Wife Begs for Black Cum!

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Wife Begs for Black Cum!I have been trying to get my wife to get fucked by a big black cock while I watch. She has fucked other guys for me before but she has never done a black man and I am obsessed with seeing her shaved pussy stretched and creamed by a huge black cock. A few months ago I was browsing a local personals site and found a post that excited me. It was a from a black guy who was in our city for a couple days working and was looking for a couple to host in his hotel room. I replied and he responded immediately. We exchanged numbers and after talking to him I felt there was a good chance I was finally going to get my fantasy fulfilled. I knew my wife would need some coaxing. I told her about the guy I had found and suggested we meet him at a neutral location and see how things felt. If you’re not comfortable after that we will just thank him and go home. She still wasn’t sure but decided to shower and get ready in case she decided we would meet him. I called him back and we chose a meeting place. While she got ready I talked to her about how hot this would be and I knew I was getting her pretty excited. She agreed to meet him! We went to the meeting place and he wasn’t there but showed up a few minutes later. The three of us sat and talked for about an hour. We all seemed to be very comfortable together. The guy who I’ll call “H” was about 6’4″ 225 and I imagined what it would be like to see on top of my wife who is only 5′. Finally we all agreed to go back to his room. When we got there H and I chatted while my wife went to the bathroom to fix herself esenyurt escort up. I used this opportunity to fill him in on her likes and dislikes. After about 20 minutes she came back out. She was wearing a sexy nightie that barely contained her 36c breasts and was just long enough to hide her sexy ass and incredible pussy. H said “WOW! u look hot”. She smiled and said “thank you”. I could tell she was very comfortable in his pressence and knew I was going to see something I would not soon forget. I was sitting in a chair near the window and H was on the bed, which was on the other side of the room. He patted the bed and told her to join him which she did. He began rubbing her back and shoulders which she enjoys very much. His hand soon found it’s way around her side and he started rubbing her tits. He slipped the strap of her nightie off her shoulder and bared her breasts. I had told him she loves having her nipples sucked and he wasted no time getting one of her nipples in his mouth. She began to roll her head and breath heavy as I licked and sucked both tits for several minutes. I was sure she was soaking wet by now which was confirmed when he put a hand on her thigh and slowly slid it between her legs and under her nightie. He now had her tits and pussy exposed and I could feel my dick get hard as I watched him suck her tits and finger her cunt. She was moaning and sighing from his efforts. He moved in front of her and spread her legs, lowering his mouth to her now glistening bald snatch. He started eating her and fingering avrupa yakası escort her and when she turned her head to look at me and I knew that look. She erupted in orgasm as he buried his face in her pussy. this was quickly followed by two more. He gave her a few minutes to recover then he stood beside the bed to remove his boxers. She moved over and nelt in front of him. As soon as it came out she had his black cock in her hand. She carressed his cock and balls then lowered her mouth and took his rapidly growing dick in her mouth. She had her back to me so I couldn’t see her sucking him but I could tell by his face that he was enjoying her talents. After a few minutes they got back on the bed and he made sure they were situated so I could see how good my wife was sucking his cock. She always gives good head but I’ve never seen suck anybody with so much intensity. She obviously wanted to get him as big and hard as possible. She soon had his black dick rock hard and sloppy. He was about 9inches and quite thick. I couldn’t wait to see how she reacted with him in her as she was used to my 6 inch cock. He pulled her off his cock and she began to straddle him. I began stroking myself as I watched my beautiful wife lower her pussy onto his big hard cock. As they both enjoyed the feeling of him entering her she lowered her mouth to his and they kissed passionately. Once he was all the way in she began grinding back and forth. Her moans soon became yelling and screaming and she anadolu yakası escort was quickly cumming on his hard pole. She came again on top of him and then he had her get on all fours so he could do her doggy style. She has never cum this way but it seemed that would soon end. I’m sure she would have climaxed but he played with her getting her close and then stopping. He did this several times then had her lay on her back. He climbed over her and entered her again. It was intense seeing his large frame lay on top of her. They lay like this making out for several minutes before he raised up and began stroking her with big tool. He told her to cum and I couldn’t believe the control he had over her when she quickly complied. Seeing my wife ordered to cum by this black man was more than I could handle and while she was exploding under him I exploded on my belly! This was by far the most intense orgasm she had. When her climax was complete he pushed her legs back further. I didn’t her him but she later told me he asked her where she wanted his cum. When she told him in her pussy, he told her she would have to beg for it. She started yelling for him to flood her pussy with his cum. He was pistoning the full length of his huge shaft in and out of her and I could see him push her lips all the way in then pull the all the way out. I thought he would tear her in half when he suddenly his body and began blasting his seed deep in her cunt. She told me afterward she felt him shoot 8 blasts inside her. He collapsed on top of her totally spent. They laid there and kissed and chatted while their bodies recovered from the incredible episode. On the way home we both agreed it was an awesome experience and we would definitely do it again. He’s coming back to town next month and this time I want her to go by herself and spend the night with him. I can’t wait to see her pussy while she tells all about their love making.

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