Fantasy Come True Ch. 2


After our first night together my wife and I along with Ty and Caroline discussed the events and all agreed we were more than comfortable with our activities and downright excited by all the possibilities.

About 2 or 3 weeks later we were all finally able to get a night free where we could get together again. We all kicked back and started watching porno flicks and loosening up. As the tapes got hotter and the excitement built the clothes started hitting the floor until we were all naked. There is nothing like being in a naked pile of lovers and being able to touch, nibble and kiss any direction you care to.

As the night progressed we started talking about different fantasies and I brought up that one of my favorite tapes has a 3-some where one guy is on the bottom in a 69 with the woman and the other guy approaches her from behind and starts fucking her. Everyone liked this so I lay back and my wife crawled across the top of me and we started. Ty got around behind Gail (my wife) and I stopped eating her pussy long enough to tell him to let me guide him in. Gail moaned out her pleasure and I resumed licking the portions of her cunt I could get to as well as licking Ty’s shaft when it pulled out.

Meanwhile Caroline, not to be left out, crawled up top of me and slid my cock up into her cunt. This gave Gail access to her tits and Caroline was able to reach down and play with hers as well. About this time Ty started long stroking my wife, which of course pulled him out and landed him right in my mouth. I licked and sucked and then aimed him back into Gail’s juicy cunt.

After a little bit, I saw Ty’s legs start to shake and his balls tighten and knew he was about to cum. As he groaned out, he slid his cock out of my mardin escort wife, pushed his shaft down and plunged his cock straight down my throat. He must have been saving that load all week, as he liked to drown me. But I did manage to get it all swallowed. When I could release his cock I went back to working over my wife’s cunt. We all started moaning louder and louder and had a mutual cum.

As we rested and had a drink Gail started fingering my asshole and doing circular stretching around my opening. It wasn’t long before Caroline joined in and they worked me up to a boil. Ty just sat back watching while he stroked his hardening cock. Then the ladies slid me down off the pillows I was resting on and lifted and opened my legs, leaving my asshole exposed to the world.

Ty moved up into position between my legs and started to enter me. I didn’t feel any pain just intense pleasure and I looked him in the eyes and told him to slide it home. He did a long continuous slow stroke into my guts and as he passed my prostrate I started coming everywhere. Ty then commenced to fuck the hell out of my ass and I swear I must have cum another 10 times before he shot his load into me.

That was the feeling I had been waiting to experience, the throbbing and pulsing of a live cock shooting warm cum deep into your ass, the feeling that you cant get from a vibrator.

As we cleaned up and kicked back I said that I know that I’ll be adding man/man sex to my list of pleasures. Ty spurted out that his ass was ready for the feel of a cock too. I replied that he had better believe that I will be taking his anal cherry, but for now I’m spent and holding and cuddling is about all I got left in me. van escort Caroline said no problem, that when they headed home she would be starting Ty’s training with some of her toys and her strap-on.

The next morning we started getting ready for a party that we had planned earlier. By that evening we had the Bon-fire ready to go and as dusk settled in our guests started arriving. Knowing the mixed crowd of friends that had been invited to the party had me pretty well convinced that we wouldn’t be having any erotic interludes on this night.

After a great night of carrying on and swapping lies, our guests started leaving until only Ty and myself were left around the fire. We got wondering where the women had got off to and decided to head up to the house.

When we went into the house, we were treated to the sight of Gail on her hands and knees and Caroline behind her fucking her with all she had with her strap-on cock. Ty and me moved on over to the bed and sat down on opposite sides of the ladies and started to caress them both and watch the scene in front of us. It wasn’t long before both Gail and Caroline started to moan louder and louder and finally cumming together in an explosive orgasm.

Ty and me continued caressing and massaging them while they got their strength back. It wasn’t long until each of our wives rolled into our arms and we made slow passionate love until we satisfied ourselves and cuddled up together in a loving embrace.

I woke up early the next morning and started to kiss and lick my way down Gail’s body. As I licked her clit and vulva Gail started to respond and wake up. I signaled for her to keep quiet and moved over to Caroline and repeated ankara escort my wake up procedures on her After both women were awake, I signaled for them to help me to wake up Ty.

He was sleeping on his stomach and I trailed my tongue down his back until I reached his ass where I continued to kiss and lick. Ty though still asleep, started pushing his ass back at me. While I was busy working over his ass cheeks the women were massaging and stroking his back and arms. I worked myself into position and spread Ty’s ass and started to tongue fuck his asshole. Somehow or another the women got his hips up off the bed and I was able to reach up and stroke his cock while I buried my tongue deeper and deeper into his canal.

Ty finally woke up and the ladies rolled him over onto his back while they continued to rub him and I continued to stroke his cock and trail kisses across his groin. As we continued to work him into a frenzy Gail started to lube Ty’s asshole and work one finger after another into him. As Ty moaned out his pleasure Gail told me she thought he was ready for me. The ladies spread his legs and pulled them back like they had done to me and I crawled between Ty’s legs and started to enter him.

When I felt the head of my cock clear his sphincter I stopped to let him get used to the feeling. I asked him if he was ready and he said to go for it. Using all my will power I did a slow steady push while I watched Ty’s expression. It didn’t take long to know he was enjoying every bit of cock I was putting in him. I no sooner started sliding my cock into his tight asshole and he started coming all over both of us. When I had all of my cock buried in him I stopped and made sure he was all right. From the look of ecstasy on his face I knew he was ready and I started to fuck that tight warm ass. Try as I might to make the moment last, the tightness of his ass and the whole erotic scene had me cumming way before I was ready. As I slumped down onto Ty, I gave him a hug and from the look on his face I knew that this was only the beginning.

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