MOTHER IN LAW SEDUCED ME…..Part 1I had always had a thing for my sexy mother in law and often fantasised about her seducing me. I had even looked at her sexy undies on the washing line and flirted with her alittle but to no avail. She is 56, 5’2, and dyed blonde hair and a nice size 12 figure. I only know her dress size and bra size due to the fact of looking thro her undies. Her boobs aren’t big, size 36A but nice and pert.Any way one day I had been mowing the lawn, like I usually do and I noticed she had some washing on the line and as I mowed closer I noticed acouple of pairs of little lacey panties. I tried not to make it to obvious that I was looking at them incase she looked out of the window and saw me. when I had finished mowing the lawn, I knocked on the door and canlı bahis şirketleri went in, and gave her a shout. Karen shouted ‘Im in the kitchen, come on thro’.I went thro to the kitchen and there she was, all dressed up as she had been out. she looked as stunning as ever. she was wearing a nice tight skirt, tights or stockings and blouse. She offered to make me a cup of tea and as she had her back to me I couldn’t help but look to see if I could see her panty line thro the tight skirt, of which I could just make it out as well as suspender bumps. The more I looked as we chatted, the more I got aroused. karen turned and bought my cup of tea over, and we just casually chatted. I was still hard and was hoping karen wouldn’t notice. ‘Im just nipping to the perabet giriş loo’ karen saidphew, I thought…it will give me time to compose myself.On the side was a pile of neatly folded washing and I couldn’t help myself but too have alook to see if there was any of karens undies. I found acouple of pairs of lacey knickers, bras and camisoles. I took a pair of karen’s knickers and nervously sniffed them…’mmmm, I bet they smell nicer on her’ I thought to myself.All of a sudden Karen said ‘ do you like what you see?’ I spun round and there was karen stood in just her underwear, I didn’t know what to do and just froze to the spot. She was wearing nice black lacey French knickers, matching bra with stockings and suspenders. She walked over to me ‘well, what perabet güvenilir mi a naughty boy you are. I had noticed for awhile that you like looking at my undies and just let you get on with it. But today I thought I might aswell make the most of it and let you see them on me’I was sat on a stool and she came over to me and pushed my legs open then stood between them, up close to me. ‘Mmmmmm’ she giggled, you look as if you like what you see and she put her arms around my neck. I looked into her eyes and she just smiled then my eyes looked down to her lovely boobs pushed up in her bra.’Hold me, let your hands feel and explore’I put my hands on her bum, I was trembling as I felt the lace of her knickers and her suspenders,’go on then, let those hands feel my stockings’ she giggled’I bet you wasn’t expecting this for being a good boy and mowing my lawn?’ she laughed’No I wasn’t, I had only ever fantasised about you’ I said’well today, that fantasy will come reality, and I will have that lovely cock of yours!’ to be continued……

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