Tales of a Suburban Sex Goddess Ch. 08


Chapter 8 Shameful Confessions.

Graham and his wife Beverley have been alone on a tidal beach in southern Spain with their holiday acquaintance Marty. Throughout an extremely decadent day they have indulged in the most obscene and disgusting sexual activities together. Now temporarily satiated Graham has suggested that they should all confess to some secret in their past lives of which they are now rather ashamed. In view of their conduct during the day readers of the previous chapter might thing that nothing else could be more shameful.

‘Well who wants to start?’ Graham asked his two companions

‘Perhaps I should go first,’ Marty suggested.


Marty’s Confession to Beverley and Graham

‘I was still at high school when my parents embarked on a trip to Europe. My mother’s sister aunt Vicki and her husband uncle Jack had agreed to look after me while my parents were away. Like most of my classmates my main preoccupation was girls with a special focus on what was concealed in their bras and knickers. What I particularly liked was large breasts and I spent many sweaty nights masturbating over the big tits in the girlie magazines. Unfortunately most of the girls at my high school seemed to have disappointingly small breasts as far as my fumbling investigations could discover.

As a connoisseur of large breasts I realised that it was usually older more mature ladies who had the 38 inch D cup breasts of my masturbatory fantasies. My aunt Vicki came into this category and I began to wonder exactly how large her breasts were and what kind of underwear she wore.

One Saturday, when Uncle Jack was playing golf and my aunt was out shopping, I sneaked into their bedroom and began to rummage around among their things. It didn’t take me long to discover where Auntie Vicki kept her underwear. There were cabinets full of knickers, bikini briefs, thongs, crotch-less panties and cami-knickers. Other drawers contained a wide range of exotic brassieres both full and half cup some in the magic size 38 inch D cup; in matching colour combinations with multi-strap suspender belts. Laid out separately were basques, chemises and negligees. Right at the bottom of one of the cabinets I discovered a large packet of pornographic photographs of couples engaged in sexual intercourse.

I was so engrossed in examining all this delectable underwear that I failed to hear my Aunt Vicki enter the room. It was immediately apparent to my aunt that I was taking a close interest in her underwear. She also noticed the packet of pornographic photographs which I had put aside to masturbate over later. To my surprise my aunt wasn’t in the least angry and asked me if I’d like to select some underwear for her to model for me. When I had made a selection, she sent me out of the room while she changed.

A few minutes later she called me back into the bedroom where I was greeted by a vision of sexy allure like nothing I had ever seen before in my young innocent life. My eyes devoured her high heeled shoes, black stockings held up by a six-strap suspender belt, tiny semi-transparent knickers and a half cup bra barely covering her beautiful large breasts.

She looked at me quizzically and quickly elicited the fact that I was a virgin. Then she told me she was going to instruct me in the various ways of fucking a woman. I was shocked to hear her use the word fuck. In my innocent world aunties don’t use words like that.

She ordered me to take my clothes off then she knelt down in front of me and gently began to rub my cock. This was more sexual excitement than I could endure and my cock erupted; spraying semen all over her expensive underwear. She swore loudly and long and I was astonished at the range of obscene invective issuing from the mouth of my mother’s sister. In my innocent world respectable married women didn’t even know such words never mind use them.

Angrily she asked me to help her undress bursa escort and became increasingly impatient with my clumsiness as I unfastened her suspenders and unclipped her bra. By the time I had pulled her knickers down and her naked body was fully revealed I was erect once again. For the first time in my life I was in the presence of a real live naked woman whose anger rapidly disappeared when she noticed for the first time what a very large cock I had.

She lay down on the bed and summoned me to kneel beside her and put my fingers in her cunt. That was another shock; she used the word cunt. When she was open and juicy she guided my prick inside her. Ten seconds later it was all over as I ejaculated once more. An hour later and after fucking her four times I finally managed to give her an orgasm.

Every day for the next three weeks while uncle Jack was out at work we spent several hour in bed together while she instructed me in all the ways of pleasuring a woman. I later estimated that I must have fucked her close to a hundred times during the course of my sexual mistress classes.

The most bizarre thing was that after I had returned home whenever she and Uncle Jack came to call; she was again my ultra respectable Auntie Vicki deploring the ways of the modern world with my mother and father.’

‘That’s great Marty,’ Graham said, ‘I wish I’d been initiated by an older experienced woman it would have helped me to avoid many fumbling crass mistakes in my misspent youth. Well I think it’s my turn now; so let’s go for a short walk.’


Graham’s confession to Marty

‘My first experience of sexual intercourse was also with a close family member. My parents were away and my older sister had been left in charge of the household. For some time I had been speculating on how I could get a photograph of my sister while she was in her underwear or even naked. She was twenty years old and had a great body as far as I could discern. Her bedroom was next to mine and at night if her window was open I could sometimes get a tantalising glimpse of her reflection in the window glass. Like you Marty I was curious to inspect my sister’s underwear and I once stole a pair of her knickers. When I put them on I got an immediate erection so that my prick stuck out and strained the elastic. So I took them off and used them to wank off with while I imagined I was fucking my sister.

It was a hot summer that year and my sister would sometimes sunbathe in the garden in her one piece bathing suit. Looking out of my bedroom window I noticed that she had pulled her shoulder straps down half exposing her breasts. My first instinct was to masturbate while watching her but instead I changed into my swimming trunks and went down into the garden.

As I approached my sister quickly slipped her breasts back inside her costume. She looked at me and was immediately aware of the outline of my stiff cock barely contained within my trunks. I had my camera with me and she let me take a few photographs. There was an exchange of banter during which I said I would show her my cock if she would let me look at her breasts and allow me photograph them. Our garden was very secluded and to my intense delight she pulled her costume down to reveal her pristine pert breasts. By now the tip of my cock was protruding out of the waistband of my trunks such was the intensity of my erection. I knelt down beside her and lowered my trunks; my cock sprang out stiff and oozing semen. At my urgent suggestion we decided to go back indoors. My sister ran straight upstairs to her bedroom with me following close behind.

We stood looking at each other, vaguely aware that we were in dangerous territory. I slipped off my trunks and stared at her. After a brief pause she pulled her costume down and stepped out of it. As I walked towards her she backed away nervously but soon came up against the bed. She didn’t resist as I pushed her gently down onto bursa escort bayan the bed and began to feel her cunt. She was soon open and juicy and there was no resistance as I slid my cock inside for our virgin fuck. It didn’t last long of course; I was too excited; but over the next hour we had intercourse several times.

We continued with our sexual activities for several days; all the time getting more proficient and enhancing our enjoyment. She also allowed me to take several extremely pornographic photographs of her. There was no problem with film processing I always did my own in those days.

It was probably fortunate that my parents were due home imminently and my sister was going off to be a student nurse in London. Subsequently we went our separate ways working in different countries and both eventually marrying. Now, whenever we meet, we steer clear of discussing those dangerous mad days when we were briefly passionate lovers. I have never told anyone about this before.’

Marty was mildly shocked by what Graham had told him and, as he waited for Beverley to join him, wondered whether her confession would be even more startling; particularly as she had been so insistent that Graham shouldn’t hear it.


Beverley’s confession to Marty

‘I was staying with Graham’s parents while he was off abroad on business. I was twenty-three and had been married for just over twelve months. Graham’s parents were glad to have me staying with them as they both in their different ways enjoyed my company. His mother had a wry sense of humour and would make witty acerbic remarks about men and their shortcomings. We would frequently dissolve into peals of laughter much to her husband’s puzzlement.

My father-in-law would take me for drives to the local beauty spots and clearly relished squiring his attractive young daughter-in-law. We would sometimes stop off at a country pub for a drink where he would tell me tales of his time in the navy during the war.

My in-laws were early risers and by the time I saw the light of day they would already both be about their daily routines; father-in-law working in his immaculate garden and his wife out shopping or visiting one of her friends.

The weather had been very hot both day and night for several days so I tended to wear quite scanty nightwear. On one of his trips to Germany, Graham had bought me a pale yellow ‘baby doll’ nightdress consisting of a flimsy transparent top which barely came down to my waist and a pair of equally diaphanous mini-briefs. To anyone who cared to look my breasts were clearly visible through the thin material as was the pubic hair on my vagina.

I was my normal practise to stroll out to the bathroom of their bungalow so attired on the assumption that no-one was actually going to look at me. In my innocence I didn’t think of my father-in-law as a man who would look at me in precisely the same way as Graham looked at me. Men over sixty, particularly fathers-in-law, don’t look at women in a sexual way. As I say I was rather naive.

On this particular morning as a walked along towards the bathroom my father-in-law had just come in from the garden. I smiled and said hello and carried on into the bathroom where I took a shower and glammed myself up for the day ahead. After completing my toilet I draped my towel over my shoulders and headed out of the bathroom carrying my flimsy night attire. My father-in-law was still standing in the hall and this time he was presented with a view of my virtually naked body. I smiled again and hurried back to my bedroom where I casually cast the towel aside.

A slight noise caused me to turn round and I found myself completely naked facing my father-in-law who had followed me into the bedroom. I reached down to pick up my towel to preserve some modesty but my father-in-law pulled from my grasp before firmly closing the bedroom door and locking it.

As I watched in escort bursa disbelief he stripped off his clothes and was soon naked. I was presented with an astonishing sight. Graham’s father was a small wiry man no more than five-foot-seven inches tall but he had an enormous penis which was fully erect. He pushed me gently but firmly down onto the bed before getting down on top of me. I didn’t know what to do; I didn’t want to fight with him. Scarcely realising what I was doing I automatically opened my legs and he slid his enormous cock up my cunt. I didn’t struggle or resist; I like having a man’s prick inside me, it was just that I was not prepared for being fucked by my father-in-law. What makes it even more shaming was that I enjoyed it and he gave me a beautiful orgasm which left me gasping with pleasure. As soon as it was over; he left as silently as he had entered.

I sat on the side of my bed trying to make sense of everything. I couldn’t possibly tell anyone what had happened; the consequences would have been too awful to contemplate. It occurred to me on sober reflection that men of his generation never even saw their own wives naked in broad daylight. I was probably the one and only woman he had ever seen naked in his entire life and it had clearly aroused uncontrollable feelings of lust. It was undoubtedly my own fault. As I say, I enjoy exciting men’s lust but I’d made the elementary mistake of forgetting that my father-in-law was a man with exactly the same feelings as his son.’

‘Gee Beverley, that’s quite a secret to carry around all your life,’ Marty said as the two of them rejoined Graham.

‘It’s not really a big deal any more and I don’t suppose my experience is all that unique,’ she replied. ‘Graham, is there any wine left? Let’s toast our licentious day in the sun.’


The following morning at breakfast Graham noticed that Beverley was in a thoughtful mood. She explained that their life together had been through some momentous transitions during the past few weeks and as a result she felt it would be a good idea if they separated for a while. Graham was surprised but did not try to change her mind; it would after all give him some licence to pursue his affairs with Dorothy, Sylvia and Linda.

On the bus to the airport they agreed to check-in separately for the flight home before taking their final farewells in the departure lounge. They kissed gently and agreed to keep in touch. Beverley intended to give up her job in the Library and stay with her sister for the time being, while Graham would remain in the family home.

On the flight back to the UK Beverley began to idly speculate about how she would occupy her time. She liked men and she loved sex and she wanted to make some money; perhaps she would become a discrete high class whore. Even though she was in her forties men still found her body very desirable and, for the more academically inclined customers, she would be a mine of information on literature both ancient and modern. Her particular speciality was the Diaries of Samuel Pepys whose writings were so obscene he felt obliged to write them in a secret code. At the Library she already had a small circle of discrete admirers who gave her small gifts from time to time. No doubt some of them would give her much larger gifts in return for services not normally provided by a librarian; a detailed re-enactment of the sex scenes in Lady Chatterley’s Lover for example. Gerald would, no doubt, provide her with a suitable portfolio of enticing photographs and she knew exactly how he would want to be paid.

Beverley ordered a glass of wine, closed her eyes and leaned back in her seat. The Suburban Sex Goddess was about to become less divine and more devilish. The man in the next seat was taking a close interest in her thighs and speculating about the size of her breasts.

The End

A would like to record my special thanks to my friend Marty who often provided me with much needed encouragement as well as many of the ideas for the plot lines in this somewhat improbable story. As a small reward for his invaluable assistance he is actively involved in Chapters 7& 8!


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