The Guitar , The Redhead Ch. 01


Well this started years ago when I was in Nashville on a business trip for the machining company I worked for, I learn quickly and at the age of 21 I was calling on customers for the company, this was not my thinking when I got into the machining business.

I was there for a week and visited the same bar each night because of the food and the music, being a musician myself, on Thursday evening I was seated in a booth in a corner eating their fried fish and fries, (being from the country I loved fried fish) I was listening to this great little band play as they were there Thursday through Saturday night, enjoying the food and music I look up and see this beautiful redheaded lady walking toward me, (she was one of those ladies you lose your sense of being when you see her) she had dark red hair that hung just at her shoulders, hazel eyes that speak to you as they sparkle, and a body to die for.

I finally come to my senses as she was speaking loudly to me, she asked me for the 3rd or 4th time if I was alone I finally swallowed hard and said “yes” she then asked me if she could sit with me, no one else was yet in the bar, what could I say…but…”Yes please do.” She, with a drink in her hand sat down, she asked me if there was anything wrong as she was concerned when I didn’t answer her on the first 3 or 4 times questioning me if I was alone, I told her I was fine.

Looking at her I told her point blank, “Your beauty stunned me if you must know.”

She smiled so sweetly and captivated my heart saying, “thank you.”

She was visiting also, she said she was gathering data on how bars and lounges were being operated in many parts of the country, she owned two in California that she was given in a divorce settlement 6 months back, I said “I’m sorry to hear that.”

She smiled and said “Don’t be sorry it’s the best thing that could have happened to her in 20 years when she married the SOB.” I left it at that.

We talked and listened to the music she was really excited about getting her business off and running, she really wanted to be successful, she asked me if I would be in tomorrow night, I told her yes, I asked her if I could buy her dinner tomorrow evening, she answered “yes” and we agreed to meet here at 7:00.

I stood as she got up to leave, I asked her if I could drop her any place, she replied, No she would take a cab, she wanted to turn in early and get an early start tomorrow walking around town.

As she walked off I saw what I thought was the most beautiful buns i’ve ever seen, I felt a tingle run all the way to my balls, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow evening Onwin I went home early and could sleep because of this steel like shaft between my legs, I finally gave in and got up and masturbated to the most beautiful face i’ve ever seen.

I worked hard the next day and landed the huge project we have been wanting for the last 2 months, finally I go back to my motel around 4:30 that afternoon I am now so excited about the evening I jump into the shower I shave and put on my jeans and loose pull over shirt, I head out because I want to walk the 10 blocks or so to the bar, I also want to make sure we get the same booth in the back corner.

I get there by 6:15 and had to settle for a table and have beer before this lady that I was so excited about arrives, I then finally realized I don’t even know her name, the music had started and it was around 6:45, I look up and my breath again taken as this beautiful redhead came through the door, I know my heart jumped some beats and was beating fast as she come walking toward our table, she smiled and waved as she seen me looking toward her, her jeans were perfect for her body and the atmosphere of the bar, her top was white with some kind of design on the front.

She finally approached the table, I stood and pulled the chair out for her to sit down, she thanked me and smiled as she watched me sit back down, I hoped she didn’t see the bulge in my pants, my face turned red and I asked if she was ready to order, she ordered the new item on the menu that consists of steak and seafood.

The waitress asked if we wanted a drink, I ordered our drinks, I was so lost in her beauty and her perfume was making my head swim around and around she smiled and said “aren’t you afraid someone will “talk” seeing I was with an older lady” I looked straight into her beautiful green eyes and told her “she was not old and that I would be the envy of all the men there tonight” we settled into our meal laughed and talked about everything from being alone to her bastard husband as she called him, I listened more than talk, I was in awe of this goddess redhead I was listening to.

My eyes couldn’t stay away from her breasts and she noticed this all evening, she excused herself and went to the bathroom, I stood as she left and when she came back I noticed two buttons on her blouse were no longer buttoned, she smiled as I scooted her chair back under the table, she was showing the most beautiful cleavage I know i’ve seen, I imagined my face buried between those huge melons she noticed my watching her breasts and she blushed just a bit.

The waitress announced Onwin Giriş the next song would be a song from back in the early 70’s the guitar player asked if there was anyone in the room that could play this music, and would they care to sit in on this song, I stood and walked over to the stage, he handed me his guitar, he thanked me grabbed the lady standing at the piano and went straight to the dance floor, we had to play the song twice, they thanked me and went back to the table, Karen says (as you can see I did find out her name) “you are full of surprises” I told her of my love for music and especially late 60’s and early 70’s rock and roll. She leaned in and kissed me right on the lips and asked me if I was ready to leave, I felt a thrill run through my body I finally said “Yes”, when we stepped out the door she said “my place or yours?” I replied with “well which is closest?” I hailed a cab and we stopped and got a couple bottles of wine and headed for her motel.

We arrived and she opened the door and lead me to the glasses on the night stand and said “you pour us some wine, I going to get into something more comfortable” I poured the wine and in she walked, my heart jumped and at the same time my bulge was instantly back, she was wearing cut-off jogging fleece shorts and a short shirt very noticeably she wasn’t wearing a bra now as her wonderful breasts swayed from one side to the other, she grabbed the TV remote and turned on the weather channel she patted the bed for me to come and set beside her on the bed and asked me to bring her the wine I poured.

She placed her hand on my thigh and looked me in the eyes and leaned in and kissed me so tenderly, I moaned as I kissed her back I placed my arm at the back of her neck and pulled her to me and kissed her with such passion our lips parted and our tongues danced the sensual forbidden dance, her hands continued up my thigh until it was resting against my throbbing bulge, she leaned back and said, “you must be uncomfortable, why don’t you take off those jeans and get comfortable” I looked at her and said, “I will if you will” she quickly removed her shorts to unveil a tiny red thong, she reached in and unbuckled my belt and then my jeans, she slowly zipped my pants down.

My throbbing mass was now free except for the covering of my silk boxers she places her hand on my jeans and asked me to raise my butt up and she removed my jeans and threw them on the chair, she then placed her hand on my throbbing shaft and said “Oh my you are full of surprises” I turned to her and our lips met I was lost deeply into the most passionate Onwin Güncel Giriş kiss, we battled with our tongues for what seemed like 15 minutes and finally she was leaning on my chest as I lay flat on the bed, she began kissing down my neck as she began removing my shirt, she was breathing as heavily as I was she began kissing and licking my hard nipples, I reached under her half shirt and pulled it over her head and up over her arms.

She was right back at my chest kissing and licking from one hard nipple to the next, I massaged her breast and flicked the very hard nipples from one to the other they must have been ½ ” long and her areoles must have been as large as silver dollars, she continued downward until she came to my hard shaft she kissed the head of my throbbing shaft and smiled she moaned and rubbed me until she pulled my boxers down my legs and off over my feet.

She kissed back up my legs until she got to my inner thighs she bite me gently I jumped and sucked one of my balls into her mouth then the other one, (wow this lady is gooddddddddddddddddddd), I begin breathing so heavily I feel her mound then my finger finds it’s way to her thong covered slit. I actually ripped it off and she giggled just a bit and continues her attack on my throbbing cock and balls, I asked her to climb on top and lets 69 together she replies, “Oh yes baby I thought you would never ask!” (I love going down on a woman, and eating her until she cums so hard) she slowly lowers her sweet aromatic wet and oh so hot pussy down to my lips and I attack her lips sucking them deep into my mouth then run my tongue up her slit all the way to the crack of her ass, she moans as I circle her ass with my tongue, moving back up her slit I pushed my tongue as deep as I could while I circled her clit with my finger, I began to suck and tongue her clit and pushed two fingers deep inside her finding her G-spot she started thrusting hard against my face sucking so hard on my cock I begin to feel my orgasm building from deep deep within.

Karen began to hum as she sucked so hard on my cock nearly completely deep throating my throbbing cock, she began to massage my balls slowly circling my ass with her finger and gently pushed it into my ass, I began to thrust hard as I explode hot spurt after hot spurt of Cummmm deep into her throat, she orgasmed so hard as she clamped my head with her legs (her juices were so sweeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt and so much) she had my face, nose and chin covered she finally milked me dry and she fell over on her side, I pulled her to me as she laid her head on my chest, I kissed the top of her head and she kissed my chest, she said, “may I take a nap and come back to this monster, I want you to make wild love to me.” I said “Yes” and we dozed for about an hour, I had made up my mind that the night was going to be long and sensual, she better get her rest.

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