Bound Silence


She shivered a little as she felt the air swirl around the room, signaling that the door had opened. No light filtered in through her thick blindfold, no noise reached her ears despite how hard she strained to hear. Her hands flexed behind her back, the thick rope abrasive against her soft skin. A hand brushed across her cheek, making her jump, heart surging in her chest. She blinked rapidly, waiting for their next move. Fingers trailed down her braid and she whimpered softly.

A hand roughly gripped her face. “Did I tell you to make a noise?” A male voice snapped.

She shook her head as much as she could in his grip. “No, I didn’t. So what are you not going to do?”

“Make any noise,” she whispered, and the hand released her to tap her cheek a few times. Clenching and releasing her hands a few times, she forced her heart to calm. She felt a hand wrap around her braid, tugging it down slowly and forcing her head back. For a long moment nothing moved. No sound could be heard over her ragged breaths. And then pain blossomed in her cheek. It took everything in her not to cry out, teeth sinking into her lower lip. Pain exploded in her other cheek, and her hair was released.

Her head dropped forward, hands clenched into fists from the effort of not making any noise. A hand stroked across her hair, as if rewarding her for being good and she sighed softly. The hand slid down, fingers brushing across her heated cheek, and she couldn’t help but to lean into it, chasing that gentle touch. It curled under her chin, tilting her head back, and she felt a pair of lips brush against hers.

Then there was no more touch. No more sound. No matter how hard she strained, she couldn’t hear anybody moving around. Air swirled around the room again, and she couldn’t tell if somebody was entering or leaving. Nothing happened for so long she had to guess that she was alone, and then a hand trailed down her bare back, leaving goosebumps in its wake. A pair of lips followed it and a soft sigh escaped her.

Teeth sank into her ass cheek and without thinking she cried out. She realized what she’d done immediately and froze in place. The following silence was tense, and she found her whole body trembling.

“Bend over,” a different voice growled. She swallowed hard, bending forward at the waist as far as she could without falling, finding it difficult to hold without her arms to catch her balance. A hand wrapped around her throat, steadying her and forcing her to bend farther.

“What did I tell you not to do?” The first voice asked from beside her. She guessed he was the one holding her throat.

“Make noise,” she whispered, heart thundering in her chest.

“And what did you do?” A hand wrapped around her braid, forcing her head back even as her throat was held tight, keeping her in place.

“Made noise,” she whimpered. Both hands tightened and she squeezed her eyes shut.

“And what do you think should happen, when somebody doesn’t do what they’re told?” The man asked. She could feel his breath on her face and knew that he was right in front of her.

She swallowed hard, knowing the answer he wanted. “They- they should get punished,” she managed just barely, her voice strangled.

“I think that’s a good idea,” the man said, and she could feel a hand at the base of her spine, just above her ass. “Are you going to take your punishment like a good girl?” She nodded mutely, and her hair was released, letting her head drop forward, though the hand on her throat still held her in place. “We’ll start with five. Any noise and we’ll add five more.”

Before she could respond or really process what he was saying, her whole ass was on fire. She yelped in surprise, and the hand on her throat tightened. “That’s another five.” She was struck again, this time managing not to make a noise. It felt like a paddle, big enough to strike her entire ass at once. “Eight to go.” Two more followed in quick succession, and tears popped into her eyes. “Six.” The next two strikes went across her thighs, and she squirmed, shifting from foot to foot. “Four.” A hand stroked her cheek. “You’re being a good girl for your punishment.”

She lost track of the next three, the man in front of her counting each of them. A hand stroked over her burning ass as if to try and soothe the pain and she sighed softly, slowly relaxing underneath the touch. “One to go good girl,” the man in front of her murmured, before closing his hand around her mouth. The last strike landing on the crease of her ass and thighs. Her teeth sank into the hand on her mouth with the effort it took to keep from making any noise. The tears in her eyes soaked into the blindfold.

And then it was over. A pair of hands smoothed over her aching flesh, gentle bursa escort and soft after the unyielding force of the paddle. She unlocked her jaw, pulling her teeth from the man’s hand. Her body trembled slightly as she waited for punishment for biting him. It never came, his hand instead gently stroking her face. The hand left her throat, and somebody helped her to stand back up straight.

“You going to be a good girl and keep quiet now?” The man in front of her asked.

“Yes sir,” she whispered, letting out a shuddering sigh. A pair of lips brushed across hers, and she found herself leaning towards them. They were gone though, leaving her in the same blind darkness.

She could feel the heat of somebody standing behind her, so close they nearly touched. It took everything she had not to lean back towards it. “On your knees,” the second voice said from behind her. It was a struggle to get down on her knees with her hands tied up, but she managed it without falling. “All the way down.” She shifted, lowering further to sit back on her heels. “Bend over. Forehead on the floor.”

It took her a moment to respond, hands flexing behind her, before finally curling forward. When her forehead made contact with the cold concrete she gasped, and then snapped her mouth shut. Something trailed across her back, something with long, cool strands, making her shiver. There was a soft whoosh and the strands stroked across her back harder. And again, just a touch harder. She could track the strikes this time, hearing the flogger whipping through the air. It never struck hard enough to really hurt, just enough to make her feel it, bringing a delicate pink to her back.

There was something almost soothing about it, and the longer it went the more she sank into the feeling, until there were no thoughts, no worries, just that next strike. She nearly whimpered when it stopped, a pair of hands pulling her up so she was sitting on her heels again.

“Hold this,” she heard as something long and hard was pressed to her mouth. She opened wide to take it between it her teeth, biting down so it wouldn’t fall. A pair of hands caressed her breasts and her head fell forward. Fingers tweaked her nipples, making her squirm. One hand stayed there, turning her nipples to hard peaks, while the other slid slowly down her stomach.

“Spread your thighs.” She did as told as well as she could, but the fingers on her nipple pinched harder, making her jerk at the sudden pain. “Farther.” She spread her legs as wide as she could without falling, making her thighs and hips tremble. That hand slid lower, cupping her already soaked pussy. It rubbed with no real pressure, and she tried to grind against it, learning quickly that her position didn’t allow her any movement.

The fingers finally moved, parting her lips to trail through her wetness, stroking up and down. Occasionally they would flick across her clit, making her hips jerk. One slid inside of her, and without thought she moaned around the handle in her mouth. The stroking stopped immediately and the hand was removed.

“What did I say?” The man behind her snapped, yanking the flogger from her mouth.

“No noise,” she whimpered.

“You have two rules only. Do as told and make no noise,” said the second voice from across the room. “Just two. And how many times have you broken that second rule now?”

Before she could attempt a response, the man behind her wrapped his hand around her braid and yanked her head back, saying, “Three times now. So I think we’ll go with three strikes this time.” Her hair was pulled back farther, forcing her body to arch. “Any noise and I’ll add another three.” There was only one thing for him to smack from this position, and she could feel her eyes start to tear up just at the thought of it. With no preamble, a hand slapped hard across her pussy, making her whole body jerk with the pain. A second one and the tears spilled over. The third made her chest shake with a sob, but no sound came out.

The hand on her hair shifted, and she could feel her head directed to lean against somebody’s shoulder. “Do you think you can be good now? I’m perfectly happy to keep punishing you, but I think you’ll enjoy a reward for good behavior more.”

“I’ll be good,” she whispered. “I promise.”

He made a noise, saying, “I’m not sure I believe you.”

“I will, I promise,” she pleaded. “I’m sorry, I promise, I’ll be quiet, I’ll listen. Please, I’m sorry, I’ll be good.”

“That’s better,” he said, and she shivered at the feel of his hands sliding down her body again. The handle was pressed to her lips again and she accepted it back into her mouth, clenching her teeth to keep it from falling. malatya escort One hand teasingly played across her nipples while the other slid back down between her legs. She couldn’t help but to flinch as his finger trailed across her abused pussy. The hand was gentle though, sliding through her lips, gathering her wetness and rolling them up to tease her clit. She gasped with each pass but made no other noise, not wanting to risk further punishment.

Ever so slowly he pushed a finger inside of her, and she tried to rock her hips, tried to get any sort of friction, but it was no use. The finger fucked her gently, occasionally pulling out to trace its way up to her clit and then back. A second was added, and her eyes slipped shut, head laying more heavily on the man’s shoulder. His fingers curled, finding that special place inside of her and her jaw clenched with the effort of not moaning. He fucked her faster, his thumb finding her clit and circling it with firm pressure.

Despite the sting she could still feel through her ass and pussy, or perhaps because of it, she found herself building towards an orgasm. Her body tensed, a light sheen of sweat coating her skin. “Do you want to cum?” Said the second man from somewhere in front of her. She nodded once in response. “How bad do you want to cum?” It was a trick question, and she knew it. If she didn’t answer, she wouldn’t cum. If she did answer, she’d be breaking the no sound rule and would receive another punishment.

“I guess you don’t really want to cum,” said the man behind her, his breath whispering across her ear as he continued to fuck her pussy with just the right amount of pressure. It almost hurt, staving off the orgasm, but she didn’t want to know what would happen if she came without permission. “That’s a shame. I really wanted you to cum.” His speed increased and her mouth fell open with a gasp, the flogger clattering to the floor.

“Please,” she finally broke. “Please, I need to cum, please let me cum.” She knew that she’d earned another punishment, but she couldn’t go on any longer.

Teeth nipped at her ear, and then a voice growled, “Cum. Now.” She did, exploding around his hand, a strangled moan drawn from her. He continued to fuck her through it and she found herself racing towards a second. “Do you want to cum again?”

“Yes, please,” she whispered, her whole body shaking.

The fingers pulled out to slap her pussy harder, making her yelp. “You can do better than that,” he snapped, returning to his harsh thrusting, thumb rolling over her clit so hard in nearly hurt. If anything, that slap had pushed her even closer to her impending orgasm.

“Please can I cum, please, I need it so bad,” she pleaded. “Please let me cum.”

“Don’t cum yet,” said the voice in front of her, and she could hear the unsaid ‘or else’ at the end. It built and built, beautifully painful. “Now.” She was torn apart, a ragged cry escaping her lips. He finally slowed to a stop, fingers gently bringing her down.

The hand was removed, and everything was silent for a moment. “I guess you thought your need to cum was more important than following our rules,” said the man from behind her, his voice harsh. “Fine. Then I know what your punishment is.”

She could hear a drawer being opened across the room, items rattling around inside of it. The man behind her pressed down on the back of her neck, forcing her back into the position with her forehead on the ground. Her whole body shook with anticipation and fear, and she almost missed the click of a bottle being opened. She held her breath, waiting to find out what he had planned.

Her teeth sunk hard into her lower lip when she felt something cool and slick press against her asshole. It pushed forward, slowly, inexorably, the lube helping it invade despite the way she clenched. “This will go a lot easier for you if you relax,” said the man behind her and she nodded, forcing herself to relax and stop fighting it. The widest part finally pushed through the tight ring and her ass closed around it, making her exhale sharply.

Hands pulled her back up, making the plug jostle in her ass. “All the way up on your knees,” he ordered and she did as told, feeling a little wobby with her legs still spread wide. There was movement between her legs that she couldn’t quite follow, and then a hand landed on her shoulder. “Back down.” She started to lower herself, trying not to crash down, and froze when something pressed against her pussy lips. “Did I tell you to stop?” He snapped.

Biting back a whimper, she pushed down farther. The dildo was big, stretching her wide, making her feel even fuller with the plug in her ass. There was a sheen of sweat across çanakkale escort her body by the time she finally bottomed out, nearly all the way back down to the floor.

“Fuck yourself on the toy. Don’t cum,” she heard from across the room. Shuddering, she pushed back up, feeling the nubbly texture of the dildo dragging across her walls. All the way until the top was just barely inside of her, and then back down. As she got more comfortable with the length, she started to fuck herself faster, head falling back, panting for breath. Her thighs were beginning to burn, which thankfully distracted her from the need to cum.

“Stop,” said the first voice. “All the way back down and hold there.” She did as told, legs trembling and tired. She felt a hand adjusting something between her legs, and the dildo slowly pulled farther down. She followed it until her ass rested on her heels again. It was a relief, not having to balance awkwardly or impale herself.

A loud buzzing broke the silence in the room, and she knew what it was even before it pressed harshly up against her clit. “If you want to cum, you have to ask,” the second man said from behind her. “I have in my hand a wire hanger.” A whimper escaped her unbidden, the fear of what he held temporarily overcoming the painful pleasure of the hitachi. “You are going to lean forward a little so I can see your ass, and then you are not going to move. If you try to squirm away, you’ll feel this on your ass. Understand?” She shuddered, and a hand yanked on her braid. “Do you understand?”

She nodded fiercely and shifted forward as told, unable to think with so many things happening in her body. “Please can I cum?” She whispered as her body hovered on the first precipice.

“Do it,” said the first man, who she guessed was holding the hitachi. She fell over the peak on a moan, grinding unconsciously on the dildo and vibrator without trying to escape them.

Her body chased that second peak and just before it broke she gasped, “Please can I cum?”

“Now,” said the man behind her and she gasped, her body jerking at the force of her orgasm.

Before it even ended she was racing for a third. It was starting to become painful, but she raced towards it anyways. Her body arched, tense and shaking, before whimpering out, “Please can I cum?” for a third time.

“Do it.”

She couldn’t tell who said it this time, lost in the sensations of her third orgasm. The fourth appeared immediately after, the pain and oversensitivity making her teeth grind and tears spill down her cheeks. “Please can I cum?” Her voice shook.

“Do it.”

Her voice rose with this orgasm, a pained cry. Unable to handle anymore, she tried to jerk her hips away from the hitachi, though she was stopped by the dildo inside of her. The wire hanger lashed savagely across her ass for trying to escape and her chest shook. “Please can I cum?” She sobbed out.

“Not yet,” he said, and she forced it down, sobbing from the intensity, the pain and pleasure writhing around each other inside of her. She tried to escape again, receiving another lash for it. “Now,” the man snapped, and she screamed as her fifth orgasm slammed into her like a train. She thrashed against her bindings, hands landing on her shoulders to hold her still as she rode it out.

It took her several minutes to come down enough to realize that the hitachi was gone. Hands stroked soothingly across her face, down her back, sliding around her stomach. They petted her gently until she was breathing more easily. Tears had long since soaked through the blindfold and she could feel where they had streamed down her face.

A pair of hands gently pulled her up and off the dildo, dragging a whimper from her lips that was shushed. She was bent forward, the plug pulled carefully from her ass. A pair of arms wrapped around her from behind and the blindfold was finally pulled off. Her tired eyes blinked against the bright lights of the room. A man knelt before her, hands dropping the blindfold to stroke her face.

“How do you feel sweetheart?” He murmured as the man behind her worked to undo the knots of her bindings.

She smiled at him tiredly. “I feel good,” she said, her voice a little rough. “That was kind of intense.” There was a chuckle from behind her as the man rubbed feeling back into her arms.

“That is what you asked for babe,” he teased, nuzzling her cheek. She leaned back against him, letting the pair lovingly take care of her, bringing her down from the high of the scene.

The man before her got up only briefly to retrieve a blanket, wrapping it around her body. As the adrenaline was wearing off, her body began to shiver violently, and she was gathered into a pair of arms and carried from the play room. “Hey, how’d you stay so quiet?” She asked sleepily as they settled onto a couch, sprawled across her two men.

“Socks,” was the simple answer, making her giggle, nuzzling into the man holding her. “I’m glad you enjoyed it sweetheart.” She made a soft noise, already half asleep, feeling safe and content and well sated.

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