Breeding a 32 year old virgin.


Breeding a 32 year old virgin.My first breeding lead relationship was after I had been married with 1 c***d. Had been trying for a second but was not happening.Family moved to new city and I started a new job for the government . The first day was in a hotel with around a dozen new starters, the big boss and his deputies and two trainers.The first day was not exciting but for the fact one of the trainers in her early thirties was worth watching. She had been with the government her whole adult life. The introductions revealed she was a fun character but clearly reserved. Her nervousness was evident.After the first day the big cheeses left us with the trainers only for the remaining two weeks of the course. They then revealed more about themselves as the time passed. The one that had caught my eye was called Katie. She was 32 and single. A little digging from the group revealed although her unmarried sister worked with her, she lived alone. Katie was big busted. The work blouses she wore were tight over her tits and her ass looked round and shapely in her work skirt. She clearly had c***d bearing hips and looked a fantastic fuck. During the mixing of the first week more was discovered about her. Rumour was she and her sister were virgins. Katie was the more liberal of the two and seemed to want a relationship but was unable to as she did not want to let her sister down. They were both religious and due to their age had resolved to become old spinsters together.My interest grew over the training weeks imagining the big titted virgin allowing me into her bed. I knew her beliefs would make it unlikely she would use birth control and my urges to breed her increased.I trained hard during the programme so that she recognised me as a good trainee. I smiled and was encouraging during her training sessions and ensured I kept her eye throughout. I made sure that every time she looked at me she saw I was was attentive and constantly looking at her. Over time she smiled when she looked a me and her gazes at me became more frequent. Confident that she had noticed my attention I started chatting before and after the daily training sessions. She was a Harry Potter fan so it was easy to strike canlı bahis up a rapport. Katie was clearly liking the attention and began to come towards me out of training sessions to chat. During all conversations I was careful to ensure I was attentive and that I was listening to her every word.We exchanged numbers and I began texting general work related enquiries. When this became standard I threw in some Harry Potter references to increase the dialogue. Within a few days my large breasted 32 year old virgin was chatting every night by text. She was hooked and clearly enjoying the attention of a man. Following the time in the hotel, training continued in the office for several weeks after, I took pains to sit close to Katie in the meeting rooms and continued to be attentive in all her training. It became clear she was a klutz at computers and anything technical. I made it clear I was a technophile and she sought me out when issues arose. When troubleshooting a particular issue I placed my hand over hers on the mouse and guided her through the solution. The effect on her was electric as she felt the touch of a man and it was clear she had no intention of ending the touch prematurely by removing her hand. I looked her in the eye as I explained the solution to the issue and saw that she was completely distracted by the touch and was unable to focus.When asking her out it became clear she was unable to meet in a bar as she had no car and obviously did not want her sister to know she was seeing a married man. It was she that suggested I came over to hers. I offered to cook for her if she would like and she agreed. I offered to find a hotel room near her home so that I could have a drink with her. She said she had a spare room I could use if I wanted to stay. The night arrived and so did I . I took condoms just in case but hoped I had read the sluts body language correctly and would not need them.Katie opened the door looking nervous and excited. She had started on the red wine and offered me a glass. I asked if I could change as came straight from the office. She said sure and showed me my room and the bathroom. I asked if she would mind if I had a quick shower before I got changed. bahis siteleri Again not a problem.When I came down in 20 mins it was clear she had knocked back another glass of red. The thought of a naked man in her house was obviously exciting to her.She had dressed in a red wrap dress and black heels. Her breasts looked massive and caused the fabric to bulge. I cooked, we ate, we drank we laughed. We sat on the sofa after dinner and chatted about work and family. We snuggled closer and kissed. She was tentative at first but she became more passionate as the feeling of being close to a man continued. After kissing on the lips I explored her mouth. It was inexperienced but was willing to learn. I moved onto her throat and neck and took time to stroke her shoulders and back. It was clear she was aroused and keen to continue. She pressed her big breasts into my chest , her hard nipples evident.I laid her back on the sofa and unwrapped my prize. Katie had obviously not expected to be in this position when she dressed. Her white bra was pretty and lacy but her black panties were everyday. The bra was simply pushed up and her pale breasts were exposed to me. Being the first man to touch her breasts meant every sensation was a new experience. She was gasping and moaning as i kissed, licked and squeezed. She was not passive however as was rubbing her thighs and hands against my crotch, she felt the hardness and knew it wanted her.We moved onto the floor and I moved lower towards the black panties. It was clear she was damp and I wanted to explore the virginal pussy. My shirt had been unbuttoned by her but I asked it i was okay if I slipped my jeans off for comfort. She readily agreed so once one I lay on top of her and again kissed her on the mouth. As I did I let her feel the hardness of my penis against the entrance to her pussy separated by just two pieces of cloth.I then went down and nuzzled the wet black panties. I let her feel my breath on her sex and then kissed her on her pussy lips through the damp fabric.My 32 year old virgin was soaking wet and she was moaning and thrusting like the cock starved slut she was. There was no resistance to her panties being removed bahis şirketleri as she agreed they were in the way. There she was on her living room floor, dress peeled open with her breasts and cunt on show for her married lover. Her pubic hair needed some landscaping but the body was good and ripe, Het tits were 38D’s but firm not sagging. I removed my shorts and let her see my cock , she actually licked her lips in anticipation. my balls felt heavy as i positioned myself above her, and i was leaking a healthy amount of clear precum as I thought of taking the repressed sluts virginity. I asked, ‘is this what you want?’An immediate positive response so I moved my cock to the tight unused vagina. I let her get used the the feel of the tip moving against the wet lips of her vulva. Her hips were squirming pleading to feel the cock inside her. Even if my Church slut wanted me to not breed her, I longed to ensure her virginity was lost to the feel of my uncovered cock stretching her pussy into a real woman’s cunt.I entered until i felt the resistance of her hymen and then held myself there as again we kissed , her nipples hard against my chest. Then i shifted position so she could see my face and I could see hers and whilst staring into her eyes I deliberately pushed my uncovered cock helmet against the maidenhead. It seemed quite resistant so I pulled back and then forcefully entered her. I felt the tissue tear and my cock powered into her to the hilt as she gave a little shriek as it stretched her vagina. Once fully inside I stopped and kissed her again and allowed her to get acquainted with the feeling of a cock in her cunt. Knowing the remains of her virginity were now staining my cock and her dress. She looked elated and just said….fuck me…cum in me….fill me with cum. With this request ringing in my ears I took my new slut at her word and fucked her on her living room floor as she moaned and came until i filled her unprotected uterus with spurts of my cum. It did not fertilise her that day but she became my breeder from that day on. The inner slut now released from its previous prudishness has turned her into a cum hungry fuck bunny. Since then Katie has born me two bastards but appears now to be no longer fertile due to being 49. Her cunt is still mine to use exclusively though whilst I look for a younger repressed little whore bundled up in a goody two shoes virginal persona ready to pop and breed.

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