The Kincaid Family Kink Pt. 03-04


By Oediplex 8==3~

Part 3: What happened when all three view the video

A sort of unspoken agreement of a sexual truce was in effect over the next couple of days. It was not as if they regretted anything they had done, nor were the Kincaids burned out or shy. Now that the hot action, which had crossed certain boundaries of intimacy had happened, they were willing to not press for any more testing of the lewd limits already stretched. More like, letting the tide ebb out before it rolls back in, allowing the pendulum of events to make its natural swinging cycle, they waited for the natural cycle to come (cum?) full circle. All of them could tell, by looking at one another, from the way no one brought up the subject of their foray into the outskirts of incest; (which spoke volumes about everybody’s suspicions that they would be engaged in the mangling manage once again) that it was just a matter of time and temptation and opportunity.

Harry and Mandy even refrained from hot and heavy huddling that the pair held so dear. All was respectful and relaxed among the family threesome. Then Jack was a bundle of nervous energy one afternoon. Mandy could tell something was in the wind, but she waited for Harry to be home and for him to be the one to investigate the matter. As the two men came into the kitchen after a conference in Jack’s room, she overheard Harry say, “Well, I think it would be alright to tell your mom, she knew you were going to anyway.”

“Knew what? What are you two gabbing about?”

“Ah . . . Mom, I got a package today – in the mail?”

“I saw, was it a new game disk?”

“No, it was a DVD.”


“The video.” Mandy had a blank look. “The porno video that dad and I saw at the hotel? I suggested that I order it and you agreed, remember? You even said you would pay for it, it cost thirty bucks by the way. But it’s worth every dollar. Wait till you see it, you look awesome! Uh . . . I meant the woman who looks like you is awesome – you’re awesome too, you’re both sexy and hot, real MILFs!

“How do you know if the gal in the video is a mother? I know I’m a mother you’d like to fuck, but that porno flick is the closest you’re going to get to doing it to your old mom!”

“As opposed to watching us the other night, Mandy?” Harry had her there.

“Ah . . . yeah, he can watch the video as many times as he likes, but our . . . uh . . . encounter – isn’t something that is going to be a regular thing. It just sort of happened by – happenstance, for lack of a better term, and now that Jack has his video of my clone fucking, he doesn’t need to invade our privacy, or horn in on our love life, no matter how horny I make him.” She smiled at her son.

“Does that mean you’re not going to watch the video with dad and me?” Jack was obviously disappointed by his tone.

“Well, are you and your father going to do what you did, when you saw it at the hotel?”

They both looked at each other, then turned to face her. As one they chimed, “Of course!”

“Let me think about it over dinner.” Mandy equivocated. But she wouldn’t miss the show of her two guys pulling their puds for anything. However, she didn’t want to seem too eager. Not to have them think she was expecting any repeat of the other evening, fun as it had been. After all, as any good ‘poke-her’ player knows, you don’t tip your hand, nor lay all your cards down until the round is over. Mandy’s bet was that it would be Jack’s gonna’ be wild and the King would kinky; but this Queen intended to trump any try to get her to do something she was not ready for, and she meant that with all her heart, in spades!

Dinner was simple spaghetti and meatballs made earlier. Harry opened a very nice Vapolicelli, they killed the first bottle of wine and left half of the second one to finish with the movie. Each of them changed into robes. Just robes. Somehow, it didn’t seem fitting for everybody to just saunter into the living room nude. On the other hand, nobody was kidding themselves or one another either, they were there to masturbate to porno, not make polite small talk! So each of them had only their birthday suits on underneath. It was an erotic kind of atmosphere as they all sat down on the couch. Harry on Mandy’s right, Jack on the other side of her. Hubby had brought in the glasses of wine and sonny had slipped in the DVD and had the remote handy on the end table by him. Momma was sure she would have plenty to do later on.

Harry popped up again to turn the lights down so that just the one in the far corner was on. When he sat back down, Mandy gave him a quick kiss. Then she turned and gave Jack a little kiss. But got a surprised when her son Frenched her as she was smooching him, yet it was allowed it as it didn’t seem inappropriate, considering the circumstances. She told Jack to start the movie and gave Harry a sloppy tongue-tangling as well. The TV went from news to nudes. Right off the bat, some couple was doing sixty nine, but clearly it bostancı escort wasn’t the broad who doubled for Mandy. They were interrupted by another gal, still not the mommy-clone, who was obviously pissed off at the guy for cheating on her.

Then the scene shifted to an office building, followed by a shot of a door with a sign saying ‘marriage counselor’. The second gal and her guy walked up and knocked. It was opened up by a lady in a suit. She wore glasses and had her hair in a tight French twist at the back. It was momma. It was a Mandy look-a-like, maybe twenty pounds lighter and ten years younger, but still. If she had a younger sister there would be no doubt that they were related, Harry had been intuitive about that. Even she could clearly see the strong resemblance to herself. It was uncanny. Suddenly, Mandy had to pee. “Keep watching I’ll be right back.” she excused herself and dashed to the bathroom.

When she got back both the fellas had their robes open. However, their doodles were still dinky, so Mandy guessed that the action on screen had not yet begun again. The dialog was pedantic and she didn’t listen closely, but studied her doppelganger that had gotten the Kincaid guys so gaga. Yes, she did have an eerie resemblance to their woman who sat between them. The babe on screen had let down her hair, she had the same color of hair as Mandy too. The other female actress was somewhere out of the room by now. The couple each took off their own clothes, but kept separate for the moment. Mandy guessed this was part of the treatment for the character’s problem. Some therapy! Cure a guy’s infidelity by fucking him yourself. How’s that going to help? Well, most porno is male fantasy, and not too realistic. Harry and she had watched some together on occasion, when he was in the mood to rent something, but Mandy never found the plots to be anything a woman would have scripted.

But that was beside the point here. Now that the double for her was stripped, Mandy noted that the woman’s breast were not quite as full as her own, but the nipples were as if she was looking in a mirror. Mandy was a little jealous as she saw the flanking male genitalia stiffen at the sight of the film fem’s pulchritude. “I got better ta-tas!” she proclaimed and undid her robe’s cinch and opened the sides to prove it.

“Yeah, Babe, you certainly do!” Harry was quick to back up his wife’s claim.

“And you got a hairier bush, mom.” said Jack, who was looking at his mother’s privates closer that he had ever been. “I like yours better!” Mandy blushed but she was silently pleased at the complimented. Of course she realized they might have been buttering her up for ulterior motives, but didn’t think they weren’t sincere either. She took the last swallow of her wine. Jack eagerly finished his, Harry handed him the last of his and Jack downed that too. Mandy reached out to the crotches of both males and took each hard-on in hand. She stroked their cocks, as all watched the foreplay on the glowing screen. Harry turned slightly and rubbed the nipple next to him. Then Jack copied his dad. This was warming mom up nicely. In fact, she felt quite warm. (She later discovered one of the scamps had turned the thermostat high, on a summer’s night!)

So she let go briefly to shrug her robe off her shoulders, as did the gentlemen, following the lady’s example. When they returned to their triangulation of manipulating each other’s erogenous parts, Harry began to pet his Mrs.’s muff and Jack squeezing his mom’s mams gently with his fingers. Hating to interrupt such nice fun, but knowing something of what was ahead, Mandy got up for a moment and gathered her robe and went and laid it over the easy chair. Jack collected his dad’s and did the same for theirs. The divan’s fabric had a stain resistant treatment and was a nice soft fuzzy kind of velour. It felt good on bare skin, that’s exactly why it had been had picked it out, because it was a place that Harry and his honey would fool around on, like that action which Jack almost walked in on, not so long ago.

As the action on the tube heated up with the two actors kissing and running their hands over each other in a tight clench, Mandy turned so that she leaned back on her son and presented spread thighs to her husband with right knee bent and the foot up on the sofa. This allowed her young man to wrap his arms around and now to use both hands and do double duty to momma tits, while at the junction of the legs her spouse was fingering the slippery slit. This was more than she had expected to happen, but it was very romantic, being pawed and by one and diddled by the other. Girls have fantasies too, one of Mandy’s as a teen had been to have two guys be attentive and pleasure her. Though, never at that age would she have actually ever allowed that sort of thing; unless it was both the captain of the football team and the handsome baseball hero of senior year. That would have been way cool!

Suddenly there was a scream from the flickering ümraniye escort bayan box, the guy’s girlfriend had re-entered and discovered that he was again being bad with another woman. The enraged ‘lady’ stormed out of the office in a fit of furious anger. Mandy was a bit surprised the broad hadn’t joined them. Maybe that would happen later. The shrink, stand-in strumpet for Mandy, merely shrugged and began to go down on her co-star. This gave Mandy mouth-watering ideas, she was already wet at Harry’s end, so she twisted around and put her mouth where her money – that is her Honey-Sonny’s prick was. She couldn’t see the expression on Jack’s face with hers in his crotch, but she knew it was one of happy surprise.

Harry of course was pleased and encouraged his wanton wife. “Yeah, Babe suck your son, show him that porno pro has got nothing’ on you!” He hefted her hips to provide a better position so that Mandy’s bottom was toward him now, thus he was able to get on his left side and prod her posterior with his prick. It was not the best of positions, but he managed to penetrate and began to screw her, as he watched his wife perform fellatio on his boy. Jack ran his finger in his mother’s hair and made wheezy gasps of delight, as his father grunted in ecstatic heat, moving in jerky thrusts. Mandy was concentrating on engulfing the penis in her mouth with gliding motions, but the punching at her hindquarters was making it difficult to maintain that smooth rhythm.

“There they go, mom, they’re getting it on!” Jack announced. Mandy paused her oral puckering and turned her head to look. Sure enough, lady psychiatrist and her patient were putting her couch to a use that the AMA would never have approved of. Everybody all sat up to watch the scene of the surrogate (both sexual healer and substitute for mom Kincaid) and her client lover, balling to beat the band. Mandy had to admit it was a hot few minutes, as on the TV the woman took her customer’s dick, had her titties sucked and rode the chap for all he was worth. The camera provided close ups.

Mandy looked at their kid, “Wanna see that for real?”

“Could I? – WOULD I!!” was her son’s answer. The slut on camera was no competition for his mom!

Mandy knelt on carpet in front of Harry. Why was she so much of a hot-to-trot-trollop after drinking she wondered? Then she grasped her hubby’s tool and after a few pulls did her best ‘Linda Lovelace technique’ so that she was nearly gagging, he went so deep in the throat. If this was an adult film, Mandy mused, Jack would be getting behind me and doing the ‘dog and pony show’; herself as the bitch in heat and boy-toy doing the stud service as stallion. This prompted another thought, in her head, they could make an intimate tape of themselves, Harry and her, Jack could be the camera-man, she bet he would watch it more than his folks ever did. Then again, she realized it could just as well be the reverse as far as her kinky husband would have it. He would be the photographer, with Jack and herself the screwing pair, and Harry would wear that video out.

Mandy sensed the approach of her son behind her, as much from the extra arousal of her husband’s erection, as for seeing movement out of the corner of her eye. Jack was now on hands and knees and licking at his mother’s pussy. That really raced Mandy’s motor! She could tell that all systems were go, so she climbed aboard Harry’s rocket, straddling him while he was still seated on the davenport, just as her screen double had done. But unlike that gal, she had a helping hand as their son guided dad’s dick to mom’s labia. With a tilt of her pelvis and a swing of the hips she had hubby high in her hole and the trio’s own hot action began.

Mandy looked back over her shoulder to see Jack with his eyes glued to the joining genitals of his parents. She was joyous that she was getting a solid drubbing to her pussy at last, this evening. The whole room seemed to be filled with the scent of sex and the odor of sinful lust. Everybody was totally turned on and ready to have anything happen. She looked right into Harry’s eyes, and communicated her love and passion, which was coming from her heart and very soul for him, and indeed for Jack too, she realized.

As if she had projected that thought into the brain of the youthful hunk at her back, Jack crouched behind his mother and placed his boner between her humping buns. He reached around and cupped Mandy’s breasts, his palms were placed squarely over her erect, rubbery nipples; he said softly in his mater’s right ear, “God! I love you, mom! You are the sexiest woman in the world. Fuck daddy! I want to cum with you both. Fuck us mommy, make us all cum together!”

Mandy could feel Harry straining even greater, with more powerful pumps. He was close, he was peaking because Jack was humping her hinny and joining them in a kinky three way. She was glad he hadn’t tried to go in the back door, she wasn’t that kind of girl, at least she didn’t think so, but look what was happening now! kartal escort It was fantastically erotic and she was more excited that she had ever been. It as close as to sex as a mother and son, Mandy and Jack, could be without actually making love. She was going to be climaxing soon, it couldn’t be stopped! Nor did she want anything to derail the coming orgasm. She took up the pace a notch and began to verbally cue the impending chain reaction, atomic bomb cum-boom in the Kincaid living room!!

“You’re fucking momma, baby, you’re putting it up my cunt and you’re going to make you mother to have a super orgasm! Aren’t you?! You’re going to shoot all your hot sperm in her womb and show her how much you love her, yeah Honey? You’re such a good son to give mommy your big prick in her wet, tight, needy pussy. You’re so big in me, so much a man I can’t help myself! Give it to me right now! She played on both her men’s Oedipus obsession. Jack’s wanting to have his mother, Harry’s wanting Jack to have Mandy. And of course she too wanted to have Jack,as well. The family kink.

CUM FOR ME, JACK! . . . CUM IN ME . . . OH! GOD I”M CUMMING! CUMMIINNGG! And she was – CUMMING! So was Harry, in big expansions and contractions of his peter in her vagina. At the same time, a three way tie, Jack sawed quickly on his mother’s buns, his sweet manhood squashed between her ass-cheeks and his tummy, both bodies enclosing the meaty pole. Then mother felt son spray his seed on her backside, while Harry squirted semen inside and Mandy let loose with her own copious flow down the channel of her feminine center.

On the television the lady who had started their family’s kinky carnal carnival, was on her back and being plugged by the man. Mandy was one up on her, so to speak since she had brought off two guys at once. A stray thought and another, that spiraled each other, came together as a joke which popped into Mandy’s mind. “Hey guys!, see the shrink getting screwed? She has a college degree, She graduated with honors, magna-cum-laude, but I can even do her one better, I’m ‘mama-cum-loudly!'” It was a dumb joke, but they all laugh until their sides ached.

That night again all the Kincaids cuddled on the master bed. Having masturbate and fucked themselves to exhaustion once more. ‘Oh well,’ thought Mandy as she drifted off to slumberland, ‘you might say – it was in the cards!’

Part 4: When many fantasies are finally fulfilled

When she awoke Mandy could see by the clock it was well past time for Harry to be gone to work. Sure enough, it was just Jack and herself in their big bed. She looked over at her son and saw in the youth, both the boy he once was, and the man he was now becoming. Her heart was simultaneously filled with sentimental nostalgia and maternal pride, and, she had to admit, unladylike lust for the lad.

At that moment, as if sensing her third more base emotion, Jack rolled over on to his back. A morning woodie tenting the sheet at his middle. “Morning, mom. That was some night, huh?”

“Had fun, did you?”

“You know I did. How about some more? See what cock the son-rise brings crowing?” He drew back the covering and both bare bodies came to light. There was a resplendent erection exposed and Mandy’s eyes feasted on that sausage of her son’s.

“You have the awfulest puns, but an awesome penis!”

“I need to have an orgasm awfully bad, mom. Would you be good enough to help?”

“You want me to be bad and give you a good cum, is that what you’re asking?” she answered with equally raunchy repartee.

“I’ll make sure you are handsomely rewarded for your efforts.”

“Well, you are handsome, are you my reward?”

“If you’ll let me be.”

Danger! Danger! The little voice said in her head. “Jack, I’m NOT going to let you have me. That is forbidden . .”

“By who? Not dad.”

“Jack! By your mom! And society and God and everything that . . . OH FUCK! At least not without your father being here, and I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with us doing it even then. But that’s not going to happen this morning, no matter what else occurs in the future.”

“So, you might let me . . . I mean allow us – you and me – to make love some day? Really mom?”

“Well, all three of us want it, no denying that now. But – it still is a big step and it’s not something to be done lightly or rashly. But, yeah . . it might happen. Until then, NO fucking mommy! Your father and I will let you know if we decide on that, so nothing before. You understand?”

“Sure mom, I respect that’s it’s yours and dad’s decision. But what about my morning stiffy, can’t you help me out? I mean without stepping past the line, even though dad’s not here at the moment?”

“Mmm – I have an idea, get on top of me, missionary position. But keep your peter high on my tummy, okay?”

“You got it!” Sonny climbed on board between her legs. His chest wasn’t as furry as his father’s, and his beard not as rough, but he was a full grown male above a worldly woman. The potential for being ravaged was not lost on his mom, as he covered her body, yet she trusted him. Herself was another matter, since his turgid prick was a temptation Mandy was going to find difficult to resist, she was now horny too!

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