Taking daddies length


Taking daddies lengthAs I moved my lips down on his cock I felt it growing with each stroke. He was now to the point where the tip of his cock pressed against the back of my mouth just short of making me gag. I knew this was as hard as it was going to get. He stood facing the mirror and I had dropped to my knees to service him in the bathroom in front of the sink. Michael didn’t have a huge dick but it stood at full attention when I payed attention to it. He placed his hands on my head and gently applied pressure as I bottomed out on him. I knew what I wanted and it wasn’t a mouthful of cum. I wanted fucked, and I was on a mission. I pulled my head away from his cock and stroked it in long slow strokes from the head as far down as I could. Michael leaned his head back and moaned. I reached my free hand into my makeup bag and pulled out a condom. He looked down at me and watched but did not object. I rolled the condom down his hard shaft and fidgeted with the last few rolls getting them played out at the base of his shaft. I pulled the pump bottle from my bag and placed a few squirts onto my palm. I then rubbed it down his length and cupped his balls into my other hand. Again he let out a low moan and his head fell back as he looked up to the ceiling. I got up onto my feet and moved up to his chest. I gently sucked on his nipple while still stroking him. More moans. I switched hands on his cock and rubbed lube onto my ass. My rear was twitching with anticipation. I stood fully and turned to face the mirror. I wiped my hands with the towel as Michael moved a step closer and placed the head of his cock against my hole. I immediately felt a tingle throughout my body and arched my back, pushing my ass toward him, and lowering canlı bahis over the counter. He pressed very hard and I pulled away a little. He grasped my hips and said “Calm down, just press back on it easy honey”. I was a little nervous. Though it was not my first time, I can be very tight until I relax. “Just relax hon” he urged me as he kept slight pressure on my ass hole with the head of his hard cock. He slid his right hand around my waist toward my belly and I pushed back a little more and could feel the head of his cock parting my asshole. I bit down on my lip a little as I pushed even more despite the slight sting of my ass being stretched out around his cock. Quickly his pressure overcame my resistance and what felt like his whole length entered me quickly. I gasped and began to stand. Michael held me, then moved his left hand toward the top of my back and held me bent over firmly while I took his length inside me. “ooohhhhh” he exclaimed as his cock was now fully inside. We held the position briefly and he returned his hands to my hips. “Just work it at your pace sweetie” he instructed me as I ever so slowly pulled off and then pushed back down on his hard erection. I asked him to apply more lube and he obliged. I was taking his cock and getting fucked proper and was in heaven. I felt overwhelmed and had trouble keeping my breath each time his cock pulled away from my ass. After a few minutes of working it out and getting relaxed I realized that I was no longer controlling the rhythm. Somewhere in the excitement and sensation of having a man make love to me I realized that I was no longer calling the shots. Michael was now fucking me, his hands on my chubby hips pulling me back onto his cock until I had bahis siteleri as much as possible, then pulling back making me feel as though I may be turned inside out, before doing it again. His fingers dug into my hips as he grasped for a grip and his speed increased. He was now fucking me hard, pushing me forward against the sink counter with each thrust. My own erection was firm and my cock was slapping back and forth bouncing off my belly at times as Michael fucked me. I could occasionally feel his balls slapping against me as he thrust hard. I looked up in the mirror and Michael’s face looked determined. It appeared he was gritting his teeth as he pumped me harder and faster the longer we fucked. He bared down and I knew he was close. His strokes into me began getting shorter and he grabbed my hips even tighter. “You ready hon”? He asked me in a winded gasp. “Mmmmm” was all I could reply. As hard as I tried I could only moan, not able to make the words come together. He abruptly pulled his throbbing cock out of me. In one quick motion I turned and dropped to my knees. He ripped the condom off of his cock and stepped closer to my face. His head lurched back and he let out a long howl and he stroked his cock only an inch from my face. His cum flew out so fast and hard that despite my efforts and commitment to take it properly, I flinched and a stream of hot cum landed across my cheek and shoulder. I quickly turned my head and was able to capture the rest squarely across my face and lips, my intended target. To my surprise Michael seemed to just keep cumming until I felt it all over my face. It was so incredibly hot with a distinct aroma that has always made my cock tingle when thinking about it. I realized my eyes bahis şirketleri were closed and I quickly opened them, not wanting to miss this moment, A long stream of his steamy jizz hung from his cock and hand trailing almost to his knees. I remained motionless, letting Michael enjoy his orgasm and myself enjoying the reward that I felt I had earned. A feeling of satisfaction overcame me. As though we were both thinking it I moved slightly forward and so did Michael until his now cum covered cock pressed against my lips and he began to rub his hot load around the circumference of my lips. I could have died and went to heaven. His cum was so hot as he worked his “cum lipstick” over my mouth. He placed his free hand on the back of my head and my mouth instinctively opened. His cock wasn’t completely hard now as its length passed through my cum lubricated lips. He pressed the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth until his balls were firm against my chin and held there for a few moments. I could taste and smell his sweat, steamy cum, and hints of latex or lube. It made my mouth water and my own erection get firm. Michael then removed his hand from the back of my head and slowly pulled his now limp cock from my mouth. As the head passed over my lips a trail of saliva and cum stuck to my lower lip and trailed to his cock. I swatted at it with my hand and rubbed it down my chest. A slight feeling of shame came to mind as I knelt there feeling lube drip from my ass with another man’s cum all over my face. Him standing in front of me enjoying having fucked my ass to completion. I quickly blocked those feelings out and looked up smiling. “You ok hon?” he asked. “Yea, I’m just a little overwhelmed” I replied, still feeling a little winded. “Why don’t you get the camera and take a picture of your cum all over my face and this stretched out ass Daddy?” I asked as I rubbed the cum streamer from my eye and across my eyelash to see better.

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