The Bride to Be p2


The Bride to Be p2As I gently moved my fingers around and around in her sweet wet little pussy, and began kissing her neck again, Tammy moaned softly and began breathing heavily once again.”Tony, I sucked you off, isn’t that enough?” she asked, but the fact she wasn’t stopping me completely, told me she wanted more too.”No” I replied before moving up and kissing her.As we did, I pushed her gently back and she quietly laid back on my desk, and then I pulled my fingers from her moist warm pussy, sucked them clean enjoying her sweet juices, before I moved between her open white stocking clad legs, and positioned my big cockhead against her wet hole.She moaned again as I held my meat pole against her soft warm pink flaps, and gently brushed it up and down wetting the tip, and teasing her pussy.”Tony, we shouldn’t!” she moaned softly “I’m getting married, I love my fiancé!””And this is just how your going to pay for that beautiful wedding!” I replied, and then slowly I began to feed my cock into her tight little hole.”OH! OH!” she groaned loudly as my cockhead penetrated between her pink lips, spreading them wider than my fingers had, and stretching her little pussy wider than she apparently had ever before.”Oh god, Tony! You’re stretching my pussy! You’re stretching me so much!” she groaned as inch by inch I filled her with my hard cock.”You’re so tight!” I groaned back “But i’ll soon fix that!”Then once I was a few inches inside of her, I gently began to rock back and forth, letting her get use to my bigger thicker cock, and Tammy groaned loudly as I began fucking her.”Oh god, Tony! oh god!” she moaned “Oh god, it feels so good! it feels so good!”I was barely doing anything other than flexing my hips a little, but clearly a bigger, thicker cock filling and stretching that little pussy of hers, was what she really needed, and after a few minutes I slowly eased another inch or more into her, and Tammy was loving it.”Oh god, Tony! oh god! oh god! oh god!” she groaned over and over as I started to pick up the pace a little.As I fucked I fucked my young office girl over my desk, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was she had agreed to this, and why I hadn’t tried it earlier, then as I watched her hot little body wobbling back and forth beneath me, I felt the urge to see more of her.So, I reached down and began undoing her buttons on her white blouse, before opening it up, pendik escort and getting my first look at her half naked slim white body, and her little cleavage covered in a small white bra.I quickly placed my hands on her cups and pulled them down, and her little boobs crowned with two pink little nipples fell out and eagerly I bent down and began sucking on them.”Oh god, yes! oh god, yes! yes! yes! yes! suck on my tits Tony! suck on my tits!” she groaned as I did just that, clamping my lips around one little hard nipple and sucking on it, before clamping my mouth around the other hard nipple and doing the same to that.”Oh god, yes! yes!” she moaned over and over.For a good few minutes I sucked on Tammy’s little round boobs, while plunging my cock in and out of her little wet pussy, and she moaned beneath me begging for more.Then, I wanted to try another position, so I rolled her over, undid her black skirt and let it fall to the floor, pulled off her loose shirt and bra and tossed them aside, and now with her practically naked except for her white stockings, I began fucking her from behind as she lay bent over my desk.”Yeah! yeah!” I groaned pumping my cock into her wet pussy a little harder and a little faster “Take my cock girl! take my fucking cock!””Oh god yes! oh god yes! oh god yes!” she groaned back as she began moving to meet my thrusts.Yes, now Tammy was getting into it, she was no longer just lying there taking my length, now she wanted it, and more, and as I pounded her from behind, my full length began to feed into that wet tight pussy, and she was eagerly taking every inch.”Oh god! oh god! oh god! oh god!” she moaned gripping onto my desk.”Yeah, you like my cock now? You like my length stretching and filling your pussy?” I asked excitedly.”Yes! oh god yes! yes!” she groaned “Fuck my pussy! fill it with your cock! fill it with your beautiful big cock!”I gripped her slim hips, and began thrusting a little harder, and faster, Tammy cried out louder and clung to my desk, and as we fucked away, she was clearly getting closer and closer to another orgasm. “Oh god yes! oh god yes! oh god yes! oh yes! oh yes! oh yes! oh yes!” she began saying rapidly.”You going to cum?” I asked”Yes! yes! yes!” she groaned back.”You going to cum on my big fat cock? You going to cum on your dirty old bosses big fat cock?” I asked eagerly.”Yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!” she replied over escort pendik and over and then she began to cry out “Yes! yes! yes! YES! YES! YES!”And then she suddenly tightened up, began to twitch, and finally she exploded screaming up to the ceiling as her body began to shake uncontrollably.”OH FUCK YES!” she screamed cumming hard on my cock.I buried it deep in her wet hot pussy, and then held on as her little cunt squeezed around it trying to milk me dry, but I wasn’t done yet, and so I gritted my teeth as I enjoyed this young hot woman cumming on my cock, until finally she calmed down, and relaxed and then lay beneath me gasping for air.”Was that good for you?” I asked”Oh god yes! oh god yes!” she muttered breathing heavily.Then I with drew my hard juice covered cock from her leaking pussy, moved around to my big black leather office chair, and then sat down and called her to me.Tammy stood up, moved around to me, and then getting her to turn around and lower herself on to my waiting cock, she engulfed my hard pole back up in her wet little used pussy, until she was sat down in my lap, and then lifting her stocking clad slim legs up in my arms, I began bouncing her up and down on my cock.”Oh yes! oh yes!” she moaned as her whole body just bounced steadily up and down in my arms.Her legs were sprawled wide over each of my arms, and my chair arms, and her whole naked body including her shaved wet stretched pussy, was totally exposed to any one walking in right then, but neither of us cared as I gently fucked her on my cock again.”Oh god your pussy is so good!” I groaned “It feels so good around my cock, I just want to fuck it for ever!””Shut up and fuck me!” she moaned back, and so moving her up and down a little quicker I began feeding my cock in and out of that wet little cunt again, and really began to fuck that bride to be.”Oh yes! oh yes! oh yes!” she moaned as I began thrusting up to meet her body coming down.Our hot naked bodies slapped together making wonderful squelching sounds, as I fucked her young wet pussy in my office chair, but soon I grew tired of lifting her, and so letting her legs back down, Tammy quickly took over, and leaning forward to hold onto the desk, she began really bouncing up and down my cock.”Oh fuck yes! oh fuck yes!” I groaned as her pussy seem to want every inch of me, deep up inside of her over and over.”Yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!” pendik escort bayan she groaned repeatedly sliding her pussy up and down my hard shaft, eagerly trying to make herself cum again.We fucked like that for several more minutes, and as her groans got louder, so did mine, and it wasn’t long before I began to feel my balls begin to tighten again.So then I pushed her forward onto my desk again, stood up behind her, and then really began driving my cock into her wet little hole once again.”Oh god Tammy, i’m going to cum! i’m going to cum!” I groaned “You’re so fucking hot, and you’re going to make me cum again!””Yes! yes! yes!” she groaned loudly “But not in my pussy! not in my pussy!””Okay!” I groaned as I held her hips tightly and pounded away at that poor little stretched cunt.We both now groaning loudly, we both now getting louder and more excited by the second, and as I gave her everything I had, and my big hairy balls slapped against her soft wet mound, I knew couldn’t hold on any more.”I’m nearly there! i’m nearly there!” I groaned feeling my balls getting tighter by the second,”Yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!” groaned Tammy clinging to my desk as it creaked beneath us.”Fuck! fuck! fuck! FUCK!” I suddenly cried feeling my balls tighten completely and the cum ready to explode.”OH FUCK!” I cried out loudly as I whipped my hard wet cock from her wet little pussy, and aimed at her soft little ass.And then I exploded, blasting her soft white cheeks with wad after wad of wet sticky cum, firing long white streaks of goo all over her little round ass and covering it in my sticky sauce.”Oh fuck! oh fuck!” I groaned as it felt like the biggest cum load I had ever unloaded cumming out of me right then.Finally after many big dollops had covered my office girls little ass, I finally stopped cumming, and then gently wiped the head of my spent cock over her ass as well.”God!” exclaimed Tammy !That was a huge load!” she then said excitedly, before reaching around and scooping some up to taste.”That’s because, you get me so excited!” I replied trying to catch my breath.After wiping her ass cheeks clean, and swallowing most of it, Tammy turned to face me and asked “So, are we done?””Do you want to be done? Or do you want to go again?” I asked curiously back, as I looked at her naked slim sweat covered white body.Tammy grinned at me, and then leant in for a kiss, before her hand found my softening cock, and began massaging it back to life once again.”Maybe, we could go again!” she said grinning “To make sure I’ve definitely paid the full price!” she added, before kissing me once more.TO BE CONTINUED…

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