Toilets (cottage) pt2


Toilets (cottage) pt2Part 1 endingA text arrived. Toilets, Tuesday 11am, wear shorts & a T-shirt, nothing else.I smiled, I had just the pair. Navy blue Adidas running shorts with a slit up each side right to the waistband. They were a relic of the 70’s when shorts were short. The elastic was loose, they would fall to the floor at the slightest touch.Roll on Tuesday———————I’m grateful to everyone who takes the time and trouble to leave a message as it’s a big boost, like a submissive receiving a message from a Dom that he is to get around there fast. Each message, each piece of feedback gives a sexual rush and encourages me to write more.———————Part 2It’s Tuesday and I’m a bag of nerves. I can’t wait for 11 o’clock.I had my loose, tiny navy blue Adidas running shorts on with the slits right up each leg and a light blue Nike T-shirt. Apart from my blue sunglasses, trainer socks and trainers nothing else. It’s about a mile to the toilets and my shorts have no pockets so I take nothing with meI set off at 10:45, excited. I don’t wear a watch so guess I’ll be there about 11am.I pass the house where I have seen a fat man come out of before and wished I had the bottle to ask him if he wants his cock sucked and load swallowed. I fantasize about it but you can’t just ask a total stranger, can you!I cross the road, walk behind the store and soon I’m at the final corner. The toilets are 50 yards away.I turn the corner, quicken my pace ever so slightly and walk past the open entrance gate, across the cream coloured tiles, turn the corner to the left. There is a six-foot wide wall that goes from floor to ceiling on my left and I’m past that in a moment and can now see fully inside.The alpha male is there at one end of the long silver urinal and as istanbul escort I step in I see a guy at the other end, shielded by the six-foot wall I have just walked down.”Hello Faggot, come to suck some cock have you?”It was hardly a question, it was a statement and I stood there mortified. The other guy gave me a disgusting look up and down, zipped up and left.”Well, he now knows what you are,” he chuckled.I heard some footsteps outside, someone else was coming in, unless that guy was returning. No it was someone new, an old man in his 70’s I’d say, about 5’9″ bit of a belly. He stood at the urinal, unzipped, looked across at the alpha male, then at me, then himself and back at me.”Go into the end stall and strip off, I think this guy would like to see you naked.”The toilets had two stalls so I went into the end one. The floor was dry and it was clean so, with my back to the door, I took one trainer and sock off, then the other. It just wouldn’t look right stood naked with trainers on would it.I grabbed the bottom of my T-shirt with both hands and started to pull it up my body to take it over my head. Almost immediately I felt a hand feeling my back. I took it off and threw it at the shelf that stood 4 feet off the ground about the boxed-in cistern.Again almost immediately this old man was up against me, his hands around my sides feeling my chest. His right-hand sunk to feel my tiny cock and balls. He started kissing my neck and his right hand now disappeared into my shorts.”Make out with him, you’re his girlfriend now, you’ll meet him here whenever he wants.”I started to turn to my left and he pulled his hand out of my shorts, they hit the floor, avcılar escort as I said, they are loose fitting. I looked down and stepped out of them as I turned. The old man was ready to greet me with a kiss, he being right-handed and me coming from his left.His lips were on mine in an instant and his tongue wasted no time in pushing into my mouth. My arms went around him and his arms went around me as I responded with passion. His right hand went up to caress my head and ever so slightly pull me closer.He broke the kiss and with hands on my shoulders moved me to my left and back so I was against the cold outside wall. He kissed me again and his right hand went back to caress my cock n balls. His head sunk down to tongue my nipples and I had to admit I was enjoying it, as my moan testified.He stepped back and unzipped his trousers. He got his cock and undid the rest of his trousers, pulling them down his legs. I sunk to my knees, held his cock in my right hand and slid my lips over it completely.I didn’t need my hands with his cock in my mouth so I caressed his belly while working his cock with my tongue. I took his cock in my left and started to pull back his foreskin, licking his hole as I did, then his knobhead as it became exposed.I like the rim of my knob licked so I licked his working my way around it. His hand started caressing my head and he let out a moan.I plunged my mouth down his whole length and sucked. As I side up his hard shaft I let my tongue firmly slide up the underside of his cock too. I swirl my tongue around his rim quickly before plunging straight back down his cock and starting the whole process again.I kept this up for what felt like ages but was probably only a minute or two while he thrust his cock şirinevler escort as far into my mouth as he could get it and simultaneously pulled my head onto his cock.He stepped back so he was leaning against the stall wall and I edged forward, not wanting to lose his cock from the grip of my mouth. I plunged again and he stopped thrusting but kept pulling my head closer.He let out a long Ahrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr as he made a final thrust at me, holding my head firmly as he pumped his cum for me to swallow, which I had every intention of doing.I cleaned him, making sure to tongue his sensitive rim and he reached down to get his trousers. I moved back and stood up to give my knees a rest. The old man did his trousers up and adjusted his clothing, turned left and walked out of the stall.”Here is his mobile number, call the Faggot when you want servicing.””Thanks, I will. I think I’ll call him Dawn as I’m widowed and have my own place so my new girlfriend can service my morning wood.””Come out here and thank the gentleman cocksucker.”I walked out of the stall, sank to my knees once more and kissed his cock through his trousers.”Thank you Sir. I’m from an era where the woman looks after the sexual needs of her man. I shall look after your sexual needs.””Good, I’ll be in touch Dawn,” and with that, he left.”Well that was fun to watch. What I had planned for this morning will have to wait until next week.”As he was saying this I could hear footsteps again, but daren’t move while this alpha male was talking to me.”Same time, same place. See you then,” and my alpha male walked out right after a fat guy had just walked in.He smirked at me, pulled his grey jogging bottoms down enough to get his cock out, “Suck it, Bitch.”I took him into my mouth.”Mmmmmm, yes. I could do with a spot of this each week.”Suddenly I heard the alpha male call back, “Well be here next Tuesday at 11, I’ll give you the Faggots number.””Will do,” this new man called back.”Let’s finish this back at my place,” and with that he pulled his cock out, slapped me on the face with it twice and went to the urinal for a piss.In a week I seemed to have acquired a stable of three I’m serving.

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