A Brother’s Memories Part 3


Thanks to gypsy@endor.com for her fine editing.

Chapter Five:
And then sometimes you win when you thought you lost

Monica and I had to leave early in the morning, so we got up and began to get dressed and gather our things. Bill and Sammi asked if there was any chance we could get together in the morning before we left. We said that maybe for coffee and such but we didn’t think it would be a good thing for any of us to hit the road after one our little sessions.

Bill got up and said he would get Monica’s panties for her. She told him that he had cum in them so many more times today then she ever had that he deserved them. He should make them the starting point of his collection and to be sure to wear them often and remember the time the four of us had together. After several hugs, kisses, and gropes at the door Monica and I headed back to our room.

As we headed up the elevator Monica confessed that she had mixed feelings about the kids having sex together. On one hand she was the protective mother hen and on the other she didn’t want them growing up all fucked up with repressed sexual urges like their father. She told me that he didn’t like to even lick or even kiss her pussy. And he wouldn’t even kiss her after she sucked his cock. Too bad he can’t know what he missed. Maybe someone should send him a copy by E-mail.

I suggested that since they had already started that it would probably do more damage by making a big deal than just bringing it all out in the open. They already know that she had had sex with both of her brothers and that she had enjoyed it immensely. We paused at our door and listened to see if we were going to interrupt anyone. There wasn’t a sound from the other side of the door. I quietly opened the door and we peeked in. The room was empty. The bedside light was on in my bedroom and the bed was messed up. We checked my bathroom and there were no kids there either. There was flickering light coming from Monica and her daughter’s bedroom. We peeked in and there were about a dozen candles all around the bed where the kids were sound asleep. She had her head on his shoulder and her hand on his cock. He had her pert little breast in his hand. I put my arms around Monica and we stood there and just admired them. I took Monica by the hand and led her back into the other room.

Monica sat on the couch, obviously deep in thought while I sat in a chair and wisely said nothing. I knew that she would probably have snapped at me if I had tried to give me any advice. After a few moments she went and got some stationery from the desk and started writing. When she was finished, she let me read the note:

My dearest son and daughter,

We love you very much and hope you understand what has happen this weekend is in no way dirty or evil. Sex is sex and we all have needs and desires that sometimes get out of control. We fully understand about your raging hormones and you are NOT IN TROUBLE in any way.

We want you to be happy in life and if you are as happy as you look together then so be it.

All our love, Mom and Uncle Richard

Monica went and got Scott a change of clothes and took them into what was now their room. As she was getting the things that she would need for the night I took the cover from Monica’s bed and covered the sleeping pair. We left the note by the lamp and extinguished the candles and left them to their dreams.

We turned out the lights in the sitting room and retired to our room. I smelled of sweat and cum and decided that I needed a shower in the worst way. I felt that Monica needed time to think so I grabbed my stuff and headed for the shower. Sis joined me in the shower and I gently washed her from head to toe as she just stood there under the cascading water. I didn’t attempt to arouse her in any way. I finished washing myself and rinsed both of us off. With a big fluffy towel I patted her dry and then combed my wet hair back. I went and got her toothbrush and things for her and left her in the bathroom to finish up.

I was feeling responsible for what had happened and wasn’t very happy about it. I dressed in sweats and turned both beds down and laid her nightgown out, I turned the lights out except for the one by her bed and went over to the windows and was sitting there just staring out at the stars when Monica came out of the bathroom As she got dressed she asked me if I was ok.

“I don’t know. I feel like it was my stories that led to Lisa and Scott to do what they had done. I wish I had never written any damned stories.”

She said, “No, don’t blame yourself. I am sure that they had already started having sex long before they knew about your stories. All your stories did, if anything, was to bring it out into the open so it wouldn’t seem nasty.”

I told her thanks and went over and tucked her in. I gave her a kiss and turned off the light and went back to my chair. My mind was running around in circles and it was sometime before I fell asleep istanbul escort sitting there.

I awoke at the touch of hand on my neck as someone kissed my cheek. I thought that it was Monica but, as she walked away, I saw that it was Lisa. She went over and crawled into her mother’s bed. As I sat there watching them lay there I drifted off to sleep only to be awoken by Monica covering me with a blanket as the two of them left the room. She hadn’t closed the door all the way and I could hear them softly talking. My niece was quietly crying and Monica was telling her that it was ok. I tried not to listen but I did.

“Mom, I am so sorry and I will never do it again.”

“Did your brother agree to that promise?”

“No, he isn’t even awake yet.”

“Well don’t make any promises that you both can’t keep”

“I know that you are very disappointed and ashamed of us and it just happened.”

“Honey I am not ashamed, mad, or disappointed with you, but there are several questions I need answered right now, and I need the truth.”

“Ok I will tell you whatever you want to know.”

“First of all, are you doing it or done it with any one else?”

“No, he is the first and only one I have had sex with.”

“Are you using any birth control?”

“No, but we only do it right around the time of my period and right after.'”

“How long have you two been making love?”

“We started about a year ago.”

“And where have you been doing it?”

“Most of the time it was in my bathroom or bedroom but several times we did it in the living room.”

“Well I am glad it hasn’t been anyplace dangerous or in the backseat of a car.”

“We only did that once.”

“Ok, now tell me how it got started.”

“Mom, I have been resisting the desire to have sex for a long time. My old boyfriend always was after me to let him make love to me. I said no but I ended up letting him kiss my breasts and feel my pussy. Then every time we went out, he wanted to do it again. He kept trying to get me naked and in bed. I wouldn’t do it but I did suck his dick and let him cum on my titties but I wouldn’t let him put it in me.”

“I never liked that guy and I was happy when you dumped him.”

“Yes, he was demanding more and getting mean so I dumped him last year.”

“Then what happened?”

“There was one night when my friends and I went to this party at a fraternity at the college. There was a lot of drinking, I didn’t have anything to drink, but my friends did, and when I looked around they were all gone and I was left with all of these drunk college guys.”

“What did you do?”

“I thought they were going to rape me. They were passing me around and grabbing my breasts and trying to put their hands down my pants. I was so scared and then they started ripping my clothes off. When they had me naked they all got undressed and started playing with their dicks. The started saying how I was going to be so sore that I wouldn’t be able to walk when they got done.”

“Did they hurt you?”

“No, I started acting like I was all for it and told them that it was fine with me. That they could all fuck me as many times as they wanted. First I wanted them to jerk-off for me and to cum all over my body. They were all for it and I knelt down on the grass while they stood around me and stroked their cocks. They made me play with myself and tell them what great cocks they had and what I wanted them to do to me. “

“If they didn’t rape you, how did you get away?”

“I waited until they had all started to cum and then I started to tell them that I couldn’t wait to tell all my friends in gym class how I had made them cum for me. I told them that the other girls were going to be so jealous when they learned that a lowly high school freshman had made all of these men drop their pants and fuck me. Almost in one voice they asked how old I was? I pretended that I would only be 16 next month instead of 20. I was dressed, in a taxi and on my way home in seconds.”

“That was so dangerous dear. They could have really hurt you.”

“I couldn’t see any other way. Besides it worked. And it was exciting making them all cum for me.”

“How did you and your brother get started?”

“One night I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep. He had the TV on and it was too loud. I rolled over and opened my door to yell at him and saw that he had his cock out and was stroking it by the light of the TV. It was so big but not ugly like most of the others I had seen. I started remembering those five guys jacking off for me. I started getting excited and started to rub my pussy as I watched him jack off.”

“Dear it is only natural for him to do that. Everyone does it, you did it to didn’t you?”

“Yes. I expected him to cum at any time but he just kept stroking it up and down, up and down, and I just started humping my finger in the same way and wishing it was avcılar escort his cock and not my finger. I watched until I couldn’t take it any more. I got up and took off my soaked panties and headed for the kitchen. When I first walked into the living room, he stopped and covered up with the sheet. I pretended to be still half asleep as I stumbled past the couch. When I was between the TV and him, I stopped and stretched and spread my legs a little so he could get a good look.”

“That was a little cruel dear.”

“Yes it was but I was hoping to make it up to him. I went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door and got a bottle of water. I left the door open so there would be plenty of light for him to see me. As I drank the water I let the water dribble down my tits. I knew he could see through my t-shirt as it turned transparent from the water. My nipples were hard and sticking through the wet material. My bare pussy was in full view of the couch. I rubbed my eyes and walked back to my bedroom. This time, the covers were thrown back and he was stroking his cock again. As soon as I got back to my room I stripped off my wet top and lay back down on my bed naked. I was watching him stroke his cock, my legs were spread, and I was fingering my pussy again and I thought, “Please don’t waste that hard-on, I need it.” I didn’t know that I had said it out loud, but he stopped and said, “Do you mean it?” I froze and whispered, “Yes please.” He got up and came into my room and knelt on the bed. I wanted it so bad I grabbed his hard cock and put it against my pussy. I could feel the heat coming from it and I asked him to be gentle, I am still a virgin. He said, “Me too”, and started to ease his long hard cock into my pussy. “

“Did it hurt very much when he took your cherry?”

“He slid that cock in until he bumped against my hymen. He pushed a little harder and I felt a little stab of pain and cried out. He froze and asked if I was ok. I pushed against his cock and told him I was ok and asked him not to stop. He proceeded to slide that thing into my pussy until I felt his balls on my ass. I couldn’t believe that I had the whole thing inside me. He held it there for a moment and then started slowly pulling back out. I could feel my pussy trying to hold on to him as he kept pulling out until I could feel the head of his cock against the inside of my cunt lips. As he pushed back in I thrust my hips up to meet him. He started to suck my nipples and everything else he could reach. He kept going faster and fast as he fucked my pussy with that big beautiful cock. He had lasted longer than those drunken boys had and I was close to cumming myself. All of the sudden he said that he was going to cum. He jerked his cock out of my pussy and laid it on my stomach as be began to shoot his load. There was so much of it that there were puddles forming. It was all the way up to my chin and then he rubbed my pussy until I came.”

“I am glad that your first experience was a good one.”

“It was, Mom, but not as good as your first one with Uncle Richard. Did you enjoy it?”

“Dear that was a long time ago but yes I really did enjoy it.”

“Have you been doing it all weekend?”

“Well not all weekend dear, just most of it.”

“Has Uncle Richard really done all those things in his stories?”

“Well I believe that most of them are true. He has had a busy life.”

“When I read them I get so excited that it hurts. Do you think he would like to do the same things to me that he does to you?”

“Any man would love to do those things to you dear. But I think that we need to give your uncle some room for a while. You do know that he hadn’t had sex in the last twelve years until last night.”

“Twelve years! That’s more than half my life. How did he do it?

“That is just the way he is dear. If I hadn’t read his stories last week by accident, he would never have let on about the way he felt.”

“I know Mom, but I still wish he would do me sometime.”

“Yes my dear, I know you would enjoy it like I do but not now! Why don’t you go get some sleep now? We have long drives ahead of us today and I want you to be refreshed. Ok?”

“Yes Mom, I understand, but I am still going to get wet every time I get near him. Goodnight Mom, I love you.”

“Goodnight dear. We plan to have breakfast with some friends in the morning, if the two of you would like to join us just let us know.”

I had been laying on the bed listening to all this and my cock was rock hard. When Monica came back into the bedroom she took one look at my cock and said “Oh, you heard, she’s a hot little bitch isn’t she?” My only reply was, “Yes, now bring that sweet pussy of yours over here and sit on this for me.”

She stripped off her nightshirt and panties and straddled my cock. I hoped she was excited and wet because I couldn’t wait to do her right. I placed my hands on her hips, aimed my aching cock at the center of her passion, şirinevler escort and impaled her on it. She let out a huge groan that I knew could be heard all over the suite, and ground her pussy hard against me and said that she had gotten so hot listening to her daughter’s story that she almost started rubbing her pussy in front of her. I told her that I had gotten really excited as well but could we talk about it after we got done, please!

I don’t know if it was the fact that I had cum 3 times already that day or if it was that I was so excited by what had happened or if it was finding out that my niece thought I was sexy or a combination of all of them, but I didn’t need any damn cock ring this morning. My dick was responding like it was 20 years younger. It was longer and fatter than I could ever remember. The head was really swollen and I could feel Monica’s cunt muscles rippling as they adjusted. Her eyes widened and all she could say was “Damn, that feels good.”

I put my hands under her thighs and guided her up the length of my cock. When just the very tip was still inside I switched my hands to her hips again and slammed her down on my cock as I thrust up hard. There was a loud slap as our pelvises met, we both let out a loud moan, and I did it again. Every time our bodies met there was a slap and a grunt or moan. When we had a rhythm going, I took my hands from her and began fondling her breasts as she bounced up and down on me. It was hard to keep a grip on them, but I managed to latch on to a nipple and held on tightly. Monica grabbed my hand and held it tight to her breast as I fucked her for all I was worth.

The slapping sound was steadily getting wetter as we continued. I could feel her juices sliding down my cock and forming a puddle on my belly. I was amazed that I had not cum yet. In fact I wasn’t even close when Monica had her first orgasm. She ground her pussy hard against me and said “I’m cumming.” I could feel the muscles of her pussy spasm and the bed under my ass got soaked as she gushed her love juice down my cock. That should have made me cum right then but she sank to my chest, I just kept stroking my cock in her cunt. She looked at me with eyes wide and smiled as she began to rock her hips and slide along my cock.

I took a nipple in my mouth and softly chewed it as I let my hands roam over her back and ass. I cupped the cheeks of her ass and held her tight to me as I started rotating my hips as I thrust into her. Every time my cock hit her clit she grunted and shuddered and bucked against it. I kept rotating my hips faster and faster until she locked her legs tight against me and came for me a second time. I had not been able to make a woman do that in 20 years or more, and I still felt like I could go on forever.

I held her tight as I let my throbbing cock soak in her juices and let her breathing return too normal. Every once in a while I would stroke my cock in and out of her pussy as slow as I could making it drag against her sensitive pussy. We cuddled and held each other and she whispered in my ear, “You’re still hard! Can we do some more?” With that I eased out from under her, knelt between her legs, pulled her ass in the air, and plunged into her doggie style. I felt my balls slap against her as I hit home. She had her ass in the air and her face buried in the pillow as I fucked her as hard as I could. She slammed back at me just as hard. We were both grunting with each thrust.

I could tell we were both getting close so I started rotating my ass again and making my cock rub different parts of her pussy as we continued slamming into each other. She said, “OH, I like that” and I could feel the spasms starting in the walls of her pussy as she started to cum. I concentrated on my own need to cum as she screamed in her release. That did it, with one final lunge I started pumping her full of my cum. I felt the first spurt leave the head of my dick I pulled back and lunged again, driving another shot deeper inside. She groaned and continued cumming for me. I stroked her again and shot some more. No matter how sensitive my cock head got I was determined to keep fucking my sister till she begged me to stop. As I kept it up, I could hear the squishing sounds and feel as my spunk was being expelled from her pussy as finished her orgasm. I slowed my pace, as my dick was getting softer and didn’t want to slip out.

I knelt back and dragged her with me until I was sitting on my heels and her ass was resting on my thighs. I was still in her, but only barely, I reached around her and cupped her breasts and gently rubbed her nipples as she leaned back and kissed me. She was still shaking and her pussy was still having little spasms as the remainder of my load was trickling down my cock and balls. I gently lowered us to the mattress and rolled on my back as she followed and continuing to kiss me wrapped herself around me with her leg over mine. My cock was rapidly shrinking to its normal size as little puddles of cum gathered in all the low spots. I was just drifting off to sleep, when I heard two young voices say together “AWSOME.” I tried to open my eyes and look at them but couldn’t even though I wanted to. So with my sister and I gently holding each other and the kids watching over us, we drifted off to peaceful sleep.

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