2 Older man surprises a younger woman with his sta


2 Older man surprises a younger woman with his staPart 2Older man surprises a younger woman with his stamina.This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story.HOW MANY TIMES WILL 66 GO INTO 38?Action at Barb’s wedding, then a Caribbean cruise.INTRODUCTIONIn the last chapter you learned about Barb. I knew that our affair wouldn’t last very long as I was 66 and she was 38. I was sure that she would tire of me or start dating someone her own age. But while we were seeing each other we enjoyed our time together. I had filled my prescription for Levitra and that kept Barb happy. One day she told me that she was seeing a guy from her office and that they were starting to get serious. She tried to find a graceful way to tell me that our affair was over. I told her that I knew that day would come and that I was fine with her decision. We continued to be friends and I did see her at the fitness center from time to time.One day Barb told me that she was getting married. I told her that I was happy for her and I wished her well. Several weeks later I received an invitation to the wedding and the reception. I was pleased that Barb had invited me and I made sure to get her and her new husband a nice gift. The wedding day arrived and I attended the ceremony and reception. The reception was held in a local hotel ballroom so that those who traveled to the wedding could stay at the same hotel. Several other single people were invited and we all sat at the same table. BARBARA’S SISTER MICHELLEBarb was a beautiful bride and her husband was a good looking guy. As I looked at them I hoped that everything would work out this time for Barb as she had had such a bad first marriage. Barb’s Maid of Honor was her younger sister by two years, a pretty blonde named Michelle. Michelle, who currently lived in Dallas, was married and had three c***dren. Her husband and c***dren had remained at home. Michelle was in excellent shape and she closely resembled the TV personality Leeza Gibbons. After all the regular reception ceremonial stuff, the DJ began to play music to dance to. I had always been a good dancer as my former wife and I had taken ballroom dancing lessons. Before I retired we had attended many black tie functions and danced to all the music. At the reception I asked the single girls and women to dance and many of them complimented me on my dancing skills. I was having a great time dancing with the women. Then some of the married women, whose husbands didn’t dance, asked me to dance with them. The DJ was good and he mixed in oldies, swing and current day music nicely.When the wedding reception staple, Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood” was played, I grabbed Barb and led her out to the dance floor. We had danced together before and we moved easily to the swing music. People gathered around and clapped in tune to the music as we danced and I twirled Barb around. Just as the song ended I spun her back into my arms and dipped her. The people watching clapped and yelled their appreciation and then Michelle approached us.”Barb’s not going to have anything left for her husband tonight if you keep working her that hard,” Michelle said with a laugh as she purposely bumped into me.Her firm thigh bumped right into my firm thigh and I knew it was intentional, “Are the relief column?” I asked jokingly.”You bet I am,” she replied as she moved into my arms.The DJ spun another swing tune and Michelle and I danced together. She was a good dancer and even though swing wasn’t her thing she followed my leads very well. Then the DJ switched to a couple of slow tunes and Michelle stayed with me. We danced and talked during the first song. First there were introductions and then we learned a little about each other. Michelle wanted to know how I knew Barb well enough to be invited to the wedding. I explained that we worked out at the same gym but I knew Michelle was thinking that there was more to it than that. During the second song Michelle moved close to me and out thighs touched during the entire song. I had taken a Levitra pill before the reception just in case I was to get lucky and it started to work. I got an erection and I knew that Michelle could feel it against her body. It seemed that she purposely rubbed her thigh into my erection and I wondered if she was just a big tease. During the third song Michelle nuzzled my neck and then she licked my ear. “Is that really all you that I feel,” she whispered.”I’m afraid so,” I whispered back.”I have to see this,” she whispered as she pressed her thigh into my erect cock. “Meet me on the third floor after the song,” she added.After the song I made my way out to the elevator and took it to the third floor. I waited there for Michelle and questioned my even being there. Michelle was married with a family and yet she was coming onto me, a guy thirty years her senior. I was about to change my mind when the elevator door opened and Michelle got off. She walked to her room and I followed her.When we got inside the hotel room, Michelle turned toward me and French kissed me plunging her tongue in my mouth. She kissed me with enthusiasm and I steered her over toward the bed. I lowered the top of Michelle’s formal dress to her waist and bared her small firm tits. Michelle had small breasts but she had hard little nipples that stuck out about an inch. I sucked on her nipples and she loved it. Michelle called out to me as I was sucking her nipples. “If you want boobs I haven’t got them.”I stopped sucking her nipples long enough to reply, “Don’t worry I am a leg and ass man. I am not into big boobs.”Michelle was thrilled and she couldn’t wait to get my cock in her pussy. I went back to sucking her nipples and then she flopped back on the bed. I lifted her dress and saw that she was wearing thigh high hose with elastic tops and light blue panties. I eased her panties down and off her shapely legs. Michelle had a good looking pussy with a little tuft of blonde hair above the opening. She was dripping wet when I slid my tongue across her labia and then worked it into her sweet passage. Michelle stiffened and came with a mild orgasm as I slipped my tongue in and searched for her hooded clit. Michelle screamed out loud when my tongue touched her clit. Then I pushed her legs further apart and spread her lips open with my fingers. Her erect clit was standing straight out and I bit it lightly with my teeth. Michelle jumped with pleasure and moaned loudly. I continued to lick and nibble her clit until she lost it and sprayed my face with her female love juice. Michelle tired to push me away but I held her hands firmly and pressed my tongue into her twat. Soon she was pleading out loud for me to stop that she couldn’t take it any longer. I stood up and dropped my trousers and underwear to my knees as Michelle lay on the bed recuperating. Michelle looked at my hard cock as I approached her and I could see she was pleased. “So you’re the Maid of Honor,” I said jokingly, mocking her infidelity”Fuck you!” she snapped and then said, “Shut up and get that big cock in me.”I moved between her legs and slid my cock in her pussy. She was a little snugger than I thought she might be and I was happy that she could feel my cock on her vaginal walls. I started fucking her slowly but then I picked up the pace. Michelle fucked back at me throwing her pussy up at me as I plunged my cock deep in her hole. We were both fucking frantically now and she strained as she had another intense orgasm and she worked to keep her clit in contact with my cock. We started to move slower and regain our composure. We were dripping wet with perspiration. Then I rolled Michelle over on her stomach and checked out her ass. She had lovely legs and a very pretty shapely ass. I lifted her by her hips and slipped my cock back into her pussy. I fucked her slowly as I massaged the globes of her beautiful ass. Michelle got turned on again and she rubbed her clit as I fucked her from behind. After another orgasm Michelle said she was done and collapsed face down on the bed. I pulled my cock from her and she rolled over on her back. I hadn’t cum but that didn’t concern me as this encounter was for Michelle not me.”We should get back to the reception,” she said. “I agree,” I said as I pulled up my underwear and pants.My cock was still hard and I stuffed it into my underwear. Michelle smiled when she saw me do that. Then I fastened my pants and smoothed them out. I put my jacket back on and prepared to leave the room.”Can I see you later? Will you come back after everyone leaves?” she asked.”I’d love to,” I replied and then left her in the room.I returned to the reception and ran into Barb. “Have you seen my sister?” she asked.”No, not since we danced. I had to use the men’s room and I just got back,” I replied.”That girl, I wonder who she’s got her hooks into now,” Barb sighed.”Something I should be aware of?” I questioned.”No, just that she is not the most loyal wife. If she sets her sights on someone, she will go after them,” Barb admitted. Barb moved off and spoke with some other people. I danced a few more songs and then I noticed that Michelle returned. The rest of the reception I spent dancing, drinking and talking. People started to filter out and the crowd thinned. I was talking with this one guy who told me that the way I danced that I should go on a cruise. He said that the cruises were loaded with single women and they were always drawn to the guys who could dance. “There is more pussy to be had on those cruises then anywhere,” he blurted out.He then gave me the name of a cruise line that he used. I had to think about it since I hadn’t taken a cruise before. If what he said was true I would stock up on Levitra before hand. I decided at that moment that I would look into the cruise. By the time I finished speaking with that guy and I finished my drink almost everyone had left the reception. Barb and her new husband had already left for their honeymoon and Michelle was no where in sight. I left the ballroom and made my way up to Michelle’s room. I was already thinking about her hot ass and if she was into anal sex. I planned to find out. I knocked softly on the door to Michelle’s room and she opened it up to let me in. She was already completely naked and she ran and jumped in bed. I took off my clothes and my cock was rock hard by the time I was totally naked. I went over to the bed and canlı bahis got in it with Michelle.That evening I repeatedly fucked Michelle and ate her pussy until she had multiple orgasms and she was totally relaxed. Then I rolled her over and had her kneel on all fours on the bed. I used my fingers to lubricate her ass with the hotel supplied body lotion putting plenty of the slick substance in her asshole. She didn’t object to my finger in her ass so I continued with the anal seduction. Michelle cooed as I fingered both her asshole and her pussy simultaneously. I placed my hand in the small of her back and pushed lightly so that Michelle arched her back and accentuated her curvy ass. I was so ready to fuck her ass my cock was harder than ever and throbbing in anticipation.Michelle felt the thick head of my cock between her rounded buttocks and just outside her nether hole. I put an ample amount of lube on my cock and then added my saliva to it making it as slippery as possible. Once I was satisfied that my cock head was slick enough I introduced to the tight ring of Michelle’s anus. Michelle looked back over her shoulder at me as she felt me pushing my cock against that intimate part of her body.”Please go easy, be gentle. I don’t usually do this,” she told me.I slowly pressed against her tight opening and noticed that Michelle was holding her breath. I told her to relax and breathe deeply as I continued pressing forward. Michelle felt the initial thrill of her sphincter being forced open by my thick cock and her first response was to try and avoid the anal invasion. I held her hips and I continued to push forward past her resisting body. Michelle’s mouth gaped open and she grasped the bed sheets in both hands as my cock head cleared her sphincter and lodged in her anal channel. Michelle unintentionally flinched and caused more of my cock to slide inside. She cried out.”Are you okay?” I asked. Michelle nodded and then she once again reminded me to go slow. I gave her a few seconds to recover and then pressed forward again and her flower opened up for me. She just needed a few minutes to get used the unfamiliar sensation of being so full from behind. Michelle then unexpectedly responded as she accepted my cock in her ass. She pushed her butt back toward me and then moved forward. She did this for awhile and it seemed as if she were accepting and rejecting my cock at the same time. Finally my cock was buried to the hilt in her ass and we began moving together. I felt my balls slap against her pussy each time I thrust into her hot ass.”Oh, this is so sexy. It feels so good but I feel dirty at the same time. If my sister could only see her Maid of Honor now,” Michelle murmured.I laughed to myself as I thought that Michelle should only know how many times her sister Barb was in the same position with my cock in her ass. Michelle’s lust took over and she rolled her ass in tiny circles as she was consumed with the anal fuck. I looked down at her firm buttocks and I marveled at the way my thick shaft stretched her nether hole. I tried to imagine Michelle’s parents and her sister Barb, standing on either side of Michelle watching as her asshole opened and contracted around my cock.Michelle reached between her legs and into her puffy cunt. Her juice was oozing from it and she rubbed her stiff and aroused clit. I picked up the pace and began to fuck Michelle’s ass with steady full thrusts. She gasped at the new almost unbearable sensation surging through her rectum. There was no pain now but just a glorious feeling of being stuffed with cock. She felt full and a little bloated but the pain had disappeared quickly and the bloated feeling was gone also. Michelle loved the taboo feeling of being filled with cock in her ass. The thought of this forbidden act along with her clitoral stimulation pushed Michelle closer to yet another climax.I was trying to hold off my threatening ejaculation as Michelle’s movements intensified with her pending orgasm. We were both perspiring and I held to Michelle’s shapely buttocks as I slowed my pace slightly in an effort to slow my eruption. Michelle groaned loudly as her head dipped down to look between her legs and she pushed back in an effort to get more of my cock in her.”Oh Walt, fuck me. Fuck me in my ass, it’s so good so wicked, I love it,” Michelle cried out.Michelle was going wild with my cock in her ass and I had never seen anyone take to anal intercourse with such abandon. Michelle balanced herself on both hands as she thrust backward impaling her ass on my thick cock. I knew that I could not hold out much longer. I reached around with one hand and found Michelle’s pussy and engorged clit. With the other hand I squeezed the rock hard nipples on her small tits. Her clit throbbed as it clamored for attention and her pussy clenched my fingers as it released her warm love juice. The points of her nipples were excited beyond desire and my cock was clamped in her well stuffed bottom.Michelle was out of control as all she knew at this point was that she was being fucked up the ass with a very thick cock and it felt fantastic. She was on the verge of her most intense orgasm ever and she struggled frantically seeking her climax. A few more seconds of rubbing her stiff clit sent Michelle into a mind blowing orgasm. Her body stiffened and then spasmed out of control as she moaned loudly and struggled to breathe. The intensity of her climax was too much for me and I grunted as I shot cum into her forbidden tunnel. Michelle’s eyes flew open in surprise as she felt my hot thick semen rush into her rectum and bowels. Her face was pure ecstasy as she turned to look at me as my cock continued to spurt its sticky fluid up into her. “Give it to me, cum in my ass, oh I can feel it. it’s so good so nasty,” Michelle cooed as she was overcome with passionMichelle fell forward on the bed as I continued to marvel at the beautiful ass that I had just fucked. As she lay before me she clenched and unclenched her ass muscles causing cum to ooze out of her asshole. It looked like a small spring as the semen intermittently bubbled up and trickled out of her ass between her ass cheeks and over her puffy pussy lips. I stayed hard and stroked my cock as the last tiny drops landed on her ass. I then realized that I was going to stay hard and I decided to try and fuck her ass again.I told Michelle that I wanted to fuck her ass again and in an almost business like fashion she pushed her self back up on her knees. She turned her head to the side and smiled at me waiting for the second penetration. I pushed my still erect slippery cock into Michelle’s now gooey asshole. Michelle felt her sphincter being stretched again but this time she enjoyed the sensation of her ass being filled with my thick cock. As I pushed inside her my spunk from the previous ejaculation was squelched almost obscenely with my cock. My previous deposit squeezed out around my shaft and oozed from Michelle’s asshole running down between her buttocks and plopping on the bed sheets.Michelle was an extremely hot woman and her fucking technique was incredible. I stayed crouched behind her and placed my hands back on her hips as I fed my long thick cock deep into Michelle’s accommodating back passage for a second time. Michelle pushed her hips back at me and her bodies slapped loudly together.”Yes, yes, oh I love it. Fuck my ass with your hot cock,” Michelle yelled to me and then she cried out, “Make me cum again fuck my ass with that big cock.” As before Michelle lowered her head to the bed and turned it to the side as she grasped the bed sheets. But this time she grabbed the sheet in the thrones of passion and not because of apprehension. I could feel her taut muscles massaging my shaft in her ass as I held on to her slim waist and I caressed her curvy firm ass cheeks. Her sphincter grabbed the base of my cock as she worked her lithe athletic body. Michelle was an incredible sex partner who had just turned into a fantastic ass fuck. I knew that I was getting close to losing it again as Michelle manipulated my pecker with her undulations and muscles and that I would soon be adding more semen to join my previous load in her ass.Michelle had her hand back on her clit and rubbed herself frantically as she had another violent orgasm thrashing and panting wildly. Michelle felt the second ejaculation enter her bottom and she wallowed in the feeling of the warm liquid once again soothing her ravaged ass. Michelle squeezed her ass muscles extracting every drop of cum from my cock until I pulled my still erect cock from her hot gooey ass with an audible pop. “I never thought that I could get so turned on from anal sex. It was incredible I felt like I would never stop cumming. The feeling of your hot semen shooting into my ass was unbelievable. I never expected it to feel so good just from being so full,” Michelle murmured as we lay together.”I am so glad that you liked it as you know I loved fucking your ass,” I replied.Michelle then cuddled back up to me and we had more vaginal sex. Michelle rode my Levitra charged cock until she couldn’t cum anymore and then she collapsed on me. I got out of bed and took a shower as Michelle slept. Then I dressed and quietly left her room. I was sure that Michelle didn’t want me to stay the night and find me in bed with her the next morning. She had to get back to Dallas and she didn’t need any distractions from me in the morning. I was pleased that I had brought Michelle so much pleasure and that in turn I too was pleasured. I felt a little guilty fucking a married woman but she had come after me and Barb did say that Michelle wasn’t a faithful wife. I got the feeling, that any time Michelle got the opportunity to bed someone that she liked, she achieved her objective.THE CRUISE — DAY ONESeveral weeks after the wedding, I booked myself on a 10 day Caribbean cruise. I had to fly to Miami since that was the port the cruise ship used. I had looked into several cruises and learned about the amenities and activities. This particular cruise seemed to fit my life style the best. I had no idea how many single women would be on the cruise or how old they would be or what they would look like. I figured that the worst thing that could happen would be that I wouldn’t find anyone to my liking or they wouldn’t be interested in me. However, the cruise still looked like a fun vacation.The day finally arrived and bahis siteleri I took a taxi from the Miami hotel to ship’s landing where the cruise shipped was docked. As I boarded the ship I realized that any of my fears were unfounded. The women had to outnumber the men at least four to one. The women were of all ages and shapes. I guessed the age range to be from the mid-forties to the mid-sixties. The ship’s crew was there to greet us as we boarded and direct us to our cabins. I noticed that the ship’s officers were good looking guys in their mid-thirties to forties and I was sure that they got their share of pussy during the cruise. The social director named Julie was cute looking female probably in her mid to late thirties.Julie was athletic looking and appeared very fit. She was almost tomboyish in a way with her short light brown hair, slightly freckled face and slender lithe body. She was dressed in her white uniform and I couldn’t help notice her cute round ass in the tight fitting slacks. She appeared to be small breasted but she was a very appealing and intriguing woman. Julie handed out packets to everyone that explained the amenities, activities and schedules. I took my packet from her and shook her hand and smiled at her. I could tell from her face that she tried to figure me out and size me up.I took the packet and made my way to my cabin. I had spared no expense so I had a nice size cabin with a port hole. I unpacked my clothes and hung some of them up in the tiny closet the rest I stowed in the drawers. I looked over the packet and noticed that the dining schedule also had attire guidelines and there were two black tie events. After a quick look at the packet I set off to check out the ship and learn as much as I could about the logistics. Later there was a cocktail reception to welcome everyone aboard, go over safety issues and present the planned activities and ports of call for the next ten days.As I walked around there were several parties going on in peoples cabins. Many of the parties were for family and friends who were seeing off the person in the cabin. The ship then sounded the warning for all people not on the cruise to leave the ship and things got a lot saner. I made my way down to the reception area as I was in the first group to attend. There were enough people aboard that they had to conduct several presentations to accommodate everyone.As they went through the activities, Julie announced that the dance lessons would have to be cancelled as one of the instructors was ill. After the presentation I walked over to Julie and asked her about the instructor. She told me that the male instructor had taken ill and with so many women it would be impossible to conduct the lessons. I learned that Julie was the female instructor so I volunteered my services. Julie smiled at me and thought about it.”I’ll check with the Captain. If it is okay with him I’ll give you an audition,” she told me.”Great I’ll check back with you,” I said.”No need I’ll be in touch,” she said confidently.I went to the bar afterward to get a drink and I thought about Julie’s confident nature. I figured that she probably gets hit on every day of every cruise. So she had learned to handle herself and deal with any situation. The bartender was a cool gut named Ike. He and I hit it off and he filled me in on lot of things to pay attention to during the cruise. He told me the best time to workout, gamble, party and what things to see when in port.After a couple of drinks I headed back to my cabin. When I arrived I had a note from Julie that read, “You’re on. Your audition is at 9:00PM tonight in the ballroom.” I was glad that I had only had a couple of drinks and I was pleased that Julie had accepted my offer. I relaxed in the cabin until about 8:45 and then I made my way to the ballroom. The last group of passengers was leaving the ballroom as I arrived and I noticed several decent looking ladies among them. I received a few smiles as they walked past me and I returned the smile. Julie spotted me and welcomed me.”Okay I am going to play a number of different songs and we will try out the dances that we usually teach on the cruise,” she said.I avoided saying something stupid like “Bring it on,” and replied, “That sounds fine with me.”Over the next 30 minutes Julie and I danced to swing, cha-cha, samba, tango, fox trot and waltz. She was a dream to dance with as she moved fluidly with the music and didn’t miss a lead. I loved dancing with her and I was sorry that we stopped after 30 minutes.”You are an excellent dancer,” Julie told me and I knew she was sincere.”Thank you! You are a wonderful dancer yourself,” I replied.”Thanks but it is also my job. The Captain left it up to me and I would like for you to fill in for our instructor. But there are some rules if you accept.” “Okay,” I replied.”First of all you must dance with all the women. We will demonstrate the dance and then we will separate and teach the passengers. I will dance with the men and you will dance with the women. You must make sure that everyone gets personalized instruction and you are no tot show favoritism.” “Okay,” I said again.”You are not to hit on any of the women during the dance instruction. What you do on your own time is not my concern but do not come on to them. Some of them may come on to you and if so you are to act professionally and ignore the advances. Is that understood?””Yes it is understood,” I replied.”Okay then, in consideration of your willingness to help us out, the Captain has authorized a 50% refund of your fare. That will be paid to you at the end of the cruise providing that you perform according to the rules that I have just explained. Is that acceptable to you?””Very acceptable,” I told her as I was pleased with the offer.”Good, here is the schedule for dance lessons so that you can plan your other activities around it. I know the passengers will be thrilled that we put the lessons back on the activity list and the Captain is happy that he doesn’t have to listen to those complaints during the cruise. I will see you tomorrow for the first lesson,” Julie said in a way that seemed that she was dismissing me.”I’m looking forward to it. I will see you tomorrow,” I agreed and left the ballroom.I really liked Julie. I liked her confidence, her self assuredness and her demeanor. I wondered if there would even be the slightest chance that I would get to sleep with her. I would have to play it very cool with her and get her to like me. Maybe toward the end of the cruise I could test the water but I knew that I would have to be careful. Not only could I offend her but I could also jeopardize the 50% refund. I would have to decide if trying to score with Julie would be worth the effort and money.THE CRUISE — DAY TWOWe were already out to sea and it was a beautiful day. The ship was scheduled to make it first port of call at Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas. I decided to work out before we departed the ship for the private island of Half Moon Bay. The fitness area had all sorts of exercise equipment and a studio for aerobics. I hit the stair climber and treadmill before I worked out with the weights. As I was working out with the weights the aerobic class started. The instructor was a fit woman probably in her mid to late thirties. She was thin and lithe and seemed to move effortlessly as she went through the routines. I would learn later that her name was Paula and that she and Julie were good friends. The other women in class huffed and puffed as they tried to keep up with Paula. I suspected many of them were working out for the first time in awhile. Some of the women looked okay as they had decent figures shown off by their tight leotards. Others wore shorts and tee shirts and displayed decent looking legs.After class a couple of the women greeted me and smiled as they walked by the weight machines. Some of them paused to test out a few of the machines and I took advantage of the opportunity to help them with the settings and weights. It was obvious that they had not used the equipment before. As I assisted a few of the women I felt my Levitra working and I got an erection in my shorts. It was very noticeable and I was actually glad I was on display. A couple of the women looked right at my crotch but no one said anything.Then I heard a voice, “Are you auditioning to be a personal trainer too.”It was the aerobic instructor speaking to me. “Hi I’m Paula and I’m with the staff here. Julie told me that you were helping out with the dance lessons.””Oh hi Paula, I’m Walt. I was just helping the ladies with some settings and weights so they injure themselves,” I replied wondering how she knew I was the guy that Julie had auditioned.Paula looked right at my crotch and I knew that she was impressed. “I think it’s great that you’re helping out and I appreciate it that you are looking out for people in the gym.””Glad to do it while I’m here,” I replied.”Well it was nice meeting and make sure that you don’t strain your muscle,” Paula said as she looked right at my crotch making her point.”I’ll try not to over use it,” I replied blushingly.Paula just laughed as she left the room. I turned back to my workout and an attractive woman was sitting on a machine staring at my crotch as I turned around.”I know a place that you can put that muscle to use if you’re interested,” she whispered then she stuck out her hand and introduced herself, “My name is Janice.””Pleased to meet you Janice, I’m Walt,” I replied as I took her hand.”I was going to get some breakfast but I was going to workout a little while longer first. Would you be interested in working out with me in my cabin before breakfast?” Janice asked.”I think that I could handle that,” I replied.We left the fitness area and I followed Janice to her cabin. Once inside we quickly shed our clothes and Janice stared at my cock. Janice looked good for a woman in her fifties. She had told me that she was 53 years old. Her body had slight sag to it but for the most part she was very solid and shapely.”I see that you like my cock,” I said to her.”I haven’t done this in a while,” she whispered.Janice was frozen to the spot as I reached for her hand and placed it on my shaft. Instinctively her fingers curled around it and held it firmly. Janice looked as if she were about to change her mind so I leaned in and kissed her. She hesitantly kissed me back but then melted in my arms when I bahis şirketleri put my tongue in her mouth. Without giving her an opportunity to regroup I dropped to my knees and kissed her bare pussy.Janice’s bush was neatly trimmed leaving a little tuft of brown hair above her pussy. I leaned in and pulled Janice to my mouth and I instantly located her opening. She gasped as my tongue slipped into her and she held my shoulders to balance herself. Janice was definitely turned on and I immediately located her hard erect clit. I closed my lips around her clit and sucked it gently emitting moans and groans from Janice. I then nibbled on it and she shivered with a mild orgasm.I stood up and moved Janice over to her bed and pushed her back on it. Then I caressed her pretty tits and kissed her nipples. Janice moaned with pleasure and then she stiffened when she felt my cock searching for her vaginal opening. I moved between her thighs and placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt and she shivered in anticipation. I eased her back down on the bed and proceeded to feed my thick cock to her. “Oh, oh yes, oh it feels so good, oh, oh, fuck me, yes fuck”, she cried. I slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing her to adjust to my size and continued to go deeper with each thrust until I was buried balls deep in her pussy. She was snug probably from the absence of sex.”Oh my I have never been so full of cock, fuck me, make me cum, make it last forever”, she cried out.I made sure that my cock was in constant contact with her clit as I fucked her. Janice had multiple orgasms as I fucked her and played with her pretty firm little tits with rock hard nipples that extended a ½ inch. I twirled the nipples in my fingers and then leaned over taking one then the other in my mouth. She went wild telling me. “Suck my tits, suck my nipples, fuck me, oh it’s been too long!” Janice stiffened and then had a violent orgasm and she yelled, “Hold me, please hold me, I’m cummmming!” I reached around behind her and pulled her toward me as she shook and trembled through her intense orgasm. As she started to recover I laid her back down on the bed and slowly fucked her as my cock softened. My cock was swimming in her cunt; there was so much jizm in there mingling with her own juices.”Are you okay, Janice?” I asked her. She smiled at me and said, “My God, I have not cum like that for some time.” She looked down at my soft cock and took it in her hand and said, “My, you are big! At least the biggest I ever had.” “Did you cum?” she asked.”Not yet,” I told her and then added, “But don’t worry about me, let’s make you happy.””You must be taking something to keep up your stamina,” she said almost blushing.”I do I take Levitra and it works very well,” I admitted.My cock stayed hard in her hand. Janice started to play with my cock and she seemed to love holding the thick meat in her hand. I smiled at her and caressed her tenderly. We hugged and stroked each other for quite awhile before we fucked her again. Janice was so ready she almost came when my cock head just touched her pussy.I slowly eased my cock back into Janice’s tight pussy. I pushed in a little and then backed out, then back in and back out. I was gentle with her and I took my time feeding my big cock to her. Janice was getting more turned on by the moment and I felt that I might cum too quickly this time. We were both so excited it took everything I had to keep from cumming prematurely. Janice was holding her breath and I reminded her to relax and breathe. Her pussy was now sopping wet which served to make my entry a lot easier. Just when Janice didn’t think that my cock could go any deeper, it did taking her breath away again. I was all the way in her pussy and I began to fuck her slowly as she continued to open up for me.Once my hips began to move with more authority Janice wrapped her arms and legs around as she began to move with me. I was racing toward a massive orgasm and Janice was like a dog in heat. We fucked each other as if we were racing each other toward an orgasm, which in a sense we were. Janice’s body shuddered and rocked in orgasm first and she held tightly to me, digging her heels into the back of my body. I stiffened and my balls tightened as always and then I fired hot cum into Janice’s cunt. I knew she could feel my cock pulsing and throbbing. It turned her on so much that she continued to climax until I collapsed on top of her body. My cock gradually deflated inside of Janice’s pussy and slipped out with a trail of cum trickling on her inner thighs. Janice rolled to her side and the two of us rested as we recovered from the intensity of our recent orgasms. My wet cock lay against the side of her thigh and I knew she could feel the semen start to dry on her skin. I was amazed that my ejaculation could feel so intense but I just didn’t produce that much semen anymore. It was enough but not like the volcanic ejaculations I used to have or like those that you see in the porno flicks.I left Janice’s room after I got dressed and returned to my cabin to shower and dress. Then it would be breakfast and Half Moon Cay. Over breakfast I read the description of Half Moon Cay and learned about the activities available. It was pretty much a laid back private island situated in a protective bay making conditions ideal for swimming in the calm waters. There were all sorts of water sports and you could rent catamarans, Sunfish Sailboats, Windsurfer Sailboards, kayaks, aqua cycles and float mats. Then of course there were the traditional volleyball, horseshoes and shuffleboard. There was also a fitness trail with exercise stations and nature trails for hiking. You could also snorkel, SCUBA dive or even do some fishing; or you could just kick back and relax or have a beachside massage. I decided that I would SCUBA dive first and then just kick back on the island.I was the only one interested in SCUBA diving that day as all the others snorkeled, play games or kicked back. Paula, the aerobic instructor I met that morning, was in charge of the diving so it was just her and I. Paula was a very accomplished diver and was a PADI Advanced Certified Diver like myself. She was pleased that I was and experienced diver and since it was just the two of us we had a great dive together. After out first dive we went back on shore for an hour before our next dive. Paula and I got better acquainted and she complimented me on my fitness for my age. She told me that I had more energy than most of men half my age that came on the cruise. When she learned that I also snow skied and volunteered as a ski patroller, she was even more impressed.As Paula and I talked I was getting to like her. She had a good sense of humor and she was a ball breaker to top it off. The good thing about her was that she could take it as well as dish it out. I had popped another pill after breakfast and it was beginning to work as I looked at Paula in her tiny bikini. She noticed me staring at her and then she looked right at my crotch again and smiled.”You better take it easy with those pills or you’re either going to have a heart attack or split tour bathing suit.” she said with a laugh.”Well if you didn’t look so hot it your bikini, I wouldn’t have this problem,” I replied.”Down boy, come on let’s do another dive and maybe it will cool you down some,” she giggled. We put our gear back on and waded into the calm water. We dove for about another 45 minutes before we returned to shore. That was enough bottom time for one day. Paula and I cleaned and stowed our gear and then located a couple of beach chairs to kick back in. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to check on Julie and see if she needs any help with the guests,” Paula said as she took off.I watched her as she walked away from me. Paula was one of those women who looked good in a bikini. She had small tits, a tiny waist, great legs and a cute ass. There wasn’t an inch of body fat on her. I felt my cock surge again as I thought about fucking Paula but I knew that was a dream that wasn’t going to come true. I would love to fuck Julie too but that was another fantasy but there were plenty of other very fuckable women on the cruise. I had nothing to complain about as I had already scored with Janice that morning and it was only the second day on the cruise. I closed my eyes and relaxed and then I dozed off.”Miss me?” Paula said when she returned.”You know I did,” I said as I woke up, “I guess I dozed off.””Well no wonder after getting laid this morning and two dives you should be tired,” Paula teased.”Who told you I got laid this morning?” I asked with a laugh.”It was pretty obvious that that woman was all over you. It didn’t take a genius to figure that out.””Well I guess it didn’t take a genius since you figured it out.””Screw you,” Paula snapped laughingly.”Bring it on,” I said.We both laughed at then Paula asked me, “Did you ever dive at Aruba or Curacao?””No I haven’t but I did dive several times at Bonaire. It was fantastic diving,” I replied.”Really that’s great. Our next two stops are at Aruba and Curacao but I have never dived at Bonaire and I would love to,” Paula told me.”Why don’t we dive at Bonaire and then we could catch the ship at Curacao,” I suggested.”You mean stay overnight in Bonaire?” she asked.”Sure we could catch a hop from Aruba to Bonaire and dive there. They have a great night dive in the harbor. We could dive at Klein Bonaire the next day and then catch a hop to Curacao,” I suggested.”That sounds expensive and I would have to see if I can miss a day on the ship,” Paula replied with some reservation.”Well you get permission to go and I’ll handle the expenses,” I told her.”It sounds tempting. I always wanted to dive at Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. I’ll think about it, do some checking and let you know,” Paula said sounding more interested.Just then a horn sounded summoning everyone that it was time to return to the ship. Once aboard the ship there would be a casual dinner and everyone would be on their own afterward for activities. That evening I decided to hit the casino after dinner. I didn’t feel like dancing and I loved to play craps. I actually did pretty well that night and I won over $500. Janice had found me in the casino and hung out by my side while I played craps. Afterward we went back to my room and had more sex together. As much as I liked Janice and enjoyed fucking her, I didn’t want her to monopolize my time. I would have to find away to tactfully move on from her and not hurt her feelings. We would be at sea for the next two days before we docked at Aruba and I hoped to meet some other women during that time.To be Continued…..

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