The N word 101


The N word 101Now I know what you’re thinking. But everyone should know when and where to scream the word Nigger. *NOT YOU CUCKY!* This story is about this red headed slut of a freshman I had to teach a lesson to. This rich bitch would fuck anyone that gave her attention, and she was out of her mind. She would throw a fit if you didn’t fuck her when and where she wanted on the spot. She would even go as far as threaten to kill herself. And honestly the slut pissed me off. She was the choir whore but had never been with a black man before (to my knowledge anyway). That all changed when she told me to get my “Lazy nigger ass over there” so i could fuck her like she deserves.Now I had just cleaned the deposit of cum off my cock I had made in my sophomore cumbank ( I can tell you about that desperate slut upon request) when I get that text. I don’t even reply. I just smoke a few bong rips and walk my “lazy nigger ass” over to the freshman dorms, sign in, and walk up to the same room this girl has been snapchatting a picture of to me for the last semester. The same room in which this 5’2″ pale skinned phat assed white girl would touch herself and moan “gimmie dick” into the phone so she could feel something. I can still remember the self satisfied smile she had on her smug round face. She was high as well. I didn’t say a word as we walked in, just calmly got her out of her clothes. She kept trying to get me to admit how badly I wanted her. That I couldn’t resist coming when I clamped my hand over her mouth with one hand and the back of her head in the other. “No, you stuck up cunt. I came her to fuck your pussy until I cum because that’s all you’re good for.”I watched canlı bahis the shock well in her eyes before I forced her onto the bed. She was getting what she wanted, she told me how she likes to be treated before, but it was going to be on my terms. She was short but the slut had some tits on her. Holding her mouth I grabbed at her milky white tits and slapped them around till I watched the shock turn to lust and desire when I switched gears again by taking off my pants (I didn’t bother wearing underwear or removing the cock ring I had just fucked my sophomore with) revealing my cock. I could see she wanted it. Like a dog waiting for a treat. She got still and spread her legs. I smirked and slipped my hand from around her mouth to her neck and squeezed until I heard the air escape. I wasn’t going to have that bitch talk like that and roll over to get what she wants. I leaned down and spat on her rubbing the tip of my cock with that worthless hole she calls a pussy. Placing the tip of my cock inside her I made it swell as big as it could till i could hear her moan through her gasping breaths. “What do you want slut?” I growled as I gripped harder around the sides of her neck. “The nigger is here, now what the fuck do you want?” after a few more seconds I let my grip fall as she gasps out the wrong answer.”You’re dick!” She cries as I wrap my hand around her neck again. “Wrong” I almost yell taking out my cock and slapping her clit with it. “What kind of dick does this cunt want!””Nigger dick!” She yells in ecstasy getting what a hole desired. With a grunt and groan I shove all 7 inches of my black cock inside of the dumb slut. “Yeah you wanted my nigger cock”(Watching bahis siteleri her eyes roll back and close as I plunge inside of her is something I think about from time to time while I cum)Letting her get a few more gasps of air in I bare down on her still ringing the little white girls neck as I plunge straight down into her. Her feet bounce in time with the cupping sound my balls make as they rock against her dripping cunt. Her mouth goes slack as I once again swell the tip of my cock buried as deep as it can go. Moving my hips to make sure it stays deep as she starts to contract around my dick. It feels like her pussy wants to force me out.”No you little cunt you take it” I say letting her lie flat bringing her feet against my chest. She bounces there moaning and gasping as the bed slams loudly against the wall and floor. As I mentioned, we are in a dorm. So all of her neighbors, above, below, and to the side heard the white girl they have been living next to get the shit fucked out of her.”Too- Loud-” She gasps as I get off the bed placing my feet on the floor to fuck her standing. I pressed her legs down to the sides so she would prop up her dripping twat so it wouldn’t force me out as she came again. “I don’t give a fuck!” I yell grabbing her thighs bringing them closer as i slammed into her. I just wanted to cum. She had been cuming over and over as I alternated from plunging inside of her in quick deep bursts, then taking myself out and slamming back inside hearing all the sounds her tight trim pussy made as they welcomed my cock back inside. The bed continued to to knock but it seemed she didn’t care anymore as she cried out over and over bahis şirketleri again as she came. She had bragged once that the birth control shot she got made her tirelessly horny. This is why she fucked anything that moved and reveled in the fact she couldn’t get pregnant. Well I was about to test both sides of that claim. Bringing her legs together wrapping them in one arm i place my other hand on the side of her pussy and spread it until I felt a familiar give inside of her ever tightening hole. (I had just performed this maneuver to the aforementioned cumbank. This is where i liked to make my deposits. Straight into her womb.) She yelped and tried to get my out of her cervix with no avail. I was stronger, taller, and my cock was buried so deep I’m pretty sure she felt me in her stomach. She told me later her legs went numb when the tip of my cock popped and swelled withing her womb. Once she relaxed a few seconds she was grunting like an a****l mumbling about cuming as i got a leg up on the bed forcing my cock deep. After a minute or so she felt the tip of my cock swell and explode inside of her. I made little thrusts still sticking the tip of my cock inside of her womb unloading warm sticky ropes of cum. In my dreams she got pregnant right then. Her stomach was swollen and she had breeder written across her swollen milk filled breasts. I watched as she had to explain to her parents that a black man forcefully fucked her and came inside her. And had been cuming inside of her for the past few months and that she was now happily addicted to my black cock. She just lay there panting and trembling as my cock slowly slipped out of her. I got my pants back on and left to smoke more weed and play Destiny in my dorm. I never went over there again. I was satisfied with watching her limp around the choir class the next day. LMK if you guys want more of these. I have too many more ;D

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