The Thrill


The ThrillHe bent her over the chair and pulled her pants and panties down to her ankles. He rubbed her ass cheeks and admired what a sexy smooth ass she had. He spread her legs wide and removed his pants so he was completely naked now. His cock was rock hard as his hands caressed her ass. He thought about the moment when his cock would enter her tight ass. He loved the feel as he pushed into her tight hole. He gave her ass six quite hard smacks. She always loved to be spanked hard before he fucked her cunt. The spanking made her very wet. One night he spanked her with his leather belt and as her ass showed the welts she began to multi cum. He kept whipping her ass watching her spasm each time the belt hit her flesh. She loved pain with her sex. That was why she loved his huge cock shoved roughly into her ass. He then grabbed the riding crop and she smiled when she saw it. He spread her legs wider and gave her ass ten quick hard smacks with the crop. It instantly made welts across her ass. He then spanked down the backs of her legs leaving red welts. Then back to her ass and he whipped her till she was covered with slashes going back and forth across her sexy cheeks. He then pushed the end of the crop into her cunt and shoved it in deep and fucked her with it. He saw the wood handle get wet knowing she was very turned on. He then pulled it out of her hole and replaced it with four fingers and fucked her harder. Soon he had his fist inside her and then placed the handle to the crop in her ass. She now was begging for him to fuck her harder. She needed the abuse. He was fucking her ass hard with the crop as his fist was ramming in her cunt. fethiye escort His cock was throbbing as he watched his young nymph cum again and again. He replaced the crop with his monster cock. Her tight ass felt good against his hard cock. He pushed every inch in her ass. He pulled his fist from her cunt and slapped her clit several times before he grabbed her hips and pushed his cock balls deep into her tight ass. He began to ram his cock in and out of her ass not caring how rough he treated her. He ass fucked her for over an hour before he filled her sore hole with cum. He then pushed her on her back to the sofa and began to suck on her nipples. She had large full tits with nice big nipples that he sucked every day. They were great to tit fuck his big cock. Tonight she arched her back as he sucked her. She knew how much he loved sucking her big tits. He grabbed a nipple between his teeth and pulled on it. Then he took the other nipple between two fingers and pulled and pinched it. As he sucked her hard he then slapped her other tit leaving his hand print. He then licked over the print and put a bite mark in the center of it. He changed tits and slapped the other hard leaving a print and then bit it. She now had a hand print and teeth marks on each tit. He then sucked the nipples again before he bit each one of them. He continued to suck the nipples for a long time as he once again fisted her cunt. He then felt his nympho cum several times. He fist fucked her cunt as he pulled and bit her tits. She was almost screaming as she was cumming so fast and hard. She was a beautiful c***d. She has a great body and loves the rough sex. escort fethiye She was sixteen when he brought her to his house. She already had big full tits and a sexy ass that begged to be fucked. He found out how she loved the pain with sex when he spanked her that first night. He watched her cum as he put his hand prints all over her ass. A close friend told him about her that she wanted to be a whore but he thought she was too beautiful to just be a whore so his friend had made arrangements for her to be his nymph. She was still a virgin when he first fucked her. She did not even cry out when he rammed his huge cock into her tight untouched cunt. Now she loved spanking, whipping, pinching, biting, fisting and anything he chose to do to her. Spanking was her favorite. She loved to be turned over his knee or a bench and whipped till she had welts. Then she wanted him to fuck her hard for a long time.She loved to run around the house naked and knew it turned him on and he would grab her spank her and then fuck her hard either in her ass or cunt. Sometimes she would pull his pants down and give him one of her fantastic blow jobs. She could deep throat his huge cock and swallow his cum never missing one drop. She loved sex all the time and was horny from morning till dark. Many nights in bed she awoke him sucking on his cock. And that was after he had fucked her for several hours. Tonight he had a special surprise for his nympho. He stood her in front of him with legs spread and brought out a belt with twin long thick dildos attached to it. He shoved one in her ass and the other in her cunt. The he fastened the belt around her waist and fethiye escort bayan pulled the dildos tight and all the way in both her holes. He made sure they were pushed deep inside her. He then took her nipple in his mouth as he sucked hard on it. Next he pulled her across his lap and began to spank her with the wood hairbrush. As he gave her thirty swats she began to moan and cum. Now she was really turned on with the dildos deep in her holes and her ass on fire from the spanking. She kept cumming as he spanked her more and harder. Then he laid down the brush and his finger found her cunt with the thick dildo already in it and he added his finger to her tight hole. He then began finger fucking her hard and adding another finger to her stretched cunt. He watched as he enjoyed the dildo and finger fucking her as the cum leaked out of her hole. He played with her for an hour before he quit.He pushed her head down to his cock and she immediately began to suck him. He loved how good she was at taking his cock deep down her throat. She also loved to suck his balls and tongue his ass. She could get her tongue deep in his ass hole and fuck it as she jerked his cock till he would cum. Then she would deep throat his cock and make him cum again. She was a great sex machine. They had been together for almost three years and fucked constantly day and night. He worked from home and she would lick or suck his cock and balls as he sat at his desk and tried to work. When she got to his ass, he lost control and then spanked her hard before he fucked her for the rest of the day. Tonight he got his belt out and told her to go to their room and bend over the end of the bed. He was going to whip her with the belt about forty times before he fucked her most of the night. She smiled at him and headed for the bedroom. It would be another hard filled all night fuck for the both of them.

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