The Exploits of Cockslut Kelly 02


Hello again my fellow dirty minded peeps. Welcome back to the second installment of my ongoing series detailing my obsession with the male member and how I use my cute looks, tight tiny body and willing holes to let men fulfill their desires and fantasies. As promised in my first chapter intro, this story is also certified as “pee-free” so no one will be using me as a human toilet in this chapter.

This chapter does see me get two magnificent cocks up my tight little boy pussy and oh my goodness did it feel good. Nothing like having two hard pieces of man-meat sliding in and out of one of your holes. In fact, I got both of their dicks in my mouth too and they even spit roast me. Glorious times my fellow cock slaves and cock masters, glorious times. Enjoy

~~~~ Cockslut Kelly


I was roused from my sleep by something lightly slapping against my face. As the sleep slowly washed away from me into consciousness, I opened my eyes to see my nerdy roommate lazily smacking his thick engorged cock across my right cheek. I was laying on my stomach, above the covers as it turned out, with my head near the edge of the bed so I guess this must have seemed like a good way to wake me up to satisfy his morning erection.

The sheer weight and size of his cock still shocked me even after yesterday when I had given him his first (and then second) blowjob of his life and let him fuck my willing ass. I had coached him on becoming a top and he surprisingly took to it rather well. He had used my guidance and his years of watching porn to slip into the role worthy of someone blessed with a piece of meat like his.

“Good morning slut,” he said in an almost sweet tone while he continued slapping his heavy cock on my face.

“Good morning master,” I said, reinforcing the roles I had laid out for us.

He started sliding his cock across my face instead of slapping it. It felt so good. I shut my eyes and just let him have his fun. I felt him lean over and then his hand began to grope my panty covered ass. I arched my back to push my booty up to encourage this. I don’t know if I have mentioned this or not, but I love, love, love, love, LOVE having my ass played with. He groped me for a bit and his cock was slowly humping against my face, the sensitive underside being stimulated by the skin of my face.

I moved my face back a bit and searched for the tip of his cock. The sheer size of his meat made me move my head back quite a bit, but the message was well received by my new master who pulled his hips back so that his lovely dickhead came in contact with my full lips. I parted my lips and let him push his glorious fuckstick into my warm mouth. He slowly started pumping in and out of my inviting face hole while he remained slightly bent over so that he could keep his hand on my raised ass.

Unlike yesterday where he frantically fucked my face right here in our room, this was a slower, sweeter penetration. He slid in and out of my mouth as my head remained against the mattress. He moved his hand from my ass, brought it to my head and placed his hand against the side of my face where his cock used to be slapping me. He pushed down on my face, holding me in place as he pushed in and pulled out of my mouth at a slow, deliberate pace. At this angle, he could only get a few inches into my mouth, but it was still spectacular and my tongue probed his spongy head and hard shaft as it entered and exited my mouth.

“Oh yeah, this is so much better than jacking off,” he said. “I’m so glad I found out what an eager whore you really are. I get hard a lot during the day and your mouth feels so good.”

I just moaned approvingly around his cock as he slowly rocked in and out of me. It did feel so good. Have I mentioned that yet? His wonderful dick felt so good in my mouth.

He pulled out and smacked his wet cock against my face a few times where his hand had been that was holding my head down and then pushed back into my mouth and replaced his hand on my face. This was a slow face fucking and it was incredibly sensual. I love a good, hard face fucking, but I also love a slow, deliberate face fucking as well because I can truly explore every texture of the cock violating my face.

The next time he pulled out and started slapping my face, I said to him, “Plunge your cock into my mouth and then pull all the way out and then plunge back in. You will love the way it feels master.”

He grabbed his dick with his right hand and placed his left hand back on my face. He took my suggestion and with my mouth open, he plunged his cock into my mouth and then pulled all the way out. He did this a few times and while I knew this would feel good to him, it was more of a power play for him. Once again, it goes along with the idea that he is the master and I am just the willing slave. My mouth (and entire body for that matter) is his to do with as he pleases. This is by no means a way to get the man off but it does reinforce the dominant sex izle / submissive roles. I personally love it because yes, it does reinforce those roles, but I also get to feel the entire cock slide in and then out of my mouth so I get every texture of the thing I crave the most.

He did this for a while before going back to sliding in and out of my mouth without removing his cock. He was back to just slowly fucking my face.

“God, your mouth feels so good,” he moaned. “I want to fuck your face hard like I did last night.”

He withdrew his cock from my mouth and removed his hand so that I could get into a better position. I assume he thought I was going to get on my knees again, but instead, I flipped over on my back and repositioned myself on the bed so that my head was hanging off the side. I opened my mouth as an invitation for him and he stepped up and pushed into me. I love taking a cock like this (hell, I love taking a cock anyway I can get it, duh) and his was definitely a treat.

He started off slowly to get used to the mechanics of things but I was ready for a serious throat fucking. I reached behind him and grabbed his ass and encouraged him to go faster and harder. My star pupil wasted no more time and began violently fucking my mouth. He went deeper and deeper with every thrust till his cock was stretching my throat and I was choking up copious amounts of saliva which coated my face as he plowed into me. He pulled out a few times to allow me to catch my breath and on the third time, I said, “slap my face.”

He grabbed his cock and slapped it against my upturned face and I said, “No, slap my face with your hand and talk dirty to me.”

He got the idea and smacked my saliva covered face with his hand a few times while saying, “Shut the fuck up slut, don’t tell me what to do. I tell you what to do. I’m the master, not you, you worthless piece of shit. You are nothing but a cum dump, you fucking sissy.”

Holy shit, my cock was so hard as he spoke to me like that. His animalistic rage was returning and his slaps became harder. He then grabbed his cock and pushed back into my mouth. He grabbed my wrists and held them up by his chest as he slammed his cock into my saliva spewing mouth with no regard to my comfort. I was in heaven.

He fucked my mouth hard and fast, pulling out here and there to slap his cock on my face, rub it degradingly over me, slap me with his hands or drape his balls over my mouth for me to lick and suck. The entire time, he continued his verbal barrage of degrading speak.

After a few minutes, his thrusting was becoming even faster and then I heard him growl as he unloaded blast after blast of cum into my mouth. His load was so large and my mouth was already spewing saliva around his thrusts that try as I may, I could not swallow it and it flowed over my face and into my eyes and dripped down to the floor with the rest of the pooled saliva. He continued his thrusting, but it was slower now and my mouth frantically tried to collect what it could from his cock and swallow it down. He let my wrists go and pulled out of my mouth, but let his meat dangle and cover my face. My breathing was so labored and I gasped for air, trying to come down off of my high.

He finally stepped back and then looked down at me. “What a filthy, messy whore. Look at yourself. You made such a mess and you wasted my cum. What an ungrateful bitch. Get down on your hands and knees and clean up your mess, but ask my permission to do so.”

I scooted off the bed, my face an absolute mess and got down on my hands and knees. I looked up at him and said, “I’m so sorry master. I am a naughty slave. Please let me lick up your delicious cum so that I can savor your power. Your cum tastes so good. I want to be a good slut for you.”

“Very good bitch. Clean up the floor and then your face. I have to get ready for class,” he said.

I leaned down and licked up the mixture of cum and saliva from our dorm room floor. His cum really did taste wonderful. As I was bent over, he came over and slapped my ass a few time and wiggled it around in his hand. My God, my cock was so hard. If this was how mornings were going to be from now on, I was pretty sure I was going to become a morning person.

After I finished licking up our mess, I sat up on my knees and looked at him as he was getting dressed. “Master, I am so horny from that. Can I please jerk off with your cum still on my face?”

“Hmmm, you know what, no,” he said. “If you are truly my slave, then I think you should only be allowed to cum when I allow you too so to test if you really want to be my lucky slut, you have to withhold from cumming today until I say you can.”

I whimpered. I loved the power play, but I really wanted to cum. Still, my desire to be his lucky cock-holster won out and I agreed to not cum until he let me.

I used my fingers and shoveled the cum and saliva from my face into my mouth and savored the flavors. I moaned around my fingers as I cleaned alt yazılı porno myself up. I stood up and used a towel to dry my face and then stripped off my used panties. My cock was rock hard and aching for release and Ryan looked over at me and laughed. “Look at how hard my little slut is from being used. Good luck focusing on anything today.”

I turned beet red and lowered my face. I loved the humiliation. I pulled out a few pairs of panties and placed them on my bed. “Master,” I said, “which pair of panties would you like me to wear today?”

He looked over the displayed undergarments and picked out a pair of bright pink trimmed in white Hello Kitty boy shorts for me to wear. I pulled them on and then went and grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt so that I could leave for my morning class. I started to pull on my jeans and Ryan looked at me and said, “What the fuck are you doing?”

I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face. “Um, I’m getting dressed so that I can go to class, master.”

He stepped up to me and slapped me across the face. “Did you forget what the fuck I said yesterday? Are you that dumb that you would already disobey me? I told you that when I was in the room, you are only allowed to wear girl’s clothes. I’m still in the room which means you are not allowed to put on any of this boy shit. If you have to leave, you can put your boy clothes on in the hallway, but not in here. You put that shit on in here and you don’t get my cock anymore.”

I face flushed bright red. “But sir, there will be people in the hall at this time. Everyone will see.”

“I don’t give a fuck. You shouldn’t even be wearing boy’s clothes anyways, but I am letting you wear them outside of this room. You are just a sissy anyway so everyone should see what you are. Maybe they would like to use you too,” he said. “You know what, put that shit down and bend over your bed.”

I did as he requested and put my jeans and t-shirt down on the ground and then went over to my bed and bent over the side of it. He walked up and yanked my panties down and began to spank me hard. My cheeks stung with every smack. He focused on only the right side of my ass and landed several blows.

“I want you to yell that you are a dirty little cock-sucking slut and that you love cock and that you will never disobey me again,” he said, “and use your name.”


I heard him laugh at me and spank me a few more times. I then heard the unmistakable sound of him wetting his finger and then, without much couth, felt him push his middle finger into my tight hole. He fucked my ass roughly with it, lifting my body off the bed by hooking his finger inside of me. Then, as ceremoniously as he started, he stopped and left me shaking on my bed. He may have meant this to be a punishment, but instead, all it did was add to my horniness.

“Good girl. Now get up and get out of my room,” he said. I pulled my panties back up, grabbed my satchel bag, jeans, t-shirt and sandals and walked to the door of our room. My cock was rock hard and jutting out in front of my, tenting my panties. I took a deep breath and finally grabbed the handle and stepped out into the hallway. My worst fear and greatest fantasy came true at that moment. There were several guys in the hallway as I stepped out of my room. They were standing outside the room after my yelling had caught their attention. They started laughing at me and pointing at me. I heard so many derogatory comments and joking whistles. I was called a faggot, bitch, little girl, fairy, etc. and they all were cracking up at me. I put my stuff down and quickly tried to pull on my jeans and they all laughed at me being hard in my panties. I pulled on my t-shirt and sandals and then picked up my satchel and started to do my red-faced walk of shame to my first class.

I heard a bunch of the guys even say stuff like, “if you like cock, I’ve got one here for you to suck honey,” and “that fucking faggot has a fine ass. I’d fuck it,” and “that sissy let that fucking nerd fuck him, how pathetic.” There was a lot of laughing and pointing and I even felt someone grab my ass as I passed by. It was so humiliating and I absolutely loved it. I was worried about possibly being attacked by some gay bashing asshole, but surprisingly they seemed more interested in just making fun of me which I’m sure they didn’t realize only made me hornier.

Class was pointless altyazılı sex izle this morning. I couldn’t focus for shit. All I could think about was my roommates cock, my overwhelming need to cum and the fact that my secret was out in the open. I knew by the time I returned to my dorm that word of the sissy cocksucker would have flowed through so that everyone would know. How would I be treated? Yes, people are more open these days, but there are still those that are weird about it.

I attended my two morning classes and then I was through for the day. It was Friday and I had planned it well so that I would be done early on these days allowing for a longer weekend.

I headed back to the dorm. It was around lunchtime which means I had about 24 hours till I was to be over at the gentleman’s house whom I’d agreed to let use me for the weekend. My cock was still hard. It had deflated a few times only for the thought of myself with my head hanging off the side of the bed and Ryan’s cock stretching my throat to pop back into my mind again and I would become rock hard all over. I was in sexual agony as I desperately needed a release.

I knew Ryan had some afternoon classes so I would be alone for a while, but I didn’t know what I was going to do. My thoughts kept going back to sex, but he had forbidden me to jack off. This was agonizing. I got to my dorm and entered in through the common area. It was surprisingly empty, thank God, except for two jock kids who were watching TV. As soon as I walked in, one of them spotted me and smacked his buddy on the arm. “Hey, hey, there he is,” he said. They both looked at me and then jumped up and ran towards me. A huge knot formed in my stomach. I just knew I was about to get beaten up.

“What’s up little man,” one of them said, “heard you screaming out in your room this morning.”

“Yeah,” said the other, “and saw you wearing your panties in the hall.”

“You still wearing them?” asked the first guy.

“Lo….look guys,” I mumbled, “I….I don’t want any trouble.”. I was a little scared as they stood in front of me. They both towered over me at probably 6′ each, laced with muscles on their athletic bodies and dressed in t-shirts, long gym shorts and sneakers.

“Naw man, don’t worry, we aren’t going to hurt you. We are gay too,” said the second guy. He had dark brown hair while the other guy had blonde. A rush of relief coursed through me.

“You, you are?” I asked.

“Yeah man, I’m the one who grabbed your ass this morning,” said the first guy, the blonde. “I’m Aaron.”

“And I’m Kyle,” said the brunette.

“Uh, hi, um, I’m Kelly,” I said.

“So you really let that nerd fuck you,” asked Aaron.

“Um, yeah. Actually, he only fucked me last night. This morning he just fucked my face while I had my head hanging off the side of the bed,” I said.

“Dude, why would you let a dork like that fuck you? You are way too cute for him,” said Kyle. I blushed at his compliment.

“Haha, actually, I thought the same thing until I saw him in the shower. That guy has almost a 9″ cock,” I said, comfortable now that I knew they were gay too.

“No fucking way, are you serious?” blurted out Aaron.

“Yep, totally threw me for a loop,” I said smiling. “I decided to teach him how to be a dominant top since I am clearly a submissive bottom and he took to it rather quickly. What you heard me yelling this morning was actually from him punishing me for disobeying him. I’m no longer allowed to wear boy clothes in the room if he is in there.” It felt so liberating to be able to speak so openly.

“Holy shit, that’s crazy,” said Aaron. “So, is he like your boyfriend or something?”

“Haha, no,” I said, “more like a master / slave kind of thing.”

“You like that?” asked Kyle, “you know, submitting to guys?”

“Oh fuck yeah,” I said, “the more, the merrier.”

“Interesting,” said Kyle. “Aaron and I are roommates, but we are both tops so neither of us really wants to suck off the other one or get fucked, but man, it would be so nice to have a cute little thing like you to play with. Too bad you are taken….”

I could see exactly where they were going with this and I was happy to play along. “I never said I was taken,” I said and flashed them a seductive look.

“Oh really?” said Aaron. “In that case, we’d love to see your panties again,” both of them smiling and acting as cocky as they could, trying to be smooth.

“Is that so,” I said and placed a hand on each of their chests. “And are you sure all you want to do is see my panties?”

“Why don’t you come up to our room and find out,” said Kyle.

“Lead the way gentlemen,” I said. They looked at each other and immediately made a bee-line for the stairs. I followed them up to our floor and down to their room which was a few down from mine. These guys were very cute and I positively couldn’t wait to have them play with me.

We went into their room and I placed my satchel on the ground. They stood around looking at me so I gave them my little speech about using me, calling me names, degrading me and fulfilling whatever desires they had by taking advantage of my body. They laughed and slapped hands as they realized the sissy deviant they had on their hands.

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