoonishly, slapping against my abdomen. Laura was in mid-inhale, and blew out a huge cloud of smoke as she sputtered. “Yup…looks like he bought the right size!” was all she said.

Jim grinned, but seemed unfazed. “Well little buddy, should we get started.” He hooked his briefs and slid them off.

I couldn’t help it, I gasped out loud. What flopped out of his briefs was nothing short of incredible. I would later find out Jim is a shower, not a grower. His shaft is a big, thick pipe. No veins or detail, just a big heavy slab of cock that hung downward and swayed. He has similarly big heavy balls. At least 7″ long as it just hung there completely soft. But the truly world class part was the head, perfectly shaped and enormous, the size of a small fist. Even on his thick shaft it looked outsized and powerful. I could only stare in open mouth pendik escort admiration and lust. My own puny unit went from hard to a next level I didn’t know existed. It surged to painfully hard and pointed absolutely due north.

Wordlessly Laura handed me a tissue and gestured, I looked down to find a long string of precum dangling off the end of my aching cock. “I think you have his attention Jimmy!” she chuckled.

It was clear that Laura was enjoying this, she was keenly aware of how everything she had said and done was embarrassing me. Without saying it though we both knew no matter how much fun she chose to have at my expense I had to play along, or at least take it. While Jim might have been naively unaware of just how extraordinary his endowment was, Laura knew very well how he stacked up. We both knew she had already done the mental calculus, and a forty something guy with 3+” was very, very lucky to be getting a shot at Jim’s 30 something gigantic cock. And we both knew she could end this whole scene at any time. We both knew all of these things, and a moment of eye contact between us created an unspoken deal. She wasn’t going to shut this down as long as I played by her rules.

Jim lay back on a stack of 4 or 5 pillows and spread his legs, and gestured that I was welcome to begin. I started to climb up on to the bed when Laura interrupted. She held out a foil package and said, “Skip, why don’t you put one of these on so you don’t drip all over everything.” The condescending inference was powerful, my lack of control and intense arousal, the contrast of my intense erection to Jim’s flaccid member, the constant stringy pre-cum. But I couldn’t say a word, so I reached for the foil wrapper.

As I went to tear it open I looked down at the package clearly marked ‘Magnum’. I could see Laura’s grin out of the corner of my eye. I had no choice but to ask her for one of the small condoms, a request I mumbled in shame.

“Oh, my mistake,” she giggled as she handed over the light blue foil and took back the deep purple Magnum wrapper. “Jim, do you want this condom now, or would you prefer Skippy suck you without a condom…you don’t mind do you Skippy?” The look on Jim’s face made it clear what his preference was, but he didn’t answer right away. “Don’t worry baby, whichever way you choose, Skippy will still wear one. Under the circumstances you shouldn’t have to if you prefer it bare…” Her tone made it clear what ‘under the circumstances’ meant. She turned to me. “If you’re not comfortable that’s fine, we don’t have to do this today.” Laura knew that with that huge cock in front of me, and in the state I was in there was no chance I was going to say no. Jim declined the condom, but they both watched as I rolled my fitted condom on.

Finally I was able to reach out and put my hand on Jim’s enormous lolling hose. The weight, the warmth and the sheer size caused a surge in my groin, I had to stop and screw my eyes shut and suck some air for a moment to keep from losing my load. While Jim had no idea, Laura let out a stifled giggle, it was clear that she knew just touching his dick almost made me cum. Having gained some control, I wrapped my hand around his flaccid shaft, my hand didn’t make it all the way around. I ran my other hand over the huge head and let out an audible moan. I slowly stroked the length of the shaft twice, then again felt the cum rising in my balls and had no choice but to let go of Jim’s cock. I fell to all fours and desperately fought to keep from cumming once again, gasping and panting. This time there was no missing what was happening.

“Looks like your getting a little too excited Skip,” Jim said with a chuckle.

Laura laughed out loud. She lit another Marlboro Light and said, “Maybe you’re more than he can handle Jimmy.” I wanted to insist it wasn’t the case, but I still was afraid to move as my hold on my orgasm was very fragile.

Eventually I was able to gain some composure, and managed to perform. I was able to work Jim’s massive cockhead in to my mouth and soon was slurping and sucking and licking. Only then did I feel him begin to grow and harden, finally after about 5 minutes I think he was truly erect. He clearly was enjoying bostancı escort himself, but required hard work to arouse. My jaw and back were beginning to ache, and he was showing no signs of moving toward anything more than mild arousal. I tried moving to a handjob to give my jaw a rest, but Laura quite firmly told me Jim much prefers oral. Again the mischievous grin, she knew what she was doing. After a full 25 minutes my jaw, my arms, my back and my knees were screaming. I was coated in sweat.

Jim was laying back, watching porn, and seemingly unaffected by all my hard work. A couple of times he assured Laura that I was doing a good job, but she had nothing to worry about, I wasn’t in her league. Jim was hard, but he showed no signs of progressing toward getting hot, let alone an orgasm. But for all the aches I had in so many places, perhaps my greatest source of discomfort was my throbbing hard erection and a now impressive pool of pre-cum filling my condom. I was increasingly desperate for some kind of relief.

The fact was not lost on Laura. “Look, he’s humping!” she announced with what sounded like glee. I had no idea, but apparently had started thrusting in some desperate attempt at friction.

Finally I got what I thought would be a break. Jim smiled at my humping attempts for relief. “Why don’t we swap places, let me work on your for a while,” he suggested.

I sat back on my ankles to smile and agree, only to get a whole new perspective on Jim’s cock. Now for the first time was I seeing it fully engorged as it pointed toward his chin. The shaft was now veined, and nearly as thick as my (admittedly thin) wrist. But the massive head induced awe as it was now fully plumped with arousal. Jim sat up and I was helpless to do anything but sit and stare. So now we are both in a face to face, sitting position, me naked and Jim wearing a t-shirt. But in our sitting positions our erections were now only about 6 inches apart, mine condom clad.

There was no avoiding the comparison, and Laura let out low, guttural “Wow!” My rock hard cock was dwarfed by Jim’s rigid tool …in length, in girth, the size of its head and the size of our balls. Jim’s looked like an imposing weapon next to my puny toy.

Jim directed me to prop up against the pillows as he had been, though Laura tossed me a towel to put down because I was so sweaty. Jim sprawled out next to me and reached for my cock. At first he looked a bit stumped what to do when his large hands were too big to grip me with a fist. He took his thumb and forefinger and delicately gripped my cock just below the head. Once again I had to gasp and strain to keep from cumming.

Laura commented on the amount of pre-cum that had overflowed the reservoir tip and flowed back in to the body of the condom. Jim leaned forward to examine my cock more closely, then gently ran his thumb and forefinger slowly down the shaft and back to the top. At that point I lost the battle, and arched my back and let out a low moan . Jim pulled his hand away, but it was too late, and I gasped out a stifled scream of pleasure and frustration from Jim dropping me and not stroking it out. The condom flooded.

Laura let out a long, loud laugh and blurted out, “That was so pathetic, he barely touched you.” Jim just sat back and smiled, and they both watched me try to recover and mumble some excuses.

Laura made it clear I was going to finish what I came there for, and I did. Jim sat on the end of the bed with me on my knees on the floor. He watched more porn while I worked on his unyielding erection for another 30 minutes. I tried every trick and technique I could think of, but he just rested contentedly enjoying my work but not making any progress toward finishing. I would have cum five or six times and he was just barely staying hard.

Finally Jim pushed me off of his cock and stroked himself off. Laura sent me for a warm wash cloth and had me clean Jim up. She lit another cigarette, and handed me her ashtray to empty. She smiled as she commented on how my hard on had returned, it was funny to watch it bounce while I walked.

Laura directed me to get dressed, it being clear that if I needed some attention for my erection that should be done somewhere else. She made a point of noticing my tented pants as I was ready to leave. Jim was very pleasant and thanked me for a good time, but pointedly neither of them responded when I suggested we should do this again some time…. More in the next chapter.

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