you should never go home

you should never go homeMy wife and I have been living the cuckold lifestyle our whole marrage.One rare times when she feels like sharing her pasted with me she will tell me about when she lived in Ohio and a k**. When she became sexualy active she found out even then that one cock just wasn’t enough. Try as I might I could never get her to tell me just how many guys had sampled her hot little body back home. So when we planed a trip back to visit her parents I started hinting about if she was going to try and meet up with some of her old fuck buddies. She never gave me a straight answer. We drove up on Thursday , I had taken a couple days off work so we had from Thursday afternoon till Monday morning to visit. To make the long drive up more enjoyable my wife wore a very thin cotton sun dress that came to mid thigh and that was all , well other than a pair of stacked hill sandals. I had just finished putting the baggage in the trunk when she came out to show me her outfit. She asked if I liked it? When I looked up I could see right through the thin meteral. I asked if she was naked under it? She said of course and lifted the hem to show me her freshly shaved snatch. On the ride up she napped and while she did I eased up the hem of her dress so her pussy us out . I was enjoying the sneek peeks and so did a few long haul truck drivers. We rolled in at her folks place at about six , her dad came out to greet us and help with our baggage. My mother in law stood at the door and gave my wife and me big hugs. Her dad and I carried the luggage up to my wife’s old bed room. It was just as she left it ten years eariler. I unpacked and put away our stuff while my wife spent time down stairs with her folks. As I did I noticed everything she had packed for herself was short or see through. I begain to wonder what she had in mind for the weekend. When I finished I headrd down to visit. As I walked into the kitchen to see everyone I noticed my wife was on the phone. I made small talk with her folks while she talked. I tried to listen in to see what she was talking about. There was a few giggles and some whispering. canlı bahis When she hung the phone up she told me to follow her to the room. I looked at her folks and said OK talk to you later. When we got to the room my wife started pulling the dress off she wore for the trip. I asked what was up. She started looking through her stuff while telling me one of her old boy friends was coming by to pick her up. I said pick you up ,why? She said to see me. I said can’t he see you right here? She said well he wants to fuck and I can’t do that here with you being here. No I said , pleasr don’t go out while we are here. She said Im going to have sex with all my old guy friends and you will stay here and talk to my folks . What do I say when they ask what you are doing ? She said they won’t ask. They already know. What? They know you are going to have sex with those guys? She daid sure they do.Well we all where setting in the den talking when the door bell rang. My mother in law opened the door and let in a guy. He was about six foot two and a good two hundred and eighty pounds. He put out his hand to shake and said Im Marty you must be the husband. I stood up and shook his hand , yes I am. Then I asked how long have you two known each other? He said a long time. He said he was her first. I glanced around to see the reaction of her folks. Her dad was reading the paper and her mom was setting with her hands folded in her lap and a little smile on her face. Just like they didn’t hear..or even care. I didn’t know how to react so I just asked him what he had in mind for them tonight. This time he looked aroind the room with a look on his face like ” is this guy for real” ? All he said I had planed to fuck the living shit out of her for old times. Then he smiled a big shit eatting smile. My mouth hung open untill my mother in law called out to my wife that Marty was here. In a few seconds I heard her running down the steps. Yes running , like a fucking little k i d . Marty she called out as she entered the den. Her arms whete out and he and MY wife locked into a massive kiss. I just stood there.What bahis siteleri was I suposed to do? When the kiss ended a minute later my wife told her folks she wouldn’t be late. What ? Am I not even here I thought to my self. Her little short skirt fliped me a good bye as they went out the door.I stood right in that spot for at least two minutes after I heard them drive off. My mother in law stood up and said sweetheart she’s going to be gone for a couple hours at least , are you going to stand there the whole time? I sort of came to when she said that. Then her dad fliped the top of his news paper down and said look son it’ s only sex. She loves you but she enjoys other guys company. I was thinking this is your daughter you are talking about. He told me next you mifht at well get used to it. You are here for three days and if Im right there are at least sixteen more old friends that want to spend time with her. He said these guys haven’t seen her in over ten years and they have lots of catching up to do. I said I think Ill go lay down Im tired ftom the drive. Thats the spirit he said..just don’t think about it. I must have fallen asleep because I was woke up by the light being turned on in the bed room. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I saw my wife standing at the bed room door with a smile on her face. Her hair was a mess and she looked well fucked. Did you have a good time I asked her. She pulled her dress over her head and left the light on long enough that I could see she was naked under the garment. She flipped the light off and crawled into bed and pushed me onto my back so she could set her nasty pussy over my mouth. The aroma of a sweaty man and her female sent filled the air. I ate her untill she felt she was clean. Then she fell to my left and said now go to sleep. I couldnt go to sleep. I had a rock hard dick. I took her hand and put it on my hardon. She giggled and then sqeezed it was hard as she could. It hurt a little then it went down to its soft two inches. Now go to sleep she said.The next morning we woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. I shook my wife to bahis şirketleri wake her. She said you go on down Ill be there in a little bit. I got dressed and went looking for coffee. The in laws whete setting at the table when I walked in. My mother in law jumped up and asked I wanted coffee? Yes mam I told her. I sat down and put my hands in my hands while I waited on the java. My fater in law spoke up and said son you had better cheer up you have two more days after this up here. I said I know its just I thought it was going to be a good time for the two of us…not just her. My mother in law about floored me with what she said while setting my coffee cup down. She said well honey didnt you get to clean her after her date? I could have died right that second. Ummm Is all I could get out. She said I know you did I heard her tell you to eat her when she got into bed. Then she said we have listened to that girl having sex thousands of times in that bed. This is nothing new to us. My father in law spoke up and said you will let her have her fun while she is up here or you and I are going to have a problem. I just sat there thinking no wonder Im a cuckold my wife was raised by hippys. My wife came bounching in wearing a white tennis skirt and button up blouse. The top two buttons left unbuttoned to show off her cute cleave of her thirty four b cups tits. I asked if she was going some where this morning. As she was telling me about a date to play tennis her old man was staring at me. I felt the need to tell her to enjoy her self. She said well thank you I know I will Im playing with Daniel today and he has the best balls in the state. Tennis balls I asked? She said no his tennis balls suck. Her mom and dad laughted at that. We ate then Daniel came by to pick her up. Again I had to meet him and shake his hand. My father in law daid to me arent the guys up here so polite. Every one shakes your hand. I said yeah thats very polite of them to shake my hand before that fuck my wife. He said if you ever talk like that about my daughter again Im going to beat you down. I told him I was sorry but its true. He said thats your problem if you had the equipment she wouldnt have to stray. The rest of the stay was more of the same. She had sex with nine out of the sixteen she hoped for.the rest where married.Well that was our little trip home.

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