Friendship Sincerity


Friendship SincerityFriendship SincerityBy: Londebaaz Chohan This was Frank’s 3rd semester in college and he was lucky that the scholarship he got once again covered his dorm charges as well along with the college tuition and other dues. He stayed put in the dormitory room but both of his friends, Helen and Iva had to leave and rent a two bedrooms’ facility at about 5 minutes’ walk. The only undesirable thing was that one bedroom was down stairs while the other bedroom was upstairs and the good thing was that each had an attached bathroom. Things seemed to look settled fine but in only 2 days a computer glitch appeared and beside all assurances, the computer records kept showing that Frank’s dorm charges were not to be paid by the scholarship. The warden called Frank and offered him the apologies for vacating the dorm room with a promise that the college will pay his room charges and the food expenses as well, if he was willing to find a room in the nearby neighborhood. What a pain in the ass but there was no other solution and the regular classes were to begin in almost a week. To pack up, move and unpack at the other destination, if at all he found a room, was a fucking torture to say the least. Helen and Iva, when lived in the dorm; they were sharing a room. They both claimed to have the boyfriends but supposedly not here at college and thus no one had ever seen their boyfriends. Frank was pretty open with both the girls and had asked them upfront, if they really had the boyfriends or…? Both the girls had shown him tantrums and muttered the ugly responses for his question but then some questionable information was also brought to his notice. Now when the girls were settled away and out of the dorm facility; Frank could not imagine anyone else but to call them to help him find a place to live and was livid to hear that they agreed to move in together in one bedroom down stairs, like they were living at the dorm and clear the other bedroom upstairs for him to take, if he agreed. He accepted and everything seemed to come to a nice and good close; Frank in the bedroom upstairs and the girls in the bedroom that was downstairs with the common kitchen and a small sitting area also at the lower level.It was not pitch dark but the sun had gone down and darkness was spreading fast, when Iva called and asked him to come down and help her open the stubborn lid of the jar of pickled cucumbers. Frank was about to finishing a chapter that he had to complete an assignment on and took him about 10 minutes to come down. None of the girls was insight. Not in the kitchen nor in the sitting area but some whispering and a very low moaning was heard to be coming from the girl’s bedroom. This was very confusing. Helen seriously disapproved any food item in the bedroom fearing to make a mess on the beds. Why would Iva take the pickled jar of cucumbers in the bedroom? He did not find everything kosher and decided to look inside to investigate the spooky noises.It was right then, when he heard Helen calling out for him to say if he was downstairs already and asked him to come into their room. Frank was surely a bit apprehensive, as he found a couple of empty, large beer bottles out of the girl’s bedroom door. He was quickly stopped at his tracks to see the scene. Helen was lying comfortably at the pillows of her bed in her birthday suit. Her legs were raised, spread wide open and Iva was kneeling in between her legs, supporting them to stay open. Iva’s Spanish cute butt was towards him at the door and she was naked too, thrusting a thick, black rubber dildo in and out of Helen’s swollen and wet, pinkish white pussy. “Oh fuck”, Frank could not stop the words spill out of his lips as he saw istanbul escort the real life scene; he had imagined many times while he masturbated in his room alone. Iva turned her beautiful face to Frank and gave him a very drunk but a welcome smile, while he grinned in response. Now, Helen also looked up at him and asked frank to come in. “As we have you here with us, we have decided; why not to use you instead of finding someone not well known to us and that too at a short notice. Consider it as your lucky days have started”. Iva had halted to move the dildo in and out of Helen and just pulled it out of her with a sucking sound produced by Helen’s pussy, wrapped tight at the thick dildo and brought it to her mouth for licking from the tip, all the way to the bottom as she continued to look at Frank. She was so eagerly sucking and licking the soaking tip that was so recently in her friend’s cunt for as much of Helen’s pussy juice as she could. Frank felt a tingling sensation spreading fast in his shorts as he looked at the sopping slit of Helen, which was still slightly open exposing the dark depth of her pink insides. As Iva, took the all clean dildo out of her mouth, she gestured for Frank to come close to her because she wanted to see, what he could offer to replace the dildo. She hurriedly began undoing his shorts and Frank helped. He was getting a crowded and uncomfortable feeling because of a tent in his shorts and gasped as Iva touched his rod. She was actually playfully nudging and stroking his piston. Helen, however seemed to be in much of a hurry as she got up from her lying position, flung her hair away from her face and leaned forward to insert her thin fingers in his waistband and pulled it down over his solid log down to his ankles. Then she softly but firmly held his cock in her hand and leaned back in a hurry to pull him to the side of the bed until his cock was at level with her lips. She smiled at the silky tip, already shining with the pre cum oozing out of his cock hole and took it in her warm, wet mouth. Frank felt flying straight into the heaven as he felt his hard cock getting engulfed in the liquid heat.Iva looked keenly just before lowering her face to Helen’s cunt and causing her to shiver with blissful joy. In turn, Helen had started to caress the tip of Frank’s hard on in her mouth, with her tongue before gliding her head on the erect length. Frank had started to comb Helen’s hair with his fingers as she intensified sucking and licking his huge cock. Frank had fantasized plenty of times about both of these girls while masturbating and now it was happening for real and it was bringing him close to his orgasm, not knowing; how much longer, he could hold on as the heat of her mouth and bobbing of her head drove him crazy. Helen was taking him deeper and deeper in her mouth as he felt the sensation of her throat tighten against his cock helmet. Quickly, his hand slipped below her chin to hold her still as the desire to vigorously fuck her skull rampaged through him. Helen tried hard to stop him while she gagged and choked. As his orgasm matured and rose through his pipes, he yelled, “Oh my God; I am shooting”.Hearing him, Iva lifted her head from the mid of Helen’s thighs and watched as with his final thrust, he started the spurting of his thick and creamy juices over Helen’s tongue for swallowing. Soon as he saw, Iva raise her head to watch, he swiftly sent the next spurt flying across Iva’s face and lips and even her hair. Iva watched as he squirted three or four more big globs of sticky white cream on her face, nose and lips. Helen almost shouted and quickly avcılar escort reached to lick, swallow and clean Iva’s face pooled with man cream and warning Frank, not to think that he was all done already as he was still elated with the insurgent orgasm in him. Frank could see, girls’ bodies sliding against each other. Helen’s larger tits crushed against Iva’s smaller but much firmer tits. Their legs were tangled and their crotches were rubbing hard against each other’s thighs. This quickly put Frank on the road to next erection. Soon the girls broke their embracing and fell to lie beside each other. Frank moved a bit over and sat on the edge of the bed with his erecting cock jutting up high once again very pompously. He looked at the two naked girls with him in admiration. Iva with a Spanish slight frame and relatively narrow hips with smaller but firmer boobs and totally shaved smooth pussy slit that peeked out with inviting looks between the most kissable thighs. Her dark blue eyes were always casting magic spells on others. Helen had much voluptuous body and awesome features. Her darker nipples were stiff and excited and within a trimmed bush in her crotch, Frank could see her very swollen pussy lips and her exploding sexy thighs.As he looked, Iva splayed Helen’s legs wide apart for him to have a better view of her labia. Helen lay there totally still as Iva used her fingers to spread open her wet pussy folds for Frank to see the dingy, dark depth of her cunt and red engorged clitoris rising out of the hood.“As a payback, after splashing Helen’s face with your man cream; you should get your face down into her crotch”. This was a bold suggestion by Iva for Frank.“Sure, of course”. Answered Frank as he quickly lay down on the bed with his face lowered into his friend’s warm cunt. He found the aroma to be overpowering, the taste utterly amazing as he lurched, flicking his tongue up and down the sopping slit, very gently. Helen began sighing and rubbing her pussy back against his face soaking him intensely. Suddenly, he felt the bed move as Iva stood striding over his naked back and lay herself over his beautiful body; so she could grind her hairless pussy against his hairy butt cheeks and also having a good view of his tongue flicking Helen’s clitoris and labia. Helen was nearing her orgasm as Frank’s tongue played with her pussy. Now he also enjoying the naked body heat and weight of Iva over him. She was using her hand on his butt even moving down to his cleft for her fingertips to touch his asshole.Frank was trying to concentrate on licking Helen’s cunt and the clitoris as Iva’s fingers probed his hole. Iva was loving his confusion and she watched intently as he groaned loud, when she pushed her finger past his tight sphincter, into his anal canal. Perhaps Helen was only waiting that he finish the last lick of her pussy, when she suddenly grabbed his head and made him slide over her body. Iva got the hint and came off his back but her finger stayed in his anus. Sensing the need, Iva grabbed his cock and placed it on Helen’s cunt entrance and he pushed slightly to reach inside her. Frank reminded himself once again of fantasizing as he masturbated alone, to do this and now as he pushed himself in her to the hilt; he realized it was far better than dreaming while gorgeous and all naked Iva lay besides him with her fingers digging deeper in his ass and also watching his penis disappearing and reappearing in and out of her roommate’s cunt. Helen, on the other side was exchanging her glances between the stiff solid prick of Frank pumping in her pussy and Iva; feverishly fingering her own smooth channel with 2 fingers on şirinevler escort her clitoris. This was bringing Helen close to her orgasm crashing into her. Her pussy began to flutter and spasm around Frank’s hard cock being thrusted in her. As her rush began subsiding a little, she tried hard to free herself from his engorging member to stop his rush of explosion in her pussy. By now Iva had taken position on her fours and Helen pushed Frank behind her. Frank was not far from his rush of ejaculation once again as he saw Iva’s pussy, upside down and surging out of her thighs. He straddled her hips and pushed his cock head against her entrance and it opened beautifully like a flower to push his hard thickness inside her.Frank could tell, she was tighter than Helen as her sheath gripped him like a velvet vice but Helen’s cooze was more willing and ready to take him in her warm depth.Frank started to thrust his stiff, thick length in Iva’s cunt, treasuring the delicious friction as his hard cock slipped between her silky labia. In the meantime, Helen produced a small bottle of oil and took some onto her hand, reaching around Iva’s exposed anal hole. Soon she was slipping couple of her fingers through the tight puckering of her friend’s ass, making her produce the groans of pleasure; which in turn made Iva’s cunt clasp even tighter around Frank’s bamboo. Helen could feel Frank’s cock inside Iva’s body and began massaging it through the very thin skin barrier between her fingers in Iva’s ass and his cock in Iva’s pussy.Frank had never experienced such ecstasy ever and felt his next orgasm heaving in his balls but Helen’s hand reached down, groping Frank’s cock from its base and yanked it out of Iva’s fucked up cunt and pulled it up to reach the sweet, wrinkled, crinkled hole inches above, whispering in Frank’s ear; the bliss, she will enjoy if Frank got in that hole. Frank was not naïve when it came to anal sex but doing it to Iva was unreal and beyond his wildest dreams ever. Iva felt him hovering at her oil lubed ass hole and she held her breath as she pushed herself back against Frank’s fluffy tip, even verbally inviting him to “Go ahead”. Now it was absolutely impossible for him to stop and not slam into Iva’s perfectly round ass in front of him. He pushed at Iva’s rectal hole but realized the need to push much harder. Now both worked at it in tandem causing her anal hole to open around his shiny torpedo tip. Frank pushed further and with a shriek his cock head popped inside her. Helen quickly pulled out her hand in time as he started his engine to thrust in and out of her ass, slowly slipping all of his length in her to his balls. Now instead of growls of pain, Iva was moaning with pleasure. The incredible heat and tightness in Iva’s ass hole helped him to contain his climax for a few more minutes as he buried his pole repeatedly in her snugly fitted anus. Holding her firm hips, Frank began to fuck her ass harder and faster, faster and deeper, deeper and rough, rough and hard. He was inching towards his climax with each slam in her.Iva was not far behind him trying very hard to control her orgasm being brought closer like a roaring engine with each intrusion past her tight anal sphincter.Helen moved up closer to Iva, making her find Helen’s soaking cunt hole before her to bury her face in her gash. With all concentrations focused on licking and sucking of Helen’s pussy and also loosing herself in the sensation of being banged in her ass, Iva exploded abruptly and Frank lost control as well as he fucked for the last half a dozen strokes, in and out of Iva’s ass hole and shot jets of his sperm deep into her rectal reservoir. Within minutes their jubilation was over and all 3 collapsed together onto the bed. Frank was still wedged in Iva but soon his dick fell out of her ass as he softened and the ass lips knotted tight again looking like a balloon knot. They drifted to sleep, happy, satisfied and thankful to each other for the sincere friendship.The end. Your comments please. Londebaaz Chohan January 31, 2020.

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