The Housekeeper Ch. 02


It was just after three o’clock in the afternoon when Penny’s phone rang as she walked out of school at the end of the work day.

‘Hello?’ Penny answered.

‘Hello dear,’ purred Miss Davenport.

‘Oh, Hi!’ replied Penny with a hint of apprehension in her voice.

‘Don’t sound so worried dear. I would like you to visit me tomorrow morning. Will eleven o’clock be okay for you?’

‘Er…well yes. Yes I’m sure I can make it.’

‘Oh good. I’ll text you my address and I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow.’

Penny pressed the red button on her phone and groaned inwardly.

‘What have I let myself in for I wonder?’

The next morning Penny told Paul she was going shopping to Guildford for the day and could they go out to the village pub for dinner that night.

Paul told her to have a nice day and he readily agreed to go to the pub that evening. He was deep in thought trying to solve a problem with an App he was developing.

Penny left home at ten thirty for the twenty minutes drive over to Miss Davenport’s home dressed in a white cotton dress and white heels. She was glad to get away before Mrs Shaw started work.

Twenty minutes later she turned into the drive which led up to a large detached house in its own grounds.

‘Wow.’ thought Penny. ‘This place is huge.’

As she continued along the drive she saw a young boy sitting on a mower cutting the grass. He was only wearing a pair of tight shorts and trainers. His skin was almost olive and he had jet black hair with the most beautiful face she had seen on a boy.

She parked the car, walked to the front door and rang the bell.

The large oak door opened and Penny was surprised to see a gorgeous young girl in a black dress standing there.

She too was olive skinned with jet black hair.

‘Mrs Marshall? Please come in, Miss Davenport is expecting you.’

The young girl took Penny along to a large sitting room where Miss Davenport was reading her daily newspaper.

She stood as Penny was led into the room. Penny could see she was wearing a tight black latex knee length skirt and a shiny black latex bodice.. She seemed to be wearing black silk stockings and shiny black high heeled ankle boots.

‘Ah Penny, nice of you to come,’ she said as she came over to hug the young girl. ‘I see you have met Jewel.’

Penny turned and smiled a hello at the beautiful young girl.

‘Jewel could you please bring two glasses of chilled white wine from the refrigerator please?’

‘Penny please take a seat!’ she said as she pointed to the leather sofa.

Miss Davenport sat back in her leather chair.

‘You also probably saw Jewel’s brother Kim outside when you arrived.’

Penny nodded.

‘I sort of inherited them three years ago when their mother died when they were fifteen years old. Their father was English and the mother was a Filipino. Their father was a lot older than the mother and he died of a heart attack when the children were young. Their mother came to work for me as a cook and housekeeper living in with the twins. Three years ago the mother went back to the Philippines to visit relatives and she was killed in a light aircraft accident making them orphans. I adopted them and they have been very good for me. Especially Jewel.’ she added with a grin.

Jewel returned with the drinks and Penny was surprised when she sat beside her on the sofa without being told to by Miss Davenport.

‘So, Penny, tell me why did you come here today?’

‘Er…you invited me, Miss Davenport.’

‘Yes. Yes, but why did you come?’

Penny sipped her wine and blushed not knowing what to say.

‘Was it because I told you I would hurt you? Punish you and whip you before I fucked you?’ she asked menacingly.

Penny stood to leave.

‘I..I think I need to go…’

Jewel grabbed her arm and pulled her back down on the sofa.

‘Nonsense girl. You came because of what I told you I’d do to you when I was fucking you at Nanny’s house!’

Penny gulped and looked at Jewel whose expression hadn’t changed.

‘Jewel, check to see if Penny is wet.’

Jewel quickly slid her hand up Penny’s dress causing her to gasp as she felt the girl’s fingers go under her thong and into her soaking wet pussy.

‘Yes Mistress Davenport. She is very wet.’

‘Right then let’s get her down to the cellar and not waste her trip here.’

Penny was pulled to her feet and dragged down the hall and into the kitchen where there was a large door leading down to the cellar.

‘Please Miss Davenport. I..I don’t want this. Please.’

‘Now, now young lady you know that isn’t true.’

Penny was taken down the stone stairs into a dimly lit cavernous room.

She gasped at the way the room was laid out with a wrought iron bed to one side with rubber sheets, a Saint Andrews Cross against one wall and pulleys hanging down from the ceiling. There was a type of rubber vaulting horse with straps attached and rows of instruments of torture lining the walls.

‘Impressive isn’t it my darling?’

Penny was scared.

‘Wha…what Betturkey are you going to do to me?,’ she mumbled.

‘Jewel, strip her and secure her to the straps above her head would you. Oh, and leave her heels on.’

As Jewel began to undress Penny she begged her not to do it.

‘Please, no. Please let me go!’

Soon she was naked save for her shoes then suspended with her hands high above her head.

‘Well, my little slave girl. I have you where I want you at last!’

‘Please Miss Davenport, Please don’t hurt me.’

‘Jewel hand me the black flogger please!’

Jewel went to the wall and took down a two foot flogger made up of rubber tendrils.

Miss Davenport walked around the defenseless Penny trailing the flogger over her buttocks and breasts before standing behind her.

Penny squealed as the flogger came down onto her bare bottom. She groaned as she was hit once again.

‘Such delightful pain is it not Penny?’

Penny was moaning too much to answer but felt her juices running down her legs.

‘Nanny knew you were submissive the first time she laid eyes on you. She’s very good at picking out people she can control. Both you and your wimp of a husband will make great pets.’

Penny gasped.


‘Oh yes. Do you think you’ve been the only one that has been getting her attention? She has had him over her knee and spanked and wanked him to orgasm. He will do anything for her. She’s even had him fuck her!’

‘No. No not Paul,’ begged Penny.

Miss Davenport brought the flogger down onto he buttocks once more.

‘You can hardly complain can you? After all you readily went along to fuck Joe as well as submit to me.’

Penny went very quiet and watched as Miss Davenport threw down the flogger.

‘Jewel?’ she said.

Jewel went behind Penny and knelt down to kiss her burning bottom. Penny groaned as the young girl’s tongue ran all over her pink arse.

Miss Davenport walked up to Penny and leaned in for a passionate kiss, forcing her tongue down Penny’s throat. Jewel was now licking her little rosebud causing her to groan deep into the older woman’s mouth.

Miss Davenport used two fingers of one hand to slip into Penny’s pussy and the other to squeeze her nipples as Jewel pushed her tongue up Penny’s arse.

‘Oh My God!’ cried Penny as she felt her orgasm build then flood out of her.

She hung limp for a moment before Jewel let her down and led her over to the rubber clad bed.

Miss Davenport slipped on to the bed and raised her skirt to show Penny she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

‘Come along darling. Thank me for giving you such a nice orgasm.’

Penny’s mouth automatically went to the older woman’s pussy and started to lick her. She was so into what she was doing she didn’t notice Jewel had stripped off her own clothes and was climbing up behind her wearing a bright red six inch strap-on and carrying a bottle of lube until she felt the cold gel being pushed into her tight little bottom hole by the Filipino girl.

‘What?’ gasped Penny as she tried to pull away but Miss Davenport had hold of her tightly.

‘Never been fucked in the arse?’ asked Miss Davenport.

‘Oh God. Noooo!’ answered Penny.

‘You should get you husband to fuck you there. I believe he has a little cock.’

Jewel had eased the red rubber cock past Penny’s sphincter and was now fully embedded in her arse. She was slowly fucking her causing Penny to moan long and loud.

She was turned on her side to allow Miss Davenport to slide from the bed while still being fucked by Jewel.

Miss Davenport returned wearing an eight inch strap-on and climbed up in front of Penny before sliding her cock deep into the married woman’s pussy. Penny was now being fucked from both ends and was cumming hard.

‘Do you like being fucked in your arse as well as your pussy dear?’

Penny could only groan as she came a third time.

They fucked for over an hour until they’d all had suffienct orgasms.

When Penny finally left she pulled her car over to the side of the road after driving halfway home to think about what Miss Davenport had said about Paul and her becoming playthings for Nanny and possibly her friends.

Miss Davenport had reassured her that no one else would be aware of what was happening and she told Penny to enjoy their new sexual freedom. Penny thought it was fraught with danger but had to admit to herself she was excited by it.

When she arrived home Paul was still working so she shouted to him that she was going to have a long bath. She had decided to embrace her new sexuality by shaving her pussy bare.

That evening as they walked along to the local pub for dinner she hinted to Paul that she had done something he might like. Paul quizzed her but she would only say, ‘wait and see when we get home.’

They grabbed a table an ordered their food and drinks.

Sea Bass for Penny with a glass of dry white wine and a steak and kidney pie for Paul with a large glass of red.

Halfway through Betturkey Giriş their meal they saw Nanny and Joe walk into the pub and towards them to say hello.

Both Penny and Paul found themselves at crotch height to Joe who was wearing a pair of beige chinos and a polo shirt.

Nanny was wearing a blue silk wrap around dress that showed off her curvy body.

Joe and Nanny moved on to sit with their friends in the corner of the pub while Paul and Penny finished their meal.

Paul decided he needed to go to the toilet and he was just starting to pee when Joe came in and stood beside him at the next urinal.

He watched as the older man unzipped his chinos and fished out his semi hard cock.

Joe didn’t attempt to pee but just stroked his cock to full hardness with Paul nervously looking on.

‘Do you know who caused that?’ Joe asked looking down at his fully gorged cock.

Without waiting for an answer he said, ‘Your wife. Your wife caused that.’

Paul’s mouth dropped open but couldn’t say a word.

‘You see I keep thinking about fucking her. Only fair I suppose since you’ve fucked my wife.’

Paul felt himself becoming light headed.

‘I mean ‘quid pro quo’ as they say. Do you think she would like to be fucked by such a big hard cock? Can you imagine this sliding up into your pretty wife’s tight twat and hearing her scream with pleasure?’

Paul was shifting from one foot to the other now and trying to pick up courage to walk out of the toilets.

‘Here,’ said Joe as he took Paul’s hand. ‘Feel how hard it is. See how big it feels. Can you picture it throbbing in your little wife’s cunt?’

Paul let Joe wrap his fingers around the older man’s stiff cock. Paul gasped. It was the first cock he had ever held apart from his own. He thought it felt spongy yet firm and warm.

Just then they heard the outer door of the toilet open so they just had time to put away their cocks before another man came through the second door into the toilets.

‘Hello Joe!’ said the man.

‘Oh hello there Bert!’ replied Joe as Paul was now by the sink washing his hands.

When Paul returned to their table Penny asked him if he was feeling alright.

‘Ye…yes,’ stammered Paul who decided he needed another drink.

In bed that night Penny told Paul not to wear any sleepwear but to get into bed. She then proceeded to get ready for bed herself and climbed in wearing only her silk white panties.

‘Take my panties off darling please!’

Paul eased down his wife’s silk knickers and gasped.

‘You like?’ she giggled.

‘Oh my God that looks good enough to eat!’ said Paul as he dived between his wife’s thighs.

‘Oh fuck! What’s got into him?’ Penny thought as her husband ate her to orgasm with great skill. ‘Maybe Nanny has taught him new tricks!’

Paul crawled up the bed and slid his hard cock into her wet pussy.

‘Wow, you’re keen tonight. Whatever did happen when Joe went into the toilet after you?’

‘No…nothing!’ lied Paul.

‘Tell me or you won’t get your treat.’ she said.

Paul carried on fucking his wife as he confessed to what Joe had said.

Penny nearly came on hearing how Joe told her husband he was going to fuck her.

‘Is that because you’ve fucked Nanny?’

Paul stopped fucking, withdrew from his wife and collapsed on the bed on his back.

‘Well have you?’

‘I’m sorry Penny but she made me!’ said Paul waiting for the explosion from his wife.

‘Yes. I can see the hold she has over you. Over us both actually.’

Paul looked at Penny incredulously. ‘You too?’

‘Oh yes!,’ replied Penny. ‘Wait here a second’ and she rushed to the bathroom to return with a bottle of baby oil.

‘We haven’t got any lube so this will have to do. Will you fuck me in the arse darling?’

Paul was gobsmacked. She had never wanted to even try that before. ‘What is going on?’ he thought but not long enough to turn his wife down as she was already on her hands and knees shaking her butt at him.

Raging with lust Paul oiled up his cock and slid it into his wife’s arse.

‘Oh fuck, you’re tight’ he gasped.

‘Mmmm, I wonder if Joe’s cock will be in as tight in my pussy?’

That thought turned Paul on and he fucked his young wife hard as she drummed her fingers on her clit until they both had enormous orgasms before collapsing onto the bed and falling asleep.

When Paul woke up the next morning Penny had already left for work.

He showered and dressed, grabbed a coffee and a slice of toast before heading to his office to start work.

Some time later he heard Nanny let herself in and start work in the kitchen. He was full of nervous tension and wondered what Nanny had in store for him.

It was about an hour later when Nanny walked into his office.

Paul saw what she was wearing and groaned.

Nanny had on a tight black leather pencil skirt, starched white blouse with her regulation black silk stockings and shiny black heels. She walked over to his sofa and sat down.

‘Paul. Betturkey Güncel Giriş I want you to come here,’ she simply said.

Paul didn’t argue and stood in front of the older lady in anticipation.

Nanny leaned forward and started to undo Paul’s shorts, letting them drop to the floor. She then hooked her fingers into the side of his underwear and dragged it down to his thighs.

She pulled him so he was sitting sideways on her lap, the cool leather of her skirt against his bare bottom.

‘You will be a good boy for Mummy this morning won’t you dear?’ she said as she took his hardening cock in her right hand and began to masturbate him.

Paul just groaned.

With her other hand she undid the buttons of her blouse and pulling up her bra she released her breast.

‘Here, suck on Mummy’s big teat!’

Paul was in heaven as he sucked and had his cock wanked.

‘So Joe told you he was going to fuck Penny last night? Did you like feeling his big hard cock? Can you imagine it sliding in and out of Penny’s tight pussy and hearing her convulse in orgasm?’

‘Oh God’, thought Paul. ‘That again!’

Of course he could imagine it. He had imagined nothing else all morning.

Suddenly he grunted and his cum erupted out of his spewing cock over Nanny’s hand.

‘Mmmm, I think you like the idea. Now get on your knees and pleasure me!’

The next day was Nanny’s day off and Penny wasn’t in work so when she heard the doorbell chime she wondered who was calling.

When she opened the door she was shocked to see Miss Davenport standing there.

Miss Davenport placed a finger to her lips and winked at Penny.

‘Mrs Marshall? I’m Miss Davenport. I’m a friend of Nanny Shaw’s. Do you think I could have a word with your husband?’

‘Su…sure.’ stammered Penny and shouted for her husband to come down. She led Miss Davenport into the lounge to wait for Paul.

Paul was surprised to see a tall elegant, attractive older lady in his lounge dressed in riding britches, a starched white blouse along with riding boots and carrying a horse whip.

Penny introduced Miss Davenport as a friend of Nanny’s.

‘What can I do for you, Miss Davenport?’ asked Paul.

‘Thank you Mr Marshall. Nanny tells me you are a whizz at all things relating to IT. I’m afraid it is not something I understand but I have decided to move into the twenty first century and put wifi into my home. It is rather a large house and I have no idea what I have to do. Do you think you can be so kind as to pop out to see me and advise me on what I will need. I’ll make it worth your while.’ she said almost seductively.

Penny nearly winced when she heard that but kept quiet.

Paul instantly liked the older woman and said he would be delighted to help a friend of Nanny’s. They agreed a date the following week and Miss Davenport handed him a card with her address on it.

‘What can be the harm,’ he said to Penny after she had gone.

Penny just smiled at him.

Like Penny, Paul was amazed at the large house that came into view as he turned off the main road onto the drive up.

He rang the bell and was pleasantly surprised to see Miss Davenport open the door to him.

‘Mr Marshall, Paul! How nice of you to come. Please come inside.’

Paul followed her into her lounge where she bade him sit on the dark brown leather sofa.

She was dressed in a pair of well fitted black trousers and a silver silk blouse with a large shiny black leather belt around her waist.

‘I’m afraid I have the vicar coming over for morning coffee and I couldn’t put her off. If you don’t mind I’ll get my girl to show you around so you can get an idea of what needs done.’

She walked to the door and shouted for Jewel to join them.

When Jewel walked into the room Paul was astonished at the young girl’s beauty. She was wearing a black mini dress, stockings and heels.

‘Jewel, would you be so kind as to show Mr Marshall around so he can get an idea of what we will need for this wifi you are pestering me to have?’

Jewel readily agreed and held out her hand for Paul and led him away.

Paul jotted down the rooms Jewel thought would require a signal on the lower floor then took him upstairs to the bedrooms.

The two that really needed wifi were hers and her brother’s bedrooms.

As they entered her room Paul was surprised at how large and light it was.

Her bed was a huge king size bed with ivory silk sheets.

Jewel sat on the bed and crossed her legs before patting it and beckoning Paul to join her.

‘How do you like living here?’ Paul asked.

She told him the story about her mother and father and finished off by saying that although she realised that she was very lucky she was also very lonely. The pout she gave him melted his heart but thicken his cock.

‘Do you mean you never go outside of the house to meet friends?’

‘Not really. If I do I’m always with Miss Davenport and possibly my brother.’

‘No boyfriends?’ Paul asked incredulously.

‘I never see another man other than my brother.’


‘I know what you want to know. Do I ever have sex, yes?

‘Er…’ Paul began to blush.

‘Ha! Yes. I have sex. But with my brother. Miss Davenport likes to watch us. Sometimes my brother fucks me while I am pleasuring Miss Davenport. Is that strange?’

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