Angel of Mine

Big Sis

I will call her Angel. She started with us about a year ago. 20 years old, determined, qualified, self confident, she was always going to be an asset. The fact that she was 48kg, 160cm foot tall and sexy as hell didn’t escape my notice either. She was a really nice and straightforward person, and we had a great working relationship. She was a little flirty and I reciprocated, but it was all above board. I mean, she was a good 20 years younger than me.

Our business is fairly small, just 15 people or so in a tiny office and so everyone knew each other pretty well. Young developers mainly, and only 2 women in the lot. No office romances either, as both Angel and her workmate were with long-term boyfriends. We all had great Christmas shows, got drunk together, had Friday night drinks regularly and just really enjoyed working together.

We all work some really odd hours, and work from home quite often. It was not unusual to see the office lights on at midnight as we tried to meet unrealistic deadlines. On this particular night I had to rebuild a server and so had to pop in after hours. I went home for dinner and came back in at about 9pm, looking forward to catching up on my porn viewing while the install was progressing. I drove up and parked in the street, noticing that the upstairs lights (where our office was) were on. I had a whole lot of cables and stuff that I had to drop in the server room so I came up the back stairs. I am the only one with the back door over-ride key, just in case the security system at the front goes on the fritz (which has happened before). I clumped up the concrete stairwell and fished round in my pockets for the key. I managed to wave the magnetic key and pull the heavy door open without dropping anything and wedged my foot in the opening. I flicked it open and slid in, catching it with my back before it slammed. The lock is a bit temperamental so you have to be a bit careful. In this case I was extremely happy that I did.

There is a tall partition wall separating the doorway from the main office area, and I could hear noises that I recognised all too well. “Dark Desires” was the name of it, and it features a rather hot scene of a woman getting royally screwed in various positions on a black leather couch. Fairly long session (as these things go) and one of my personal favourites. I wondered who was watching it (thinking it was the other part owner) fulya escort and I gently lowered all the bits and pieces to the carpet so I could sneak up and stick my head around the corner. What I saw had me gobsmacked. The computer screen was facing me, the scene I remembered so well playing out in front of me. In the leather chair facing it though (with her back to me) was a very rapt Angel. I couldn’t believe it, this sweet (and I thought innocent) young woman watching a very energetic sex scene in glorious color and stereo sound. I was stunned for a moment, and that was when I noticed the chair. It was moving back and forward ever so slightly but in time to the bouncing woman on the screen, and it was then that I realised that my Angel had her fingers on (or in) her sweet little pussy.

What was I to do? My cock was bursting from my jeans at the thought of those fingers tracing their way over that (probably shaved) slit, is sliding deeply into that soft flesh. I quietly undid my jeans, the sound of the zipper covered by the ecstatic moans on the screen. The pre-cum was already oozing from my cock as I eased it out, the foreskin easing back to spread it over the head. I could see Angels feet move further apart and the chairs moment increase, and this bought another rush of blood to my head. I felt dizzy, almost in a daze as I realised that Angel was timing her orgasm to that of the woman on the screen, making out it was her that had the thick cock plunging in and out of her. That meant that I only had a few short minutes to make up my mind before she came and the moment was over. My feet took on a life of their own. My mind was saying “Stop, sneak out and come back in a little while,” but my fingers were insistently stroking my cock in time with the visual action as well.

I walked forward and looked over the edge of the high-backed chair. Angel had her shirt undone and her nipples were poking out over the top of her bra. Hard little nipples just aching to be stroked, to be rolled between my fingertips. My eyes roved past her delectable chest, over her flat little tummy and to the skirt bunched up around her waist. I could see her busy fingers between her wide-spread legs but from my vantage point her hands hid her pussy from view. That didn’t stop me from almost exploding then and there as I here the soft moans issuing from her wet lips.

Holding bomonti escort my breath, I reached down and place my hands on her shoulders. Angels legs snapped together and she froze. It was a custom for us (Angel and me) to massage each others shoulders when we asked for favours. Often I would be hard at work when I would feel her nimble little fingers kneading my shoulders while she asked me to update this file or whatever. I often returned the favour when I needed her to check on something or do me a favour, and these little patches of tactile stimulation helped brighten up my day considerable. I was hoping that this would help get over the shock of me seeing her, but as I stoked her shoulders I could still feel the rigidness of her. After a few seconds I bent down and whispered in her ear, “Don’t stop.” I was rewarded with an ever-so-slight softening. I massaged the tightness out of her neck and shoulders and noticed that gradually her fingers started to move once again. Her legs were still together, but I could feel the trembling through her body each time her fingers traced over her clit. Her legs inched apart, just far enough that she could delve inside, but not enough that I could see any more than before.

My cock was as hard as ever, but not getting any relief. The action on the screen still had not reached its conclusion so if I wanted to be involved now was the time. I reluctantly let go of the smooth flesh of her shoulders and walked forward, around her chair and backed onto her desk next to her monitor. Her eyes followed me, latching on my cock as I rested my bum on the edge and wrapped my fingers around it. I stroked it slowly, long slow strokes that were as much for her benefit as mine. With my other hand I undid the top button of my trousers and briefly lifted my behind off the edge so that they could drop to the floor, taking my underwear with them. Her eyes were glued to the head as I gently stroked the wetness around it.

Her legs were drifting further open, and I could not believe the sexy view that was opening up to me. Her left hand was gently stroking her clit up and down, and she had the middle two fingers inside her pussy up to the second knuckle. They were slowly moving in and out in time with her stoking of her clit, and I could see the wetness covering them. I reached down with my left hand and stroked my balls, moving kurtuluş escort to the inside of my thigh and round in a circle to stroke my stomach. I was pulling in longer strokes now, my foreskin completely covering up the head of my cock each time before being drawn fully down by my hand. Angels legs had moved far apart, and she lifted her right one off the floor and onto the chair, next to her cheeks. She pulled her fingers out and reached around her thigh to plunge them back in, deeper now. Her left hand was stoking her clit harder now, and I could see its hardness pushing back. Her nipples looked like they would burst where they peaked over the rim of her bra. The skin of her breasts were flushed, the nipples darker than before. I could hear her breathing, panting as her eyes were riveted on my stoking.

I knew I wouldn’t be long, my stoking matching hers. The combination of this sexy young woman looking at me and my stroking fingers was building an unbelievable pressure. I breathed, “I’m cumming soon” and instantly she dropped her feet to the floor and scooted forward on her chair. I was startled but kept stroking as she lowered her lips over the rim of my cockhead. She didn’t move her mouth but I could feel her suck as her tongue licked under and around the tip. I could feel her body starting to shake as she pounded her pussy. I let go of my cock and reached down to squeeze those gorgeous breasts, as I felt my cum boiling up. I could feel her body shudder and moan just as the first shots of cum exploded up out of my cock into her mouth. I could not believe the pleasure shooting up from my toes as Angel drank me dry, as the tremors that racked her body subsided. It took ages for my cock to go down, and she kept sucking the whole time.

Eventually I cupped my hand under her chin and raised her up. I kissed her salty lips dreamily, and could see from her eyes that she was still coming down as well. I hugged her, and the feeling of her arms wrapping around me and her head on my shoulder was almost as good as the pleasure she gave me with her mouth. We stayed like that for ages. I kissed her neck and she pulled back, a secret smile on her face. She wriggled her hips and her skirt dropped back down. A sinewy movement and her nipples disappeared from view. I was still leaning there, my flaccid cock out and my pants around my ankles as she gave me a quick firm peck on the lips, picked up her bag and strode out. Just as she passed out of view she turned and caught my eye, a big smile on her face. She gave me a wink and was gone.

I don’t know what will happen in the office tomorrow, will we have the same banter or will things have changed between us. I can’t wait to find out.

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