Gabby’s Tale Ch. 03


Gabby’s next week was fast paced and interesting. Her orientation began followed swiftly by the start of her classes. The very bright girl was intending to be a Physics/ Chemistry double major. Steven gave her the week off from their amorous pursuits. However he did have her attend deportment classes in preparation of the first party he’d be required to host. It was coming up in another week and Steven was determined to be ready.

The day before the party Steven waited for Gabby outside her last class. “Come on Gabby baby. I’ve got your whole afternoon planned. First it’s back to the spa. So you will be all freshly waxed and clean. Then a massage for both of us, followed by some dress shopping. ”

After pulling up to the spa, Steven allowed Gabby to go her way as he went for a little manscaping of his own. They joined back up for their massages. And left the spa after tipping the women their heftily to not remember that they had found father and daughter in the massage chamber in the midst of a rather painful looking blowjob. Having abstained for over a week, Steven was extremely horny and after finding themselves alone in the massage room he forced an almost entirely naked Gabby to her knees.

Seeing his baby girl on the hard cold floor, her only covering a small pair of rose colored boy cut panties. her big slightly heavy tits shaking as she shivered faintly left him as hard as stone and he rammed his big dick down her throat with enough force to leave some interior bruising that would give her voice a husky, throaty quality for several days. With enough force to send her spiraling up in an orgasm that caught them both by complete surprise.

Fortunately it was as Steven was pumping his jizz directly into Gabby’s stomach that the attendants came into the room. Caught the duo simply brazened it out and climbed onto the tables arranging themselves…as if nothing untoward had occurred. The massage did an even more complete job of relaxing the father and daughter since they had both achieved a much delayed orgasm.

Steven left Gabby alone, supervising the caterers, and dressing for the evening. He took Agatha to a nice hotel, gave the concierge specific instructions as to her care, and returned with just enough time to slip into his suit for the evening. Stepping into the kitchen to make sure all was in readiness before the guests arrived, Steven found himself in awe of exactly how sexy his daughter was. Gabby stood there in a quintessential little black dress. The dress was made of black silk, the back was very demure, starting at the nape of her neck, and falling to the back of her knees. It flowed along her curves with a sensual grace that made the hand itch to follow the path of the dress’s seams. The silver of the zipper seemed to wink at you as though it was an accessory designed to highlight the beautiful curve of Gabriella’s spine. Her long thick mahogany hair was pulled up into an intricate updo that left her slender neck bare. Eschewing modern trends, Gabby wore smallish diamond earrings, and a slim platinum chain with a diamond pendant that matched the earrings. A thin matching watch and bracelet accompanied the necklace and earrings, leaving her actual hands bare…her manicure becoming their only ornamentation.

The front of the dress was a different story. Though of course the structure was the same the details made the difference. The front neckline dipped dangerously low. Too deep a breath and the lace of her demi-bra showed clearly, and that lace played peek-a-boo with her areolas. The silk which looked so very dark against her back, managed to seem much thinner in the front, coming across as being only a step or two from being sheer. It gave nothing away yet seemed to do so at every turn.

The skirt was designed to flare dramatically as she twirled. She did so; modeling for her father and it came all the way up to her waist. The spin revealed her black lace boy cut panties that were also a garter belt attached to thigh high, lace top, sheer silk stockings. Her feet were encased in three inch Stilettos, fuck me heels that made her long supple legs look extraordinary. The black heels had silver details that complemented the rest of her accessories well. Her makeup was mostly very demure; smoky eyes, flawlessly bare cheeks, and darkly highlighted lashes. Her lips however were a shocking red. A deep brick red that left them glossed and looking alt yazılı seks like she had just spent an hour with the lips wrapped hotly around a nice thick cock.

Steven was tempted to kiss her, to grab her ass had haul her against his mild erection, but she was saved by the arrival of the first guest. Throughout the night Steven watched her. When he could get her away from prying eyes, he let his hand slip up her skirt and toy with her clit through the thin crotch of her panties. When they were surrounded by people he’d whisper in her ear, telling her all the nasty things he was going to do to her after the party was over.

Steven stood in the shadows listening to three of the young men he supervised discussing the beauty that was his slut, his daughter, his Gabby. “Shit man I’m thinking of doing something that could be detrimental to my health and my job.” One man, Conners, Steven believed his name was said wistfully. “I feel about like walking up to Mr. Herz and telling him…” “Man what are you gonna say. “Hello Mr. Herz. I know that you are my boss and basically control my future. But I’m determined to see your daughter in my bed and naked…and not necessarily in that order.’ Yeah right. I hope your resume is in order.” Mr. Conner’s taunter was Simpson. A tall light skinned black man who stood the next rung up on the totem pole.

Steven had honestly considered having Simpson, join Derrick and Gabby in a three-way. He really wanted to video tape the two big black men fucking his little slut until their cum was leaking out of every hole she had. Maybe knocking her up. Lately the thought of fucking Gabby through the stages of pregnancy and into labor was making him hotter and hotter. Unfortunately as hot as the thought made him, the vasectomy he’d had after Kevin was born, made it impossible that he be his grandchild’s father.

With himself out of the running Steven had thought long and hard about who he was going to allow to knock his precious daughter up. He definitely knew it was going to be a black man. Some one of well above average height, and intelligence was a must. He could imagine having a beautiful little mochacino granddaughter to bounce and eventually diddle on his knee; or a grandson to teach and train in sports and how to satisfy women. And definitely teach the boy how to pick women. Goodness knows Steven was a walking advertisement in what not to do.

But he was getting ahead of himself. He left the boys talking and went to find his own boss and make sure the man was having a good time. He’d made sure to point Mr. Eason out to Gabriella, telling her to make sure that the man had a good time. When he found his sexy daughter he saw to his delight that she had taken his urgings to heart.

Gabby was so attentive to Mr. Eason she resembled a cross between a Trophy wife, and a beloved favorite Grandchild. She hung on his every word, solicitously getting him every thing he wanted or needed during the course of the party. She coyly pressed her impressive tits against his arm, and danced attendance on his every whim. So much so that at the end of the party Mr. Eason made arrangements with Steven to return after all the guests had gone home, to discuss Steven’s next promotion and raise. Once the business was concluded to Steven’s satisfaction, he and Mr. Eason both decided, understandably, that it was far too late for Mr. Eason to drive all to way out to his Cobb County home and as such he should stay the night. He took Him upstairs and led him to the ‘Guest Suite” also known as Gabby’s bedroom.

Gabby was waiting for him, she knew that if her father was happy with the new deal he got from his boss, he’d show the older man to her room and she was to be ready for whatever the grandfatherly man might like. As per her part she sat at her vanity, wearing her beautiful black lingerie that had for most of the night been covered by her tastefully sexy black dress. The fuck-me heals still adorned her feet. Slowly brushing her long hair she awaited Mr. Eason. Part of her thought she should be mad at her father for prostituting her like this, but her pussy throbbed at the vivid reminder of her father’s dominance over her.

Mr. Eason stepped into the room. Starting when he realized the room wasn’t a guest room, he stopped himself when he realized that the other person in the room was Gabby. Eason Had worked porno 92 very hard to head this division of the multimillion dollar company. He was no fool. He realized very quickly that he was being rewarded for giving Steven Herz a rung up the corporate ladder. And since he was no fool the very fit older man was determined to take full advantage of his gift.

Joshua Eason was a fit 63 year old man. A former red head, his hair was pure white with age and experience. He had three daughters and four granddaughters. All of whom he loved more than his next breath. None of whom he had ever considered touching in any sexual way, but standing here looking at this sexy, young woman. A young woman whom seemed to be a slut for her own father, every incest fantasy he had ever had before he held his first child came raring forward and straight into his cock. Clearing his throat he made his decision. “Well Gabriella. Stand up and let Grand Pa Yoshy take a look at you.”

Gabby rose gracefully and turned to her Grandfather for the night. “Yes Grand Pa Yoshy.” She purred demurely. She stood there and felt the old man’s lecherous eyes moving over her flesh. As she stood there she could feel her nipples getting harder and harder. Her cunt started to moisten as well.

Joshua sat on the chair in the chair in the reading corner of Gabby’s bedroom. Patting his legs he called he over. Gabriella smiled coyly. She was very good at hiding how aroused she was. She truly enjoyed making her father force her to bend to his will, and she could only hope the Grand Pa Yoshy would fuck her like her daddy did.

As soon as she sat down Gabby had to hide a smile. She could feel the hard length of Grandpa Yoshy’s cock under her hip. For his part, Joshua wasn’t sure where to start. He wanted to do so very much to this young woman. Then it came to him, the very thing he’d been asking his wife for, for the last 30 years. His dick throbbed at the thought. Standing uncaring of the girl he’d just dumped to the floor. Joshua drew up to his full height. Staring down at the slut at his feet, his voice filled with command. Well girly, get you’re sweet little ass over to that bed.” Gabby scrambled to her feet. She knew she was gonna get fucked well tonight and she shivered at the thought. Again she forced all outward signs away. It was always so much better when she played innocent. She walked over to the bed and stood quietly beside it waiting for her next order.

Grandpa Yoshy looked at Gabby once more. Something about her made him want to do more than simply fuck her. The very sight of her looking so demure and yet so sensual made the old man wasn’t to completely debase the youthful, beautiful slut. He walked over to her his hand snaked into her hair, fisting a thick handful, he bent her neck savagely into his kiss.

Gabby responded. Grandpa Yoshy’s kiss was masterful and deep. Even as her neck craned painfully, she knew her nipples were hard as rocks. No sooner had she completed that thought, than Joshua’s finger’s found her nipples with a cruel pinch. He pinched and twisted her nipples until she screamed out into his mouth, the lace of her bra adding to the punishment of his strong fingers. Tearing her mouth away from his he pushed her to the bed.

Gabby lay on her bed trembling, she hoped Mr. Eason thought it was fear…or liked that it was anticipation…which ever worked to get him to keep going. She looked so ripe for the fucking, laying there still in her beautiful lingerie and high heels. Her hair a wild halo around her upper body, several thick locks flowing over her bra covered breasts. Her nipples so hard and red from Grandpa Yoshy’s fingers that they were noticeable despite her bra, her breast heaving with every breath. She didn’t realize it but she was slowly rubbing her thighs together, causing delicious friction on her tight, wet, little cunt.

“On your hands and knees, get that hot little ass in the air.” Joshua ground out. Smirking at how quickly Gabby complied, Joshua laughed quietly. “Horny little slut aren’t you. You wanna get fucked. But you are smart enough to play innocent. You like it hard, want to be the victim. Well that’s fine.” With that Joshua tore the boy cut panties down the center, exposing the cleft of Gabriella’s pert little ass. “You like this letting your father pimp you out. Is he fucking you too? I bet he is; Steven is too smart xvideos porno to give you away, unless he’s sampled your wares. Do you suck his cock? Let him fill your throat, with his cum. You’re a slut so you probably have his cock in your cunt and throat fifty times a day. They probably aren’t even tight anymore…but that sweet little ass of yours still looks right and tight.”

Joshua slapped the lovely, plump rump two swift pops to each cheek. He smiled at the red hand print he left behind. Those two were soon followed by two more and then two more, until her entire ass was completely red. Smiling evilly Mr. Eason had an idea. Spreading the globes of her ass, Joshua spat on her tight sphincter. Then he unzipped his pants. For the first time that evening he allowed his cock free. The thick heavily veined cock was a proud 10 inches long and as thick as a 2 wick candle. Rubbing it through Gabby’s pussy juices, Grandpa Yoshy lined the head of his cock up with her chocolate starfish. Using only the nominal moisture of his spit and her cunt fluid, Joshua forced his was into her tight, hot asshole.

Gabby screamed out. She writhed beneath the anal assault. It had been several weeks since she had had anything in her ass, much less something as thick and hard as the cock currently invading it. She was conflicted, even as her mind told her to try to get away from the intruder, her body was arching into the ruthless thrusts of the old man.

“Your ass feels so fucking good. Fuck.” Joshua groaned out, as he fucked his dick balls deep into Gabby’s anus on every thrust. With each plunge he ground his balls against her clit, inflaming her little pussy even more. His hands moved up from their bruising grip on her hips, to her bouncing tits. Once he freed the gorgeous mounds from their lace prisons, he started to re-inflict his earlier torture. His fingers twisting and pulling her stiffened nipples, he fucked the beautiful young ass surrounding his cock in a rhythm far older than he.

Gabby strained to balance on one hand. When she was finally able to do so, she snaked a hand under her body sliding her finger tips over the stronger ones perversely tormenting her nipples, and down to her dripping cunt. She slipped two fingers into her pussy and pressed forward. As she flew apart, her hips rocked back and forth fucking her onto the fat cock buried in her ass. “Grandpa Please fuck my ass. Please. Feels so good. Oh fuck. I’m a nasty little slut who plays the whore for her father. I deserve to be punished. Please fuck my ass hard. Oh God.” A litany of pleasure flowed from her mouth as Joshua Eason fucked her tight little ass. The first real fucking she’d had in weeks.

Joshua groaned, He was finally fucking a nice tight ass. And as much as he wanted it to last, it felt too fucking good to go on for much longer. His strokes slowed but deepened imperceptibly. All too soon it was too much and he roared with the force of his orgasm. He poured what seemed like gallons of jizz. “Fuck you hot bodied, big tittied slut. FUCK!” with jabbing stabs of his cock, Joshua flooded Gabby’s ass, his fingers spasming on her breasts, throwing her into a deeper orgasm.

Once he could move, Mr. Eason pulled out of Gabby’s ass. Standing and stretching, and feeling younger than he had in years, he realized he needed to piss like a race horse. A need that had been suppressed for hours. Deciding to fulfill another repressed kink, he grabbed Gabriella by her stocking covered leg and dragged her unresisting body into the bathroom.

Forcing the beautiful slut into the tub, he bathed her in his pee. Aiming most of it at her pretty face, he also covered her tits and even managed to fill her navel and adorn her pussy with his piss. Gabby got a mouth full when she started to screech when she realized what the formerly kind man was doing. When he was finished, he forced the girl to clean his cock. And then he stripped stood over her and took a shower.

For some reason Joshua decided that the most humiliating thing he could do to finish this thoroughly debauched night was to ignore the girl as he bathed over her. He got dressed pulled 2 crisp one dollar bills out of his wallet and dropped them onto the nightstand. Whistling he returned to his car and went home.

The next day, Steven went in to Gabby’s room and couldn’t find her or his boss. He slipped into the bathroom and found his daughter still in her torn lingerie asleep in the bottom of her bathtub. Chuckling he noticed the two 1s on the bedside table and soon he rolling laughter woke Gabby up.

“Get cleaned up. Come down to breakfast.” Steven said to his bleary eyed daughter. “Oh and one of those is mine.”

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