Suzanne and I get used, day 2


Suzanne and I get used, day 2I woke the next morning to Suzanne’s moaning, the bed violently swaying, and the feeling of a mouth wrapped around my rock hard cock.Upon opening my eyes, Suzanne grabbed the side of my head in her hand and pulled me to her lips, filling my mouth with her tongue and a long, full moan. She was on her knees, and a very well put together gentleman was pounding away at one of her holes. Her tits swayed with each thrust, and her top lip curled up as she took each deep thrust. I looked down to see a naked, petite blonde bobbing slowly up and down on my cock. “Well good afternoon, handsome. ” she said in a bit of a drawl as she let my dick slide out of her mouth and kept slowly pumping it with her hand. It was the blonde woman from the last party who had set her two studs on me. “I’m Molly, by the way; didn’t really get to have a formal introduction last time…” the corner of her mouth curled in a playful smirk. “Y’all been asleep for awhile, so we figured you might be needing a lil’ wakeup call. Miss Ana wanted us to get y’all up and at ’em, so to speak. “She proceeded to swallow my dick to the hilt again, while Suzanne’s stud was taking the last few deep thrusts that meant he had just dumped another load into her well used pussy. As she came in to kiss me again I said: “Feed me that pussy, baby. ” She opened her mouth around mine and swallowed my tongue for a second before saying: “I turned you into a regular cumdumpster, didn’t I? ” She crawled up beside my head, sat on my chest, and shoved her swollen, wet, cum filled pussy right into my mouth, gyrating to each thrust and probe of my tongue. canlı bahis “Clean up that mess. That’s what i like..” she whispered viciously to me.I heard another muffled voice in the room, but i was too consumed with Suzanne’s gash and her thick thighs enveloping my head to hear it clearly.At almost the same time, Suzanne extracted herself from my face and chest, and Molly sat up and let my hard wet cock slap against my belly. I turned my head to see Ana standing there surveying the scene. “Good morning, mistress Ana. ” Molly, Suzanne, and the stud chimed in unison. Slow to the draw, i managed to get out an almost inquisitive “mistress Ana?””Oh, i was hoping you still had a lesson or two left to learn. ” she smiled wickedly at me. “Maybe you’re more of a visual learner?” She was standing next to the bed now, her small, strong hand running up my chest and then gripping my chin. She held my gaze and said “maybe you need to see someone else do it right to show you how. I have just the thing for that.” She dropped my chin, looked at Molly and said “Hook and collar with a good view for him, and bind her wrist to ankle. Start a train, and i want everyone here to take a ride. “”Yes, mistress Ana. Straight away. ” came Molly’s reply. In short order, i was led to a wide, tall padded bench. My wrists were shackled to the legs, and a thick leather collar with a heavy chrome ring was secured around my neck. I felt a shot of lube up my still swollen asshole followed by someone working a smooth, baseball sized something into my hole. It finally relented and greedily swallowed up the whole of it. My head was pulled back and the bahis siteleri collar was attached to something. As i went to drop my head forward, i felt the ball push further into my ass, almost painfully. So I was forced to arch my back and hold my head in a position that started straight at the bed where Suzanne was being bound wrist to ankle. A coterie of men had begun to fill the room, probably about a dozen and a half, all naked and looking wantingly at Suzanne’s wide, naked ass pushed up in the air waiting to be used. James was the first to bat and took no time burying his thick dark dick in her swollen, wet pussy. “Thank you, sir! ” came Suzanne’s cry of pleasure. “Please cum in me, sir!” As he thrust away he suddenly pulled out and then rammed his dick full up her ass, and with three long thrusts, dumped the first of many loads in her, a shudder running through her body. “Thank you sir! ” she almost whimpered. Again and again, singles, two, three at a time everyone fucked her, every one of them depositing a hot load in her now gaping ass or pussy, and all too the cries of her begging them and thanking them for it. After an hour or more, everyone had had their turn, and Suzanne looked fully spent. Covered in sweat, black stockings discolored with jizz and cum, holes agape and her whole body quivering. I felt the ring be undone from the ass hook and my head sagged forward. Behind me i heard mistress Ana say: “Let’s see if you learned anything, yes? She needs a good fisting, and a really good cleaning up….””Yes, Mistress Ana. ” I swiftly replied. “But first…” she said as she grabbed the ass hook “I’ll bahis şirketleri need this back. ” and in one smooth motion shoved forward and pulled it clean and free from my ass that felt a mile wide. I made my way over to Suzanne and rolled her onto her back. She gave an exhausted smile as we met eyes and my right hand found her loose, leaking asshole and I buried it to the wrist. She gave a short gasp and then began to start gyrating against my fist. Slowly at first I began to pull it out and then plunge it back in, out then in, until it was a smooth, wet, messy motion of just punching the gaping cum filled crater that her hole had become. I began to untie her restraints which my free hand, and once they were undone I said to her “Sit on my face and swallow my cock. ” She did, and immediately my mouth was filled with the salty sweetness she had been busy collecting in her greedy pussy. Her mouth found my rock hard cock and my hand slipped easily back into her asshole. After about five minutes, she used her weight to roll us over. I extracted my hands from her asshole and plunged one straight into her ruined pussy, punch fucking her until she squirted a little bit. At this she swallowed my cock and balls, so I doubled down as well, thrusting my free hand into her ass and pummeling both her holes until she let forth a tidal wave of cum. I rolled off her and swung around to take one massive leg in each arm as i shoved my cock in a hole. Ass, pussy, it didn’t matter. I fucked her like a man possessed until I finally blew a hot mess of a load somewhere in her. Sweating, shaking, and covered in more bodily fluids than anyone could fathom, we were left to ourselves to recover. Suzanne grabbed my cock, and I buried three fingers in her warm, worn snatch. Holding each other, we drifted off to sleep, both knowing we’d earned our place in this group.

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