SeductionWhen I was younger many years ago I was seduced this is how.During my younger days aged 17 to 18 I would do anything to earn extra money,I had done paper rounds, gardening, car washing babysitting,you name it and I had done it.I had seen an advert in the local rag asking for a baby sitter so I telephoned the number and spoke to Mr Richards who after a conversation said I sounded alright and that his wife Denise would telephone when I was required.About a week later I received a call from Mrs Richards asking me if I could babysit that night while she took her Husband to the airport I replied that would be okay I arrived around 7pm and Mrs Richards opened the door I was stunned by how stunning she looked I would take her to be about 34 years old with long waves of black hair around her shoulders very tall and a curvy body she introduced herself as Denise and asked me my name told her Billy she then introduced me to the twinsboth 7 years old and told them who was and that they must do as I tell them Mr Richards urged his wife to hurry as he did not want to miss his plane this seemed to upset her a little as she went out and slammed the door around 9.45pm I noticed the lights from the car pull into the drive I went to the front door and seen it was Mrs Richards so I opened the door for her thank you Billy thats very nice of you as she walked past I could bursa escort smell her perfume which was very intoxicating she seemed quite upset so I enquired as to why had I done something wrong the boys where in bed sound asleep no no she replied its not you its that stupid man of mine he was supposed to be going to Madrid for 2 to 3 days now at the airport he tells me it will be a week to 10days and he wonders why I am upset.I got up to leave but Mrs Richards said I need not go yet and that I could keep her company for a little while with that she left the room with her coat and said she was going to get changed and look in on the boys a good few minutes later I heard her in the kitchen she came back into the lounge carrying two cups of coffee and placed one for me next to the settee and one for her self on the other side she had changed into a long black see through house coat and I could see a the outline of a black bra black knickers and stockings through this as she walked around I got sight of the white flesh above her stocking tops and this started to have an effect on me as she sat next to me I could feel the warmeth from her thighs next to mine some how she had opened the house coat and the sight of her long legs in black stockings black lace knickers and black lace bra met my gaze you are not afraid of me Billy are you no Mrs Richards call me Denise bursa escort bayan she replied with this she started to unbutton my shirt and rub her hand over my chest surely a boy like you must have had lots of girls no not really I replied just one or two by now my cock was rock hard.She fiddled with my pants and released my hard cock all 7 inches of it Oh she remarked you are quite big for a young lad My cock was pulsing as she gently held it and worked up and down with her hand she took my hand and placed it on her tits over the black bra and asked me to caress her there my hand moved in a circular movement over them feeling her nipples stiffen with each movement she then took my hand and moved it down to her cunt covered by the lace knickers I moved them to one side and rubbed my finger up and down her slit then pushed a finger inside her Oh yes she replied thats just what I need and just the way I like it after a few minutes of fingering her she said Billy lets strip I want that Big Cock in my cunt right up me and I wont let you go home until I have had you.Denise stood and slipped her knickers off followed by her bra and housecoat she lay back on the sofa with only her black nylons and opened her legs revealing a neatly trimmed cunt clearly wet saying come to me, I lay on top of her with my cock in her slit feeling the wetness of her cunt but not entering escort bursa her I kissed and sucked her nipples as she asked her nipples hard and tasteful moving down her body my hand found my cock and placed it at her enterence and with one movement I slid deep inside her to the hilt feeling the warmth of her fanny grip firmly on my cock OH Yes Biily she cried that s it fuck me OH ye baby give to me her legs rapped around me and the nylon stockings felt good on my bare skin I started to fuck her faster and harder Oh Oh Oh she cried out Geees Billy I wish my man could fuck me like this its fucking lovely her hips were now meeting mine as we fucked in unison Oh God Bily Iam gonna come OOOOOOOgod Iam coming OhOh I could feel the wetness of her fanny as her cunt juice ran over my cock within seconds this proved to much and I said Denise I am going to shoot YEYEYesYes she said fill my cunt shoot your young spunk in me I fired off shooting at least six shots deep inside her OOOO yes Yes Billy she cried holding me tight with her arms and legs wrapped firmly around me we recovered to find my cock was still hard and Denise said do you want me again to which I nodded she said we moved to the floor and lay together she rolled me on to my back and mounted me my cock easily going into her hot wet fanny filled with my come Denise than rode me like the expert she was she could not get enough cock and had another huge orgasm flooding me with her love juice Oh god Billy you fuck me much better John After this I left but she remined me we had another 10 days of Babysitting with benifits.

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