The wife and her best mate

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The wife and her best mateA few years ago the wife (Mandy) had a friend come to stay (Matilda, Tilley for short) they had been to school together but had lost touch when Tilley moved to America with the company she was working for, Mandy searched for many years to find her and eventually came across her on a social media site, getting in touch and chatting for hours on end Mandy asked if she wanted to come on holiday to us to which she agreed all arraignments where and the date was set. One evening whilst the k**s were out Mandy got chatting about Tilley showing me a picture of her, I feasted my eyes on this stunning women a figure that made my mouth water shaped like a goddess I became rather interested in her more and more.Chatting away I found out that when she was younger she was into cock in a big way having most of the guys in the school and a few of the teachers as well, Mandy said that they shared everything including boyfriends, this made me more and more interested laughing like mad Mandy told me about the antics that her and Tilley got up to I knew a lot about Mandy’s past so this didn’t faze me. The day arrived that Tilley arrived going to the airport we waited for her flight, seeing that it landed we waited in arrivals. Tilley came through the doors my eye’s feasted on her huge tits Omg they were bigger than the missus and all real as well, after greeting her we went for a bite to eat and chatted for ages, all I could do is look at how gorgeous she looked, driving home I could see her in the rear view mirror all Tilley did was flirt showing me her cleavage, and licking her lips.I was as hard as a rock and trying to concentrate driving, finally getting home we shot in and I went upstairs and flicked one off in a few moments, feeling a lot better I sat talking still feasting on her awesome body, we chatted into the early hours, showing Tilley to her room we all went to bed, whilst laying in bed I could hear a soft groaning sound coming from Tilley’s room I got up and crept along the hallway listening at the door I could hear Tilley groaning all of a sudden she moaned a bit louder and all went quiet. The following morning we had breakfast and Mandy said she had to go out for a few hours, Tilley said she was wacked and was going back to bed, as Mandy left Tilley went off to her room and I went for a shower.After about 5 minutes a knock on the door it was Tilley she needed the loo “I’m busting for a wee I’m sure I have nothing more than what Mandy has, she walked in and sat down starting to chat as though it was normal, I tried to cover up “Oh come on your not that shy you was busy looking me up and down last night did you like what you saw”, “well you are very attractive and yes I did” as Tilley stood up turning to me “well do you like what you see now” letting her gown fall she was naked my cock shot to attention “OMG what the fuck is that pointing at me it looks yummy” getting in the shower Tilley grabbed it and started to rub it slowly.“Mandy did tell you we used to share everything didn’t she” kissing me softly I could feel her hard nipples against my chest “haven’t had a good fuck in ages or a decent orgasm” “well you had a nice one last night didn’t you” “oh you naughty boy you was listening, well looks like you’re going to have to satisfy me, Tilley laid against the wall opening her legs, rubbing her clit slowly, Tilley groaned “oh god yes that feels good a bit deeper with your fingers” as I slipped 2 fingers deep into her pussy making Tilley groan louder, “Oh god that’s if finger fuck me make me cum” grinding her hips I could feel my fingers getting sticky, “do you do this to Mandy does she like to be finger fucked” kissing her neck, and moving down onto her tits I sucked her nipples making her beg to be fucked.Turning her round and getting behind her I fed my huge hard on into her pussy it was like a rhino horn, as I started to thrust up into her pussy, tuzla escort my hands cupped her tits as I fucked her harder and harder, “oh god harder fuck me harder” Tilley demanded I spanked her buttocks making her whimper like a little girl “that’s it baby spank me I’m such a naughty slut fill my pussy full” my balls started to tighten as Tilley’s pussy muscles gripped the hard shaft “OH YES, YES,YES FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE ARGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Tilley shook as I cum as well gripping tight she reached around my neck riding out her orgasm, “Mmmmmmmmmm that’s” better my cock slipped from her pussy as she turned round kissing me “thanks that was sure needed” holding my cock “Mmmmmm not had a big cock in a long while either”. Getting out the shower Tilley put her gown and went shutting the door behind her. Feeling very guilty when I got out the shower I knocked on Tilley’s door and went in, Tilley lay naked on her bed running her hands over her body “I’m sorry that happened” “I’m not it was needed and I was a lucky lady I got a big cock as well but your safe I won’t tell Mandy” opening her legs I could see her perfectly shaped pussy nicely trimmed her tits where huge and her hard dark pink nipples stood proud, moving towards her I got in between her legs and buried my head into her pussy “Mmmm are we hungry” I nodded my head as Tilley sighed with pleasure.Pushing 3 fingers deep into her pussy and finger fucking her slowly Tilley groaned arching her back slowly “Mm that’s it slowly does it push them deep” Tilley whispered I was getting firm again but Tilley’s pussy was dripping wet, “Oh god yes fuck my pussy you randy fucker” my fingers moved in and out of her pussy faster and faster Tilley moaned “oh god I’m Cumming oh yes, yes, yes arghhhhhhhhhhhhh as her juices dribbled over my fingers and down the crack of her ass, I sat up looking at her breathing heavy, grabbing my cock I guided it into her sopping wet pussy and started to fuck her like a rabbit.“Oh my god you randy bastered fuck my pussy go on make me scream, make me beg, as Tilley wrapped her legs around my waste my ass started to pound her pussy hard, her tits bounced up and down as I banged this tight little cunt making her scream and beg, “god you’re like a fucking out of control train, come on fuck my tunnel fill it to the top, bang me you bastered” Tilley was a real wild bitch in bed no wonder she was so popular at school Oh YES, YES, YES,YES I’MMM CUMMING OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK as she screamed and squirted her juices soaking both of us I pulled my cock out wanking it like mad and shot my load over her naked body, face and in her mouth. “Mmmmmmmmm that’s better now come here” as I got off the bed and stood in front of Tilley she sat up and put my cock in her mouth sucking it clean. Mandy never wanted to suck my cock she always thought it was disgusting but Tilley took it all in cupping my balls letting my cock slide out of her mouth.Leaving her room I got dressed and sat in the living room Tilley came down a while later asking if I had cheated on Mandy before confessing only once with a woman in the office Tilley chatted for ages about her and Mandy’s antics at college and before I met Mandy. Mandy came home a while later after dinner we decided to have a few drinks and catch up on old times as Tilley started telling all Mandy’s secrets she said about one particular night “Mandy remember when we got so high we ended up in bed with 2 lesbo’s” “omg yer I had forgot about that first time I had ever licked a pussy, first time you licked mine as well” laughing out loud we fell about laughing “Oh so you had a bit of women then Mandy” I said “yer and to honest it was great and would try it again if I was stoned”.“Do you need to be stoned” Tilley said “I’m sure Dave (me) won’t mind watching a bit of girl on girl action would you babe” looking at me “ hell sancaktepe escort no will be fun to watch as Tilley stripped and lay back on the sofa legs wide open, Mandy knelt down and started to play with Tilley’s pussy as I watched Mandy expertly lick Tilley’s pussy making her moan, Mandy now had put her hand inside her panties and was playing with her pussy, I was as hard as hell so unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock and started to rub it, all of a sudden Tilley leant over and started to rub my cock “you don’t mind if I help Dave do you Mandy” as she shook her head I lay back and watched, Mandy had now pulled her panties down and was fingering her pussy like mad, she loved playing with herself if I was tired she had 3 or 4 toys she used and liked me to use on her. Getting up I knelt behind Mandy and slipped my cock deep into her pussy making her moan she was still busy eating Tilley’s pussy so I started to fuck Mandy slowly.Coming up for air Mandy moaned loudly “god that cock is huge do you want a sample Tilley we always shared stuff laughing” “well I won’t say no if it’s ok with you Mandy and as long as Dave wants to as well” “ok I’m up for some fun” as Tilley got on her knees I pulled out of Mandy and slipped deep into Tilley “Mmmmmm feels good and so big Mandy your one lucky bitch, now Dave let’s see if you know how to use it”. I started to thrust a bit harder making Tilley moan, Mandy now was sitting in the chair rubbing her pussy watching me fuck her mate, my hand went onto her tits handling them gently as I fucked her harder “Oh god yes fuck me come on make me fucking scream” as Tilley pushed her hand in between her legs rubbing her clit.“Mmm oh yes so good” as Tilley looked at Mandy and smiled biting her bottom lip Tilley pushed back as I felt her feel my balls I grabbed Tilley’s hips thrusting harder and harder making her moan and beg “oh yes Dave fuck my pussy I feel it so hard in my hole I’m Cumming soon, oh god yes mmmm oh yes, yes, yes, I’MMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGG ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH as I emptied my load at the same time Tilley screamed like she was being killed, Mandy arched her back and squirted her juices I slipped out of Tilley and rolled onto the floor, Tilley slumped over the sofa exhausted and breathing heavy, I could see my spent load slowly seeping from Tilley’s crack. “I think we should share Dave between us Mandy he has enough cock for 2 women, and if he a good boy he can watch us enjoying ourselves. They lay naked on the bed playing with each other’s bodies, Tilley started to suck Mandy’s nipples making her gasp and groan whilst Mandy rubbed Tilley’s pussy softly working her clit, Mandy sat up reaching to her toy draw and pulled out her favourite the black mamba a full 12” and 6” dildo it was huge Mandy loved it more than any of her other toys, sucking the head she slowly rubbed it along Tilley’s pussy then slowly pushed it in, Tilley groaned I watched as this huge thing pushed her pussy lips wide I could see the beautiful pink flesh of her slit as I gently rubbed my cock it began to firm up. “Mmmmmm so good” Tilley said as Mandy fucked her with this monster also Mandy started to lick Tilley’s clit, making her gasp as well; I sat on the edge of the bed getting a better look, Mandy started to rub her own pussy as I could see Mandy’s nipples stand out, Tilley started to massage her tits given her some pleasurable feelings, Tilley’s pussy was sopping wet as Mandy fucked her harder and faster before Tilley groaned, and had a huge orgasm. Mandy lay next to Tilley opening her legs slipping, the huge dildo into her own pussy, making herself wet, Tilley sat up and watched Mandy fuck herself, moaning like mad, Mandy moaned Cumming 2 or 3 times in a row.Tilley turned looking at my cock “Mmmmmmmmm the pleasure rod is saying hi again, you better lay down my boy you need something on the end üsküdar escort of that cock” Tilley straddled my face lowering her pussy onto my mouth I could feel her juices dripping out of her hole, as I started to lick and suck her fanny, Mandy straddled my cock and started to ride it slowly, clamping Tilley onto my face I nibbled on her clit making her gasp, I could feel Mandy’s warm juices coating my cock as I could see her cupping Tilley’s tits and playing with her nipples. Tilley got off and turned round so she could kiss Mandy and play with her tit’s too, I was lapping up Tilley’s pussy juices like a cat cleaning itself, poking a ringer up her ring Tilley groaned loudly and orgasmed. Mandy worked her hips on my cock as the 2 kissed and fondled each other groaning I thrust up blowing my load into Mandy, she rolled off and lay on her back legs wide open Tilley got in between Mandy’s legs and lapped up the overload I had put in my wife’s hole making Mandy cum with a huge string of orgasms.Soon after we fell asleep waking up in the early hours to find Tilley had gone back to her room, getting up I decided I wanted pussy and Tilley was the target going into her room and sliding into bed we started to kiss, Tilley slowly rubbed my cock making it hard, getting on her knee’s I knelt behind her and slipped in to a warm wet slit, moving slowly I spanked Tilley’s sharply “oh yes spank my ass I’ve been a real naughty slut” as I spanked her again. Holding onto her hips Tilley pushed up her tit’s swayed with every thrust the bedside light was on and I could see in the wardrobe mirror how her pear shaped tit’s moved, Tilley reached back cupping my balls squeezing them softly, I thrust a bit harder making Tilley moan.Spanking her ass a few times her cheek turned a pinky red Tilley kept groaning as I rammed my finger into her ass and pushed down Tilley orgasmed she was soaking wet my balls were dripping with her juices as she begged louder and louder, lowering onto her arms Tilley moaned “Oh god fuck my pussy make me cum ram that dirty big cock in my cunt you randy bastered, spank me SPANK MY ASS HARDER, as my hand cracked her buttock she yelled Oh fuck ram my pussy ram it good and hard” ramming it in and out like a piston my balls swung and was getting firm “OH GOD I’M CUMMING FUCKING IN HELL OH YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKINGGGGGGGGGG HHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL” as Tilley screamed shook squirted and buried her head into the pillow I carried on banning her hard and gripping her hips Tilley moaned again louder and louder she was getting “OH GOD AGAIN” as I reached round and rubbed her clit hard making her squirt even more gripping her hips I creamed her pussy full of cum, slipping out we collapsed on the bed breathing heavily, “oh god that was fantastic never had so much sex for ages” falling asleep we woke later to find Mandy sitting on the bed, “did we have a good fuck” Tilley smiled laughing Tilley said it was awesome and Mandy was one lucky bitch getting fucked that good” we all laughed and fell on the bed kissing and having a good grope making Mandy cum and making her panties dripping wet.For the rest of the holiday we had great sex some nights Tilley and I would sleep together and sometimes it would be Mandy and Tilley, the morning came when Tilley was going home as we hit the airport car park Tilley told me to lay back, as I did she unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock and put it in her mouth making it hard in seconds, moaning softly she rubbed my cock whilst sucking my balls and nibbling the head of my cock, she started to finger herself vigoursly until she was moaning she was Cumming, sucking her fingers and back to rubbing her pussy, she sucked hard on my cock, wanking it I groaned telling her I was close, taking her fingers out of her panties she rubbed hard and opened her mouth as I poured my cum down her throat, Tilley swallowed every drop sucking it dry, pulling her knickers off and rubbing them on her pussy she told me to keep them until next time she visits kissing me on the lips she went getting on the plane……………………………….

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