Two Soldiers


Two SoldiersThis is not a true story.I had been in the Army for nearly 4 years and on my second deployment. The strain of being in Afghanistan for 8 straight months had really started to take it’s toll, mostly sexually. I had become so incredibly horny that I would take every oppurtunity to rub one out. Well, my platoon was out on a mission that lasted almost two weeks, most of which was spent inside of a Humvee with another guy. I had been in the truck with Aaron for the better part of the mission and I could tell that his horniness was starting to get the best of him, too. It was around midnight and I was in the gunner’s turret and Aaron was in the driver’s seat.”Hey man, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do when we get back to Base?” I asked. “I don’t t know…shower…see if I got any mail…beat off, haha”I laughed and said, “Tell me about it. If i don’t bursa escort bust this nut soon I’m gonna lose my mind.”About an hour passed when I looked down at Aaron to see if he was still awake and to get a bottle of water. I noticed he was really massaging his dick pretty well. “Having fun?” I asked.”Oh, ummm….I can’t take this shit. I’m gonna jerk my cock right now!” he responded as he started to unbutton his cammies.”Are you k**ding me dude? I’m literally right next to you…that’s kinda weird.” I said.”Yeah, well don’t look if you don’t wanna see it!” he angrily retorted.”Fine!”I tried mt best to forget about what my buddy was doing right next to me as I scanned the mountains of Aghanistan. After a couple minutes I felt the seat start to shake…and my cock started to get hard. I started rubbing it and before long, my curiosity convinced me to bursa escort bayan see what Aaron was working with. It was the first time I had ever seen Aaron’s cock when he had an erection. I was rather impressed although it wasn’t much bigger than mine. I guessed it to be around 6 inches, but with nice girth. He had a good looking dick. I was actually turned on by him and I continued to rub my dick while I watched him beat the hell out of his. I looked away and closed my eyes to think about fucking, well, anything. And then I felt it…Aaron was grabbing my cock. And instead of freaking out, I let him do it. I was too horny to care. I pulled my pants down and Aaron pulled me down into the truck. He climbed in the back and tore his pants down. He was giving some really good head while he furiously beat his own dick. His hot mouth felt so good on my escort bursa hard cock and I thought about helping Aaron out. So, I peeled his hand off of his dick and started jerking it for him. I had a good grip on his unbelievably hard cock and I could feel his cock oozing precum. A moment later he shot the most incredibly load of cum that I had ever seen. His thick, white cum ropes nearly hit the ceiling. He had been pumping out his load for a few seconds when Aaron’s blowjob made me blow my load down his throat. He wasn’t expecting it but he had a spurt or two make it down his throat. “AAAAHHHHHHHH! HOLY SHIT!!!!” I yelled.Aaron’s cock had finally stopped shooting his cum and he was still shaking while my cock’s spasms we slapping him in the face.”You cum a lot,” I said.”Haha, yeah, well so do you. Just so we’re clear, I’m not gay, but if you ever wanna do this again I’d be okay with that.” Aaron said.”Yeah, I think we should,” I replied.When we finally got back to Base Aaron and I headed straight for the showers. And whenever people weren’t around, we would sometimes sneak a cock rub in.

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