Fun With Mom at the Local Pool

Big Tits

Jake watched her ass wiggle as she walked just in front of him. Jake was 19, tall handsome, fairly muscular, and reasonably tanned, Ronna the woman in front of him, was his mom, she was pretty tall also, and had the best pair of legs and a great ass, and she happened to be wearing a very revealing black thong bikini. Jake followed her to the spa, passed the Olympic sized pool, and pass the many pairs of adolescent boys staring eyes, as they followed his moms firm tanned ass, as she casually strolled past.

Jake and Ronna were visiting a public pool, it was in a small town about 60 miles, from where they lived, they didn’t know anyone here, and no one knew them, just how they liked it.

Jake had to try with all his might, so as not to get a hard on, before he could hide his cock in the spa, his 8 inch shaved cock and balls were aching to be up his mom’s tight pussy, he hadn’t cum in days, and he big shaved sack was heavy in his Speedo’s….

Soon they reached the spa, no one was in it, Ronna climbed in, and Jake sat down in the warm water right next to her. Instantly his hand snaked out, under cover of the bubbles he had his hand on her upper thigh, slowly he worked his way to her bikini crutch, he stroked her shaved pussy lips thru the material, and Ronna moaned ever so slightly. Under cover of the bubbles her hand reached out gerçek porno too, she was suprised to feel Jakes cock was already free from his speedos, and was already near it’s mighty 8 inches, she slowly pumped his smooth cock beneath the water. Jake’s eyes rolled in his head, he was in ecstasy, he wanted to get off quick, but at the same time he wanted the pleasure to last for ever….

They both looked around to see if anyone noticed anything strange going on, no one had, so far, everyone was too busy swimming and having a great time.

Beneath the swirling bubbles of the spa, Jakes hands roamed all over Ronna firm, tanned body, from her nipples, to her taught stomach, to her pussy. He moved the front of her bikini to one side, and inserted a finger, Ronna, moved her thighs apart, to accommodate him, she smiled as he slowly wormed another finger into her, then a third, she clenched her vaginal muscles around his finger, and with his thumb, he slowly worked her clit, after 5 minutes or so, she shuddered, and had a tiny, but satisfying orgasm.

While Jake had been pleasuring her, she had kept up the gentle stroking of his fat cock, he was so hard, it almost hurt, Ronna asked if he wanted to cum there and then, but he replied no, he wanted to cum in her.

It was going to be impossible for them genç porno izle to fuck there in the pool, people would notice for sure, they would have to head to the toilets. Ronna got out first, Jake could only stare, as she got out the spa, her firm long legs, that great ass, her long blonde hair, she was like a goddess. She walked to the men’s toilet, it seemed the emptiest, and when no one was looking she quickly walked in, and went to the farthest stall.

After a minute Jake got up out of the spa as well, he was still hard as a rock, but he didn’t care any more, he walked briskly to the men’s toilets and opened the door to the stall farthest from the door. His mom winked as he walked in, they listened as a man entered, urinated and left, Jake moved toward his mom, and they kissed passionately, his hands roamed to her sweet ass cheeks, and she rubbed his cock through his speedos, she kissed her way down his chest, and freed his fat cock from his bathers, slowly she engulfed it with her mouth, Jakes knees went weak, and he tried not to cum, he motioned for his mom to go slowly, he was on the brink.

Ronna worked her tongue around his cock, and massaged his ass cheeks with her hands as she sucked him like a pro, Jake held her head, and slowly pumped her mouth, he came close to cumming again, and pulled hdx porno Ronna upright. Suddenly they both stopped as another man entered the toilets, urinated and left.

Jake span his mom around, and ran his cock up and down the length of her ass crack, she still had her thong on, leaving her bikini bottom on, and only moving it slightly to one side, he entered her, his balls ached now, and he could no longer think of anything but getting off, he pumped her pussy from behind wildly, holding her hips and plunging in and out of her shaved vagina, His balls slapped lightly against her ass cheeks, and Ronna bit her lip to stop her self from moaning out load.

Jake neared the last stroke, and held his mom close, he grunted as a fountain of sperm shot up his moms vagina, deep in to her womb, he mom came to, a bigger orgasm this time, more satisfying than the one in the spa. His mom milked his cock with her pussy, until he was totally spent. Jake collapsed, and lay sprawled on the floor of the toilet stall, his mom moved to his cock and cleaned his dick of both their fluids, she tongued his balls, and even his ass a bit, were their combined fluids had leaked.

Soon they both stood, his mom looked quite a site, she was sweaty, and her hair was a mess. She left the stall first, and Jake followed, his mom just left the toilet block and staggered out into the sun light, when he noticed some cum, just a tea spoon or so, was slowly, ever so slowly moving down the inside of her thigh, he smiled to him self on the way to the car, who cared they didn’t know any one here, and no one here knew them, just how they liked it….

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