Summer with My Stepsister Pt. 02


Val wasn’t in the bed when I woke up. I walked downstairs and found her eating a bowl of cereal in the kitchen. I thought things may have been awkward, but she greeted me “Good morning” like nothing had happened. This was fine with me as I sure as hell didn’t want to discuss what’d happened between us.

Our parents entered the kitchen wearing beach clothes and holding a gym bag.

“We’re going to the lake today,” Mom said. “You kids care to join?”

“I’m okay,” I said, knowing there was another essay that needed completing.

“Yeah, same here,” Val replied. “Melissa’s coming over today.”

“Oh, tell her I said ‘hey’,” Mom replied, brightly.

I remembered Melissa as the tall, brunette girl with huge tits that would sunbathe with Val. Like, you could suffocate in her tits. They were at the very least double-Ds.

My parents left a few minutes later and I went back to my room. I’d just opened a word doc and was thinking of my first sentence when the doorbell rang.

“Danny!” called Val from the bathroom. “Can you get that? I’m still getting dressed!”

I would’ve normally been annoyed having to stop in the middle of writing my essay, but was pretty excited to see Melissa again. I couldn’t count the number of times I’d masturbated thinking of her tits…and to see them again in person was something I couldn’t pass up.

I opened the door and saw that Melissa looked just like I remembered her. Her dark brown hair made her green eyes even brighter and she was wearing this low-cut tank top that gave an excellent view of her perfect tits. I had to keep my myself from drooling.

“Uh, hi Melissa,” I said, softly.

“Hey Little Danny,” she said, sending a playful punch to my shoulder. “How ‘ya been, kid?”

Talking to me like a little brother as always, I thought.

“I’m good. Val is in the bathroom. She should be down soon.”

“Cool,” Melissa returned brightly. “You gonna hang out with us today?”

“Uh, probably not. I got an essay I need to write.”

“Ah, bullshit,” she said, followed by a cute laugh.

“What’s bullshit?” asked Val as she descended the stairs wearing a pink t-shirt and jeans shorts.

“Your baby brother isn’t going to hang out with us,” Melissa returned.

“Oh, I’m pretty illegal bahis sure Danny thinks girls still have cooties,” Val said, shooting me a grin.

Val and Melissa left a few minutes later and I returned to my room to work on the essay. While I stared at the blank word document, my mind wouldn’t quit focusing on the thought of Melissa’s tits. I thought about masturbating but knew I should really be using that time to write my essay. I took a deep breath and began writing, trying to avoid writing the word “tits” or “motorboat” over and over.

I’d managed to squeeze out a full-page when I heard a knock at my door. Val and Melissa were both standing in my doorway wearing big smiles.

“You still working on that essay?” Melissa asked.

“Well, uh, I got a page done,” I replied.

“Oh, so you’ve earned a break,” she said.

Both approached my desk and sat on the floor. I was unsure what was going on, but the sight of their eyes looking up at me from that angle had my dick twitching.

Melissa looked to Val, then to me and smiled. “So, Val told me something about you.”

“Uh, yeah?” I asked, looking at Val inquisitively.

“So…,” Melissa started, “Can I see it?”

“See what?” I said, not fully believing was happening.

“That monster cock you’ve got,” Melissa said, brightly. “I bet her ten bucks it isn’t as big as she described.”

“Um, I don’t-“

“Come on, Danny,” said Val. “When I win that ten bucks, I’ll buy you a cheeseburger.”

I felt really awkward but knew that I wouldn’t hear the end of it if I didn’t show them. It’s just like when Melissa would come over when they were in high school and wouldn’t leave me alone until I let them do my make-up.

I sighed, then unzipped my pants, not looking at either of them as I fished my dick from my underwear and pulled it out. After a few minutes of silence, I looked to them and saw them both staring with their mouths agape.

“I told you,” Val said, slapping Melissa on the arm.

“Goddamn, you really weren’t lying,” she returned.

I started to put it back when Melissa cried, “Wait!” She looked to Val with a smile, then said, “I want to know what it looks like hard.”

That made my dick twitch again.

“Will you rub it a little so it will illegal bahis siteleri get hard?” Melissa asked.

“He’s not going to get hard,” Val said to Melissa. “We’re making him feel awkward.”

“Well, maybe we can make it easier for him to get hard,” Melissa said.

I literally pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Melissa leaned in towards Val and the two joined at the lips. There was a massive supply of blood making its way down to my penis, but I did my best to slow it down as I wanted to see how far Melissa and Val would go.

I noticed Val briefly open one eye and peek at my growing erection. She smiled, then stuck her tongue even further down Melissa’s throat. They kissed for a few more moments, before breaking, leaving a thin film of saliva between their mouths.

Both turned to me and dropped their jaws as I sat there, red-faced with a huge erection. Melissa crawled a little closer, her mouth still open and traced my dick with her eyes, examining every inch.

“I can’t believe little Danny got this big,” she said. She lifted her head a bit and said, “Can I touch it?”

“Come on, Mel,” Val said. “Don’t you think you’ve embarrassed him enough?”

Melissa came onto her knees and leaned forward, leaving her face a few inches from my dick. “I think he wants me touch it.”

My dick twitched and Melissa smiled. She moved her right hand slowly towards my dick, then softly rubbed along the shaft, making my dick twitch even harder.

“You’re such a big cock queen,” said Val.

“How much do you usually cum?” Melissa asked, causing Val to bury her face into her hands.

“You mean like how many times a day?” I asked, my voice shaking a bit.

“No, like how much?” she asked, cocking her head. “Like, would it be too much to swallow?”

I felt like I was going to cum based on her words alone.

Melissa leaned her head towards my dick, moving her lips just a few centimeters from the head.

“Seriously, Mel?” Val said.

I was to telling Val to “Shut the hell up,” when Melissa said, “I just want to give it a kiss.”

She pressed her soft lips against the tip, causing a droplet of precum to appear. I wanted to live that moment over and over again in my head.

“Can I go further?” canlı bahis siteleri she asked.

“Come on,” Val said.

“What!” Melissa yelled. “Are you jealous? I’m sure he’d be happy to have you over here too!”

Val looked at Melissa, then to me. I wasn’t sure what reaction she wanted, but I knew I wouldn’t complain about having two beautiful girls close to my cock.

Val sat still for a moment, then crawled on her knees towards me and Melissa. She sat beside Melissa and placed her hand on my leg.

Melissa smiled, then kissed the tip of my cock again. Val moved her small hand towards my balls, then cupped them and started moving her face towards my cock. Melissa scooted over a bit, leaving room for Val to drop her face to the base of my dick. She wrapped her entire mouth around the base and began licking, which caused me to throw my head back in pleasure.

I felt another set of lips wrap around the head of my dick, then go down. I looked to see Melissa’s head bobbing up-and-down on my cock, sending waves of ecstasy through my whole body. Val moved from the base of my cock, to my balls and was licking them furiously.

Val stopped licking my balls and leaned back a bit. She tapped Melissa on the shoulder, causing her to stop as well. Val whispered something to Melissa, then both of them moved towards my dick again. Both placed their heads on either side of my dick, then began making out with the head of my cock in between.

I couldn’t believe how long I’d managed to keep myself from cumming, but knew it wasn’t going to be much longer.

“I can feel him about to cum,” Melissa said.

“Mhmm,” Val replied with part of my cock still in her mouth.

“I want it on my face,” Melissa said.

“You’re such a cum slut,” Val said.

Melissa grabbed my cock and start furiously jacking me off. Val moved in closer, looking up at me with her beautiful green eyes.

“Come on, Danny,” Val whispered.

And with that, I shot exploded with a massive load of cum. I wasn’t sure where it was landing as I was letting Melissa have complete control. A few ropes shot out before I opened my eyes and saw Melissa pressing my cock against Val’s face. I could feel her chin dubbing against my cock as the last few ropes of cum shot out.

I fell back into my chair, feeling like my balls had been completely drained. After a few moments of heavy breathing, I leaned forward to see both girls almost unrecognizable though the layer of cum I’d just unloaded onto their faces.

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