Surrogate Father


Surrogate FatherSurrogate Father (Slut wife mmm/f )By Jet LagMy wife Tina and I have been married for about 5 years now.We married when she was 20 years old and I was 24. Tina iswhat many people consider to be a knockout blonde. She istall with long legs a trim waist and an ample bustline. Herbright blue eyes sparkle. She definitely has that centerfoldlook. She is not bashful about showing off her sexy figureparticularly those full C-cup breasts and likes to weartight clothing that will compliment her body. Tina lovesall the attention and compliments.We had always been very careful during sex, and Tinainsisted that I always wore a condom to avoid any mistakesresulting in an unwanted pregnancy. Our sex life was goodmainly because my young wife had a strong sexual appetiteand we made love at least three or four times a week. Shehas never really complained about any inadequacy from mysmall penis and I have consistently made it a point toplease her in other ways such as oral sex. I thought thatour marriage and our sex lives were going along just fine.Tina and I both worked at a large software company where weheld good jobs in different departments and in differentparts of the building complex. I was always so proud of herand how sexy she looked. She was invariably a hit at thevarious company parties and picnics and enjoyed all theattention and flirting that she received from her malecoworkers. We were living out the American Dream.Tina wasn’t really too interested in having c***dren. I onthe other hand wanted to raise a small family with at leastone and maybe two k**s. We had decided that, once we wereable to afford a nice home in the suburbs we could considerstarting a family.Eventually we did buy a nice house, and I reminded Tina ofmy strong desire to begin our family. She was still veryhesitant, and it was only on rare occasions that she allowedme to make love to her without my condom. It was only duringwhat she told me was her “fertile time”. More and more shewas asking me to service her orally.After about four or five months with no success at pregnancyI suggested we go to a fertility clinic to be checked out.Tina was very reluctant to go and I had to practically dragher down there for our series of appointments. However,each time we that returned home from a visit my wife was allworked up sexually and demanded an oral tongue lashing themoment we walked through the door.We had gone for several visits and had a number of examsperformed on each of us separately. The results confirmedwhat Tina had been telling me right along. That is, due toa low sperm count, combined with my small penis I was unableto successfully fertilize my wife. I was devastated, andwanted to go back for more tests, but Tina refused.One morning, during our commute into the city, we discussedour dilemma. I brought up the subject first.”Tina, you know I really want to start a family but if youwont cooperate and go back to the clinic we wont getanywhere” I pleaded.Tina answered in a gruff tone. “It’s not me that has theproblem and I’m not going back there. Period.”When she gives me that tone it’s hopeless to argue, butstill I pressed her “Why won’t you go back there” I whined”You know how much it means to me.””I’ll tell you why” she snapped “I don’t like the way theyconduct their exams at that place. Every single time we gothere they put me in an examining room and make me get allundressed and sit there without a johnny or anything to puton. Then the same three doctors come in and check me allover. First one doctor checks my blood pressure while I amsitting there nude and the others are staring at me. Thenone by one they take turns examining my breasts. A femaledoctor has checked me for lumps before, and she didn’t do itlike that. They make me put my hands on top of my headwhile they squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples. Sometimesthey have a student doctor come in and check me too! Thenthey always make me lay down and they insert some kind ofthermometer up my crotch. It’s big and thick. It goes wayup there and then they start moving it in and out in and outin and out! The entire time I am at that clinic they makeme stay nude and they don’t care about anyone seeing meeither. Sometimes some of the other men patients see menaked. Who do they think they are k**ding? I can plainlysee the smiles on their faces and the big bulges in theirpants. I wasn’t born yesterday! Is that what you want toput me through again, Frank?”Tina was pissed, but I was sure she was exaggerating.”Look honey.” I said in my best reassuring tone. “Thatclinic is very highly rated and I’m sure they know what theyare doing. You know how much it means to me. I really wantto have a family with you and unless you can think ofanother way we’re kind of stuck with the clinic thing. Justpromise me that you’ll think about it. Okay baby?”Tina just sat there in silence. It was a long quiet rideinto the office.That evening, on the ride home, Tina brought up the subjectof the clinic.”You know honey, I’ve been thinking about our family, likeyou asked, and I think I have the answer for us . asurrogate father.”She had a devilish grin.”Great!” I shouted spontaneously “I’ll contact the clinicand get a list of the sperm donors and all the pertinentinformation. We can get started right away!””No! I told you I’m not going back to those perverts at thatclinic.” Tina insisted “I want to have our baby the normalway. Except, because you can’t do it, we need to use asurrogate father to do it for you.””What exactly do you mean?” I asked sheepishly”Well” she started “Because you can’t get me pregnant . inthe normal way, we can get someone else, a surrogate, to .uh . have intercourse with me and make me pregnant. We canget someone who is good looking and intelligent, with ahealthy family background and who has a big enough . uh .unit . to get me pregnant for you.”I was in shock. Here was my beautiful blonde wifesuggesting that she have sex with another man, a handsomeintelligent man with a big cock, and worst of all, with myconsent.. But I remained calm.”I think we should stick with the clinical approach, honey.This sounds too kinky to me””Kinky! Kinky! You think my idea is too Kinky!” Tinasnapped ” But it’s not too kinky to have three doctorsstaring at you wife naked and feeling up your wife’s tits totheir hearts content and shoving instruments up her cunt,that’s not too kinky!”I just sat there silently while Tina ranted on.”Look Frank. It’s not me that has the problem. It’s youand your tiny penis. It’s you who wants to have a family sobad and I’m just making a suggestion that’s all. Now I’mnot going back to that awful clinic with those perverteddoctors. If you want me to have a baby we have to do it thenormal way or not at all. It’s my way or the highway!”Tina sat there fuming, her arms folded under her full bosom.Her chest heaved up and down as she breathed heavily. Shewas obviously very pissed.”All right, all right, don’t get so worked up.” I triedreassuring her “It’s just that I love you so much I can’timagine someone else having sex with you that’s all. Ifthat’s the only way we can have a baby together, well, I’llhave to think about it a little.”We both sat there quietly as we headed down the highwaytowards our suburban development. Tina had calmed down andshe was fidgeting with the radio when I broke the silencewith gaziantep escort bayan a question.”Where would we get someone to be a surrogate father and whowould it be?” I asked sheepishly.The devilish grin returned to Tina’s beautiful face and herblue eyes sparkled. “I thought we could get some candidatesfrom work. It’s a big company and there are lots ofhandsome, smart men who work there. Some of them makepasses at me already. I’m pretty sure we can get a few ofthem to start right away.””A few! A few of them! “We need a few of them?” Now it wasme who had snapped.Tina moved quickly to calm me down she slid closer to me andput her left hand on the back of my neck and used her righthand to lightly caress my crotch. An unimpressive tentimmediately formed in my pants. She had me right were shewanted.Tina still had that devilish grin and she began speaking inher irresistible little girl pouting voice as she continuedrubbing my crotch.”Well honey, it could be a problem if we actually know whothe father is. If we use more than one surrogate we wontreally know which one got me pregnant. If we can avoidknowing who the father is it will be better for all of usdon’t you think?”She was right. If we knew who the father was there could beemotional, financial, and visitation issues. With all thecrazy things in the news regarding adoptive parent’s rightsand deadbeat dads grandparents visitation, you name it, wewere probably better off not knowing. Before I knew what Iwas doing I agreed with her.”All right honey, we can do it your way.” I told her.Little did I know how much I would regret those words.The next day I contacted the clinic and got copies of allthe standard consent and family history forms for spermdonors. That night we reviewed the forms and agreed to goahead with using surrogate fathers to get my wife pregnant.That’s when Tina produced a form of her own that she hadtyped up.Basically it was a written agreement between Tina and Ioutlining our unorthodox plan for starting a family. Itstated that I understood that these men would be having sexwith my wife and that I consented freely. The agreementfurther stated that the sex with various men was to continueuntil such time as my wife became pregnant. It stated thatI could not object in any way or hold her liable foradulterous behavior and could not file for divorce. As apenalty, I would forfeit our home, cars, and bank accountsin any proceeding to enforce or annul the agreement.That devilish grin appeared again as I signed the agreement.Later on, she had her two girlfriends sign as witnesses, andplaced the document on file with an attorney.Tina wasted no time in making appointments with variouscandidates. On the very first night, my wife scheduledthree software engineers from work to drop by our house toapply for the position. My stomach was doing flip-flops asI sat in my study working on the consent and family historyforms. I wasn’t so sure that this was a good idea, or if Iwas really ready to have my beautiful sexy wife making loveto a variety of men. Meanwhile my wife was humming awayaround the house, acting all bubbly and excited.Tina was dressed in a pair of spandex shorts that lookedlike they were painted on her. Her ass looked great and herpussy was clearly outlined by the tight material. She worea thin white top, a half top really that barely covered hertits and left her flat tanned stomach fully exposed. Herfull tits bounced playfully under the top whenever shemoved. Her long blonde hair was neatly tied up on top ofher head.”That’s what your gonna wear tonight?” I asked her. “You’llembarrass me”The revealing outfit was more humiliating to me than if shewas totally naked.”What’s the matter honey.” Tina had a seductive smile andwent right into her little girl pouting voice. “Don’t youlike it. I just want to keep the guys interested and besure they know what they’re getting. Besides, this is whatyou want isn’t it? You want someone to get me pregnant foryou don’t you? And if they are going to do that they mightas well get a good look at me first. This is much betterthan that nasty perverted clinic isn’t it?”Tina came up close to me and gave me a big kiss. I folded.”Sorry honey, I’m just having trouble getting used to thissurrogate father idea.” I reassured her.Just then the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it” Tina announced asshe bounced over to the door.Moments later my wife emerged into the living room with herthree coworkers in tow. They all had huge grins on theirfaces as Tina introduced them. My grin was more than alittle forced. One by one I took each of them into mystudy to ask them the personal family questions and get themto sign the consent forms. Then I called Tina in and wediscussed their applications. It seemed to me that theywere all okay candidates. We both emerged from the studyand decided that Tina would give them the news.My wife stood in front of them and put her hands behind herback, which made her tits stick out even more, strainingagainst the thin material. She looked terrific and sexy ashell. Her perfect centerfold body was proudly on display andshe loved it. Her bright blue eyes sparkled in the brightlighting of our living room.Tina looked over at me and smiled seductively before shebegan her announcement.”As you already know, the reason you are here is because wewere checked down at the fertility clinic and my husband’spenis is too small and his ejaculations are so minimal thathe can’t get me pregnant. We want to have our baby in thenormal way but Frank and I don’t want to run into thisproblem again, so if you don’t mind, I would like to checkeach one of you and examine your equipment for myself. Ifone of you would follow me into my husband’s study we canget started.”All three of them jumped up at once. “One at time please”Tina laughed as she pointed to one guy, Mark, and led himaway to my study. She glanced back at me and gave me kindof a half smile half smirk as Mark placed his hand on hernicely shaped ass.This wasn’t part of the plan. I was dumbstruck, overcomewith embarrassment and I couldn’t look the other fellows inthe eye. Humiliated and distraught, I retired to thebedroom.About an hour later my wife joined me, while I was lying inbed wearing just my pajama bottoms. She sat down on the bednext to me.”Going to bed so early Frank?” she queried.”I just couldn’t stay there while my wife was in the nextroom checking out guys cocks, okay.” I quipped.Tina’s voice was low and soothing. She began stroking mylittle pecker.”I’m only doing this for you, baby. You want me to getpregnant right? So I had to make sure that all the guys werebig enough before you start letting them fuck me. You wantto be sure they all have big enough cocks, right? And Iwant be sure that we don’t end up with someone who is toosmall or can’t cum enough like you or we’ll be right backwere we started. I only checked out their equipment so youwouldn’t have to.”I was confused, but somehow her words were making sense tome. In fact, I was beginning to find the whole ideastrangely erotic in some way. I wanted to hear about mysexy wife and her coworkers with their big cocks. Thethought of it was really beginning to turn me on. It waslike the slut wife fantasy I had read stories about.”What did you do with them” I asked sheepishly.”Are you sure you want to know” she said as she beganstroking me faster.”Yes tell me, tell me how you checked their pricks” IpantedTina gave me that half smile half smirk again as she startedrecounting her examination of the three men.”Well, I brought each of them into your study and asked themto open their pants and show me their equipment. Mark wasfirst, and his cock looked a little small to me. But hesaid it was much bigger when it got hard, so I made him sitdown in your chair and I knelt down in front of him andstarted to rub his prick like I am doing to you now. Markreached up inside my top and started feeling my tits, hesaid it would help him to get hard faster. So I pulled mytop up over my tits so he could get a good look at them atlet him play with them for a while. Sure enough his cockgot pretty big.””I couldn’t just leave him like that, all aroused andeverything, so I kept rubbing his cock faster and faster. Ilet him play with my tits and rub my cunt a little. I didn’tthink you would mind seeing that eventually you would beletting him fuck me. Next thing you know he was shootinghis cum like crazy all over the place. He got a lot of hiscum on my tits and on your chair. He apologized and cleanedit all up with his hanky.””The second one was Bill. As soon as he got in your studyhis hands were all over me. He was kissing me and rubbing myass saying that he couldn’t wait to start making babies withme. I let him feel me up for a while. Then I sat him downin your chair and knelt down in front of him to open up hispants and check out the size of his equipment. Bill’s cockwas pretty big and it wasn’t even hard yet. He was nevercircumcised so he had skin covering up the tip. His cockwas really thick. My fingers could barely go all the wayaround.””I started rubbing his cock and it got even bigger. It hada big purple head hiding under that foreskin. I couldn’tbelieve the size of it! All I could think of is how luckyyou are, honey, to have that thick cock fucking your wifeand making a baby for you.””I was letting Bill play with my tits and rubbing his bigcock faster and faster. I thought he was going to cum anyminute and I didn’t want to make a big mess, like the lasttime, so I leaned over and put his cock into my mouth andbegan sucking on it. Sure enough he started squirting hishot cum in my mouth almost right away. He really got a lotin there but I was able to swallow all of it, so we wouldn’tmake a mess in your chair. It didn’t taste as bad as Iimagined it would.””The last guy was Andy. As soon as he got into your studywith me he dropped his pants and his huge prick was standingstraight out. God, Frank, his thing is the size of myforearm! I thought Bill’s cock was big but Andy’s has to beat least twelve inches.””Andy held me in his arms and started kissing me. He washolding my ass and gently pulling me in and out against hisbody. His big prick was right up against my cunt and hekept rubbing me with it. Between all the kissing andrubbing he must have broke down my resistance. Next thingyou know he’s got my shorts and top off and I’m leaning overyour desk letting him fuck me from behind with his hugecock. I must have had two or three orgasms right in a rowbefore he started squirting hot cum way up inside me.””Frank honey, I know that, at the right time, you were goingto want him to fuck me. But I wasn’t ready. I justfinished my period a couple days ago so I can’t get pregnantyet.. You’re not mad are you Frank? . Mad that Andy fuckedyour wife a little before you were ready to let him?”Just at that point, I started dribbling cum out of my littlepecker. I guess her having sex with this guy and his monstercock turned me on in a strange sort of way. The whole thingwas a little too erotic for me. It was very confusing. Onthe one hand, I loved my beautiful wife and wanted to raisea family with her. The downside was that in order to getwhat I wanted I had to let her coworkers have sex with her.”I’m not mad honey. I guess he just got a little headstart.” I lied.The next day, my life with Tina began to change. Shestarted wearing shorter skirts, sexier underwear, and mostdays she went to work without a bra. We were stillcommuting into work together, but she would often get a ridehome with one of her coworkers. The number of surrogatefathers on our “approved” list had grown to seven members.Tina had shut me off for sex already telling me that she hadto save herself for the surrogate dads and somehow made itall seem like she was doing me a big favor.Tina confessed that she was letting the guys feel up hertits and her ass around the office “Just to keep theminterested”. Sometimes she would skip her lunch hour withme to interview a new perspective surrogate. My wifeexplained that she had to “let them feel her up or maybe letthem fuck her just a little bit to be sure they had theright equipment.” It was starting to get to me but I reallywanted to start a family in the worst way.We had set up our guest bedroom to accommodate the frequentsleepovers that would be inevitable. Tina wanted a new bed,curtains, shades, and a locking doorknob. The beginning ofher fertile period was starting and Tina wanted Mark to bethe first. She told me that she wanted to start out smalland work her way up. I guessed that Andy would be the lastguy in a long line.That night Tina rode home from work with Mark. I had towork a little late and when I arrived home Tina and Markwere in the kitchen talking. She was standing next to thecountertop and preparing a salad or something. My wifelooked so hot and sexy that night. She was wearing a shortyellow sundress with a deep scoop neck and thin straps. Oneof the straps had slipped off her shoulder slightly exposingthe top of her tanned breast and ample cleavage. Mark hadhis hand up under my wife’s dress resting on the soft whiteglobe of her round ass. Her dress was lifted high enough inthe back to give me a clear view of her white panties andMarks hand gently probing behind the covering.”Hi honey, I’m home” I hoped this announcement would causethem to stop.”Hi babe” Tina shouted from the kitchen.Neither her nor Mark interrupted what they were doing. Inoticed a pair of pantyhose thrown on the sofa and Tina’sshoes nearby on the floor. I imagined that when my wife gothome and removed them it was all the invitation that Markneeded. I couldn’t watch. I retired to my study to finishup some paperwork.We all sat down to dinner together, which, for Mark and I,was a very quiet and tense affair. Tina, on the other hand,was her usual delightful and bubbly self. Bouncing in herseat and chattering away. The strap of her sundress keptslipping off of her shoulder almost exposing one of herbreasts. She would leave it down for a while and then,while fixing it, look up at me with that devilish grin, orover to Mark with a seductive smile. The sexual tension wasunmistakable.After dinner, I returned back to my study to bury mythoughts in work. Meanwhile, Tina and Mark were on thecouch talking in the next room. At one point, I peeked outthe doorway at them. The strap on my wife’s sundress hadslipped down again but this time it fully exposed one breastand her large pink nipple was totally uncovered. Tina andMark were kissing passionately. Her sundress was bunched uparound her hips and Marks hand was busy down inside mywife’s panties. I thought Tina noticed me looking, but shecouldn’t have because she took Mark’s head in her hands andpulled it down right on her exposed breast and then reachedinto his lap and started rubbing his crotch.I couldn’t bear to watch so I closed the door to my studyand tried to continue working.Moments later, Tina knocked at the door and entered theroom.”Honey, are you sure that your okay with this?” She asked”I want to try and make a baby for you, because I love youand I thought that this is what you wanted.””I’m sure” I said, “This part is a little hard for me.”My wife licked her lips and got that devilish grin again.”Then you want Mark to fuck me? You won’t mind if he fucksme?”Tina stood there waiting for a reply. I didn’t know what tosay exactly.After a brief silence, Tina must of thought I needed moreconvincing. She moved close to me. She pulled the strapsto her dress down so her tits were fully exposed. Tina tookmy hands and placed them on her tits. Once I took the baitand started massaging her sexy breasts, she leaned over andgave me a big kiss. Tina started rubbing my crotch and anunimpressive bulge promptly formed in my pants. She knew howto get her way.Tina started rubbing my cock and speaking again with thatlittle girl pouting voice.”I’m only doing this for you, Frank, because you want me tohave a baby. Now I have already gone ahead and gotten Markall worked up and everything. He has me a little worked uptoo. I’m going to let him fuck me, okay? You want Mark tofuck me right?”She started rubbing me faster and faster.”You’re my husband so you have to tell me.” She explained”You have to tell me that you want him to fuck me for you .because of your small little penis.”She slowed down on her stroking but continued speaking inher pouting voice.”I want to let Mark fuck me okay? Now tell me. Tell me youwant Mark to fuck me.”At that point I started to cum right away. Tina knew thiswould happen.I knew I was beaten and promptly gave in to her “Yes honey,I want him to fuck you.”Tina gave me a quick kiss on the cheek as she quicklycovered up her top. She moved toward the door and lookedback to shoot me that little grin / smirk of hers as sheleft.I couldn’t believe what was happening. Here I was givingpermission to my beautiful, no drop dead gorgeous wife tohave sex with a coworker. I couldn’t concentrate on theproject I had been working on and decided to go up to bedand rest.Unfortunately, the guest bedroom shares a common wall withthe master bedroom. The walls are paper-thin and I couldclearly hear what sounded like heavy sexual activity in thenext room. My wife was moaning and talking dirty to Mark.”Fuck me! Oh Mark Fuck me harder! Your cock is so big!Fuck me with your big cock. Make me get pregnant!”I don’t know if it was for Mark’s benefit or for mine. Inany event, I couldn’t take it and decided to go out for afew beers instead. By the time I returned home Mark wasgone and Tina was asleep.The next ten days or so consisted of the same routine. Eachnight I would come home to find my wife with anothercoworker flirting and petting each other. At first, I wasgoing into my study and trying to put the whole thing out ofmy mind. But then Tina would come in and try to make mesay that I wanted, Bill or Tom or whoever to fuck her!One night she called me out of the study into the livingroom. There she was sitting on the couch with Andy. Tina’stop was pushed up over her big tits with her nipples fullyexposed. Her bottoms consisted of a sexy pair of silkpanties. Andy’s pants were open and his huge cock wasstanding at attention. Andy had his hand on my wife’s titsand was alternating feeling up each one. Tina had a griparound Andy’s huge manhood and was gently pulling up anddown.”Frank honey I wanted you to see Andy’s big cock. It’s hugeisn’t it?”I didn’t answer. I just stood there mesmerized by the scenein front of me.”I’m going to let him fuck me with this big cock, you don’tmind do you?”Tina had that devilish look again. This was really gettingto me.Again, I just stood there. Refusing to answer.”You want Andy to fuck me too, right?” She quizzed “Youwant Andy to fuck me with his big cock and give us a babyright? Tell me. Tell me you want Andy to fuck me.””Tina, I want Andy to fuck you.” I answered in a blandmonotone.Tina started talking in her pouting voice again. “Frank nowif you really want him to fuck me come over here and takeoff my underpants for me. Take off my underpants so Andyknows that you really don’t mind him fucking me.”Andy and Tina were both gigling.Humiliated and defeated I walked over and removed my wife’ssilk panties.Tina gave me that half smile and half smirk while Andylaughed out loud. Her and Andy headed upstairs to thebedroom. The last thing I saw was my wife’s bare assswinging as she walked away.That’s the way it kept on going. Most nights she forced meto say that I wanted the guy to fuck her. A lot of nights Ihad to take off her panties too. This was all too much.Finally, I just decided it was better to go out and getdrunk, try and forget about it.In spite of all the intercourse my wife was having, herperiod arrived right on schedule.Tina did not seem as disappointed as I obviously was.”Don’t worry honey. I’ll keep trying for you.” She assuredme.This was not really working for me. The following monththings just got worse. Most nights, I would arrive home tofind Tina parading around in sheer nightgowns, or eventopless in front of the surrogate father of the day. Shewas making me take off her underpants, for her, the moment Igot home from work. She said it made the surrogate fathersfeel more comfortable. She said it showed them I was okaywith letting them fuck her and it proved to her that Ireally loved her. When I tried to object Tina would remindme about the agreement I had signed.After a while, Tina was having two or three guys over at atime. She told me that one guy at a time didn’t seem to beworking. They were feeling her up and fucking her all overthe damn house. She was even fucking them and sucking themright in front of me! I couldn’t take any more and didn’teven bother to come home at night during her “fertile time”.The problem was that the “fertile time” was turning intoevery single day of the month. The days when she wasactually bleeding she was giving them all blowjobs, to helpthem “keep the sperm production going” It was really gettingridiculous.Months and months went by but still no luck on getting mywife pregnant. Then one sunny Saturday I decided to takeTina’s car to the car wash. When I went to get the keysfrom her purse I made a fateful discovery. a package ofbirth control pills.I immediately phoned her doctors office and the pharmacy.It seems that Tina has been steadily on birth control pillsever since we got married. five years ago. There was, ofcourse, no way she was ever going to get pregnant. Ever!I confronted Tina and she didn’t deny it. I moved out andfiled for divorce. I lost everything.I moved away to a different state and got a job for anInternet startup company. I threw myself into my work totry and forget about what had happened. I worked long andhard. The company eventually went public and I receivedmillions in stock options.I fell in love and married a wonderful woman. Much to mysurprise she became pregnant right away and we have abeautiful baby boy! We are now living a very happy life. Ihope my ex wife reads this and feels as bad as I did whenshe was humiliating me. I guess the old saying is true!All is well that ends well!

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