Fantasies Suspended High


I could feel a twisting sensation across my whole body, a gentle swing here and my hair lightly flickering across my head which hangs loosely down. Eyes open but I still couldn’t see… I wasn’t allowed to see.

Between the tightness of the blindfold, the tension of the rope that gives air space to float between myself and that gap, some distance above the ground, my natural reaction wants to be panic, to scream, to shout out but I wanted this from Master Xander,

I had asked.

I had begged for it, the day before as he groped my luscious hair, pulling me closer to his being, grabbing hard, forcing me on my knees while I loved his delicious cock with my lips and my tongue.

In my own ecstasy I pleased him so well for him to enter cum into any hole he wanted, this time my mouth, I swallowed with eagerness and didn’t miss a drop including licking his cock clean..

I could feel myself facing the ground, the way my anxious enjoyment already begun lubricating between my thighs, the tiny drips of sweat running down my skin confirmed that the floor was below me.. I could feel my wrists tied behind me, around my waist, my tits felt so hot as they were wrapped tightly, around my neck, the balance of all the ropes felt incredible, I wished I could have seen my self in a mirror, to see the complicated details in the rope loving xslot my skin and the safety my Master devoted in ensuring his slutty sub was looked after, better looked after, the better I could serve him..

I also noticed my legs as I swayed uncontrollably, random footsteps here and there was all I could hear at the moment. My legs was spread and my ankles felt trapped and cold… A spreader bar perhaps?

Music begun to grow in the background, dirty music, heavy metal, sexy guitar solo’s and my Master singing with that arousing growl, that dominating hunger building in his throat as he had built me up, blindfolded as soon as I had entered his dungeon earlier today, pinned, stripped, gagged and blinded from what he had planned for me.

I had begged my Master to allow me the honour to serve his dirty fantasies, to have me at his mercy, hung up by rope, legs unable to stop the sweet torture, on my wet cunt.. On my virgin ass that had never the pleasure of ever having a cock to fully penetrate me..

Now I feel his hot sexy breath in my ear that trails across my neck, causing goose bumps to ride the waves of his voice “This is what you wanted, isn’t my pathetic slut, my horny girl, your only purpose is to be my sex toy, always gagging for it, begging to serve, to please, no one’s more important then me xslot Giriş isn’t that right!”


My Master had no hesitation inserting something plastic tasting into my mouth as soon as I began to answer him while shivering, terrifying anticipation, coursing through my blood, pumping my heart harder, hotter, my mouth now was unable to close, a plastic taste that would do nothing to stop any dribble, so now my legs and mouth laid bare, empty, I hate that emptiness, I felt so degraded as the moisture in my mouth began to ooze out, I felt so open and so very vulnerable..

Master touched my shoulder and the swinging sensation begun again, till his hands firmly grasped both ass cheeks, without any warning, hard slaps echoed the walls followed my the noises my mouth was trying to form, I was helpless and was loving it, the way I could feel both Master Xander’s domination and love being transferred into every slap across my cheeks, in all he does to me, makes serving him so exhilarating as I can feel the heat of my ass begin to burn, it hurts so much but I can’t wriggle or move away, occasionally in between slapping my ass he swings me around, adding to the delirium I can feel pulsate through my mind. Master begins now to spray tantalizingly cold liquid over my ass, it’s ecstasy, as does his uber hard xslot Güncel Giriş cock teasing my cunt, using my juices to lube him up before beginning to grab my cheeks even further apart, I can feel the tip of his dick move in, it’s a feeling I’d never experienced before, after the anal training Master dedicated, never to be denied any hole of mine, this, this felt different, the way he thrust in, my ass was so ready, yearning to swallow everything up, Master exclaimed how tight I still was but how amazing it felt inside me, never disappointed when playing with me, the little fuck toy I am..

The way he pounded me, in and out, the way the ropes bound me to him, I wanted him, needed him in every fucking hole possible, I so hoped, he would enjoy everyone of my holes, to cum in each one and just have me dangling while he seeped in me, a cum filled, dirty fucking mess, just as he loves!

It’s an interesting sensation, while he now begun to finger me too, oh fuck, it’s ecstasy to me

I couldn’t even give any rhythm, he controlled that, Master chose when he was inside me, when he was out, torturing me with the cold air licking my ass, my cunty ass, all my holes were cunts to my Master and anyone else he wanted to help ruin me…

I could feel Master beginning to explode his cum inside me, as he counted down and forced me to squirt, he exclaimed the pressure he could feel as my ass clinched and pushed along with my cunt gushing so strongly and both my anus and cunt pulsated, Master Xander loved how I gushed over his fingers and growled at the amazing taste created, all for his pleasure…

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