Wow what a summer we had.

Female Ejaculation

Wow what a summer we had.Sorry we missed being on here during the summer months. But we surehave some new stories for those that remember me. I was on here a few months ago asSasha913. Had to take a new name this time. All of us girls will be putting things on from are summer of toil, hahahaPasha, Tammy, Dad and I (sasha) spent the entire summer in Canada opening another lodge in the north woods. Dad had to bring in a 6 man work crew (aka. Our playthings) to complete the lodge. To the surprise of Dad the crew worked much better and “harder” with us three girls in the nude most days. Tammy kept telling them if you get your work done we will have a special prize for istanbul escort you. I had my first stabbing from a BBC and I sure did love it. He was a college student from Canada. I will call him MY BBC. He is very fit, standin6’3″ and about 200lbs. His dark skin was such a turn on for me. Everyday after the work was done the six man work crew, Dad and us girls headed to the pond to cool off, yeah right. The water was cold but with two new guys for each of us girls to play with had our pussy juices were running down our legs on the walk to the pond. Dad, kept wiping our inner thighs with a towel tellin avcılar escort us it was needed. I know he was enjoying that a great deal.I hooked up with my BBC from day one. He was all over my 38c puffy tipped nipples much to my pleasure. By the my boobs grew a bit heavier and much firmer over the summer months.Pasha is now a 40c and our younger s*s Tammy is 40dd. Tammy for some reason shavedher soft silky straigth red pussy hair at the beginning of the summer. She hated it and it has grown back in already. BBC and I and a white guy went right to the blankets to get the fun started. D*d, watched us most of the time for the frist few weeks. şirinevler escort But that is a story for another time, what a night that was for me. White guy actually had a much thicker dick than BBC but he was far shorter than BBC’s 11 inch dick, with a head on it that was ooooooh so tasty. My BBC lowered his body on top of me an RAMMED it to me with out much effort because I was soaked. Plus having a dick in my face that both white guy and I enjoyed beyond belief. It took a while to get the motions of BBC an white guy to get the timing of the pushin and pounding into me going. I was not complaining at all. I was only able to get part of white guys dick head in my mouth. He was so worked up with the long, wet, tounge lashing I was giving his dick. I was so shocked with the explosion of cum that filled my throat and mouth. I actually gagged on that load of cum in my mouth, that was a first for me.I luv the taste, feel and sensation of the male passion filling my mouth and throat.

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