Ella and the caretaker


Ella and the caretakerElla decided to give the old care taker a treat before she went back to the city, as he always perved on her when she was sunbaking by the pool. this her account of what happened while i was at work. Ella made sure she was by the pool sun baking before Ted came to clean the pool.As Ted started cleaning Ella watch and waited till he was right in front of her until she put both feet either side of the deck chair on the pretense of adjusting her pillow thus exposing her naked smooth pussy to Ted. Ella told me he couldnt take his eyes from her pussy and she noticed he had quickly got a massive hard on.As soon as Ted finished cleaning he took his cleaning gear back to the shed so Ella followed him.Upon entering the shed Ella asked Ted did he enjoy seeing her pussy just before? Ted stuttered canlı bahis and mummbled yes. Ella then closed the door behind her and stripped now naked she asked do you like this better he nodded and was shaking with excitement as Ella reached out and stroked his throbbing cock through his pants. Ella told me he had a good sized cock.With that Ella took his hand and placed it on her pussy as he started fingering her, she told him to listen carefully to her and she would give him a treat.Ella told Ted she wanted him to go upstairs and fuck his wife but to leave the front door unlocked and the bedroom door open as she wanted to watch him fucking his wife.Ted agreed and rushed off Ella give him a few moments before proceding upstairs. Wen she peered into the bedroom Ted was ontop of his wife he was naked bahis siteleri with a raging hard on he had her dress up and was trying franticly to get her panties offshe was telling him she didnt feel like sex. What she didnt know was how horny Ella had made Tedall of a sudden Ted ripped his wifes panties off and buried his throbbing cock balls deep in he pussy. When Teds wife felt hard hard he was darling i havnt felt you this hard for ages must be that young Ella by the pool in that skimpy bikini i must thank her now fuck me hard.Ella told me he gave her a real good fucking and she left as Ted cum up her.When i asked Ella what she had planed for the next day she smiled and said wait and see.The next day as i was leaving work Ella rang told me to come by that back door and to be very very quite bahis şirketleri i have a surprise for you darling.As i entered the uniti tiptoed down the hallway towards the lounge room i was confronted by Ted fucking Ella his balls were slapping against her arse cheeks and her pussy was making a slurping noise she was that wet she looked over his shoulder and saw me and smiled.Ella then started telling Ted fuck i love it fuck me with your big cock give it to me give it to me i want to feel your cum in me well that tipped Ted over the top and he cum deep in Ellas pussy.Ella told Ted he had better go as i was due as i was due home very soon and to think about her when he was fucking his wife.Ted thanked her and told her he never thought he would ever get some young pussy again. After Ted left Ella called come to me darling your poor cock must be ready to burst.I shoved my cock up her well fucked,cum dripping pussy and when she asked me did i like her surprise i answered by by emptying my cum in her already cum filled pussy.

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