Tere, an Older Lady 2


Tere, an Older Lady 2Chapter 2: Tere’s carWhen I stopped kissing her to look at her, Tere still had her eyes closed. She managed an Mmmm, that feels good, Jun. I then took it up a notch. In the darkness, and due to the full tint of her car, you could not see what we were doing inside it. I reached over her side and reclined her seat and purposely rubbed my forearm against her left breast. It was soft, so very soft, and I wanted to grab it there and then. I hesitated and instead reclined my seat. Her eyes were now on the same level as mine, and I could see that Tere was still very tipsy. Tere, can you still drive? Oo kaya ko pa. Pahinga lang ako sandali, ok? She seemed to be so tired that her eyelids dropped and for the next few minutes I was gazing at her loveliness, illuminated by moon.I was debating whether I should kiss her again and see how far we could go. After all we were parked in front of our house and someone might pass by or my father might suddenly come out; the fear of being caught suddenly made me even bolder. I was also thinking, this is an officer in the company, and I may get sacked for this. But I guess my horniness got the better of me and I touched her smooth face with my right hand and caressed it over and over and marveling at her smooth skin. As my fingers ran over her face Tere managed a faint smile, as if begging me to kiss her lips over and over.Her blouse was opened a bit, stretched by the way she was positioned on the car seat. From the open part of her blouse I could see the white fabric of her bra, and the slow rise and fall of her breast as she lay in peaceful slumber. I undid the first button of her blouse and waited for a reaction. She continued sleeping, so I began to kiss her again, and allowed my right hand to drop to her breast. Caressing that full mound of Tere seemed to take the drunkenness out of me. I massaged her breast through her bra, kissing her continuously. She let out an mmmmmm again but did not open her eyes and instead moved closer to me. The smell of tequila was still on her breath as I savored her lips, nibbling on them as a c***d nibbles on a pacifier. My hands opened the last two buttons of her blouse and I moved the blouse aside, revealing Tere’s bra on her smooth white skin. My drunkenness was fast disappearing as my heart raced because of the nervousness and tension I was beginning to feel. Her breasts, confined only by her sheer bra, beckoned to me and I had to give in. I pushed my hand under her bra and fondled Tere’s soft bra. I let my hand linger there, and savored that moment when my hand finally touched her entire breast. Her nipple seemed very smooth, I thought. Better get a good look at it.In the semi-darkness canlı bahis I fumbled to reach her back to unhook her bra. No success as I was in a wrong angle to begin with. After a few mintues Tere, moved her hand to unhook the bra herself, all the while keeping her eyes closed but her mouth open. Seeing the bra loosen, I immediately raised it to reveal two beautiful breasts. I sat there, gazing at these two indescribable beauties. Her nipples pointed slightly upward, making her breasts look very pert and very inviting. I could not keep myself still and immediately caressed those wonderful boobs. Mmmmmm Yes, Jun. Tere suddenly said to me as I started massaging them. They were really nice. Nice enough to eat, I thought. Without any further prodding I started to lick one of them, and I was amazed at how my tongue slid off the flesh of her aureole and nipple. Tere moaned again, this time more loudly as she held my head up to her face. Alam mo, Jun masama itong ginagawa natin. We work in the same office. Baka ma-chismis tayo. I looked at her and said, If both of us don’t talk, who’s to know? I then began eating her breast in earnest. She stopped me and again raised my head and told me, “Jun you promise that whatever happens between us is pure sex. No love. No emotions, ok?.” Yes, I said. I promise. I was only too happy at the turn of events. Not only was I now free to touch, fondle, and eventually fuck Tere without any limitations, I felt I now controlled her. Our mutual secret would protect both our reputations.I now pursued her breasts more aggressively, licking, sucking and biting her nipple constantly. I opened he car’s interior light a bit to see her nipples. Ano ba Jun, baka makita tayo. Switch off the light. I said, Wait, I just want to see your sexy body and beautiful breasts for a second. She could do little to stop me as I opened the light. Yes, her body was great for a 35 year old woman. Slim and still tight, her body seemed that of a 20 year old. Her nearly pink nipples stood out at points above her full breasts. She had two small moles under one breast, but other than that she had no discoloration or skin blemishes. She was beautiful. This is one side of Tere none of us had ever seen. I was not afraid of the consequences, I was happy with what I saw.I switched off the light, and immediately took off her blouse. Tere helped me remove her bra and we started to kiss passionately, our hands moving in unison, caressing each other’s bodies. I continud to lick her enlarged nipples with my tongue, sucking and releasing, squeezing, sucking and releasing each nipple against Tere’s gentle entreaties for me not to stop. She grabbed my hair roughly as I buried my head deeper into bahis siteleri her two mounds. Yesss Jun, that feels soooo good. Go on, don’t stop, mmmmmm feel my boobs, play with them…. Yesss, ohhhh. Lick me there, oh that’s nice, nice, nice.I continued to lick and fondle her already aroused nipples. I then moved up to her ears, licking upward, making small circles as I lovingly blew into her ears. She nudged my head closer to face and planted a searing kiss on my lips, darting her tongue in and out and playing with my tongue. Not content with that she began to bite my tongue playfully. My hands were quite busy with her breasts After teasing her boobs, my hands dropped to her skirt. I touched her pantyhose covered legs, creeping up little by little, and squeezing her soft inner thighs. I desperately wanted to eat her there and then. Thoughts of her delicious Cunt played in my head, and all my senses were already in overdrive as my fingers, hands, coke and body waited in anticipation for our bodies to mingle. My hand moved closer to her pussy. There, it’s real close. Ohhhh Jun, go on, that feels so good, so warm. You want to touch my pussy Jun? Yes Tere I do, I meekly said. Rub me now inside. I gamely followed her order, rubbing her pussy through the pantyhose and panty she wore. Mmmm I can feel your warm hand. I’m getting wet now. Please don’t stop. Wait. Hold on. Tere pushed me aside, kicked off her shoes and raised her skirt, trying to find the elastic of her pantyhose. When she did, she rolled down her pantyhose first, and then pulled down her panties. She gave me the ball of pantyhose and panties. I kissed her panties in front of her before I placed them in the glove compartment.With no other barrier to my hands, I let them run freely across the expanse of Tere’s pubic hair and pussy. By half-massaging and half-teasing her muff lips, I felt how wet she was. Tere seemed to be a very juicy woman, in spite of her small size. I still could not believe myself as I stroked her swollen pussy with my hand. This was an officer of the company – but a very lonely one I guess. She was pretty and smart, but probably undersexed, so I decided that I would fill up that whenever I could. I knew she liked what I did to her, and as my hands continued to service her Cunt and breast, I knew she wanted me to fuck her. I unzipped my pants, releasing my erect dick. She saw this, and without any further coaxing, grabbed my coke. It looks good Jun, so smooth and so hard. Uhuh I said. You want it in your pussy now Tere, I asked. No, non, Jun, it’s too crapmped here in the car. Sa bahay mo pwede? No Tere, di pwede. Andun lahat ng tao. Magigising. Oh, paano na ako, she said, while rubbing my coke güvenilir bahis and moving her hand up and down it.Ok, I said to her. I promise di ka mabibitin. Paano? Basta, ako bahala sa iyo. I knew I could bring her to pleasure. I always loved that role, pleasing women; making them beg me to stop. What could I do, I loved to eat pussy, and here was a most delectable treat I did not want to pass up. Although it was difficult, I moved my body to the side get a better angle at her throbbing cut. Once I planted my lips on Tere’s labia and clit, I knew she would never ever forget this night.With slow, determined flicks of my tongue I began to wet the outside of her Cunt, licking and slurping, as her pussy began to produce more juice. I gamely sucked at the liquid as it came out, making sure that Tere heard every slurping and sucking sound. Ohhh yes, Jun, that’s what I need, ohhh basa na ako, ang sarap mo naman. Go on please. Go lower. I thrust my rigid tongue like a coke, pushing inside her wet and waiting love hole, pausing first at the entrance but entering it with as much of my tongue as possible. Tere was becoming delirious with pleasure as she bucked up and down the seat, trying to move and squirm to get a deeper angle, and trying to catch my rhythm. Yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes, she moaned in unison as my tongue went in and out of her. I moved higher, and focused my tongue on her clit. With my right hand I fondled her pussy lips, and began to insert my index finger inside her juicy insides. I pushed my fingers in and out while my tongue was busy lapping up her clit. I flattened my tongue to get as much of her clit as possible. As I did she started to move her hips faster and faster. Ohhhh Yes yes Jun, andyan na. Malapit na, go on keep licking me, there that’s right, keep on licking me. Yes yes yes yes…ahhhhhhh yes, there it is. She grabbed ny head as she exploded into a giant orgasm . She swayed my head from side to side as her body rode wave upon wave of her orgasm. Ohhhh that’s goooooood, soooo goood, as she settled into a relaxed mode. My index finger however had a mind of its own as it moved up toward her G-spot. Once there I rubbed it, Jun tama na, tapos na ako, tama na tammmm mmmmmmmmm. Andayn na naman, she said as I rubbed and rubbed her g spot. Jun, naiihi ako. E di umihi ka. I said. Ohhhh ano ito, ang sarap, Tere said, as she release a clear liquid from her Cunt. It wasn’t piss, I told her, but her pussy juice, as I licked down the last drops. Tere shuddered and her head dropped down on my shoulder. Thanks Jun, Thank you. It’s been so long. I was beginning to forget what it was like.I kissed her on the forehead as I told her, Anytime you want to, I’ll make time for you. We talked for a few more minutes after which I got out of her car and waved goodbye. She gave me a flying kiss as she left. This was just the beginning, I said. I wondered what lay in store for us.To be continued…

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