The Price for Getting Caught

Big Tits

As the phone rang, Ted counted. One, two, three, four, five then ended the call. Kylie didn’t answer neither had she answered the previous ten times he had called in the past week. Ted ran his hand through his thick brown hair. His fit tallish frame seemed hunched over as he sat down on his bed to figure out what he would do next. It was difficult. He didn’t know what to do. So much had happened that he didn’t know where to begin to pinpoint the exact moment. All he knew was that he was enraptured by Kylie Masters, the long legged blonde with blue Bette Davis eyes whom he had met by accident at the local coffee shop. He had been running late and had almost knocked her over as he entered the shop. She had been standing in line and he couldn’t help admire her figure in her professional deep blue suit that had obviously been tailored to fit her soft curves. When she had turned around to see who had bumped her, he couldn’t take his eyes off her face. The smile that curved upwards exposing a dimple on each cheek was so inviting that it made her look even more beautiful. He wanted to take her right there on the floor in the coffee shop for everyone to see, but he maintained his composure. Instead he smiled back and introduced himself apologizing profusely for his innate behavior of a man who wasn’t looking where he was going. If nothing else, Ted Rivers was a gentleman of sorts.

After a bit of cajoling, he managed to pay for her coffee and through a quick yet intense conversation, they had exchanged business cards and the two left going their separate ways, but she stayed on his mind. Maybe it was the scent of her perfume that tickled his nostrils when he inhaled it, or the way she smiled, or maybe it was the way she wore her hair. He didn’t know. That had been six months ago and things had been great, but it didn’t matter now as he held the phone in his hand and dialed once more. Anxiousness turned to aggravation as the phone rang unanswered and he tossed the device on the bed in frustration. She wouldn’t talk to him. She wouldn’t let him explain what had happened.

What had happened? He knew exactly what happened. He had screwed up. One night when Kylie paid him a surprise visit it was she that was surprised when she opened the door to see a buxom redhead sucking his cock like a Popsicle and moaning as she fingered her pussy. Ted was just about to shoot a load of cum down her throat when he looked up, but it was too late and he blew into her mouth. She moaned as the hot cream slid down here throat and she swallowed it voraciously. Kylie’s face went from surprise to disgust as he yanked his cock from the redhead’s mouth and pulled up his pants.

“I can explain,” he stammered.

Kylie’s face had grown stone cold, “There’s no need for explanation Ted. It looks pretty clear to me.”

“No! No!” he said pushing the red head aside to reach her, but it was too late. Kylie had slammed the door shut and raced down the sidewalk to her car.

Fighting back the stinging tears, she opened the car door trembling with anger. With a shaking hand she inserted the key into the ignition turning it until she heard the engine roar then punched the accelerator causing the tires to squeal as she drove away. Ted was left standing in the doorway with his pants unzipped and the heated flush of having just ejaculated still on his face.

Now it had been over a week and she wouldn’t answer his calls or texts. He even went as far as sending a dozen red roses to where she worked only to hear from one of her coworkers that she had cut off the blossoms from the roses with a pair of scissors before dropping the entire bouquet, vase included, into the trash.

Another three weeks passed and she still wouldn’t return his calls. He was desperate and he was so horny for Kylie that even the redhead with the big tits couldn’t satisfy his needs. What had he done? Thoughts of being celibate ran through his head, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri but were quickly discarded. That would never happen, but he also knew that the only one who could satisfy him was Kylie and without her, all the sex in the world would be just an empty expression of his need for her.

A couple of months later on a rainy evening when Ted was sitting in his favorite chair prepared to indulge in yet another night with his new best friend Jack Daniels, his cell phone rang. In his near drunken stupor, he had nearly missed the call when the voice on the other end brought him to his senses.

“Hi Ted,” came a soft familiar voice.

“Kylie,” he sighed heavily.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking,” she slowly began.

“I’m so sorry,” he said.

She ignored his apology.

“If you want to make it up to me, be at my place in an hour.”

“I can do that,” Ted eagerly replied.

“If not, then you can forget about everything,” Kylie said and hung up.

Ted rushed to his feet and took a shower forcing the hot water to rid him of the last dredges of the Jack Daniels he had drunk. He dressed quickly and within the hour allotted to him, he showed up on her steps with time to spare. Much to his delight, she greeted him at the door wearing a flimsy sheer black dressing gown and nothing else.

“You look stunning,” he said as he approached to give her a kiss.

Kylie pushed him back with her hand, “Hold on big boy. Things are going to be different from now on.”

Ted swallowed hard. This wasn’t the Kylie that he knew. She was more confidant now, more secure, and damn she was even sexier than he remembered.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

She led him to the living room, sat down on the white leather sofa, and patted the cushion next to her for Ted to do the same. He obliged inhaling the scent of the intoxicating perfume she wore as he drew closer.

Kylie crossed her legs allowing the robe to slide off up to her hips and Ted began to salivate. How long had it been since he had that pussy? Too long he thought as he shifted his body to accommodate his growing erection.

“I have to confess,” she began slowly casting a sharp glance at him with her Bette Davis eyes. “I haven’t been completely honest with you.”

Ted could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Had she been with someone else? How could she? He paused. He had no right to say anything. He was at her mercy. She could have slept with a dozen other guys. It didn’t matter. He still wanted her.

“I’ve been holding back,” she said.

There was someone else. Damn. He’d driven her into the arms of another man.

“I’ve been holding back on what I like sexually,” she finally said.

He sighed in relief, but she had piqued his interest. “What do you mean?”

“I mean. I like things a little different than the way we had been having sex in the past.”

Ted thought back to their time together. To the best of his recollection it had been a normal sex life, perhaps even mundane, but nothing out of the ordinary. Was that why he cheated?

“So what do you like?” he asked swallowing hard.

“First I need to know that you are willing to let me show you what I like,” she said.

Ted was surprised. “Of course, but I thought you liked our sex life.”

“It was alright,” she sniffed.

“It wasn’t good enough?”

“Like I said Ted, it was alright.”

Irritated, he licked his lips to compose himself, “So show me what you do like.”

She stood to face him and dropped her robe exposing her smooth, curvaceous body to him. He went to grab her by the hips, but she pushed him away.

“No, no, Teddy boy. You don’t get to grab or touch anything unless I say so.”

Stunned, Ted dropped his hands and sat back on the sofa.

Kylie leaned forward, her breasts dangling over his body and her face within inches güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of his. “You will only touch me when and where I say you can touch me or you can go home right now. Got it?”

Ted’s jaw dropped. The sweet Kylie he knew was now a voluptuous vixen and he liked it.

“I’m in your hands. Tell me what to do,” he said smiling like a kid in a candy store.

“That’s a good boy,” Kylie said. “Now take off your clothes.”

Ted obliged and she waited for him to strip and to sit on the sofa again before she continued not without noticing that his cock was rock hard and jerked in anticipation.

She stood with her legs slightly parted and pointed. “See this pussy?” She ran her hands through the tight curls. “When I tell you to eat my pussy, you will do it without question.”

Ted’s mouth began to salivate and his cock twitched.

She pointed again. This time at him. “And your dick…belongs to me and you will put it where I say to put it and nowhere else. Got it?”

If his cock had legs it would have jumped off the sofa, it jerked so much.

“And finally no matter what I say, you must always answer…Yes mistress.”

He let out a low growl and she smiled.

“I thought you’d like that,” she said.

“Yes mistress,” he replied.

Satisfied she had made her point, she moved away from him to sit on the white overstuffed chair across the room. She then spread her legs with one draped over each of the arms of the chair exposing her wet pussy to him.

“Now come over here on your hands and knees and eat me,” she ordered.

Ted wasted no time in falling to his knees ready to eat her delicious pussy.

“And what do you say?” she asked holding his head back from devouring her sweet spot.

“Yes, mistress. May I eat your pussy?”

She released his head, “Good boy. Now you can eat me.”

Ted spread her pussy lips with his fingers exposing the swollen clit that protruded in anticipation. He licked it with his tongue and Kylie caught her breath. He licked it again and her body shivered with desire.

“More,” she moaned as she watched him.

“Yes, mistress.”

Ted licked and sucked on her clit drawing it into his mouth lapping the sex juices from her. Instinctively he went to stroke his cock.

“Stop,” she commanded.

“I’m sorry mistress,” he said quickly pulling his hand away.

“Remember that is my cock and I will tell you what to do with it.”

“Yes, mistress,” he moaned.

“Now eat me again,” she said leaning back feeling his tongue flick against the tight bud.

Ted buried his face in her pussy once again while sticking his tongue into her swollen folds where her juices washed over his face in the musky scent of her arousal. She moaned softly as the tight bud twitched sending chords of sexual electrical stimulation throughout her body. After a few minutes, she pushed him away again. He looked up at her surprised.

“Let me see your cock,” she ordered through gasps of sexual excitement.

Ted immediately stood and showed her his cock holding it at the base with his hand so that she could see how hard it was and the pearls of precum that dripped from it. Even though his balls ached for release, he held it there and didn’t stroke it.

“Beautiful,” she murmured. “Now rub the head of your cock over my nipples.”

Ted caught his breath. “Yes, mistress,” he said as he rose to stand between her legs.

Kylie placed her hands under her breasts and drew them together pushing the soft plush mounds forward so that the nipples stood erect in front of him. He leaned forward placing one hand on the back of the chair and with the other guided his cock over one nipple then the other as precum dripped onto the nubs.

“Now rub it over my nipples,” she said licking her lips with anticipation.

“Yes, mistress,” he said massaging the precum with his thumb güvenilir bahis şirketleri causing her to jump. When finished, he looked up for her next command.

“Now suck on my nipples. Lick them clean.”

Ted could barely utter the words “yes, mistress” before dropping to his knees. He cupped her left breast with both hands and ran his tongue over her nipple tasting his own precum before sucking the tight nub into his mouth and scraping his teeth over it. Kylie began to gyrate her hips to the sensation of need and the heaviness it drew to her pussy. Ted then moved to her right breast and licked and sucked while plucking at the left nipple with his thumb and forefinger. His mind racing as he waited for her next command.

“Bring your cock to my mouth,” she whispered hoarsely. “I need to taste you.”

Ted backed away and stood placing his knee between her legs so that it rubbed against her clit as his cock hovered over her mouth.

“Yes, mistress,” he said in a low voice as he slid it into her waiting lips.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as his engorged member slid down her throat then out again. “Delicious!” was all she could say as she grabbed his cock with her hand and pumped it into her mouth.

Ted could barely hold on as he watched her devour his cock. The sensation building so much that his balls throbbed for release.

“Can’t take much more,” he uttered between gasps.

“Don’t come yet,” she commanded between mouthfuls of cock.

She sucked on him again and again then released him from her mouth much to his dismay.

“Yes, mistress,” he said taking a step back to regain his thinking that had gone to madness.

“Do you want my pussy?” she asked sliding her hand down to her slit where she inserted her forefinger, gathered the juices emanating from it, and placed it in her mouth where she sucked it dry.

“Oh God,” Ted exhaled as he watched her. “Yes, mistress.”

Kylie stood and ordered Ted to sit in the chair. She then straddled him with her pussy hovering over his cock and placed her hands on the back of the chair.

“Now suck on my tits while I fuck you,” she said.

“Yes! Yes, sweet mistress.”

Ted cupped her breasts and began to nibble as Kylie sank down on his cock impaling herself on his dripping rod. Ted moaned and he sucked harder biting at the nubs in his elevated passion. Kylie’s eyes became hooded as she rode him sliding up and down on his cock slowly at first then with a steady rhythm. She bit her lower lips as the sensation of his thick cock filled her and rubbed against her folds until the feeling it exuded was exquisitely painful. She ground on him as he pumped her. Her clit rubbed against his cock at a feverish pitch. He could feel the need to release rising within him. He wanted to cum. He had to cum inside her, but he grit his teeth and waited for her command.

Kylie threw her head back, “When I tell you to cum, do it. I’m almost there.”

Ted sucked voraciously on her tits. He squeezed them, pulled at them, and licked them as she pumped his cock. He held back, the need for release almost too painful to endure. Suddenly she cried out.

“Cum in me! Cum in me now!” she screamed.

Ted lost control of his thoughts as the steady rhythm of her pumping his cock became faster and more erratic until she screamed out her orgasm onto him. With the urgent rush of her cum juice splashing over him, he lost control and his cock exploded inside of her filling her every fold with blasts of hot white cream erupting from deep within him. He held her hips as stream after stream released from him while Kylie moaned in her own state of orgasmic ecstasy until both were drained. Waiting for their senses to return, she sat on him until his cock slid from inside of her and she could finally catch her breath. Ted leaned his head back and exhaled while she lay on top of him with his arms around her waist holding her to him.

“Now,” Kylie said calming herself. “You will never cheat on me again, right?”

Ted smiled contentedly, “I will never cheat again.”

“Good,” said Kylie. “Now get me a drink of water because we’re going to do it again.”

Ted laughed and squeezed her tightly to him, “Yes, mistress.”


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