Afternoon Daddy Delight


Afternoon Daddy DelightI was waiting by the bed for Daddy. I love being in this position, having my back arched, ass sticking out …an inviting and eager focal point when he enters the room. I had everything perfect and just as Daddy requested. The room was dark, lit with warm colored light and electronic music that helped set the mood and gave me the rhythm I needed to rock my body and entertain Daddy when he arrived. Conveniently, I had a chair set out for him in front of the bed with a direct view of my ass, exposed and ready. I heard the door open and Daddy’s footsteps let me know when he entered the room. The music guided him as I rocked my ass, the footsteps drawing closer until I could feel his warm hand rest on my waiting cheeks. “Good afternoon babygirl” Daddy greeted.”Good afternoon Daddy” I replied.I felt an immediate spark and perked my ass even more, straining to make sure every fraction of an inch was being offered. Running his hands along the length of my legs then back up, Daddy loves the feeling of my hosed legs and he always leaves a trail of goosebumps when he caresses me. Back where he started,  Daddy pulled aside the panties I was wearing and paused a minute now that I was exposed, my heart beginning to race with anticipation. I felt his lips kiss my rear and then, sweetly, his tongue lick my eager, waiting hole …heaven! My eyes rolled back and I moaned aloud as I received the best pussy eating of my life, Daddy did not hold back and I was in ecstasy. Brought back to earth by the firm touch of Daddy’s hand and a little spank on my rear he then started to instruct me as to where he wanted me, or how he wanted me to pose. I loved this, nothing is sexier than a man who knows what he wants and demands it accordingly! By this time I was going crazy, I wanted Daddy’s cock in my mouth ….badly! And with that, the moment kadıköy escort I had been waiting for finally arrived. Leading me to my knees, a pillow waited for me as I settled into position before my god. With his belt still on, Daddy unzipped his suit pants and reached inside slowly drawing out his now rock hard cock and glorious balls.”That’s it Donna, Daddy has been waiting to fuck your sweet mouth, see how hard I am?”.”Mmmmm, yes Daddy, thank you for being patient Daddy, I’ve been so horny to suck your cock Daddy”, I answered.”Good girl” Daddy responded as he stepped a little closer, his cock now directly in front of my lips.Thick and hard as fuck, Daddy slid his meat into my mouth slowly, stopping once his throbbing head was fully inside. We locked eyes and I half smiled. I love sucking cock, it makes me so horny and wet, one of the most intimate ways to connect with another person in my opinion. Feeling Daddy in my mouth after so much anticipation, everything was perfect and I got right into it too, adoring the tip with my tongue, working the shaft and then paying some attention to his deliciously shaped balls. I could taste hints of delicious pre-cum as I went to work and it was making me even hornier! Soft and wet, deep and warm, Daddy’s cock filled every part of my mouth and throat. I choked and gagged on his cock as I did my best to please him, by this time fully in my happy place.After a little while of sweet sucking, Daddy stopped me, pulling me up, he directed me to pose on all fours for him on the chair he was originally seated on. I did as ordered and waited with my back arched, ass up once again. I could hear Daddy fumble with a condom then, coming up behind me, I felt his throbbing cock press against my wet, eager waiting pussy. üsküdar escort Oh yes I thought to myself… finally, Daddy cock! And with that, Daddy pressed into me hard and deep, I felt it sharply, not quite painful but forceful enough to really feel it stretch and fill me instantly. Now, I’m not into being hurt but I do love to be taken, owned, used like a toy for Daddy’s amusement and sexual pleasure. I love to be posed and directed, challenged and fucked senseless then rewarded with sweet, hot Daddy cum!And that’s exactly what I got. Really starting to fuck me, Daddy pounded my tight pussy with that type of deep fucking that says I own your ass bitch. I like to do my part too so I kept my back arched, ass held in position for maximum depth, Daddy was hitting his target with precision and I was fucking loving it. Flopping with every stroke but half held up by my pulled aside panties, I was leaking with pleasure, hot fluids dripping down my hosed thighs as his balls slapped me with every stab. Picking up the pace, Daddy warned he was about to cum and with several hard thrusts pumped his load into me.”Yes, yes, yes” I cried, pushing my ass back to match his final thrusts.”Ohhh fuck yes babygirl” Daddy grunted.Both of Daddy’s hands firmly gripped the sides of my ass, I could feel his cock throb deep inside me and I responded by flexing back. We waited a moment in this position then Daddy slowly pulled out his still swollen member, resting it on the side of my ass for a proper view. “Fuck that looks hot” Daddy mused while looking at my slightly gaping hole. I knew there was still work to do though and I went straight back to my knees to clean up. Plus I didn’t want to waste a drop!”You are such a good girl” Daddy said, responding kindly to my move.With the condom still full of cum, tuzla escort I took Daddy’s cock into my mouth for the first part of his tongue bath. Tasting the sweet juices of my pussy and feeling the warmth of his load I began to clean up. After a moment, I was satisfied, slowly pulling the condom from his semi hard cock, I then held it so I could keep the load intact. Very softly, I gave his still throbbing nob the final once over, tasting the last sweet bit of cum that remained. It was so delicious I could not resist and with eyes locked, I opened my mouth and offered him the condom, Daddy knew exactly what to do. I tilted back slightly and stuck out my tongue, holding the condom above my mouth, Daddy positioned it perfectly in order to give me what I wanted. Turning it over fully, at first a few drips then stopping.”Is it tasty babygirl” Daddy asked.”Yes Daddy” I replied, then added, “more please” as I stuck my tongue back out.Directing the rest of his load onto my tongue, Daddy watched it drip before running slowly down the back of my throat with a devilish smile. I smiled back as best I could with my mouth still open. Smacking my lips and gulping it down, I couldn’t help but to reach down and touch myself. I had been on the edge of cumming the whole time but these moments are when I am aroused the most mentally. Knowing Daddy is fully spent and satisfied, my pussy loose and well-fucked… is there any better place to be??!!!”May I Daddy?” I asked.”Go girl” Daddy replied, “You know I love to watch”.So turned on, a stroke or two was all I needed. Already revved up and pushed to my limits I spayed all over my kneeling legs. Daddy loves to see cum paint the sexy stay-up pantyhose he buys for me and I didn’t disappoint today.Lifting me off the floor, Daddy pulled me up into his arms and twirled me around the room like a little princess. Pulling me close and taking in a big breathe of my perfume I knew Daddy had to get back to work.”Thanks for a wonderful time baby” Daddy told me as he let me down.After cleaning up, I walked Daddy to the door and with a little squeeze of my ass he was off. I waved from the door smiling as he drove away, the delightful taste of fresh cum still on my lips, purrrrrrrrrr ^.~

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