A Strange Birthday Present


John and Louise have what most people would consider being a rather unconventional marriage. Louise likes to have sex with other men and John is happy for her to do so. In fact he takes it as a compliment when men want to fuck his beautiful blonde wife, because he knows she will always be his and if she has a little fun then all the better. After all, he will always be the one who will benefit from the experience she gains.

But Louise hasn’t always been totally happy with her adventures. Not because she doesn’t want them but because they haven’t always lived up to expectations, and so one evening as they lay naked side by side in bed she tried once more to explain it to her husband.

‘What I’m looking for.’ She told him. ‘Is someone who will just use me for their pleasure. Someone who will simply do whatever they want with me, because, as long as they don’t hurt me, their pleasure will give me pleasure, if you can understand?’

‘I think so, but weren’t you chatting to some men on the internet with that in mind?’

‘I was, but I’ll have to come up with something else because it’s not working out.’

‘Why, what’s the problem?’ John asked, idly stroking his wife’s flat stomach.

‘The problem is that they’re either too timid and want to treat me like a china doll, asking please can they do this or would I mind if they did that to me, or otherwise they interpret the phrase ‘use me’ in the bdsm sense and come on all aggressive before I’ve even met them. I don’t want either of those types.’

John turned on his side and began to caress his wife’s breasts. ‘So what exactly do you want?’

‘I just want someone who’ll simply take me as if I was some kind of everyday object that they owned. Someone who won’t ask, they’ll just do things naturally, and then we can both enjoy it.’

‘Hmm. I think I know what you mean.’ John was frowning now, even as he played with his wife’s nipple. ‘You want someone who’ll just assume you’ll like whatever they want to do with you, and do it?’

‘Yes, don’t ask, and definitely don’t threaten. Just do it.’

‘Like I’m doing now with your boobs?’ He was mauling her breasts, squeezing and massaging them, tugging gently on her nipples.

‘Exactly, except I’d want a lot more than just a little boob play.’ Louise giggled. ‘Anything at all, so long as it doesn’t hurt.’

‘Yes, I know you’re not into pain.’ He grinned at her repetition and pinched her nipple, making her jump. ‘Okay I’ll have to think about that one. Maybe I can organize something for you as a birthday present.’ Her thirty-third birthday was only eight weeks away.

‘If you can it would be brilliant. Make it more than one man if you like – in fact several would be good.’ She giggled as she added the last bit, neither meaning nor expecting John to take much notice.

‘Leave it with me; I’ll see what I can do.’

He rolled on top of her as the thought of her in the hands of other men got to him.

Nothing more was said until a couple of weeks before the day, and then he waited until they were in bed and turned towards her to whisper in her ear. ‘I couldn’t get anything sorted for your actual birthday, but next Saturday evening you are going to be delivered to an address and get your fantasy made reality.’

‘How?’ She asked, shocked but delighted. ‘Who?’

‘Don’t ask.’ He smiled in the darkness. ‘Don’t you want your present to be a surprise?’

‘Well, yes, I suppose so.’

‘Well, I can guarantee you this one will definitely be that.’ He told her mysteriously.

So, she thought, my surprise birthday prezzie will come a week early, I don’t mind that. She shivered in anticipation and then turned towards him and kissed him eagerly. Sex that night was the best for a long while.


Louise took great care getting ready on the Saturday night; she had plenty of time for she wasn’t supposed to be there – wherever there was, until 10pm. She had no idea who she was meeting either and so she settled for a sophisticated yet sexy look with a minimum of makeup and a white silk blouse and a short grey skirt over a black quarter cup bra and thong. When she turned away from the mirror she reckoned she’d got it about right so long as her partner for the evening wasn’t too fussy.

‘You don’t mind if other people watch, do you?’ John asked as they turned onto the main road out of town.

Louise didn’t mind, and John knew she didn’t because it had happened before, so she looked at him curiously for asking, her heart beating suddenly faster at the prospect.

‘And you remember saying you wanted someone to act as if they owned you, I think that was your phrase?’

‘Yes, go on.’

‘Well, the guy you’re going to meet, his name is Mike by the way, will own you, at least for a couple of hours.’

‘Explain please.’ Louise couldn’t quite see where this was heading.

‘You see.’ John went on. ‘As well as him being your birthday present, you are his too. It’s his sixtieth birthday today and so you are each other’s birthday presents, although he doesn’t know erotik film izle about yours.’

She stared silently at him, still not quite getting her head around what he was saying.

‘Several of his friends have clubbed together and hired you for the evening. So you’ll be his until midnight.’

‘You mean they’ve paid you for me?’ Her eyes widened as she stared, understanding flooding in. ‘You bastard, you’ve pimped me out.’

‘Well, you wanted to be a piece of property for the evening, and now you will be.’

They drove along in silence as Louise digested the idea. Being given to a man to use was what she’d been asking for, so that was fine, but at sixty he was maybe just a little bit older than she would have liked. But, hey, she didn’t mind older just so long as he wasn’t one of the meek and mild stuffy bank manager types. The more she thought about it the more she began to smile, until suddenly she erupted into laughter.

‘This is going to be a very strange birthday present” She giggled. ‘And it’s certainly the first time anyone has made a profit out of it.’

‘Don’t worry.’ He told her, joining in the laughter. ‘I’ll split it with you.’

‘Do you want to split the sex with me as well?’ She asked, pretending innocence.

‘No, you can have all of that. I’ll just drop you off and then pick you up again around midnight. I’ll bring some spare panties with me in case you’ve lost yours.’ He grinned.

‘A proper little Cinderella, aren’t I?’ She hadn’t really expected to be just dropped off and left, but it added to the excitement.

The address turned out to be a large single story structure in an unfamiliar area on the edge of town. The building itself was unremarkable; except for a group of powerful motorcycles parked on the drive. Excitement and trepidation flooded through Louise in equal portion along with just a little outright fear as she realised it was a biker’s home. She had nothing against bikers, in fact they were just the sort of men she enjoyed, but she knew that with a group of them together there was the potential for things to get out of hand.

The door was answered by a woman, which was something else Louise had not expected. She was quite a bit older than Louise, maybe fifty-ish, with her dark hair showing streaks of grey. She was tall and slim and still attractive in a rough sort of way, but very casually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, braless and shoeless and with prominent nipples showing through the cotton of her top. She silently looked Louise up and down and then, as if satisfied with the merchandise, thrust a bundle of notes at John.

‘Thanks.’ John told her. ‘This is Louise; I’ll collect her at midnight.’

‘No problem.’ The woman replied, turning to Louise. ‘You know what you’re going to do, don’t you?’

‘Whatever I’m told.’ Louise replied, her heart rate rising rapidly at the very uncertain prospect before her.

She seemed to have hit the right note with that answer, for the woman smiled and her face lit up, revealing the beautiful girl she had once been. ‘You’ll do. Come on.’ She turned to go in, beckoning to Louise as she did so.

‘Don’t damage the goods.’ John cautioned.

‘We know, we know. No pain. What do you think we are?’

Louise wasn’t really sure of the answer to that, but she felt reassured and obediently followed her into the house. But as soon as the door was closed the woman stopped and turned to her.

‘My name is Margherita, but everyone calls me Margie.’ She paused. ‘Just so that you know, Mike is my man but don’t worry about that, it’s his birthday and I want to see him happy. So he calls the tune, okay?’

Louise nodded. ‘Okay.’

Margie let a fond smile spread across her face. ‘He’s a randy old sod and so you’ll earn your money, but he’s not particularly kinky, so you’ll be ok.’ She put on a more concerned look. ‘But one thing he does want.’ She hesitated as if not sure how to say it. ‘He wants to see me get it on with another woman, that won’t be a problem for you, will it?’

That one caught Louise by surprise and she felt her mouth fall open momentarily, but she recovered quickly. ‘No, I’m cool.’

Louise was mostly into men, but she wasn’t averse to getting together with another woman occasionally, and although Margie was older than Louise had experience with, she was far from totally unattractive.

‘You know what you’re doing with a woman, do you?’ Margie asked.

‘Yes, no problem.’

‘Good, because I don’t, it’ll be my first time.’

Before a wide eyed Louise could properly absorb what she’d just been told Margie shrugged and pushed a door open to let a blast of rock music welcome her. As she entered the lounge she was greeted by a sudden round of clapping and a couple of wolf whistles, something that pushed Margie’s remarks right out of her mind. But then Margie came in behind her and held up her hands to quieten everyone down.

First impression was of a large lounge, a very large lounge, comfortably furnished with a number of mismatched sofas and chairs. It was a little film izle run down but certainly not as dirty or untidy as she might have imagined, and nor was it littered with beer cans and cigarette butts. The people awaiting her matched the room, definitely biker types but again neither grimy nor unkempt. There were around ten or a dozen men and several more women, all dressed very casually in jeans and either plaid shirts or t-shirts emblazoned with various logos, with many of the men wearing the usual biker style leather vests. They were all around the same age as Margie with one or two maybe even slightly older. She labelled them as regular folk, rough but honest, just the sort she could identify with. She relaxed inside, knowing instinctively that she was safe so long as she didn’t put on any airs and graces, although she silently acknowledged that her clothing was way out of place. She could also see that whatever she was asked to do, she would be having more of an audience than she’d expected, but that was simply something that brought out the exhibitionist in her and made her shiver in anticipation.

‘Mike.’ Margie called, smiling as a big man with a long drooping Viking style moustache came forward. ‘Here’s your present darling, she’s called Louise, make good use of her because she’s only here ’til midnight.’

Mike took a long slow appraising look at Louise, letting his eyes drift from her face to her bust and on down to her hips and legs. She could almost feel his eyes drilling through her clothing to ogle what lay beneath.

‘Very nice.’ He breathed, quickly looking over his shoulder at his friends. ‘You’ve done me proud, thank you all.’

It was the strangest situation that Louise had ever found herself in, but she enjoyed the compliment almost as much as the lust that glowed in Mike’s eyes.

‘Are you going to unwrap your present then, Mike?’ Someone called from behind him.

‘Hell no.’ He threw back. ‘This is one present that can unwrap itself.’ He looked at her and nodded, telling her without speaking to do just that.

For a moment or two she hesitated, unsure if she should do a sexy striptease or simply undress as if for bed. In the end she went halfway, holding Mike in her gaze as she moved to stand directly in front of him and steadily unbuttoned her blouse, all the time trying to maintain an air of self-confidence. Blouse removed she kept him pinned under her gaze as she held it out sideways in her hand. She dropped it on the nearest sofa before unhooking her skirt and letting it slide down her legs, still looking into Mike’s eyes as she stepped out of it. She had to look away briefly as she bent to retrieve it and drop it with her blouse, and she took advantage of this moment to take a quick glance around the room. Everyone was sitting quietly, not saying a word but just staring at her, openly salivating at the sight of Louise in her undies. She smiled and did a deliberate pirouette to show herself off. Now she was pleased she had dressed as she had.

‘Keep going.’ Mike’s voice sounded suddenly gruff and she knew she was turning him on.

She reached behind to unhook her bra, looking straight into Mike’s eyes once more. As the bra swung clear she could see that she was unsettling him, he didn’t know if he should hold her look or drop his gaze to her newly exposed breasts. She let him off the hook by shifting her gaze to look around the room again, taking in the lustful expressions on several faces. The situation was beginning to get to her and she was starting to hope they might be more than just an audience.

All that was left now was for her to remove her thong and to do that she deliberately turned her back to everyone, knowing that she was displaying her pussy to them as she bent over and wriggled her butt. She tossed the thong aside but remained with her back to her audience, bending all the way over once more to reach right between her legs and run a couple of fingers up and down her crack, over her anus and down to her already wet pussy.

‘She’s fucking gorgeous.’ One of the men exclaimed. ‘I know what I want for my birthday.’

‘Yep, she sure is, but you’ll have to wait a couple of months.’ Mike chuckled.

Louise straightened and turned back to face him, wondering where he would want her.

‘Go and sort Margie out, will you?’ He pointed to the side. ‘Looks like she could use a little help.’

Louise turned to see Margie, her top already off, wriggling out of her jeans and taking her panties down with them, her pendulous breasts swinging as she did so.

‘Come on.’ Margie whispered, finally treading her clothes away to leave herself naked and flicking a glance at her husband, ‘Let’s go and do as the man wants.’

She reached out and took Louise’s hand and, leaning closer, whispered. ‘It would be nice if we can enjoy this, but it doesn’t matter if we don’t, it’s for Mike, not us.’

‘I know.’ Louise nodded, wondering how she would get on with this inexperienced woman.

They stood facing each other for a so, until it became clear to Louise that she seks filmi izle would have to make the first decisive move. And so she pulled on Margie’s hand, bringing her close and encircling her in her arms in a loose embrace.

‘You sure you’re okay about this?’ She asked.

‘Yes.’ Margie replied softly, her arms wrapping themselves around Louise’s back. ‘I’m just not used to it.’

They stood like that for a moment or two, each gazing into the face of the other, looking for a hint as to the next move, until once again against her natural instincts, Louise took the lead by sliding a hand between them to cup one of Margie’s heavy breasts, lifting the soft flesh.

‘Nice?’ She asked quietly, smiling at the nervous nod she got for an answer.

For a few minutes she played with Margie’s boobs, squeezing and massaging them but getting no response other than hearing Margie’s breathing quickening in her ear.

‘You know where mine are.’ It was the broadest hint she had the nerve to give, but it still took Margie a few seconds to respond and hesitantly push her own hand between their bodies to cover Louise’s breast with her palm. Louise closed her eyes and absorbed the moment, enjoying the sensations and ignoring the giggling and whispering she could hear around her. It was nice and she didn’t mind the fact that Margie was older and, to be honest, slightly overweight. Her soft pliable flesh made a pleasant change from the hard hairy bodies that she’d become used to.

‘Now kiss me.’

Louise looked up in surprise at Margie’s request, not expecting the older woman to suddenly take charge like that, but she complied willingly, only too glad to have the responsibility removed. Margie’s lips were soft and her breath fresh, the kiss nicer than Louise had imagined, even Margie’s tongue seemed to show an unexpected enthusiasm. But once again the two women had to ignore the ribald comments and chuckles that the others were making. Someone, female, even commented to Margie that she had never kissed anyone else like that, and Louise could feel Margie smile silently in response. And then she felt a hand sliding down over her abdomen, heading for the join of her legs. She took a deep breath and parted her feet ready for Margie to explore her, happy that hers was to be the first pussy that Margie would ever touch apart from her own.

The first touch was firm, even rough, as Margie’s hand reached her pussy and pushed two fingers between her thighs, immediately investigating her as far as she could reach, her probing fingers finding Louise’s clit and rubbing at it, making her gasp at being touched in such an abrupt manner. She didn’t mind that she was definitely not being gently seduced; forceful treatment suited her temperament just fine and in fact she wanted more. Louise raised a foot and placed it on the sofa beside them, hanging her arms around Margie’s neck for balance and opening herself up for Margie’s searching hand to go wherever it wanted.

Margie explored further between Louise’s legs, bending over a little in order to reach then sliding her fingers between Louise’s labia until they found her entrance and pushed inside. Louise gasped again, but louder this time, aware of the people around her and of her heart racing with excitement at the treatment being meted out to her in front of so many strangers.

‘You know where mine is.’ Margie told her suddenly, deliberately imitating Louise’s own remark of only a few minutes before and at the same time also planting her foot on the sofa.

‘I can’t reach.’ Louise told her, realising the fact that they would both be bending forward would put both beyond arms reach of each other.

Margie looked around quickly. ‘On the sofa.’ She decided, pulling Louise down so that they landed side by side on the seat.

Louise knew what was wanted and she twisted to face Margie, threading her arm around her partner’s neck and letting her other hand reach out to find first the other woman’s thigh and then, as Margie also turned towards her, her pussy. Louise heard Margie’s breath hiss quietly as she felt Louise’s hand on her, her eyes closing momentarily. Then she reciprocated, reaching across so that her face was only inches from Louise’s and smiling as she sought out the pussy that she had first touched only minutes before. The two women played with each other now, deliberately holding their legs open to let Mike see everything they were doing, knowing that everyone else in the room was watching them and getting a good eyeful at the same time.

Margie smiled at Louise. ‘I’m beginning to like this.’ She whispered

‘Me too.’

And so she was. Margie’s two fingers had found her vagina again and were pumping in and out; finesse sacrificed for eagerness, just the way Louise so often liked it.

Louise, on the other hand, was touching Margie much more gently, sometimes using the flat of her hand to slide along Margie’s pussy, sometimes letting two fingers enter her vagina, but mostly lightly stroking her clit, noticing to her own amusement and satisfaction how quickly it had reacted to her touch, noticeably peeking out from under its covering hood. Soon they had almost forgotten that they were putting on a show for Mike and his buddies and had become totally involved in each other.

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