Dubb The Big Booty Masher!!! (Toccara)

Dubb The Big Booty Masher!!! (Toccara)Toccara is this thick girl I fucked from a country town in Texas. While I was with Jeanie for two years, this was one of the girls I cheated on her with. I recall where she’s from because I drove all the way to far out to the country to hit that. Toccara was a sexy big ebony thick country girl with a big monster huge butt (not sloppy), and nice large tits. I remember she was on my dick from the first time we met in front of Jamal’s house. She was wearing a denim outfit with all of her nice curves showing. I wanted to fuck her that day but she was with her friend, so we exchanged numbers for next time. About a week later I get on the road with her directions and eventually end up at her place. I remember coming into a small apartment and sitting down at her dining table to break up some grass when Toccara invites me upstairs to show me her bedroom. I then followed her up the stairs, watching her huge booty güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sway back and forth up each step. When we entered the bedroom, Toccara then casually asked me to take off my pants. I had no problem with her request so I pulled down my pants leaving my boxer briefs up. Toccara sat on the bed and gently grabbed the bulge she made grow right before her eyes. “Go ahead a whip it out!!” I said!! I was feeling like a big man at this point. She pulled down my boxers like a bang bros movie and my semi erect penis flopped out like a big sausage that she caught with her hand and put it straight in her mouth. Every man should have his dick sucked like this at least once in his life. Incidentally I was hard for the entire road trip thinking about fucking Toccara doggystyle, that it did not take very much effort on her part. Toccara was very skillful with her blowjob and mad me bust a huge load after youwin güvenilir mi just a few strokes with her mouth. Some of my semen spilled out her mouth on her luscious G sized tits. Toccara wipe my nut off her chin and told me I wasn’t leaving until I gave her a “good fuckin!” I rolled up a blunt and smoked about half of it when my erection started filling up again after not even 10 minutes later. Toccara was a 6ft amazon with big hips, legs, and ass and she was about to catch my 2nd nut which was my straight pound game! I noticed Toccara had three k**s and a weak looking baby daddy would probably could not pull out of this big fine woman. Nevertheless I slipped my big dick in her tight vagina and began a slow deep stroke that I varied the speed of. My dick had to be big and long to have sex with a build like Toccara’s. Her butt cheeks were so massive and round that it was an absolute visual marvel to behold. perabet For a big girl, Toccara took my big black dick well as she moaned loud when I started hammering and slamming my full size deep inside her. I don’t think I fucked her in any other position other than from behind because she even though she had a bangin body, she had a weak face!!! But she was fine to compensate, her body made up for her looks. I’m fucking Toccara from the back with no condom! I remember her pussy felt absolutely wonderful. After about 30 to 45 mins. I pulled out and busted my load on her thigh. My last strokes were deep and as close as I could to cumming inside her. I had to lay down and compose myself from the two nuts I just busted. I made stupid small talk until I came up with a reason to go and burnt back to the Htown. I changed my number and never heard from Toccara again. It kind of makes me wonder if my enjoyable experience will taint my karma. I seriously doubt that notion. Toccara knew the name of the game and that I wasn’t talking about sticking around to play step daddy to three k**s for a woman with good sex. Toccara freaky ass just wanted to feel my big cock deep, so I gave her all she could handle. What a slut…Oooh that was good!!!

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